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Tuesday 28 October 2008

More medical male bondage at mitchmen - Curious Examination

Todays picture - curious examination - complements the mitchmen S+M Clinic series which continues at Mitchell's Yahoo Group. A patient awakes to find himself naked, restrained and being subjected to highly unconventional procedures.

In a way this photo manipulation encapsulates the potential for terror in the Hospital/Clinic setting. It loses nothing from the absence of visible organs, the Doctor completing the bondage process and the look of horror on the patient's face gives quite enough of an erotic lift! 

The syringes embedded in the man's body and the forceps clamped on his nipples explain why the restraints need some tightening. They hint at clumsy experimentation which you can see as comical or ominous according to taste.

This could easily be one of the 'mitchmen' boys slated for corrective therapy
 ....or maybe a bit of surgical enhancement for the enjoyment of future users.

for other Medical/Hospital/Doctor images hit the 'medical' label below

Thursday 16 October 2008

Mitchell's S+M Clinic Series at mitchmen - Probed on the Couch

The S+M Clinic has reached episode 34 today and is turning into a bit of an epic! The characters in this picture came out quite pleasingly for me capturing a nice element of masculinity in their relaxed poses. I've screened off the interesting bit as I try and keep this blog fairly mild, the full picture is at mitchmen of course.

Sunday 12 October 2008

Cactus Kid Dragged to The Giant Cactus- First Anniversary of mitchmen

Today I am celebrating the first anniversary of my mitchmen group at Yahoo!
The picture below is part of a little retrospective series in recognition of this event.

This picture, from the Cactus Kid series first published in January 2008,
sums up an awful lot of what mitchmen (and Mitchell the Artist) is all about.
Erotic power struggles between men, ropes and punishments.
It makes a neat postscript to our recent series featuring cowboys in underwear.

Saturday 11 October 2008

Mitchell's S+M Clinic Series - Strip Examination

Part 3 of this medically inspired series is now under way at Mitchell's mitchmen group on Yahoo! (see sidebar for link). The picture above is a detail of the first image for Department 'P'. The men find new torments and humiliations are on the way but still manage to display their assets for our entertainment.

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Mitchell's Underwear Cowboys

This is the last of my current selection of Cowboys in Underwear again courtesy of Ginch Gonch
(I've included a link in the title but their site is currently being revamped)
Nice backside of course. The underwear pattern actually works and embellishes this particular view.
This picture is full of atmosphere to the mitchmen eye - not least as a result of the provocative title and the rope. The cowboys round the truck are waiting expectantly but the 4th man is holding back it seems and hangs his head as though in shame. Whatever his misdemeanour we can only hope that he is to be tied up with his own rope for the breakin' in to take place.