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Thursday, 15 April 2021

PapaCon - The Last Word

PapaCon - The Woodsman's Revenge

 This late addendum to the recent PapaCon series here at mitchmen had got lost in my filing system, but is hard to beat as a last word (for now) on this artist. It's impact as a spanking piece is immediate, intense and almost shocking, particularly in the context of an inter-generational element that reverses the usual custom of younger men being the ones who get dominated. 

This particular 'younger man' seems exceedingly handsome and well muscled, his physique honed by his healthy outdoors profession of 'Woodsman' no doubt. His carefully coiffeured hair and neatly-trimmed beard are complemented by delicious, 'grow-back' body hair. This neatness is unexpected in a man who labours outdoors, but his concern with looking neat hasn't deterred him from indulging in this energetic exercise. 

His victim is equally bulked-up but far less mindful of 'style' it would appear. Unfortunately his unkempt hair is proving very useful to his attacker as an anchorage point. We can only guess what misdemeanour has brought this fiercely administered and humiliating 'revenge' down on his backside - or what might follow from the distinctly perky-looking Woodsman.

The technical style contributes a great deal to the memorable nature of this picture with striking but carefully co-ordinated colours and a 'soft focus' shading technique that imparts something of a dream-like quality as well as sensuality. The comic-style 'impact' star adds immediacy and drama but is used with restraint and not allowed to obscure vital details. By bracketing the buttock it actually gives an impression (possibly unintentional) of flattening resulting from the impact.

See my original Papa-Con articles for linkage information.

Monday, 12 April 2021

Bondage art by 'Chop'


This sketch continues the suspension theme of my last post but the frontal harness arrangement here is quite different and seems very original. It forces the captive's body to arch forward sexily. That stance is accentuated by the dipping waistline of his briefs which have a pleasing bulge. 

The shaded arm in these images is suggestive of the 'Winter Soldier' character much in vogue right now. I can't say I care for his long hair in the movies (in contradiction to the follies of my own youth!). However this distinctly Asian, spiky styling passes muster and together with the neatly trimmed beard gives the captive a gritty substance worthy of the torments he faces.

By contrast this ass-up suspension is much less dignified and probably very uncomfortable. The blindfold prevents him from seeing, leaving him to imagine a precipitous drop to the floor. He's lost his loin covering here but the pose preserves his modesty (for what that's worth in this sort of situation!)  The strapping used to restrain him is much more complicated and doesn't quite match the pleasing simplicity of the first image or the one below.

 I'm torn on this image which seems to be part of the same series. The bondage element is deliciously understated and the figure knelt behind him (who has presumably just removed his blindfold) ratchets up an air of hovering undefined menace. Regulars will know I'm not averse to 'fem dom' situations at mitchmen blog, however the femininity of this captor and her close proximity to him is a big turn-off for me. He doesn't look too pleased about it either! In the end though, I thought that element was outweighed by the bondage appeal and his characterful (apprehensive) face, now finally revealed.


I have these pictures attributed to 'Chop' but I've no idea who that is but the drawing style is quite accomplished and vaguely familiar, so I feel I ought to!  I'd welcome illumination from anyone more knowledgeable than me (via the comments facility).

Apr 13th - We have a character ID now - thanks to imperiusims! See comments below. But who is the artist?

Friday, 9 April 2021

Bizarre Punishments 7

 I expect he'll think of something!


Following the suspension torture of 'Hung Out To Dry', an evil villain with a taste for retro-torture in the medieval style. The hero and his torturer are both stripped to the waist in accordance with ancient norms although the swirling smoke/steam suggests this dungeon is quite warm anyway. Converting the traditional rack into a vertical, unsupported position is a fiendish adaptation which provides extra scope for access for all kinds of purposes, although intimate interrogation as the evening wears on might require a step ladder. The giant spiked wheel which brings about the demise of the villain is not entirely original, but it's presence adds to the sense of macabre brutality. The investment in this dungeon must be quite considerable!

These pictures are taken from Battle Comic 345 (1981).  They are pretty much unchanged apart from the dialogue in the last frame where I have added a suggestive twist to the original words. I have also removed obvious indicators of nationality which are not relevant to these posts. This could take place anywhere in the world in wartime. The original page is shown below (click to enlarge). Strangely the prisoner stops to dress himself before he makes his escape with his rescuer, dimming hopes of a raunchy celebration afterwards.

This is No 22 of the 'mitchmen at war' series,
to see the rest click on the 'War Comics' label below.

'Bizarre Punishments' is a subset of that series,
there's an index of the previous ones in 'Hung Out To Dry
N.B. I have also updated the images in No 11 of this series

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Zamius - Lifeguard

If Lifeguards aren't an official fetish, they ought to be!
This humorous series by Zamius is light on butch-ness but big on bulges.
I'm not sure if this chap has just arrived on duty or is rushing off to rescue someone.
Either way his red trunks provide a treat for nearby sun-bathers (remember that pastime?)

In this image our hero has seen something that's got him excited.
Oddly enough it seems to be inland rather that out in the sea.
I love the reining-in function of his whistle here

 The plot thickens! The lifeguard can't believe his eyes.
You may feel the same way. 

Further images in this series progress to a messy conclusion but without further tangible movement elsewhere, we never do find out what or who he spotted to produce this auto-erotic response.
(it's a bit intense, a bit 'social media'-ish at the time of writing)
There's a Patreon link on the pictures

Saturday, 3 April 2021

The Look of Growing Anxiety

 This is 'The Look' No 22, for others click on 'The Look' label below

For other 'medical' fantasies click on the label below

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Humiliation Art by Matt

 This marvellous domination image is by Matt* who has made ear-pulling come-uppances for grown men a speciality. His art also often features men forced to wear dinky little shorts like this. It's a punishment based on that hoary, old line, much beloved of the spanking fraternity:- 'Act like a schoolboy and I'll treat you as one', but it's rarely recreated as vividly as this. (Compare with the tight shorts images of the artist 'Paul' who also featured at mitchmen recently)

Our attention is grabbed initially by the subject's face, which is remarkably handsome (and I have a thing for men with sticky-out ears, like Russell Povey for example). This man is young but there's absolutely no uncomfortable ambiguity about his age, he's no schoolboy and if being forced to wear the uniform of one isn't bad enough, it's also far too small for him. He fills out the shirt in most erotic fashion (the undersized tie being a cute detail) - but he bulges out of the shorts even more. Embarrassingly so. Nevertheless it's apparent on close inspection that this elaborate, role play 'set-up' has him very excited.

Matt - Bad Jock 3

This image develops the theme, but in this case a hapless Jock is being forced to kow-tow to a nerdy contemporary from his college, who's been drafted in to help him pass an important Maths course. The Coach has told him it's a prerequisite to staying in 'The Team', so he's desperate to pass and submits to dressing in this humiliating uniform and enduring the first of many ear tuggings. Adding insult to injury, the Nerd's shorter stature forces him to bow submissively to match his height.


Matt - Bad Jock 7

Matt imagines the Jock's motivation to be so strong that he even submits to being spanked by the Nerd (bare ass) for his mistakes. Not without a manly measure of inner resentment of course. Spanking seems to be a natural follow-on to the ear-tugging routine, but explicit spanking images like this are relatively unusual in Matt's output. Here it serves more to emphasise the physical disparity and social gulf between the two characters underlining the extent of the power granted to the Nerd - not to mention the Jock's surprising willingness to accept it.

Matt - Bad Jock 8

Matt has a variety of 'unusual punishments' in his armoury and this image shows three more. Ear pegging crudely prolongs the pain of manual tweaking, but it's also an immensely appropriate rebuke for the Jock's failure to listen to his mentors. Likewise, the book balancing ordeal (increasingly painful with the passage of time) employs the weighty, academic books he's been neglecting, vividly demonstrating the limitations of his obsession with physical prowess. Best of all, the raising of his shoulders causes his skimpy shorts to ride up, revealing lower cheeks polished to a rosy gloss.
The cartoon-y style of the 'Bad Jock' series contrasts with the more conventional technique seen in the opening image of this article. It's less sensual but suits the exaggerated storyline. 

Matt - Bad Stripper 2

This picture comes from a similar series in which the 'bad boy' is a blond stripper who allows his (female) audience to spank him. I'd want to go and see his act! The juxtaposition of dollar bills and rosy ass is very sexy and original. We tend to see men who strip as self-assured and independent so this public scolding, by one of his own family, is no less humiliating than the locker room paddling of the muscular 'Bad Jock'
Matt takes his exploration of the levers of power to new extremes in this image. Grandparents usually command respect and affection these days, rather than the absolute authority attributed to them in dramas like 'The Godfather'. However it's not so improbable (and quite exciting) to imagine a more kindly relative rescuing his Grandson from his own foolishness before his demon Father finds out what he's been doing. The mobility scooter makes it abundantly clear that his irresistable power over the errant stripper does not stem from physical strength. It also forces him to bend low and pulls him along at a pace, graphically exposing his back-side and his offence to all and sundry in the street.
In this mini-series the subject arrives having already been spanked and this illustrates nicely how such punishments are not the main focus of Matt's interest, but an incidental detail of broader humiliation.

Matt - Bad Boy Shuffle

 This more recent image uses similar ideas to (optimistically) highlight the ease with which the most improbable of disciplinarians can put a big stud in his place. And he is a big boy - tall with muscled torso, mighty thighs and..well...need I say more? Matt's thesis that Greek God-like men such as this can made to submit to more normal mortals is one of the most appealing aspects of his art.

The unseen leverage enabling this diminutive and infirm pensioner to inflict humiliation on him, even extends to making him walk with his shorts dropped round his ankles and shirt lifted to display the most intimate areas of his physique. It suggests there may be an useen audience witnessing it all (just to add to his discomfort) and it's possibly the aftermath of having just made a closer acquaintance with that walking stick. But in any case he's loving it all deep down, literally dripping with excitement. 

The deliciousness of it all is that it seems that not only is this young man clean cut, good looking and charmingly fallible, immensely attractive in fact  - but he's still nice enough to defer to his elders (including us?)


Matt - Selecting a Paddle

The muscular back of the hapless stud in this image, with it's tantalising glimpse of buttock crack, would be an erotic sight in any situation. (My recent Night Visitor image employs a similar partial-censoring technique with a frontal view). This particular physique acquires a whole new interest when roped into a naked excursion to a fetish shop, to witness the selection and purchase of a suitable implement, expressly chosen for his punishment. 

It's flattering for him in a back-handed sort of way and, luckily, specialist shops like this are rarely found in busy Shopping Malls, so he's less likely to be seen by anyone who knows him. More probably it would be a seedy, back street location, unattractive in itself but also the domain of dubious characters in search of the unmentionable. The flat cap and raincoat of his tormentor would pass unnoticed, it's 'de rigeur' to dress like that in fact, but a naked man in thrall to him would attract all sorts of interest, he probably wouldn't appreciate.  

This is a very simple image but immensely imaginative and powerful if you pause to reflect on it.

Matt - Soap Boy

This study is not about spanking at all although as a punishment it's shares the same connections with immaturity and character training. The Ivory branding connects with a by-gone age. I'm not sure modern soaps are quite as effective in producing discomfort as the traditional types were, but for a man of this maturity, in this day and age, being forced to perform the ritual is probably worse than the physical sensation anyway. His neatly styled hair is attractive and suggests an element of self-awareness which would not enjoy this abject submission. His tear may be psychological rather than physiological. 
His mentor here is sketchily drawn, but the nicely-filled T-shirt suggests a relatively youthful man and a non-family relationship. From their relative positions it's easy to imagine this ritual being part of a supervised bath. That hand gripping the sufferer's neck sustains his obedience. It may also be poised to dunk his head in the water, if deemed neccessary.
Matt - It's Not What It Looks Like Sir!
The sense of genuine, subtle artistry behind Matt's images is more obvious in this enigmatically-titled piece. Even without the spanking humour, but simply as a study of a grown man's private pleasure, communing with his inner child, it's a delightful and very perceptive study of masculinity. 

The fear of discovery does not really disappear when adolescence is left behind, it's heightened in some circumstances, as here. In a 'straight' disciplinarian household, any suggestion that punishment is a source of sexual pleasure would cause outrage of course and invite even worse consequences.
Matt - Twins In Trouble
Matt adds another dimension of humiliation in this image, envisaging two brothers being reprimanded simultaneously for undesirable activities of some sort, which at this age might include fighting over the same girl. The intensity of sibling rivalry usually mellows with age, but this would rarely be a comfortable situation for either of them.
These two might equally be buddies or work colleagues, each of which would bring a different dimension of embarrassment and shame to the humiliation, which appears to include being ordered to strip naked by the mature avenger.  Alternatively it's possible that these splendidly-developed men were caught up to some mischief in this naked state, suggesting a misdemeanour even more embarrassing than quarreling or being partners in crime. Caught by the supervisor of a sauna for example where other users can witness their shaming. 

Matt - Study
By contrast, this image envisages a very private punishment in which the symbollic role of books is augmented to serve as a plinth for the spanking paddle (like the straw that broke the camel's back?) This errant young man is forced to contemplate his impending punishment at length while his punisher relaxes by reading the newspaper. The result of all that anticipation and physical effort is a sizeable erection in those skimpy shorts which probably won't go unpunished either. 
The style of this piece, particulalry the depiction of the father, has a retro feel that harks back to the magazines of the mid-20th century, a period in which corporal punishment went relatively unrestrained.

Matt - Bad Dad
This beautiful if improbable role reversal is almost a mirror image of the preceding picture in concept. It sees a parent suffering retribution at the hands of his adult son. The pegged ears and book balancing torment (notice the careflly selected titles!) are familiar from Bad Jock above, with the embellishment of glasses of water here (or his best whisky, perhaps). Placed on top of the textbooks they provide an unambiguous signal if and when Dad fails the test. 
Below the shoulders, however, Matt branches out into broader fetish interests. The school uniform has been ripped to shreds, as though symbollically over-riding the 'treat you like a boy' motto in favour of a 'man's punishment for a man's offence'. It's symbollic in erotic terms too. The choice of pegging nipples, balls and dick is a little eccentric but presumably it's an escalated reprisal for all those tweaked ears the son's endured over the years and a rebuke to his Father for the secret sexual pleasure that he derived from punishing his son. 
This is a significant escalation too of Matt's, normally discreet, approach to the role of sexuality in these scenes. This image is more detailed than his usual fare and at first sight, the 'classroom' could have been taken straight out of Franco's portfolio.

Matt - The Long March
Matt never seems to tire of reworking this theme. The admission of sexual excitement perhaps has a more prominent place in this rendering. Better though is the capturing of the stumbling gait of the tormented victim, his anguished, child-like expression, his raised hand itching to fight back but held in check by awareness of the dire consequences if he does.

Matt - Skater

The final image of this article is competely different in both subject matter and technique. There's a highly proficient, professional artist behind this work but I'm not completely sure if it is all by Matt himself or whether he's adapted someone else's image. Whatever the case it still gives a different insight to his interests and skill set. It reiterates that he's sees spanking in a wider context than the painful punishment itself.


*This is the third artist named 'Matt' that I've featured at mitchmen blog, following in the footsteps of Matt of 'Sado Island' fame (in 2010) and 'muscle' Matt (in 2019). This Matt's artistic and erotic credentials certainly measure up to theirs and he is perhaps the most stylish of them all. His graphic humiliations of grown men are unique and immensely 'mitchmen-esque', true to the aim of 'putting men in their place'.

Visit the Matt Art Collection at JockSpank

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Bareass Blogs No 52


Bareass Battalion at Bedtime

Old enough to serve his country but not too old to be spanked.


Go to Bareass No 53 (link and post pending)