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Monday, 14 June 2021

The Art Of Absolutbleu 3 - At The Gym

Absolutbleu - Muscle Stadium*

Birds of a feather flock together. That's certainly true of muscle heads in the real world. These two casually flaunting their bodies in an empty stadium seem to be playing out an elaborate courtship ritual disguised as a serious discussion, probably about methods of muscle development and nutrition regimes, or maybe the most reliable, retaining brand of skimpy thongs.  More and more flesh is gradually exposed for comparison purposes and the two men gravitate closer and closer to each other, anticipating the electricity of an actual touch. The white shirts are suggestive of Tennis players but the hint of shoulder pads point to American Footballers.  

 *indicates my titles not the artist's
Absolutbleu - Gym Distraction
While these Muscle Gods love to tantalise lesser mortals on the beach and at other gay haunts, entrance to their exclusive world can only be gained by acquiring a similar physique. The way to do that is by going to the gym. This picture seems to encapsulate that fantasy, the caption seeming to suggest the ease with which a fresh face, seen to be embarking on a training regime, can get immediate access to the box of chocolates. (I don't  know for certain if the caption is by Absolutbleu, but it seems to fit the image).
Absolutbleu - Handsome Muscle Flirt*
This sketch sums up the fantasy allure of a handsome muscle man, kneeling submissively and baring his generously-proportioned backside in an inviting pose that seems open and genuine.
There's a spanking interest here for some, but I haven't found that activity yet in Absolutbleu's art
This is a good example of how interesting Absolutbleu's faces can be in simple sketches.  

Absolutbleu - Gym Undress
This image gives quite a different view of the gym induction procedure as a visitor's shorts are forcibly removed, much to his alarm. I guess the assailant may be his personal trainer but the grin here is not exactly playful or friendly. It's a calculated act, an invasive first step that tests the new boy's inner strength. His lack of resistance confirms that he's suitably submissive for what has been planned

I think that this blond man, with his distinctive dreadlock is one of Absolutbleu's stock characters but I don't know his identity or back-story.

Absolutbleu - Gym Series, Dumbell Curl
What follows is a whole series of images in which we see the hapless gym bunny being given a guided tour of muscle training exercises by his trainer. He has to perform them all naked, while his mentor simultaneously gratifies his lust using whichever orifice presents itself.

Absolutbleu - Gym Series, Stretching

Any gay man who's been to the gym will have spent time watching the other men train and wistfully fantasising about taking advantage of the sexy sights that present themselves. Absolutbleu's characters play out these fantasies and it makes for a humourous set of images. However, the blond's confused compliance with the demands of his trainer conjure a undercurrent of domination and submissiveness. It's a harder edge that is very different to the fun and games we saw on the beach.

Absolutbleu - Naked Gym Training*
This image develops that theme into something more like bullying as two muscle men size up another gym user who clearly doesn't relish their attention. It's a long way from the confident flirt we saw earlier. His discomfort is amplified by the presence of visitors who are amazed and amused by what they see.

Absolutbleu - Car Wash*

Compare that image with this street scene. It's another classic, homoerotic situation but one usually given over to cash-needy, student types rather than musclehunks. Nevertheless it provides a great vehicle(!) for the artist's usual themes including some great skimpy shorts. At one level it's a scene of playfulness over a shared chore, however, there's a subtle touch of intimidation in the spraying of water and forced undressing of the central, larger character which gives this image something an edge, particularly in the light of the gym ones we've just seen. Is there a hint of discomfort, of vulnerability, in the big man's smile? 
The context here isn't entirely clear. Is he the rich owner of the car? Or just one of the cleaning gang? The slant of the picture itself gives a sense of instability, a slide into an unexpected outcome. Even the car itself has an eerie, erotic presence thrusting forward like a gaping mouth. Fascinating.
Absolutbleu - Lollipop*
This view of a muscle head contentedly sucking on an ice lollipop is deliciously romanticised and sensual. This powerfully built man has carefully crafted his image to maximise his attractiveness, not just his physique, but his clothes and hair too. But here he shows an inner quality, a softer, sensitive side. 
It's a great image and a great advert for the world of muscledom.
But notice that he can't help supplementing the moment with a bicep flex, a touch of muscle-vanity which I suspect motivates Absolutbleu's other view of these men. 

Absolutbleu - Muscle Service*
His other extreme is a world in which muscular men are submissive and desperately needy, at the beck and call of ordinary guys who see the gym as a hunting ground. The cultivation of physical strength and bulk has earned him admiration and attention but no respect ultimately and that reality seems to be dawning on him here. 
Absolutebleu - Pay and Park*
It's possible that this humiliation is driven by his need for money to buy training 'supplements' to maintain his hard-earned build. Absolutblue heaps on the indignity here by showing the powerful man grovelling at the feet of multiple users and hastily gathering up his money. There may be a smiley on his placard but his face shows humiliation, resentment and perhaps relief that it's all over - for now.

Absolutbleu - Bursting Out
There's a more humourous come-uppance for this muscle fan as his polo shirt finally gives up the challenge of containing those giant pecs, allowing them to burst out and send his lunch flying in the middle of the cafeteria. I'm surprised there seem to be no spectators to witness this humiliating moment, there usually are in this art! Perhaps they are off-shot, but he's obviously dismayed anyway. His trousers are about to do the same, so maybe it's just as well that he hasn't sat down! Having said that, retrieving his frugal meal of apple and drink (or is it yoghurt?) from the floor may be tricky.This sort of humour connects directly to the very beginnings of (mass) gay erotica in the 1950's with artists like Art Bob.
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Friday, 11 June 2021

The Art Of Absolutbleu 2 - On The Beach

Absolutbleu - Bulges

This stunning image is an advert for 'Bulges' beach bar illustrating the tempting goodies on offer. Waiters and bar men in gay establishments are arguably one of the modern icons of distant desire displacing the sailors and construction workers of old. They always seem attractive and friendly for some reason - like-minded and almost within reach.

Absolutbleu - Waiter at 'Bulges'*

In Absolutbleu's cafe, they are within reach. The skimpy thongs and bulging muscles of the good-natured waiters are calculated to pull in crowds of men. Attracting their attention is a more pleasurable chore than is usually the case in busy joints. 

*my title


Absolutbleu - Free Special*

The beach is one of the 'worlds' of gay men that this artist explores in his work. There, more tempting specimens are to be seen, roving the sand and dressed to kill in G-strings as they hand out their flyers and vouchers for other entertainments. They may even pause to chat, their intoxicating physiques hovering invitingly as though promising more later. It's enough to make a water bottle squirt!


Absolutbleu - Beach Buds*

The beach is full of characters determined to have fun and this is a great caricature of a man who knows how to attract attention. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether it's better to pursue them or avoid them.


Absolutbleu - Beach Bar Flirt*

For lesser mortals, these specimens of ultra-developed manhood, seen in the flesh at close quarters are shockingly desirable - and they know it. In Absolutbleu's art these hunks flirt outrageously and their minimal garments are barely visible amongst the mounds of succulent, gleaming flesh. I can't decide if the gentleman on the right has dropped his drink because he's overwhelmed by a rush of lust or if it's just a device to grovel at the feet of a God. 

Absolutbleu - Beach Flirt Wading In The Sea*

For Gods these men are. This image puts me in mind of the sirens of lore who lured unwary seamen to their doom. On the other hand, what better way to go? Absolutbleu's flirts seem to have no malice in them however. On the face of it they just want to have fun and they seem to have a dauntingly endless appetite for it. Their carefully crafted musculature seems to represent a pride in their manhood as much as a device to attact partners and their sexiness an innocent gift to others with no other motive than mutual pleasure.


Continued in Part 3

See Part 1 for links to Absolutbleu sites

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The Art of Absolutbleu 1 - Icons

Absolutbleu - New Soccer Captain

This marvellous image is labelled by the artist as a soccer player and the shin pads and technique of chesting of the ball, cleverly captured here, certainly belong in that sport. However I'm encouraged by the oval ball and awesome physique to see this sportsman as a rugby player. I love his skimpy shorts and mighty thighs. 

The love-struck comic character in the background is another example of the cartoon commentary device I talked about in my article on Nickie


 I've published images by Absolutbleu here twice before : A randy snowman in 'It Must Be Winter' and a Pirate kidnapping a Merman in 'Summer Booty' (both in 2019). Both these images and the sportsman above have central characters with a strong identity, either cultural or homoerotic. I've labelled them as iconic for this post (although it's a fashionable, much abused word in these days of vagueness).

Absolutbleu - Cop, Ticket Stop*

"I'll do whatever you say, Officer!" The simple device of an opened car window in the foreground draws us personally into this image imagining the erotic aura pouring into the car. This is the cop as a desirable man as well as a figure of authority, a lethal combination. His swollen pecs are a trademark of this artist's work.

The sportsman above is a reasonably authentic imagining of the hunky footballer icon but Absolutbleu doesn't allow conventional attire to confine his re-imaginings. The upper body of this cop is not so very far removed from the muscular types seen in American cities but his scanty, mankini-like thong certainly is. Absolutbleu transforms a ludicrous garment into something very sexy, attracting our aroused interest rather than ridicule (who would dare?). The pouch design is similar to that used by Stefan in his muscle art. The badge and it's subdued, co-ordinated colouring are nice touches.

*indicates my title not the artist's


Absolutblue - A Small Present (Cowboy*)

The cowboy gets a similar makeover with a cow-hide pouch by the look of it. Interesting! No gun in his holster though, which might lead you to think the phallic column in the background is more his thing. Or perhaps he's making his way home after being waylaid by a bandit who took everything he had. If so he doesn't look too upset about it.

This artist's faces are quite expressive and this one is decidedly cute in a manly way.


Absolutbleu - Nathan Drake (adventurer*)

 The 'dangerous curves' of Nathan Drake from the game 'Uncharted'. He's representative of the modern day, game character icons (like Chris Redfield) whose durability has yet to be proven. This sketch shows his face in it's unrefined form and there's a delicacy of line and authenticity that is quite engaging, a sexiness that shades into something rather different in the more polished images. The sweeping 'S'  of his exaggerated body curves shows an artistic sense of style.

Absolutbleu - Sea Food (preliminary sketch)

This sketch for a beached merman shows similar characteristics of stylishness and delicacy. This creature's muscularity is conveyed mainly by a sense of bulk, rather than detailed line work or shading. Both these sketches illustrate another prominent feature of this artist's work - subjects who flirt with the viewer, inviting us to admire their bottoms (and so on).


Absolutbleu - Xmas Drive Aid

 It's the wrong time of year in the Northern Hemisphere but I can't leave this selection of Absolutbleu icons without mentioning Father Christmas. One for the boys down-under! This artist's output of Xmas-themed images is phenomenal and this sexy Santa (who is not the real thing but a regular humpy guy who's dressed up for charity) is a worthy representative of them. He's seen braving the cold snow with no apparent adverse consequences for his ding-a-ling. I like the skilful ribbon arrangement, covering and clinging to his elevated nipples. Meanwhile the potential for unravelling that bow boggles the imagination!

There will be some more icons next time......


Bleuboys blogspot (not updated since 2014) 

Bleuboys @Twitter (still active at the time of publication, it will link you to his Patreon account)

Absolutbleu Gallery on Rule 34

Absolutbleu @Tumbex (not updated since 2019)

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Men Sharing Gold Trunks

Antonio Valentini

I've been hooked on this guy's rangy, lithe body and sexy bulge for quite a while.
Despite his boyish face it's clear he's a big man.
Alessio Caballero

It looks like the same briefs have also been used for some sweaty boxing practice here.
They are amply filled by another youthful lad with challenging features.

It's one of my foolish fancies to fantasise about these shared garments transmitting essence of model from one man to another, after all these briefs don't look ultra-washable.

Justin Lewis

Now broad shouldered Justin takes them for an outing on the basketball court.
Packing out the much used garment with some very solid bulk 


Antonio Valentini

 Antonio reclaims the briefs to demonstrate his own ball-lifting skills.
Alessio Caballero

Surely all that excitement must leave something behind!

Jamie Blyton

If it has Jamie doesn't seem to mind, he adds his quota

Perhaps these are the only sparring briefs they've got. 

Jamie Blyton

There's been a lot of stuff in there!
Jamie's deliciously moulded groin seems to be spilling out too.


Jamie Blyton

 I'm not sure about those gloves either! Naughty Jamie!


 Images by Diamond Men Live
whose hygeine practices and those of their models are beyond reproach I am sure

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Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Great Medical Stuff by Nickie


Nickie - Demo

Whilst researching Robby Cop for the last post, I stumbled across Nickie Charles' Twitter feed and this terrific 'medical' image which alludes to a fetish I've never attempted to feature here for obvious reasons. I would normally put this scenario in the humiliation bracket but Nickie's subject proudly owns his inclinations and it all seems perfectly normal to everyone else (well nearly everyone!). I love how the 'professor' is pausing to explain a delicate nuance of the procedure. 

Whatever you think of the subject matter you have to admire Nickie's technique and his ability to depict attractive men, who are not excessively idealised. Not to mention his gentle erotic humour which is immensely warming.

Nickie - Doctor's Orders

Those qualities are also evident in this drawing, the seated patient is a marvellously believable chunky hunk. Despite the humour there's a strong sense of the Doctor's power in his stance and his patient's respectful submission to it, or is he just mesmerised? 

The face peeping round the curtain might be his partner or a passing medical worker wondering what's going on. Like the cartoon face in the crowd above, the secret voyeur is a very typical 'defusing' technique in modern, oriental, erotic art. The "Aw Missus!", Frankie Howerd school of humour - pretending to be shocked of behalf of the audience. You can spot similar examples in the work of Tom Of Finland (faces looking over the fence), Harry Bush (embarrassed noises off stage) and Etienne (disembodied hands reaching in from the side). It seems to have fallen out of fashion in the West.

Nickie - Class Volunteer

There's no disguising the embarrassment here but Nickie's horrified 'volunteer' hides it better than the man in the audience. The fact that he is still half clothed, obediently holding up his tee-shirt as instructed, gives a sense that this has happened quite suddenly, out of the blue. The bands round his wrists are suggestive of bondage, but maybe it's just a fashion touch or part of the 'experiment'. 

The confident mature men who take charge of proceedings in the these images are exploiting their position if the truth be told and that's apparent here, but we all enjoy watching the victim squirm. Most Rugby Players (and this chap looks like he could be one) would take this in their stride and without offence. The lady on the left, I suspect not. 


A more innocuous Nickie image previously published at mitchmen: - Jogging in the Rain

(10 years ago, it hardly seems possible!) 


Nickie Charles @Twitter

but it looks like it may have been sanitised since I was there, try also....

NickieCharles @Instagram

Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Art of Robby Cop

Robby Cop - Locked Up*

 I'm always extolling the virtue of visual simplicity in methods of bondage, Robby Cop applies that virtue in his art, hovering deceptively in the middle ground between pure comic cartoonery and stark realism. His striking images explore the world of those who like to submit to a masterful man. It's not portrayed as a pastime for wimps, however. This man is muscular, his cropped hair and blue beard are suggestive of inner hardness, his piercings and ironmongery an expression of confidence. Yet here he is, stripped and kneeling submissively, caged in a cell and encased in a chastity device, the captive of another man. 

We don't know if this is the moment of incarceration or of liberation. His expression seems thoughtful, uncertain, as though this wasn't what he intended when he started that conversation in a seedy bar.  He grips and tests his chastity belt as though he can't believe it's real. 

A dangling key symbolises his entrapment.

 N.B. The picture titles with asterisks in this post are mine not the artist's

Robber Copper - Splattered*

 This captive's world seems much darker. It's as if the initial excitement, the novelty of captivity has palled. He's just given pleasure to his captor, but his own reward seems pretty paltry and it's cold comfort as the door closes, leaving him alone in the darkness. This man looks less experienced and maybe this is his first time of being locked up. Maybe the reality of being totally dependent on another man for his basic needs, let alone any pleasures, is just dawning on him. As the hours go by, he wonders about his freedom too, doubts begin to niggle.


Robby Cop - The Pick Up*

Was this how it all began? The excitement of visiting his first leather bar, the daredevil fun of stripping off to mingle. The heady smells, the music, the lights.....

And then the men - mysterious, strong, reeking of masculinity, supremely confident. Surrounding him with admiring looks and words. Touching him, taking hold of him, pressing close with their warm skin. The men of his erotic day-dreams are here, but they are intimidating and some downright strange in the flesh. 

It's disconcerting until he spots 'The One'. He looks the part and talks the talk, but he's warmer and his bristles tickle. He seems real. The young man feels safe in his embrace. His talk of rope and chains rekindles the excitement....


Robby Cop - The Kiss*

For many a young man the possibility of kissing someone older, someone who is big, hairy and overpoweringly masculine, well, it's prize they never have imagined they might win. When that man wants to be dominated as well, it's likely to be enough to bring out the devil in him. The cool flesh tones and sharply defined features here suggest exactly that. 

The hairy sub here is a very nice image of hairiness and tenderness, a man that many would like to ensnare. 


Robby Cop - Who's A Good Boy?

It's also the hairiness of the subject that makes this image attractive for me, the contrast between his manly physical traits (albeit of a youthful nature) and his uncharacteristic, submissive behaviour. I don't really 'get' the doggie role play thing, but the collar and lead certainly work and that is one sexy jock. The visible evidence of an anal plug is sexy, the rear equivalent of a chastity cage, but it doesn't have to be a tail and it certainly doesn't have to wag - and please, no dog masks!

Robby clearly doesn't share my view, he has done a number of doggie-themed images like this.


Robby Cop - Biting The Bullet*

Indulging in Foot Fetish is an acquired taste, but the imagery has a wider appeal simply as a statement of submissiveness. It allows the vicarious pleasure of being able to imagine intoxicating, manly odours and intimate, tickling sensations without having to run the risk of encountering a less pleasant reality.

That reality is what seems to be what is going on here. Those boots look ominously like stink factories and the sub's expression as he chews off the socks looks like a man having second thoughts and wishing he was somewhere else - like the dance floor of the club where he met this guy. I suppose the risk of encountering over-pungency is a thrill in itself for some and sheer choking, repulsiveness a delicacy for true specialists. You get the impression that this chap is a man of some experience, someone who knows what's what, but perhaps has discovered that he's not that much of an enthusiast.

Of course his anguished look may have more to do with the chunky, rubber tread that's grinding into his crotch, another facet of the rainbow world of feet, but not necessarily conducive to a bumper climax.

Robby Cop - Toe Time*

This simple image with it's hints of an inter-generational pairing seems to show a more gentle initiation into the practice. There's even a hint of affection in those hair-fondling toes, even though the pressure of the foot is itself coercive. This is a less austere introduction to subbing than the cold cages at the top of this post. 

I like the idea of a toe with an erection, I don't think many could achieve the degree of toe-dexterity illustrated here. A rare and sought-after skill I imagine.

Robby Cop - Waste Specialist*

 If you're put off by the taste of sweaty socks......

This fantasy pops up fairly regularly in fetish art, I've done a 'mitchmen' version of it myself somewhere. The idea poses a challenge for the artist in sorting out the mechanics of the flow and the demands of gravity which necessitate different levels and usually visual separation of the participants. In some versions the plumbing seems to take precedence over the erotic interest. Robby has made a decent effort here but you can see the problem of achieving a satisfying integration. 

I like his idea of the tank-like enclosure for the sub and giving him the option of drinking the stuff or just being soaked by it. Judging by the dry floor (which has no waste outlet), he's either just come on duty or else he's got a raging thirst for the amber nectar. One can only imagine the scene in an hour's time.

Robby's drawing of the man providing the waste has a nice feeling of casual swagger and attractive maleness. Quite an achievement considering the economy of line. We can't see his face, he could be any man off the street, a regular guy. For that matter, the urinal might be situated in any office block, a gym, the possibilities are endless. The anonymity of this sort of arrangement is part of the thrill, the inability to pick and choose who the donor is, instead the sub can only imagine.

Robby Cop - Milking*

In this image, the sub himself is the donor, engaged in a much more pleasant duty (for most of us). 

This doesn't look like a milking factory at first sight but the bar code on his chest suggests there are many other milkers in the barn and that their produce is subject to sophisticated quality control and tracing techniques. Having a dedicated collection vessel might indicate that each man's output is sold separately, packaged like a luxury delicacy. However, the size of the vessel suggests that demand is high, I don't envy this man the task of filling it. Fortunately this farmer seems to be kind to his stock, relying on the pulsing sleeve to extract product, with no sign of the customary fetish 'stimulants'.

Robby Cop - Don't Move, it'll be over in a second

Robby's disarmingly light style disguises some serious subjects so don't try this at home! 

This is clearly not meant to be torture, but a fanciful musing on the far reaches of the chastity fetish where a mere lock and key is not deemed to provide sufficient security for a partner's prized organs. As always, getting into restraint is easier than getting out of it! Now the frustrated sub faces Hobson's choice and a supreme test of his trust in his partner skills with a welding torch. 

The trouble is, you can see how the application of a (modest) amount of heat to his metal sleeve might create an erotic sensation. It might seem a tempting game to the daring. The sub's face suggests he might be making just that sort of calculation, but as my mother used to say, "there's a difference between scratching your ass and tearing it to pieces".

Robby Cop - Night Raid*

There's an element of underlying menace in this image too although it's clearly a recollection of a youthful fantasy about a bedroom invader. The tattooed cop has the appearance of a night club stripper, a man of experience, but it's hard to read his face - is he a benign or a malign 'night visitor'? It certainly looks as if he expects the naive captive in his night attire to deliver more than these tentative pec kisses. The tantalising convergence of their respective bulges seems to be another indication of tentative sexual awakening which is quite nice. However, the rubber truncheon the cop's got in his hand is a fearsome thing (however you imagine he might use it). I fear his patience may run out soon. I'm sure you've been there.

Robby Cop - Cell Mating*

If you thought Robby's S&M cages looked like fun you might take a different view of this situation. The sexual exploitation of prisoners by alpha male inmates is an urban legend not entirely without foundation. This is a pretty uncompromising take on the subject. The black eye and tally markers on his chest tell us that this man has not been seduced by the manly charm of his cell-mate, although the beast looks perfectly capable of it. It's clearly a long running affair but you can decide for yourselves whether he was 'that way inclined' before he was sent down. 

There's more jail art at mitchmen blog in "You're Going Down!"


 Robby Cop goes by a number of similar names - Robber Copper, CopperRobert,
he posts regularly as RobbyCop @Twitter

* denotes my titles, not Robby's

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

The Mighty Foo 2 - The Ancients

 Read this mitchmen series about The Mighty Foo from Part 1

 This image channels Foo's spendidly lithe muscularity into the persona of a Warrior of the ancient world. He's staked out in a variant of the X-spread usually employed in hot climes by those who wish to leave the despatch of their enemies to the forces of nature. Something about the style of these images suggests an icier location me though, brrrr!


In this image he's drained of the essence of his manhood by another, ritualistically-dressed warrior, fresh from a fiercely fought battle. The implication is that this is a trophy captive who was not involved in the fight, but now must pay the price of defeat. The over-sized boots are a splendid detail but the it's the tensed, naked body, slightly lifted and twisted away from his tormentor that makes this picture so striking. It's actually a variant of the top image seen from a different angle, but it looks completely different with the interfering 'stag' providing impetus. 

A moment of capture is marvellously depicted here with a powerful, confident victor savouring the terrified spoils of battle with great satisfaction. Foo has an interest in facial expressions that adds much depth to his work, allowing us to glimpse the emotions of his characters as well as their actions. The captor here has the look of the native inhabitants of the Americas, which chimes with the spreadeagle punishment seen above - in the stereotypes of pulp fiction at least.  



 Here, Foo allocates the role of victor's prize to the character of 'Blondie' who we saw suffering the ultimate price of capture in 'The End Of The Patrol' (in Part 1 of this mitchmen series). I imagine that his distinctively European, pale appearance might seem weirdly exotic to these Warriors, who are cast in a very different mould. 


Blondie is induced to perform something of a party trick here, but it's Foo's portrayal of the intensity of their shared feelings at the moment of ecstasy that makes this image for me. Cool, manly determination and dominance induces a grudging, physical acknowledgement of his prowess from the defeated, and now submissive, captive.

That painful intensity of attraction and emotion bridging between a young captor and his spread-eagled captive is equally apparent in this scene of youthful experimentation, which harks back to the modern military scenarios of Part 1

(From the mini-series 'Jake and Blondie')

Visit Part 1 for a link to Foo's Gallery but be warned, some of his work is challenging.