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Friday 29 September 2023

Art by DGG

I have featured this artist a couple of times before at mitchmen, in the 'Milking Factory' series.
Here a selection of some of his other works.

Some of the images I have included not so much for their subject matter as for the characterisations of the participants. The excruciated grimace of the suspended man here, bracing himself for the hammer shaft is a delight, particularly as we can see the insertion has only just begun and there's a long way to go. His face conveys the impression of a mature, good-looking man.

The set-up here is a bit weird. The darkened forest has a sinister air but the ladder propped against the tree provides a very down-to-earth hint of how to suspend a man this way. I must admit I'm baffled by the wheelbarrow. Is this how he arrived having been somehow incapacitated elsewhere? Now it seems to contain his discarded clothes which reinforce his straight/regular guy nature.


The artist is equally coy as how this scenario came about, but once again we have an interesting looking captive putting on the agony, this time in the crushing grip of a workshop vice (there's an interesting double meaning there!).  Meanwhile his tormentor sits by, casually smoking a cigar and although he's naked and aroused he seems relatively uninvolved and certainly unmoved by the pain he's causing.

This subject has become a popular expression of how slavery works in practice. These these images are usually closely based on Etienne's 1980's drawing in 'Leatherland' or the AMG photo. It's hard to convey a sense of the effort needed to haul such a vehicle and this picture doesn't do so directly, but DGG's take has the virtue that it shows the 'pony' looking sweaty and stressed from his work. At least he's been allowed the benefit of footwear. The passenger sitting back and enjoying the ride looks suitably mischievous and smug (with a passing resemblance to a certain Royal who's also been known to manipulate).

There's another variant of this idea in the mitchmen article about Mike Carcel's work and also 'The Estate' by Leo

Few of us are lucky enough to still have a privy at the bottom of our garden and it's usually relegated to storage these days and so makes an excellent place for a sub in training or needing to be hidden away from prying eyes. He's protected there from the worst ravages of the weather* and creatures of the night. Too bad if he's scared of spiders, but his master can be assured of finding him eager to please whenever he drops by. 

*Okawa is not so kind!

One never tires of the bad cop scenario and this is a neat depiction with a cute, handcuffed suspect looking surprised by the cop's interrogation technique. His clothes lying on the floor tell us he's not a jogger but we don't know if he was picked up, loitering on this country lane, or was brought here by the cop to be probed. 

If you've checked the 'Milking Factory' links above to previous posts featuring DGG you'll know he's quite interested in men being abducted by aliens and investigated. This set up looks like a genuine scientific experiment with the captives' heads fitted with sensors and readings showing on the observers' monitors. The fact that they are watching, scantily clad themselves, might suggest a deeper interest. This particular human practice might take a bit of figuring out and could easily produce misleading conclusions. 

DGG's images are often drawn on a broad canvass with 'the action' taking second place to the overall situation and this is a pronounced example of that. He captures the sense of a vast laboratory with a  isolation booth purpose built for humans with oxygen/air supplied from storage tanks underneath. One of the captives has a nice, rugged face. He's too busy to wonder what might happen to them when the experimentations are concluded.

Two travellers on a lonely country road fall foul of a lurking UFO. You might deduce from the absence of discarded clothing that they were parked up for a purpose, apparently eating chocolates from a heart-shaped box. These aliens seem to have spotted them and having read the book want to discover for themselves what human men find so interesting. Their featureless faces and pale, undead-like, bodies add to the scary situation and it's small wonder the young man picked out for the demonstration looks utterly terrified. His friend in the back of the pick-up truck seems to have adjusted quite happily. Perhaps he's met these aliens before and brought them some new material to investigate.

A busy night at the butt bar with a range of interesting-looking men helping themselves to the facilities. Despite the appearance of restraint, there are those who would happily volunteer to be included in the line-up, even if they can't see who is 'doing' them. 

This is a relatively run of the mill, sex-slave scene but DGG's treatment of it is certainly not. The split level floor that diagonally bisects the image is something of a contrivance, plot-wise, but its visual effect dominates the image and is something I can't recall having seen exploited in quite this way in other renders, although it's an easy thing to do in that medium. The glossy floor and walls create a high-end effect suggestive of a modern leisure centre and is appropriately populated by hunky men of all sorts who watch the action from a respectful distance.

The black character seems to enjoy a highly respected status that deters the others from gate-crashing the scene and even the rugged-looking penetrator (looking delightfully flushed) seems to be an underling, looking up to him as if for approval or instructions. The stainless steel restraints on the prisoner reflect the classy look of the surroundings but seem incongruous and give the whole scene a mysterious sense of a ritual punishment, or perhaps it's simply an initiation. 

There are similar ingredients here with a muscular, booted man supervising the proceedings and giving instructions to an acolyte who is steadying another naked man to receive of a substantial butt-plug. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't seem to be enjoying it very much, even with the benefit of lube. His face is a marvellous study of excruciating discomfort. 

The sports bag suggests there's a gym used here but the bare room with peeling walls looks like any other damp basement, just somewhere to do what needs to be done in private. An aptitude test for sub-ing applicants maybe.


See Botguy at Daddy's Here for more.
 This artist uses the name DtrainNNJ at Deviant Art where his gallery contains less edgy work
also at Tumbex

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Bareass Blogs No 72

Bareass Beasting

A soldier should never be caught with his pants down.

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Tuesday 26 September 2023

Bareass Blogs No 71

 Bareass Bookworm

Possibly in need of worming

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Monday 25 September 2023

Beautifully Bound - Colby

 The simplest bondage technique imaginable and almost impossible to escape.
Colby has a lazy Sunday afternoon tanning all over and providing shots for the houseguests.
His percolated, dripping sweat proves an unexpected hit after the cum tap runs dry.

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Sunday 24 September 2023

Bareass Blogs No 70

 Bareass Buffet Banishment 

My master has a thousand ways to punish buddies

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Thursday 21 September 2023

Art by Alibobokk aka 'JR'

Alibobokk - Suspended and Pumped

This image is a supreme statement of total, extreme bondage with a man undergoing a uniquely personal, sensual experience under the direction and control of an unseen, external agent. He is tightly bound, face wrapped and suspended in the air, totally deprived of normal sensory stimulation leaving only that provided through the ropes compressing his body and the tubular attachments to his orifices. There also appear to be 2 electrical cables, presumably attached to his pecs. Someone unseen is in total control, but this image is not about him, it's about the bound man.

The artist who produced this striking image signs himself 'JR' on some pictures but he goes under the name 'Alibobokk' on X (previously called Twitter). His art accentuates muscle shaping within the male body sometimes approaching the style of Drtkk.

Alibobokk - Shibari

This image has similar ingredients but the addition of a leotard provides an identity and context for the viewer's fantasies to feed on. With the subject facing outwards it's more suggestive of his vulnerability to control than his inner journey (although the white spillage reveals his intense excitement). The viewer senses (as he does himself) the presence of the man who has lavished time on artistically tying him up and intends to savour the result.

Alibobokk - Aloha Chastity

There's no great indicator of age in the preceding pictures but cheery, young men like this surfer-type pop up from time to time in this artist's output, seemingly offering themselves up to us. This sporty man's provocative posing unexpectedly reveals a state of chastity. We don't know if it is a statement of self control or evidence of having submitted to it and perhaps now appealing for release. The viewer can imagine himself as the key holder (if he can keep his hands steady enough!). 

These images seems the wrong way round to western eyes, 
it's origins are Chinese so it should be read right to left.

Alibobokk - Aloha

This image provides the missing link in the sequence and gives a startling glimpse of what is crammed inside that tiny, chastity capsule. Also, one might speculate, evidence of the sort of behaviour that gave rise to its attachment in the first place. 

Apparently Black Cats are positive images in China, associated with wisdom and justice. 
This one's narrowed eyes look more judgemental than enlightened.

Alibobokk - Chastity Guys

This seems like a celebration of chastity. Two, notably muscular buddies seem to be proudly comparing their restraint equipment when once they might have been comparing cock sizes. In a sense the chastity cage is the great leveller but these two devices, though similar, are not of equal size. Older readers may recall the time when men sought out the jeans with shortest zip, perhaps a similar race to the bottom (as it were) applies in the realms of public, chastity display. 

Alibobokk - Shibari at the Office

In this image a tightly-bound office-worker seems to be floating in the air, but is posed as if still seated at his desk. It suggests an office fantasy where a much-admired co-worker is frozen in time, magically elevated, his shoes and trousers made to disappear and then invisibly enveloped in bondage. The top buttons of his shirt have been undone and pulled apart allowing the body harness to squeeze his pecs out through the gap. The reverse re-arrangement of his underpants transforms them into a minimal thong whose sole purpose is to contain his burgeoning erection. It's an extremely sexy picture.

The speech bubbles suggest he's actually a straight man being teased by subordinates who fancy him and offer him sex on account of his excited response to being bound in this provocative way. He vainly protests that he's not what they think but his ID badge lies on the floor as though it represents a vital protective barrier that has been pushed aside. Fortunately the taping of his face hides his identity as well as that of his tormentors should anyone choose to photograph the scene.

The matter of fact title of this picture is reminiscent of books about crafts like flower arranging which would devote individual chapters to the diverse places and occasions when the technique could be introduced, shibari at home, shibari in the Office, shibari in Church,....the list is endless!

Alibobokk - Sub Worked

This is a very similar image which I have included to indulge my own enjoyment of the way the clothing motifs are exploited. The inset 'photograph' seems to reiterate that sense of a man who has been admired from afar until now. His white socks suggest the object of the obsession has a sporting connection. This time it seems to have led to abduction and not just an inappropriate Office prank.

Alibobokk - On his Knees 

A pleasingly clean image featuring attractive, upper body, harness restraint. The captive has a sexy hairline and the focus on his neck continues with a chunky, chain collar and a slightly sinister, dangling cord attachment suggestive of a noose.

The lower half his body is slightly out of kilter with an exaggerated balloon butt (glowing red) and plummy balls which frame a receptive rear, expressing the artist's more earthy interests.

Alibobokk - In The Frame

That earthiness is brought to the fore here. In your face you might say. The ingenious, dual purpose restraint and display block may not be totally original but is a highly polished and convincing piece of apparatus, beautiful in it's simplicity. There's an equally multifunctional plug and probe device whose capabilities to thrill we can only imagine, but thrill they plainly do! 

This set up references the erotic characteristics of tentacle-alia but the probing tubes look to have been engineered by human hand and are suggestive of the practice of colonic irrigation which enjoyed something of a vogue in the 90's. Ball weights (possibly attached via a spring) keep the captive's tackle tidy and out of the way while also reminding him that pleasure must always be counterbalanced by pressure and pain.  

Alibobokk - Plugged and Milked

This sportsman is shown undergoing similar procedures in a slightly more comfortable and slightly less undignified position. But it reveals an expression that tells us that the experience, which might have been expected to be pleasurable, is proving to be demanding for him. It's a matter of degree I suppose and being subjected to strange, new experiences which you cannot control can be very disconcerting.

Alibobokk - Universal Soldier

This artist's interest in tubular, body attachments leads him into the murky regions of augmenting and modifying the body. Here he visualises tubes of an unspecified nature implanted into the groin of his military-looking subject. Tentacle art sometimes fantasises about ultra deep penetrations of a conventional kind but this seems to extend the idea into penetration of the body itself, perhaps in search of internal regions that can be stimulated (presumably pleasurably). 

The dumbbell fitting used to organise this man's balls are a nice detail.

This man is also fitted with a collar tube suggestive of breathing tubes fitted after a tracheostomy which gruesomely extends the niche subject of breathing control (already touched upon in the first image) into startling regions, but this artist's work suggests to me that he's interested in the level of invasiveness and threat rather than extreme experimentations themselves. 

This image seems to encapsulate a search for what you might call the ultimate erotic sensation, a secret internal source of pleasure, the Holy Grail of sex. But it's an internal search apparently, in this case realised through the agency of machines and technology. This artist's work doesn't involve other people except as hidden controllers who appear to be directing the search. Experimenting on their captives by subjecting them to ever more extreme sensations, pleasurable or otherwise. The psychology of this is interesting but I wouldn't pretend to understand or explain it. 

Monday 18 September 2023

Bareass Blogs No 69 - Butched Bikers

Bareass Butched Bikers

photo by AMG, I can't name the models

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Saturday 16 September 2023

The Torturing of Channing Travolta 2

Read this series from Part 1

Undeterred by humiliating defeats in his first outings, Channing bounces back for a match against Garrett Thomas with his smile undiminished and looking as handsome as ever. He's ditched his brash red trunks for a sexy, white number which matches his boots and it's just as showy!
White is also the colour of innocence of course.

Channing's opening moves seem to have Garrett on the defensive. 
His white trunks look pretty neat too, which is just as important.

Soon he's grinding Garret's head and stressing his back.
His white trunks seem to bulge with excitement.
Maybe his career has turned the corner.

Naturally Channing can't resist gloating when his figure 4 seems to have Garrett in trouble.
It's almost as if no one warned him that Garrett's a wily old hand.

Suddenly it all starts going wrong
Bent into a backwards arch his eye-catching trunks 
suddenly suggest inexperience and vulnerability.

It's back in the old routine as Garrett wreaks havoc on Channing's limbs
Suddenly the white-trunked hero is begging the ref to save him.

It's becoming a tradition to peel Channing off the canvas using his chemical hair
Channing's squeal of pain isn't his first and it won't be his last.
Not judging by Garrett's wickedly gleeful face.
He's got the muscles to back up too, you'll notice.

Channing's learned a trick or two since his previous matches
A sexy bridge holds Garrett off and gives a treat to crotch-watchers.
Surely he doesn't get off on humiliation?
This temporary reprieve doesn't last long.

Garrett shows us a show-stopping, muscle pose.
His arm-lever forces Channing to bow submissively before him
His open crotch suddenly looks terribly interesting
and Garret goes for it...... 

Channing feels Garrett's hand between his legs
His fingers pressing between the cheeks.
He's lifted up - then slammed into the floor.

Nice snap here of Channing's back muscles tensed for impact.

The slam knocks the wind out of Channing's sails.
Garrett kneels on his chest to confirm another defeat.
A dollar bill adds insult to the humiliating injury.
Perhaps he's hinting that paid 'body work' might be a better profession.
Channing had better watch out in the dressing room!

view Channing v Garrett video at Wrestler4Hire


Despite three defeats in a row, Channing's still bragging about his ring prowess.
So his agent awards him an ambitious, double booking for his next match.
A fight against two opponents together - Flash La Cash and Guido Genatto.
Alas for Channing! These are two of the nastiest ring villains around.

Flash and Guido are just the sort to relish taking down a boastful blond in white trunks 
Flash soon has him helpless on his knees, defenceless as Guido lurks threateningly.

Flash tries using Channing's ear instead of his hair to lever the figure four.
Thoughtfully he traces the contours of Channing's back and ass, jabbing it with his fist.
Guido studies the reaction close up, promising that there's lots more to come.

Weakened by Flash's back bruising, Channing is unable to resist his sling-shot move
He's whirled up in the air and flung straight into the corner...
...where Guido's lifted feet await him. 

(see video clip at the link below)

Rebounding, Channing collapses backwards over Cash's knees.
His body is arched, sexily inviting and a sitting duck for Guido's neck chops.

It's shades of Max Quivers as Guido develops his neck attack with a nasty choke hold.
Channing's bridge is ineffective this time and exposes his legs to another attack by Flash.

Finally, they both set upon him simultaneously.
Channing's a big boy but these two are bigger and more ruthless.
He feels Flash's buttocks pressing down on his bottom, and his knee joint being levered
while Guido's simultaneous chin lock maintains the pressure on his neck 
Channing wants to quote the rule book at them, but can only manage a squeal.

They immobilise and manipulate Channing like he's a helpless dummy
His ass looks good for the fans but he's too busy to enjoy their praise.

One move follows another with the attackers switching places 
but still working together on their victim's neck and knee joints.
Overwhelmed, Channing's resistance ebbs away.

Before he knows it, he's entangled in the ropes, arms trapped in a Nelson hold.
Guido before him winds up a mighty body blow. 

But shockingly, it's delivered right between Channing's legs

The terrible tag team can now do as they please with the blond bombshell.
They bounce him off the ropes for the sucker's double chest slapping.
Down he goes, poleaxed.

Channing's final humiliation is to be carried off to the dressing room.
Like a captive on route to a starring role in the sacrificial feast.
His white trunks have become the colour of surrender.

View Channing v Genatto and Flash at Wrestler4Hire


More of Channing's attempts to break into the wrestling big time in Part 3!

Thanks to Wrestler4Hire for the pictures

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