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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Crazy Cop Caps 8

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Eddie's pre-sale nerves

 Steve-2021-214 took deep breaths and fidgeted nervously as he waited to be summoned to the rostrum. 

He knew his pre-sale conditioning had completely transformed his body. He was barely recognisable now as Eddie Wickes, the scrawny, 21 year old, who the Parole Panel had sentenced to enslavement for joy riding and writing off the Sheriff's brand new patrol car. 

If his parents were out there, waiting to buy him back, as they had promised, they might not even recognise him any more, not with his new Slave Name and muscular body. It was perfectly legal for them to buy him back, he would still have to live as a slave, probably hired out to a local farmer and kept in chains all the time, but at least he would be able to go home to sleep in the woodshed at the bottom of his parent's garden. His Mum might even be able to sneak him some of her apple pie from time to time as a treat to enliven the standard programme of nutritional blocks mandated by the State.

It was an idle dream, he suspected. His parents probably wouldn't be able to afford him any more. When the overseers at the Slave Induction Agency had seen how well he responded to physical training, they had done everything they could to develop his physique with weights and clever nutrition. He was proud of the amazing new body they had given him, but it had elevated his sale category from 'Standard' to 'Superior'. That meant the price he would command at auction had probably increased into the tens of thousands, way beyond his parent's means. He would now be in the sights of the ultra rich and if two of them took a fancy to him, the sky was the limit. 

It was flattering to be sought after, something he wasn't accustomed to. But the elevated price tag would make him far too valuable for ordinary labour. Whoever bought him would want to view him all the time and show him off to envious friends, to put his strength to the test and probably, he shuddered, use him for other private pleasures. If he failed to live up to their expectations....well, the punishments meted out to all slaves were common knowledge. He had been spared the worst of the whip during his preparation by the overseers so that his new body would not be sullied by scars. Once he was sold, it would up to his new owner to make his own policy on that score. He could do whatever he liked.

A shout broke into his thoughts. "Hey! 214! Wake up!" The Guard was beckoning to him, urgently. "You're up next" he said, then as Eddie shuffled past he added in a softer voice "Good luck, pal". 

Eddie climbed up the steps of the rostrum, trembling with fear, but glad that the light chains they had given him for his Sale Day allowed him to go to his fate with dignity. He emerged into the bright lights of the Sale Room, hardly noticing the murmur of excitement that greeted his arrival. He stood erect before them just as he had been trained to, facing forward with feet slightly apart and hands lightly clenched in front of his groin, modestly obscuring the contents of his sale outfit, a dazzling lime green thong. The attendants came and released his hands, re-shackling them to the post behind his back. He knew he looked great in these briefs, but part of him wished he didn't. They would probably be pulled down to his ankles if the bidding flagged and when that happened he was supposed to remain head up and proud as though nothing had happened.

After a pause to let the audience drink in the quality of the item on offer, the Auctioneer wearily began his introduction. "Ladies and Gentlemen, lot 127 is  Steve-2021-214, a Superior male of 21 years and I can tell you that an export licence will be available from the State Directorate of Slaves for this lot if the final realised price cannot be matched by a US buyer".

The audience buzzed with renewed excitement, but Eddie's stomach lurched, knowing he might end up anywhere in the world, cut off from his family for ever, probably in a place where the US Convention on the Treatment of Slaves was not recognised, where notions of civilisation were quite different......... 

He searched the audience hoping to see his father's face amongst the dozens of men seated in front of him, but the spotlights positioned to optimise his display were blinding. Even that faint hope of 'rescue' was dashed as the Auctioneer went on, "I have to tell you that I have a number of commissions for this lot and the bidding therefore will have to commence at hundred and twenty thousand. Who'll give me a hundred and thirty?" 

Hands holding accredited bidder cards shot up all over the room.

"Please let it be a kind man" Eddie prayed, eyes glistening as he held back his tears.


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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Bareass blogs No 56


Bareass Bulk for the Beach

There are so many erotic triggers for me in this image:- 
  • that tight, yellow tee shirt - and how he seems to be revelling in it's clingy embrace!
  • his huge, broad shoulders and slender waist, 
  • his thick thighs, sheer bulk!, 
  • his smooth shaved(?) ass,
  • and lastly just the teeniest, tantalising glimpse of cock.

Somehow tough the villa setting of the image here doesn't seem to fit with the beach lifeguard shirt.
It's as though this fit, young, bodybuilder has stolen a lifeguard's shirt and is trying it on in the privacy of his home, imagining himself in the heroic role and enjoying the feel and  smell of another man's clothes, perhaps it's a man he desires as much as he admires.
Perhaps he's broken into his hero's home and is going through his wardrobe,
and the hunky owner is tied up, naked on the bed, forced to watch and wonder, what next? 


I don't have an ID on the model or the studio (Colt?). 
He's identified as 'Matt O' on Porn Savant
as 'Dale' on Adonis Male  
and there's more of this set on TGP

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

The Look of Abject Surrender


This is No 25 of ''The Look" photo fantasy Series at mitchmen,
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Photo courtesy of Wrestler4Hire

Sunday, 5 September 2021

Art by Ultraswole

Ultraswole's style reminds me of Muscle Matt but his subjects are more mature than Matt's, both in age and behaviour, as witness this handsome gentleman. The erotic content is also much more subtle, although the graphic outlines in these briefs are by no means 'hidden', nor understated.



I like the singlet/vest worn by this character (if 'worn' is the right word for a garment so tight and sheer that even chest hair is visible beneath it!). Pictures like this, with a suggestively-formed, J/O fist screening off sensitive detail, hint at more explicit depictions, but if they exist, I haven't found them yet.

Ultraswole - Pink Ticket (my title)

This image found in the debris of Ultraswole's devastated Tumblr site is an even more obvious sanitisation and a rather sad hint of treasures which are now, it seems, buried, if not entirely lost. The harm done to gay artists through Yahoo's fit of asset-stripping respectability is a continuing  blight on the self-expression of our community.

Ultraswole - Dark Pecs

The preceding images are notable for their hairy chests and this image is a homage to men with hairy pecs, topped off by a strikingly handsome face. 

The 'darkness' alluded to in the title and background tones is curious. Are there hidden depths in this body-sculpting enthusiast's personality?

Ultraswole- Pool Pecs

Ultraswole's attraction to hairy chests is obvious in these pictures but in the world of body-builders, whom he clearly adores, body hair is regarded as an impediment to display and is therefore shaved off for formal, posing occasions. This contrasting hairless variant of the 'Dark Pecs' image reflects that practice has been given a light, playful tone with the pool-side setting and floating ring making the subject seem more youthful, compared with his manly, dark alter-ego . Other pictures by this artist also exist in both hairy and hairless forms which seems to show an interest in the transformative nature of the process and (dare I say?) the underlying eroticism of the custom.

Ultraswole - To Beard or Not To Beard?

This tryptych is a slightly academic exercise on the subject with no erotic undertones at all and no inkling of the artist's preference. I have posted another artist's photo-manip experiments with hair at my mitchmen gateway blog in No Hair or Hair? and More Hairy Experiments posts. Other 'hairy' and 'shaving' posts here at the mitchmen main blog are accessible through the labels at the foot of this post.
Ultraswole - A,B or C?

Shaving is just a superficial manifestation of the massively transformational nature of bodybuilding as a whole and participants are always keen to show how much they have grown over the years. This artist's interest in that process surfaces in a number of comparative images and I particularly like this one. It compares 3 different men rather than the evolution of an individual. 

As well as the obvious body  changes there is also a progression of hairstyles on these men from the ordinary and normal, though showy extravagance to shaven-headed dedication and professionalism. It's a perceptive charting of increasing obsession but the shrinking of the costume with increasing bulk also gives it an erotic dimension. Once again though the title shows no preference on the artist's part.

 In this image, the pairing of the original human inspiration with Ultraswole's enhanced vision for him draws attention to his (Frankenstein-like) ability to transform and create a more perfect specimen with improved bulk and definition. 

Ultraswole's choice of photograph is a standard beefcake pose, but it's not erotically neutral, the awkwardly-hitched shorts are intended to show off the man's pride in his thigh bulk but the action has a slightly clumsy sexiness. Ultraswole subtly transforms his baggy shorts into something briefer and more stylish, but he also provides grabbable shaping in the crotch region. There's a more subtle conversion of the reversed cap from geeky-looking into something rather more stylish.
Ultraswole - Superman Transformation
In this pairing Ultraswole invokes the ultimate transformational dream - that of man turning into superhero. Most of us would see his starting point here as a pretty super man in his own right anyway and strikingly sexy too, wearing a clever choice of shorts that modestly exploits that sex appeal without tawdry exhibitionism. 

By contrast, his supposed alter-ego of Superman bulges out of his skin-tight costume almost obscenely and is conspicuously well-endowed, although this version of the picture looks as if it's been toned down in that region for general consumption (if you'll pardon that expression) leaving us to read between the outlines. 

Interestingly, the subtle, earthy sex-appeal of the original inspiration pretty much disappears in his clean-shaven, covered-up, transformed self but the erotic interest not completely extinguished but switched into exaggerated bulk, shapely outlines and a real sense of simmering power. You pays your money and you takes you choice!

If you are intrigued by imaginative physical transformations you might like to look at the mitchmen articles showcasing the remarkable work of Yomero and Siproites
Too High
Ultraswole has a fondness for cartoons that explore the humour of bodybuilding, often featuring men at opposite ends of the transformation. This one features a wimp and his gym mentor in a scene which reminds me of the famous Charles Atlas, sand-in-the-face, beach bullying ads.  I confess that I find the bodybuilder's flash of anger and throat grabbing technique rather unattractive. It's an interesting domination scenario though and the final frame shows how much the target likes it!

Getting Vaccinated
Ultraswole's muscle-men are clearly not one-dimensional heroes and this one illustrates the paradox of physical strength not neccessarily going hand in hand with mental resilience. His flushed cheeks reveal a charming and somewhat sexy weakness. A cynic might find it strange that a modern, gym bunny might have an aversion to pain and needles though.

Mr Valentine

The softer side of muscledom is also nicely illustrated in this image and it cleverly gives the impression that a handsome hunk might respectfully offer his love to any one of us. Notice that the face is one of those from the tryptich earlier, someone has made up their mind! The heart shorts are somewhat corny but who could fail to be swayed by their generous contents?

Ultraswole's work is essentially fan art and he specifies his inspiration in this and the next picture and I guess the shorts here are equally frank about the depth of his interest.

Sam Asghari

 This image captures the slightly dishevelled look of gym users but it enhances rather that detracts from the appeal of this handsome man who the artist has fantasised about offering us more than roses.

Eric Janicki

The ability of an artist to strip his subject is another type of transformation, a wish fulfilment that probably has wider appeal to my readers than the swelling of muscles. The prominent veins of body-builders, much in evidence here, are not really my cup of tea. 

To conclude, a nice man wearing attractive shorts, yellow is my favourite colour!


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There's a limited selection at Ultraswole on Deviant Art also Ultraswole on Tumbex 

You'll discover many more of his popular images simply putting his name into Google

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Letters Home From the Newly Enslaved

 Dear Mr and Mrs Walters,

Thank you for entrusting your son Simon to us. I enclose a snap of him, taken here at the Slave Reception Centre in Twisted Forks. As you can see he is well and happily settling into his temporary quarters here. He is a fine boy and my staff report that he has an obedient and accomodating nature which I hope to verify myself in a night or two. Simon is already undergoing intensive training in preparation for his entry to the Slave Disposal Auction where I feel confident he will do you proud and achieve a good price in excess of the reserve you specified for his sale. He has written a brief note to you which I have enclosed below.

The law requires me to advise you that here is a 28 day 'cooling off' period from the date of this letter during which we are not permitted to sell him and you can change your mind and redeem your son's Slave Indenture for the standard fee specified on the Government web site plus our own administration fee and accomodation charges (pro-rata) as per the price list enclosed below. 

In the unlikely event he fails to meet your reserve at auction, he will be entered into a Clearance Sale and you will be paid the standard rate for familial donations as specified by the law. Once sold he will be given a new enslavement identity and all contact with him will be ended.

Yours respectfully,

Garfield Shaftbury
(SRC Welfare Superintendant)


 Dear Mum and Dad,

Here I am at Twisted Forks. Ha ha! I am OK, I guess, although it's all been a bit of a shock. The chains are a bit of a drag, ha, ha! I don't blame you for sending me here, I know you needed the money and I guess I've been a pain in the ass for you these last few years. Actually Dad's whuppin's were good training for the way they do things here. So have the lessons Uncle Victor used to give me when he was looking after little Robbie and me. Ooops! I guess I never told you about them. Sorry they haven't given me a rubber. Anyway, they are giving me plenty of food and making me do lots of physical training, I don't know why since I've been told I probably won't be used for farm labour but what they call 'contact services'. Sounds like a cushy number. I hope! Ha ha! Anyway I hope I raise enough money for you so that you don't have to send Robbie here too when he turns 18, that's if Dad doesn't drink it all first. 

Your loving son,


P.S. Can you send me a bar of chocolate? 


Inspired by photo of Yaroslav, The New Slave, by Russian Captured Guys

Monday, 30 August 2021

CONTINUATION Royale Navy Romeo - Part 1


This post completes Part 1 of the mitchmen review of Royale's 'Navy Romeo' storyette which was begun in the last post. I have also appended it there to make a single article for future readers.

Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 08

Ted is not tying up his boot laces here, but strapping gaiters round his ankles. These are stiff ankle protectors and intended also to capture the billowing bell bottoms and close off the open top of the boots for protection and safety in a combat situation. They are seen lying on the floor in picture 05? of this series and more clearly when worn by Ted in the pictures that follow this one. His leg-up position here creates yet another provocative pose out of a mundane everyday activity. One which the on-lookers find an almost irresistible target.

I probably don't need to point out the (barely) hidden eroticism of Spike's toe aimed at the cleft in Ted's backside but there's also a more subtle, secondary titillation with it's close proximity to Ted's own foot, suggestive of lovers playing 'footsie'. Spikes open, leaning-back pose is itself suggestive of intimate spooning with Ted (for a sex-starved imagination at any rate)! I suspect there was an interesting reflection in the mirror too, just off to the right. There's a similar 'closeness' going on between Tom and Spike. The subtle, erotic choreography of some of these images is amazingly complex. This picture also brings out a rather nice impression of the tight fit of Tom and Spike's trousers round the lower body and thighs, with a pleasing profile of Tom's bottom (extreme left).

Strong lighting from the left of Ted casts an odd shadow of his arm which has the extraordinary effect of making his trouser pants look completely open at the back. I haven't seen a full size version of this image so I can't say if this is deliberate artistry or a fortuitous quirk of the smaller scale picture. However, it is a graphic reminder of his discarded underwear, which I suspect is the little white pile on the floor just beyond his foot (see below also). There's another tantalising shadow in picture 03.

Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 09

With preparations complete, Ted imagines introducing himself to the film star pin-up on the wall and you can almost imagine him saying “don't I look great?” (not without reason from where I'm sitting!). The two mischievous voyeurs pause from their lusting to parody his action with Spike making a courtly bow and Tom simulating feminine surprise and delight. Cynics might see the less-than-modest forward thrust of his lower body here as an invitation for Spike to dip his head a little lower.

The dressy effect of Ted's gaiters and the discarded underwear on the floor are clearly visible here

Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 10

This image probably gives us the best view of Ted's attractive figure with the enhancing effect of his hip-hugging trousers complemented by the tightness of the RN shirt around his torso. It's low cut, square, head opening accentuates the sweep of his neck. He seems to be holding a cushion in his arms here as a substitute for the real thing he desires.

Behind the screen Spike and Tom pose as though kissing each other but their bodies and lips are not actually touching. It's interesting to consider how the censors would have viewed this. The female film star is a reminder that kisses like this between men and women were commonplace in movies and yet men passionately kissing each other was absolutely taboo. By distancing of the pair and providing the clearly-announced, humorous context of 'taking the mickey' out of their straight colleague the scene might have escaped the red pen in a live, theatrical context. Unfortunately the unashamed eroticism of the pictures that frame this scene nullifies that possibility.

Royale would have known that would be the case – the minds behind these complex images are not without intelligence, nor na├»ve. So it's more likely that this is another deliberate parody, not only of heterosexual vanity, but of the whole concept of censorship as it was applied to relationships between men. But imagine how comforting this portrayal would have been for lonely, gay men who saw the image, using the masculine aura of military servicemen to present men kissing as something that was perfectly OK. Notice though, that it still takes place in secret, out of the sight of the heterosexual.

The numbered thumbnail for this image (in the archive) is less closely cropped than this variant.


Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 11

In this image Ted appears to be holding something up as though to kiss it. It doesn't seem to be the same cushion-like object as in the preceding picture - that is now placed on the chair. The boys behind the screen eagerly return to their surveillance and Spike makes the 'OK' sign as though Ted's action means that their plan is now going well.

I confess I'm not certain what this means, but if you look closely, you might notice that Ted's attention in these pictures actually seems focussed, not on the glamorous film star, but on the other hard-to-make-out photo just above, which looks a bit like a showgirl in black stockings. In fact I believe this is one of Royale's infamous*, high-booted, Horse Guards images, rather like the one below, but with the subject in the process of undressing. 

 *Royale famously published pictures of real members of the Royal Horse Guards regiment posing in a mixture of their proper uniform and racy underwear. It was a very public scandal that made the tabloid front pages and may have helped the cause of homosexual law reform. Royale's successor 'Guys in Uniform' repeated the feat in 1976.


Charles Kassapian as a Horse Guard, by Royale

That conjecture leads me to believe that what Ted is holding up may actually be bank notes, as though reminding us that the Queen's men can be bought for money. Simultaneously it's suggesting that Ted, the supposedly straight hunk, is not averse to buying such favours himself, thereby implying that the terrible 'queer' malady is also rife in the realm of The Royal Navy. What a superb mockery of the heterosexual establishment! No wonder Spike is so pleased with himself!

Back at picture 11, and on a more basic, erotic level, the reflection in the mirror at this point introduces the startling impression of Spike reaching up between Ted's legs to grope him, but the casual observer would never spot it. This dull little story positively sparkles with hidden homoerotic gems!

Notice that in this image Spike's trousers seem to have a 'bare' back window similar to Ted's in picture 08. It must be that this is the effect of the stretched, wet pants becoming slightly transparent and showing skin colour beneath. The dark shadow and whiter area to the right is the front flap of his uniform which is a double layer of fabric and not tight and thus shows as white. A different visual effect, caused by lighting from opposite sides seems to show Ted's bare legs showing though his trousers.


Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 12?

The true object of Ted's interest is even more obvious in this picture and the boys are so excited that they squat down piggy-back fashion to peek through a crack (yes a crack!) in a pose that seems to abjectly beg for Ted's (or our, or anyone's) attention. It's not far short of simulating intercourse between them and at this point there's no real attempt to hide the eroticism. Despite the revelation about Ted's true inclinations he cuts a figure just as attractive and manly as he did to them before (well of course he does!). His reflection in the mirror seems to introduce an element of ambiguity as to the direction of those inclinations, but they are happy, nay eager, to go down for him.

If Royale ever applied 'The Itch' to this series, it takes on a very different meaning here.

Royale Studio - Navy Romeo 14?

This looks as if it might be the end of Part 1 with Ted appearing to be departing (looking great) and the boys exchanging kisses (disguised as a high-five) and apparently very satisfied with the outcome.

I don't know exactly how many pictures there are in Part 1. The earliest image number I can positively identify in Part 2 is No 21 and I think it has 5 images in front of it, so that would mean Part 1 numbers 15. However, I've given this picture the number 14 (or it could even be 13) because the opening of Part 2 suggests that at the end of Part 1, Ted discovers that he's being spied on with some sort of confrontation happening. You'll see what I mean in Part 2 (to follow soon).


Royale Props and Accessories

Royale's specially prepared uniforms are responsible for much of the erotic flavour of these images but the props and accessories also play a part and some become familiar friends in different photo sets.

In these concluding pictures of Navy Romeo, Part 1 we get a good view of the Chinese bamboo screen that has concealed the voyeurs from their quarry throughout. It's not naval issue obviously! However, it's plausible that these men (regular sailors or forced conscripts) might be allowed personal items such as this in a barracks setting. The antique, oriental style tells you about the artistic taste of the producers of these photos, since they would have provided this prop.

The mirror plays an equally important role in the story, as it's used to emphasise Romeo Ted's vanity, but it's also a device for slipping in tantalising glimpses of anatomy (e.g. Nos 3, 12) and in telescoping the participants together to construct suggestive positions (e.g. Nos 6, 7, 11). The mirror also features in a number of other Royale series where it provides a 'virtual' partner for solo posers and simulates more forbidden physical contact between men and reflections.


To be continued in Navy Romeo - Part 2

The mitchmen Royale Open Archive link to this set will be provided at the end of this group of posts.