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Wednesday 27 March 2024

Tentacle Art by Alabuster





 Alabuster's art is new to this blog, his approach is refreshingly direct and simple in style.

Most artists leave the question of 'what does a tentacle creature look like' unanswered, Alabaster gives us a surprising solution, they just come out of the ground. I suppose anything is possible in an age of rampant pollution and destruction of the natural environment! 

In fact I recall a storyline I wanted to work on where the Security Guards patrolling just outside a biochemical plant were attacked in precisely this manner and not only used sexually but absorbed into the life system of the creature that had ensnared them. Effectively they ended up as throbbing (of course) bio-science hybrid 'machines', perpetually in sexual mode.

The intervention of a buddy in this tentacle attack is a relatively unusual feature too. His rescue attempt falls foul of the creature's 'other half' emerging just behind him. It's classic horror stuff (and pantomime too!), but the denouement of being forced into stuffing his best mate is a twist I haven't seen before. 

Showing the restraint tentacles being pulled taut by the captive's resistance is another welcome departure from the norm in this genre, which often shows victims being juggled with in thin air. That touch of realism adds a nice edge.


Sunday 24 March 2024




Adapted from 'Morning Glory' by Breyette

Thursday 21 March 2024

Mitchell's Cowboy Folio - 7 Bare Foot Prisoners

Feet figure prominently in these two illustrations of Native Americans interrogating captured cowboys and cavalrymen during the so-called 'Indian Wars' of the 1800's.

Mitchell - The Long Walk Home 

'The Long Walk Home' plays on the misfortune of a Cavalryman unhorsed during one of those bloody incidents that marked the struggle for supremacy and land in the mid-west. His captors symbolically disable the feet that brought this unwelcome invader to their land. Being a booted horseman by profession, his feet are probably less hardened than his indigenous captors but it's moot whether they intend to let him use then again anyway.

Mitchell - Bear Claw's Hatred

A similar fate has befallen a ranch hand who strayed into the domain of 'hostiles'.
Bear Claw's hatred is probably no greater than his brother tribesmen above, 
but he is better versed in the old ways of tormenting opponents using barbs and potions.


I have now restored my Cowboy Art Folio at the mitchmen club
with these two pictures included.
See them at this blog by clicking on the 'cowboy' label below

Monday 18 March 2024

Be Careful What You Wish For - 13





No disrespect intended to our model, 
I'm sure he doesn't have either problem!

for more wishes, click on the label below.

Photo's courtesy of Derek Yates on 'X' and David Vance

Friday 15 March 2024

Vintage Bondage - James Dunn

Punishments on the farm were simple but severe.
Doubly so for runaway slaves.

Jim had been a rebel from the start.
Condemned to a year of penal service
He had to be dragged to the auction block.

His resistance was foolish, but understandable.
Just a few weeks before, Jimmy had been as free as a bird.
Happy and popular with his friends and workmates at the Bank.
His biggest problem then was deciding which tie to wear each morning.
Then came that speeding ticket and a run-in with a vindictive cop.

The attendants eventually cajoled Jim onto the auction block
Posing half-heartedly with their spit trickling down his torso.

Yearlings don't usually fetch much as labourers
But Jim's pugnacious looks and spirit 
ensured a well-contested sale.

When Jimmy got to the Farm he found he'd been picked out by the farmer's wife.
She thought Jim was cute, just like her son who had recently gone off to college.
Jim was to take his place, helping out with work in the fields.

The wife dressed Jim in a slave pouch for his registration and ID card photo.
She'd made it herself, especially for him, from one of her son's old jock straps.

Jim had to do heavy field work during the day
But in the evening he was often summoned by the Farmer's wife.
She wanted to take pictures of him for the family album
Just like the ones she'd taken of her son over the years.
She loved taking pictures of Jim.

She always supervised Jim's bath night which was once a week in cold water.
She fastidiously checked that he'd washed his tackle properly and every crevice.
She even snapped him in the bath and turned it into a postcard
So he could send it to his family and friends and tell them how happy he was.

Happy Days on the Farm!

But Jimmy wasn't happy working on the Farm, he ran away.
Almost immediately a kid on the beach spotted his slave pouch.
He tried to arrest him, to get the bounty for catching runaways.

It turned into quite a scrap.
But Jim was desperate and his work had made him fitter.

Jimmy managed to get away and immediately got rid of his pouch

But naked men stood out even more than pouched ones.
The municipal Slave Catcher soon caught up with him
Jimmy spent two nights in the pound before being collected.

When he got back, Jim had to see the Farmer to learn his punishment.
The Farmer's wife snapped him, tired and downcast, while he was waiting.
Her picture later won a commendation at the local Photographic Club Exhibition.

She was glad to see him back, but scolded him for losing the pouch she'd made.
She promised to make him a new one from one of her son's old T-shirts.

The Farmer taught Jim a severe lesson for running away
and the Court automatically doubled his sentence.
Thereafter his owner ensured he would never escape again.
And his wife recorded every moment for the family album.


Photos of James Dunn by Kris of Chicago
All pictures enhanced by mitchmen

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Art by Jomsviking 3

Start reading from Part 1 of this series

Jomsviking - Failed Robbers

Bungling Burglars have always been meat and drink to fetish fans and these two must have scaled the heights of incompetence to have been outwitted by a solitary old man. For once this artist has allowed them relatively attractive, sexual identities. 

These two toughs can't have been surprised that he severely immobilised them to prevent escape. Nor that he gagged them to quell their mouthing off and threats. But being stripped naked and put into skimpy underpants must have been something of a shock. Now, some time later, he has gone further, fitting them both with kinky equipment, front and rear. To their horror those uncomfortable 'things' suddenly start to vibrate. He watches them for a while enjoying their growing and embarrassing enlargements. Then goes to have a cup of tea. 

Jomsviking - Intercepted

 The intent seems a lot clearer and less sinister in this case. A Security Van has been hi-jacked and the Guards' uniforms stolen. Presumably they were on their way to pick up money and the gang members will now do that instead. It's a great self-contained image. 

We've missed the stripping and tying up of the two Guards but there's scope for imagining what might happen next. I expect they'll be picked up by someone eventually! Interesting that the artist chose to showcase the chubby one for the passers by! Perhaps he knows about the men who frequent this quiet road.

Jomsviking - Safeguarding the Corporate Secrets

Two more men suffer in the cause of their jobs. Like the drivers and burglars above, the gang have stripped them naked apart from their panties. Embarrassingly, these garments have turned out to be decidedly skimpy and revealed them both to be aroused by their immobilisation. Some men get excited about danger of course but the collars and hoods they have now been subjected to may have played a part in inducing - or augmenting - these responses. No doubt they are both gagged as well underneath their hoods, so they can't speak one another. It suggests that the gang don't intend to interrogate them any further, not at their present location anyway.

Jomsviking - Uniform Theft

Another uniform theft scenario with the victims tied to WC's and left to stew in the loo until someone comes to relieve them. The twist is in the graffiti which seems to imply that this is a correctional institution. Presumably, these are two of the Guards and that puts a whole different complexion on their situation, for if they are discovered like this by some of the inmates they may have quite a lot of trouble talking their way out. The dumb one gets angry. The clever one gets frightened.

This cubicle scenario makes an interesting comparison with the Cubicles of Rex.

Jomsviking - Change of Studies, Boys!

This artist applies a brutal honesty to his depictions of men and that applies particularly to this group of young students extracted from their beds in the middle of the night, having been callously sold off as assets by their College to pay the institution's debts. 

The young men haven't been allowed to dress properly and must be wondering what is going to happen to them Their ill-assorted clothing is typical of students and seems deliberately designed to deter our interest in them, save for the lone jockstrap at the back of the queue who seems to be wondering if he might be picked out for special attention by the fickle finger of the abductors. 

Others, perhaps, are guessing that this is a ransom plot, not realising that someone has already paid out good money for them. The words of the abductor, incorporated into the title suggest their new owner will be looking for a different sort of return on his investment and has plans for them all. 

Jomsviking - Going Abroad

This might be one of those students above, having been picked out of the catalogue and purchased by a discriminating and very rich buyer in foreign climes. Alternatively he might have a master who is moving house. There were a couple of other examples of packing captives into tight containers for shipping in Part 1 of this series. Transporting live men across National boundaries is a lot harder than it used to be but is still possible by land within the EU and, I suppose, those places where officials can be persuaded to turn a blind eye.

Jomsviking - Camping Trip from Hell

This chap doesn't seem to be at risk of shipment abroad. He's been spotted camping by a malevolent Southern Hillbilly, a group renowned for being disinterested in anywhere further away than the nearest town. They don't like strangers very much either. This sort of American backwoodsman pops up from time to time in horror movies as a vehicle for irrational aggression, although there is often a dark psychological explanation. This is a nicely drawn caricature, lean and mean. 

His victim is the direct opposite, chubby, innocent, probably dull and probably a lot richer than him. Those assets may not be much help here. It's hard to tell what he is wearing, it might be underwear or it might be hiking shorts. If this scene runs true to form for this artist, he's gonna lose them anyway in due course, but might be given something flimsy in return. 


I don't want to finish this series of articles without acknowledging this artist's bread and butter which is very much concerned with women and feminine influences.

Jomsviking - Storage Room 1

I like this image. These  boots are not so different from waders and these men look sexy in them with their thick thighs shoehorned inside. Their torsos are fleshy and as shapely as their perfectly co-ordinated fetish garments. The slightly feminine persona that has been imposed on them all is an embarrassing twist on an abduction situation that is scary anyway. Somehow it's more powerful than just dressing them (say) in conventional, male, leather gear. It's more of wrench away from their lives as ordinary men up 'til now. They might have been office clerks or manual workers, wealthy or poor, but they're all the same now. Like being in the Army, but more disciplined and more exposed. Thrust into this storage room together they have plenty of time to think about all that.

Jomsviking - Fun Times Indeed

The feminine influences are much more pronounced in this image, but the dramatic bondage situation draws one in. I picked out a similar, knee balancing image in Game of Thrones and there's a near relative in Heroes of a Proud Nation  (both in Part 2). The artist himself seems fond of it too. There's a tremendous sense of domination with the unexpected but delicious extra twist here that the man is being tied up to a buxom, mature lady he wanted to seduce (or be seduced by). A mission that was probably not motivated by her feminine charms, but by the powerful sexuality she exudes. Even now he may find what she is doing to him exciting - if only as a step along the road to his sexual objective.

It's sexy for men in pursuit of pussy to be coaxed into donning female attire and letting themselves be tied up. Presumably that is what has happened here.  As an observer, the gear given too them here isn't excessively distant from menswear. Both men are quite muscular and the clothes don't totally subvert their masculinity, but personally I'm glad we can't see the heels. They might worry about the captivity but not about the image they are projecting until they discover that the plan is changed, that he and his buddy are to be gifted to someone else. Who is a man. Whether they like it or not. 

At that point they will feel that being dressed like this sends out false signals about them. They will start to feel both vulnerable and embarrassed. 

Jomsviking - The Emperor

In this image we see such an outcome in one of those realms of history when the rivals for the throne plotted relentlessly against each other. The imagery here is decidedly jumbled in geographical terms if not in time but ingeniously transplants the Arab Harem into Medieval Europe. This captive is humiliated, not just by feminising him but by assigning him Harem status, complete with stereotypical dress. Conventionally, members of the Harem are the preserve of the Monarch but this one is at the disposal of his majesty's Guard, who are not drawn from the ranks of the gentry of course.  His Harem apparel has been adapted, not simply to suit a man, but deliberately made openly inviting rather than disreetly alluring. The poor captive can't even defend himself against the uninvited attention it inspires from these rough men since his ankles are shackled and his arms seem to be restrained at the waist. But at least he has a cushion to kneel on while he's servicing the guards.

Start reading from Part 1 of this series

Saturday 9 March 2024

Bareass Blogs No 78

 Bareass Breaker's Yard

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Friday 8 March 2024

Bareass Blogs No 77

click to enlarge

 Bareass Bumpy Bicycle Ride


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Photo : Marek Pelikan at BadPuppy

Thursday 7 March 2024

Bareass Blogs No 76


Bareass Burrowing Babe


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Photo: Bill Newman by Mel Roberts

Monday 4 March 2024

More Abduction Art by Jomsviking

Jomsviking - Captured by Trolls

The first part of this series included an example of a man being thrown into a pit of devils by a religious cult. Jomsviking also sends out bands of Trolls to terrorise his menfolk. Fantasy beings are not the usual fare at this blog but they produce an interesting situation here, as they discover the special attractions of men as opposed to women. The captive tethered on the left and anxiously waiting his fate is one of this artist's better-drawn men, though far from being idealised. His buddy being put on the spot in the middle has quite long hair which is typical of a certain type of male, more attractive to women than gays, I suspect, but Trolls seem drawn to it too. It leads to a comic moment here with the gag doubling up as an Alice band. 

N.B. I have doctored this image to remove a female captive, sorry Jomsviking! (View the original, it's not entirely without interest). You can also view other images altered or captioned by me by clicking on the mitchmods label at the foot of the post.

Jomsviking - Troll Squad 1

I claimed in Part 1 that this artist has hidden gems in his output and this comic strip is a case in point, starting with the alarmed face he has drawn in the frame middle right. It's not hard to imagine this character being transformed into something quite special by more subtle draughtsmanship. That's not not intended as a criticism, in the lower corner frame you see how effectively the artist uses the comic technique, literally darkening a face to create a sense of resentment, apprehension and fear. In the top frame he conjures up the setting of an Inn in almost-cinematic fashion. 

Jomsviking - Troll Squad 2

In Part 2, enforcer Trolls arrive to pick up the terrified fugitive (top frame). A fantasy, but they exhibit unpleasantly human characteristics. The clever use of perspective to create a sense of intimidating size is reminiscent of Macbeth's dark art in the 1980's.  In the frame just below, their hands dropping on the victim's shoulders produce a delicious cliché of impending doom, but again one can readily imagine a fleshed out, more sensual rendering of that face.  

The 'lift' (bottom left) is perhaps overly comic but it leads into a short 'strip and abduct' sequence that is masterly in it's economy and abruptness. In the middle frame the sudden nakedness and vulnerability of the captive is cleverly emphasised by the forward arching of his body and the knife blade hovering dangerously close to his crown jewels. The final frame is truly a little gem of male fetish art, showing the nude figure being bound and hustled away watched by two barely visible onlookers. Consider also how it has been placed at the end of the page to create a natural dramatic 'fade out'  The Troll adds a wry punctuation mark.

This page is a delicious little story in itself.

Jomsviking - Troll Squad 3

If you look again at that last corner frame, you'll see that the captive is not headed for the exit but a pub table and that is where the action continues with his gagging and wrapping up. This attempt to disguise the abduction as a carpet delivery seems totally surreal, given that this man has just been stripped naked and tied up in the middle of a crowded tavern. The imagery becomes more of a caricature too, diluting the erotic impact of the idea.

Jomsviking - Troll Squad 4

The next scene is straight out of the 'Count of Monte Cristo' and that connection adds both richness of colour and a touch of nostalgic humour to the proceedings. Cutting past the chase, the poor wretch is soon unceremoniously dumped at the feet of the arch villain who has ordered his 'recovery'. It probably won't have escaped your attention that it's a woman*, but fear not, she doesn't take her kit off! The nature of his 'service' is made more clear in the last frame when she produces a handful of leather straps. Once again the end of the page inserts a dramatic pause.

*I'm not totally averse to a bit of femdom at this blog, it ropes in (so to speak) a section of the male population with unique charms of their own that might otherwise escape our fetish attention. Unfortunately, the formula for this art form demands that our hero be reduced to a pathetic wretch, a process that began with his seizure (Part 2) and developed on the page preceding this one (Part 3).

Jomsviking - Troll Squad 5

With a tight-fitting hood rolled over his head our hero is made to sit in the carriage an uncomfortable and humiliating head-bowed position. His subjugation is pretty much complete, although we can still glimpse his masculinity via his nicely rounded pecs and a smattering of hair on his legs and chest. This body hair is a feature he may not have for much longer, for his captor has already initiated a process of feminisation for him. By some unseen trickery, his feet can only rest on his toes, as if he were wearing high heeled fetish boots, a development which probably awaits him at his next destination. Luckily we don't have to witness that degradation, the carriage speeds off into the night with him inside.

Jomsviking - Game of Thrones

Ruthless Trolls feature in this image too with a much grander target in their sights, a King and his entire family. I've picked this single sex detail out of a larger image which shows them all being stripped and carted off, men and women. This artist does not idealise men but his picture of the king as an older man is fair and not totally unflattering, nor devoid of sex appeal for chubby bear fanciers. 

The same applies to the slightly flabby figure on the right, seen being aggressively bound and gagged. It's not always easy to identify genders in this artist's figures, the men are often broad in the beam with slack pecs and large orioles. Judging by his underpants, however, this is one of the King's male relatives. A once-fine physique gone to seed perhaps. The arching pose being forced upon him is similar to 'the lift' image in Troll Squad 2 (above) and draws on the same erotic ingredients but with an extra helping of stress imposed by balancing him on his knees with him legs tied back. Helpless and surrounded by predators, the process of making him a captive creates a sexy situation of it's own.

Jomsviking - Heroes of a Proud Nation

This epic tableau documents another catastrophic military defeat (click on the link for a large version). An army of young knights have been captured and afterwards they are stripped to their underwear and tied up. One is seen being carried away slung from a pole (left), others are temporarily detained and abused by their captors but will then suffer the same fate. It's an all male cast, but a couple have suffered the humiliation of being dressed in feminine lingerie. Even the older ones (bottom right) are not spared this terrible fate. 

Highlights are the guy on the pole and the one on his knees (centre right) but this looks like it's part of a much bigger picture 

Jomsviking - Game of Thrones

This artist seems to thrive on historical scenarios where unbridled power could bring down the great as well as the good and when dungeons were places to be feared not playrooms. This image captures the sense of an aristocratic captive's confusing and threatening descent into a dark, secret place of unimaginable suffering. 
The artist 'Les' also used dungeon steps in memorable imagery like this 

As well as the dark, cold atmosphere, there's a more tangible threat signalled by the sinister escorts. Jomsviking is good at depicting menacing captors, in fact he often seems to give them more attention and more attractive substance than he does their victims. 

This picture also features a chunky, chastity device which seems an odd choice for a political prisoner but it makes a sexy combination with his chunky thighs and turned down medieval boots. 

Jomsviking - Football Team Transformation.

Here the dungeon steps motif is combined with an abduction scenario that is remarkably similar to Amalaric's story of the disappearance of the Raytown (Missouri) Softball Team (in 'Slave to Passion', image 8 onwards). In this case, however, it's a football team and since the artist is Finnish it's likely we are talking about soccer. The abduction technique (not included here) is the same as Amalaric's, they all get on a bus but instead being taken to their Hotel, the driver drives them to an old factory where they are forced out at gunpoint, scuffed and gagged and led inside never to be seen again. 

Jomsviking condenses the stripping and re-clothing of the entire team into this single image but I particularly like the curly-haired victim being stripped at the left side. Skimpy panties are OK but I can't say I'm crazy about men in fishnets and heels, however it does make a point about who is in control and much more unpleasantly than simply stripping them. It conjures up lurid thoughts (for them and us) about what is going to happen to them all.


More Jomsviking in Part 3 (pending)

Start reading from Part 1 of this series (with web links)