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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

A further Update to David Reid post

David Reid and Wagon Wheel

I don't know quite how I forgot to include this image in my original feature on Royale Studio model, David Reid since it's easily the best picture I have of him. I suppose it's because it's not part of a storyette although the wagon wheel he's attached to is featured in his 'Unapproved' story (see orig article for link).


I have also updated the recent post on Royale Studio model, David Reid with this additional picture which I stumbled across recently (29th June) in an e-bay listing. I have updated the Royale Studio, Open Archive entry as well for both changes

Monday, 27 June 2022

Tacitus abducts a swimming team

Tacitus - Swimming Team Abducted 1

A selection of extracts from a recent series by Tacitus who last featured at mitchmen in 2015.
It features some sexy Speedos as well as comprehensive mass bondage.
It's a shame it's not colourised.

These extracts focus on what happens to Kevin and Brian.

Tacitus - Swimming Team Abducted 2

It's clear that these kidnappers have a more than passing interest in the art of ropework.
They must have spent quite a bit of time tying up these two, depending on how compliant they were.
And they are just part of their total catch.

It looks as if the men are sitting in a pool of water here, to add to their discomfort!

Tacitus - Swimming Team Abducted 3 (detail)

Tacitus' art seems to recall the innocent style of days gone but with a sexy flourish.
Like Kevin's bottom here (foreground).

However, as ever, there's a darker side here.
Brian's Shibari (right) includes a short noose-like, neck-to-knee tether. 
It forces him to sit in an unnatural bent-forward position.
Kevin's ultra-tight hog-tie stresses his back the reverse way. 
Both these guys are going to suffer if they stay like this for long.

(This is detail of a bigger image.)

Tacitus - Swimming Team Abducted 8 

A spectacular result. All that burgeoning testosterone crammed into one space.
I'm reminded here of the mass kidnap of the Raytown Softball Team by Amalaric.

The kneeling figure of forlorn Kevin on the left is excellent.

Tacitus - Swimming Team Abducted 8 (detail of Kevin)

 See the full set at Tacitus (@DeviantArt)

Friday, 24 June 2022

The Look of Sudden Alarm

It had been a lovely date, Chris was the perfect lover, strong and passionate.
 But now Bobby realised - too late - that the strange smell in his host's bedroom
did not come from his back ointment after all.


   This No 30 in 'The Look' series at mitchmen blog,
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Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Oztangles Retrospective 1

 Oztangles is a renderer who seems to have always been around but he's scarcely represented here at mitchmen with just a solitary (but memorable) post in the 'Milking Factory' series in 2020. This retrospective looks back over his career to try and set that omission straight.


Oztangles - Get Warm

This is just about the earliest Oztangles image I have discovered. Back then he didn't sign or date his pictures so I've had to go by the date on my file copy which means it could be even earlier. 

He paints this street dweller with an unexpectedly, well turned-out appearance. 
Come and get warm indeed!

Rendering has come a long way since 2006, but Oz's technical skills were already apparent here in the grounding of his character with shadow and his clothing. 


Oztangles - Alleycats

This image also has an back alley setting and a very cute protagonist. 
Attractive faces are a notable feature of Oz's work and he doesn't shrink from body hair either!
Sexual encounters like this are a major strand in his work

Oztangles - Contemplating The Dildo

It's hard to believe this image is from the same era. The clever use of light throws the two participants into sharp relief and it's a nicely balanced composition. This cutie has put himself into the hands of someone much more experienced and seems anxious about what's coming his way next. The crumpled jock beneath him is a nice detail. 

The older man looks familiar from the work of Ulf and MSSF, renderers do swap characters sometimes and Oztangles usually gives credits at his 'official' gallery at Renderotica.

Oztangles - Mr P meets his match

At that time he had a character called Mr P who had various erotic adventures both as a Top and (here) as a Bottom. He had an eccentric (or I suppose you might say, enthusiastic) taste in erotic attire, it's contrasted dramatically here with the everyday sexy cut-offs of the hunky blond 'plugger'. 
Note the recurring bottle of lube in these pictures, early product placement?


Oztangles - Pleasure and Pain

This is a fairly basic S&M scene and a relatively unpolished render, lighting-wise, but Oztangles has infused it with something special and very atmospheric. The inter-generational element jumps out at you, the old hand is grizzled and bald, not unattractive. He's dressed in an ordinary jockstrap plus leather wrist bands and has only the simplest of S&M implements to hand, but in that economy of style you sense he has a wealth of experience in testing the limits of other men. He's too focussed on that purpose to bother with the frippery of leather gear and showy toys.

His trainee (I believe it is Mr P again) looks as though he might have read that seriousness too and is now wondering, half-excited, what he has gotten himself into. Fashionable is the word that describes him, the very antithesis of his unprepossessing new Master. His neatly coiffured hair and artfully styled beard and stubble mark him as a man who looks after himself, aware of his attractions and used to exploiting them. He looks professional, popular, successful, the man who has everything. Yet here he is, stripped naked, his expensive clothing symbolically replaced by a tight slave's collar. 

Having surrendered himself to this Top, he stands helplessly secured, arms spread wide in a heavy-duty wooden frame that would, and probably has, restrained much stronger men than he. There is no going back now, he faces torments, whose nature he can try to imagine but their intensity remains an unknown. Uncertainty and nervousness shows in his face as he winces from the initial squeezing of his nipples, it's the trivial, introductory handshake of pain.

This is a great picture.

Oztangles - Taking Him To The Edge 3

Here is Mr P again, easily recognised by his idiosyncratic clothing. He's working on a very nice sub of his own. If his outfit is flamboyant, his restraint apparatus is out of this world, indisputably stylish, futuristic and no doubt incredibly expensive. Very much in keeping with the persona I outlined just above.  It's a matter of taste whether you prefer the traditional styles of restraint but the tentacle-like entwinement of the arms and legs in this device are highly erotic in their own right and must impress the subs no end.


Oztangles - Bench Press

A new erotic adventurer appears in Oz's art in 2009, 'Angel' who haunts gyms and locker rooms, seeking out opportunities for sex with the athletes who pass through in pursuit of physical exercise and sporting excellence. 

Angel's advances are made boldly, openly seducing men in the middle of their workout and unruffled if anyone else walks in on them. In the sequel to this image the muscle head at the door follows Angel to the locker room and plunders his ass, kneeling on the floor.

Oztangles - The Garage

This image shows the artist's widening ambitions with a complex, industrial set and an aerial viewpoint setting tricky challenges of perspective. It's a more ambitious subject too invoking a fantasy of two captives being given a workout by a mysterious but very large man who is using the computerised, electrical testing system of the garage to test two guinea pigs.

Is this a place where subs are sent for their annual safety test? Or are these two mechanics whose incompetence with this equipment has prompted an angry customer to give them a practical demonstration?

Oztangles - Downstairs, It's Playtime

 In Playtime Oz revisits that dark moment when a restrained Sub meets his Master.

This Sub is a handsome and exceptionally muscular man. These are qualities that will grant him no favours in the hours to come. He's been fully prepared in advance, stripped naked and shackled, hands above his head, to an iron post using steel fetters that are clamped so tightly on his wrists and ankles that escape is completely impossible. Already this is looking like serious business. 

He's been left to anticipate and sweat in this bare underground room, feeling a tingle of excitement and fear. Now the moment has come as the Top makes his entrance, descending the stairs and gradually revealing himself. The sub gets a glimpse of calf length motorcycle boots and rubber leotard. They suggest a man with flair, a man who does things differently (shades of Mr P). The Sub shifts uneasily in his restraints.

Oztangles - What Next

A lot of Oztangles' pictures around this time feature solo studies of the male figure in classic modelling poses, experimenting with their bodies and faces. This one has an S&M flavour and brilliantly captures the tearful eyes and gritted teeth of a cocky man who is finding his weighty trial harder to handle than he expected, but dare not admit the humiliating truth to his mentor - or himself.

The ball weight looks bizarrely like a Christmas bauble, but it's clearly much heavier, causing the clips on the sub's nipples to clamp tight. A merry quip dies on his lips as the pain mounts.


The mitchmen retrospective of the Art of Oztangles 

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Beautifully Bound - Double Rigid Irons

I suppose 'bound' is not quite the right word for this arrangement but this is an absolutely classic bondage image, from Mr S. It captures the despair of a captive, cast into irons that are not only inescapable but impose an uncomfortable and awkward position on the wearer.

I can trace it back to 2004 but it may be even older.

These irons are also capable of inflicting great indignity on the unfortunate captive.
With potential for worse if he's got a badass guard.

I don't know who the model was, I'd be glad of info from readers.

He was subjected to a series of bondage devices during this shoot.

I guess this was how he arrived, freshly condemned.

But at least he's still got his jeans on.

The honeymoon didn't last long.

There's a terrific sense of tight restraint in this image.

These are good for opening up the chest, they said.

Handy too for opening up his pants (etc).


See more Rigid Irons @ Mr S

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Ronnie Pearl Hands Out A Humiliation

Ronnie Pearl beating Nick Sparx

 Wrestler Ronnie Pearl has it all - well-groomed good looks and a gorgeous, crafted physique
 and yet he somehow slips under the radar when it comes to star status.

He doesn't just have decorative value in the ring, he has a capability to project aggression which is very convincing and it's well illustrated in these extracts from a 3-some at W4H where he takes on the villainous-looking Johnny Jobber (below left) and the mischievously cute Ace Owens (right). 

Both these pair have the sort of look you'd try and avoid on a Saturday night out, smugly full of themselves and probably looking for trouble. Jobber's zip-up jacket here epitomises that stereotype, casual and devoid of style. Their matching, snug-fitting trunks are a redeeming factor and indisputably sexy, but beware of that dangerous lure or prepare yourself for a sorrowful morning-after-the-night-before.

These two are a pair of toughs who have invaded Ronnie Pearl's home intent on robbery
- with violence if that opportunity presents itself.
They discover that he has a wrestling ring in the basement.

These two like fighting each other as much as they enjoy beating up other unfortunates. It's not so much playfulness as a weird form of friendship in which dominance needs to be continually proven. 


It's a mutual, relentless need and both men are equally capable
 of dishing out painful demonstrations of their masculine prowess.

The close body contact involved in these spats
has no sexual for them significance - obviously.
Nor those matching sexy trunks for that matter


Anyway, Ronnie Pearl interrupts their rough and tumble. 


Ronnie's wearing black swim trunks. He was relaxing out by his swimming pool and heard their noise. He's not best pleased to find these invaders messing around on his property and Jobber is right in his firing line.

Jobber is scooped up in an invasive crotch hold.


From a complete stranger at their first meeting, it's a bit of a shock for him.


Not that he has very much time to reflect on where that hand is. 

You get a marvellous sense of Ronnie Pearl's strength and focus in this snap

The between-the-legs greeting is just the wind-up
before he's tossed backwards over Ronnie's head,
heading for a hard landing on the floor several yards away.


Ace is horrified to see his friend crashing onto the floor
But before he can react Ronnie Pearl's arm snakes under his crotch
 and hoists him onto an even more frightening precipice.

A great shot of Ronnie Pearl's body and look where Ace's hand is.
Ace's own white trunks look pretty good.
Jobber's tearful, open crotch display might be unfortunate in the circumstances.

I have cropped some of these images to accentuate the drama and conceal as far as possible those intrusive knee protectors which tend to constrain the imagination. This one has also taken off the logo unfortunately, but this is a Wrestler4Hire image.

Pearl sends Ace crashing onto the floor, 
throwing him down with all his strength.
His venom here suggests there's history.
But these boys don't know what's hit them!

Ronnie leaves Ace to nurse a painful back and goes back to Jobber.
He grips his trunks to lift him into the most terrifying position yet
with his head aimed directly downwards at the floor
and down he goes!

A delicious shot of Ronnie's torso here and, to be fair, Jobber's body shows up well too.
The shapes in his trunks seem to indicate that he's not enjoying this drubbing.

Immediately Ronnie grabs the groggy Ace 
and gives him with the same upside-down drop.
Seeking support, Ace's fingers dip inside Ronnie's waistband.
Is this an instinctive attempt to curry favour? 
It works with me - but maybe not Ronnie.

 Both men have produced pleasing trunk displays here. You can tell who's winning!

This photo gives a nice sense of height. It's almost as if Ace is about to be hoisted up by the feet with Ronnie carefully positioning him on a hook.

Ace seems to attract more than his share of Ronnie's ire.
Maybe all that groping really was ill-advised.
Dragging him by the hair a deliberate, insulting reprisal.

And once again Ace is lifted high in preparation for a painful descent.
But this time Ronnie pauses, holding the conquered man aloft
and roars out his victory cry, Tarzan fashion.

Pride comes before a fall as they say.
Ronnie Pearl doesn't even bother throwing Ace down this time,
he just walks away, leaving him to drop to the floor behind him.

Jobber cringes in the corner, hoping he's not next.

Well, he is of course!
Once again Ronnie makes a humiliating public display of his victim.
Jobber can only think of where he's headed next
- and it's towards the floor, not out the door, unfortunately.

Where he's soon joined by his friend Ace,
as Ronnie transforms him into a human missile
throwing him from a great height to land right on top of Jobber

Seconds later Jobber gets to try it himself as Ronnie manufactures a second collision
this is hurting their pride as much as their bruised bodies.

But there's no chance for the two ruffians to give commiserate.
Ronnie grabs Ace again and carries him, semi-wedgie.

Another great picture of Ronnie Pearl's strength

Faced with relentless punishment, Jobber makes a break for it,
Taking advantage of his friend's misfortune.

But Ronnie catches him and to inhibit further escape attempts
he hooks Jobber's leg round his own neck
applying a leg lock to painfully lever his knee joint.

He then puts Ace in a Figure 4, disabling hold, in case he get's any ideas of leaving.
Notice Ace has suddenly produced a more interesting bulge
Jobber looks mortified, probably realising Ace isn't going to be much help to him.

Ronnie Pearl's facial expression is positively majestic here, brimming with superiority.

He demonstrates that complete superiority by getting both of them in a neck hold
and simultaneously hurling them both over his shoulder.

The boys have had enough. They stop any pretence of resisting
and can't apologise enough, begging to be allowed to go.

But Ronnie's not in a forgiving mood.

Both villains get a headache and a blissful respite from the traumas of the last hour.

Jobber needs to watch those trunks, they might get him into more trouble!

And so another day in the Ronnie Pearl Training Centre (with rooms) draws to a close.
Pausing only to arrange the two bodies in  a pleasing fashion (like Tosca does in the Opera)
Ronnie goes off to prepare a simple room for their extended stay.
Tomorrow will be a long, tiring day for them all. 


Needless to say, this storyline is entirely fictitious and any characteristics assigned to the models in their roles here are not based on knowledge of them nor factual.


Visit Wrestler4Hire to see Ace Owens and Johnny Jobber v Ronnie Pearl

In the original video, Ace and Jobber are also cast as pals, Ace gives Jobber some tips on holds and practices with him before Ronnie Pearl appears and teaches them both how to do it with style. There's no obvious rationale for his aggression, just a top doing what tops do to jobbers in wrestling circles. Personally I find it hard to see him as a villain, not even a ring villain, he looks too charming!

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

101 Uses For A Belt - No 9, Making Friends At The Gym

If you are too shy to make a direct approach to your favourite gym hunk, 
try 'shaking hands' with his dangling belt during your usual conversations about training routines.

 Watch his face to see what the reaction is before progressing further. 

If he isn't unbuckled, undo your own belt first
and begin a discussion about abdomen-shaving,
He will almost certainly follow suit.

IMPORTANT: It's advisable to let him unbuckle his own belt, don't do it for him.

photo: Diego El Potro and Bill Baker by

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