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Monday 20 September 2010

Time for a break

Mitchell is taking a break. Posting will resume in October with the letter 'N' in the A-Z of Fetish Artists. Meanwhile here's a nice picture to get us in the mood. I'm hoping the weather will be better where I'm going!

Nickie - Wet Jogger
Nickie has a delicious crisp style and a liking for chunky men so he's worth a mention as a prelude to the letter N even if the only fetish on display here is wet shorts. He's tackling a lot of challenges here - rain, puddles, splashing water and wet clothes - the result is impressive.
Have a look at his blog 'The Art of Nickie' 

Thursday 16 September 2010

More cycling Lycra

On his knees
More pictures of one of the captive cyclists. The excitement shows!

Always a pleasure to see legs doubled back and a pert backside

At the post
A Boundex-type image, tied to a post and forced to bear his own weight on his knees, he still manages to keep his pecker up.

Monday 13 September 2010

Men Sharing Clothes 7 - Lycra Cycling Shorts

In 2009, I did a series of 6 articles about different men depicted wearing the same clothes and fantasied about the erotic possibilities.
(the first article in the series is here :- Men sharing clothes )

A reader who enjoyed that theme has sent me in some more pictures of these men being subjected to bondage while wearing the same lycra cycling shorts. Above, a nice erect pose to begin with

Number 2 is a cute package, hogtied and ready

With the sinister black mask, this man looks like he's about to become a kidnap victim, the thick striped rope is very erotic.

Friday 10 September 2010

Royale & Guys In Uniform Studios - Conclusion

Royale studio and it's successor 'Guys In Uniform' trod a unique path portraying men, not as beefcake or highly polished seducers, but as ordinary guys with natural looking, sexy bodies. They dressed them in clothing that signified male-ness and placed them into situations suggesting submission and subservience under the threat of military/authoritarian control.

Guys in Uniform - Chained Nude
This Guys in Uniform image (sadly imperfect) is a classic domination scenario which looks back to the artsy AMG style. It's is unusual for it's virtually naked captive. The scarcity of frontal nudity and extreme forms of discipline in these pictures was dictated by the laws of the day and may initially disappoint modern tastes, which have become accustomed to high quality imagery of muscular bodies, exceptional erections and elaborate bondage and beatings. But for anyone who cares to linger, these pictures rekindle the lost art of anticipation, of savouring the plight of the prey. It's a process which is generally swept aside by the rush to nudity in modern porn and replaced by interminable studies of oral mechanics.

Royale - Man dressed as a Scout
This Royale picture of a rather mature scout shows that the use of clothing is no hinderance to admiring a man's body. It's use gives the characters an identity and the pictures a context which makes them far more memorable than variations of naked men beating other naked men. This is not to deny the intimacy and erotic power of modern video and photography which admittedly puts these studios in the shade as far as sensuality and realism is concerned. But Royale and Guys in Uniform pictures have a special masculine quality that sets them apart and they retain their erotic power still.

I haven't covered all the GIU and Royale material that I have in this series and intend to return to the subject again in the future. I hope that posting the material will help keep it alive for future generations of gay men.

Saturday 4 September 2010

Royale Studio 15 - Sporting Hunks in Tight Shorts

Ultra tight wet soccer shorts show jock strapRoyale Studio - Soccer Player Tying Laces

I'm going to conclude this Royale review with a selection of sporting images which are really just pin-ups and not tied in directly to the themed sets I have discussed before. These pictures showcase the famous tight shorts that were the hallmark of the studio, although they weren't alone in using this iconography (Scott Studio was probably the foremost exponent of the technique).

In the first picture the informal pose of a soccer player tying his laces has a nice masculine intimacy about it, but it is transformed into erotica by the application of water to his skin-tight shorts. The image quality has suffered from reproduction, but it is a great example of sporting erotica.

Hairy, muscular thighs and bulging groin, soccer football boots

Royale - Footballer in Tight Shorts, Dennis White

This picture is a good deal less subtle but the contrast between the standard issue football shirt and footwear and the tiny squeezed-in shorts conjures up an erotic fantasy from an otherwise everyday image. The hairiness of the model's legs adds to the incongruity of the display. 

The left foot extended forward could be interpreted as a foot fetish offering - or maybe it's just an attempt to relieve the strain on those flimsy shorts - and the model's groin! Whatever the case, the combination of enlarged boots with the model's impressively tapered torso has somehow created a curious shrinking effect around his lower body. For me thoughts of how the model was persuaded to climb into these garments - at a time when sexy underwear for men was unheard of - is just as erotic as the visual result.

ass in tight shorts, soccer boots rolled-up sleeves

Royale Studio - Footballer Face Down on a Bench

This is a better-known image, and it relies a lot on the entirely unnatural, passive pose for its impact. In the context of Royale's other subject matter, it immediately suggests a punishment scenario, but the open defenceless pose also invites the viewer to savour the model's body. The shorts play their part erotically, but the tightness is less extreme so it's more subtle than my previous examples making the image less artificial. This viewpoint obviously makes the most of the model's tremendous thighs, but you get the impression that the care has also been taken to highlight his muscular arms and calves by carefully positioning rolled-back sleeves and socks.

Soccer player in tight shorts, sexy thighs
Royale Studio - Footballer Bruce Thomas

This pose is more naturalistic and the soccer kit closer to a normal fit, 
but there's enough tightness round the nether regions 
to bring out interesting creases and shapely thighs.
(printed in Man Alive 2, ca 1958)

ass in sexy tight shorts

Royale - Cyclist in Tight Shorts

My final picture is a much prized, recent addition to my collection and once again uses an everyday pose to impressive effect. You can just imagine how Royale's fans might have fantasised about those famous shorts appearing in their own favourite, real life situations and on their favourite crush. The bicycle is a rarely used erotic prop - surprisingly so when you consider the shape of the saddle and its position relative to the bottom in the riding position. It associates the model with youthful pursuits, athleticism and independence. An example of boyish associations which Royale and GIU both flirted with from time to time in a nostalgic way - their models are never immature.