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Friday 21 November 2014

Index to Tom of Finland Articles

Tom of Finland - Stable Boy (1985)

I've seen this described as Tom's best picture. 
There's an endearing feeling of nostalgia as Tom's musclebound cop (his 'alter ego'),
extends a hand to the younger generation, each dressed for their own era. Tom was 65 when he drew this and AIDS was at it's height, decimating the gay community, so it seems an appropriate gesture. Note the envious horse!

My article on Tom of Finland
 in the 'A-Z of Fetish Artists' series comes in 9 parts

Careless men, Tom's harder edge, his technique and influences

The classic 'lost leathers' episodes - and some bizarre diversions, misogyny, husbands and hijackers

Man hunting leads Kake to the dungeon - and a story of revenge that doesn't fit

A final flourish of conflict and masculinity ends with a damp squib

The darker themes no-one wants to acknowledge

Stereotypes, sportsmen and the thrill of forbidden fraternisation

A final flowering in maturity

Part 8 - Tom's Thieves
Repeated misfortunes and a lasting obsession.
Part 9 - Tom's Fetish Credentials
Spanking, bondage and leather. Tom returns to the barricades. 

In addition, there are other articles about Tom of Finland here:-

Tom and Fascism - the historical background
The Petulant Leatherman - surprising attitudes and unexpected emotions in one picture
Boot Worship  part of an article on another artist
Bar Predators, Bar Predators Revisited - reviewing and extending a popular series, arguably his best.
Tailors and hidden eroticism - hero worship as a form of submissiveness.
Tom's SailorsTom's Sailors 2
Beards in Tom of Finland - their frequency and significance
Tom's Beard in the Pekka story 'Loggers'  - an addendum to the above,
also the ' Loggers' seduction scene
New unearthed artwork - 3 motorcyclists cavort in mud, from 1959
The Thieving Cowboy - bondage and spanking from 1957

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