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Tuesday 27 June 2023

Milking Factory 14 by Shenguanlin

This take on the Milking Factory theme has a decidedly sinister flavour with operations being conducted in a gloomy half-light under the supervision of men clad from head to toe in form-fitting, latex, body suits which might be explained as a hygiene precaution were it not for the masks and the unpleasant grins adorning them (zip openings?).

This factory set up is decidedly intensive with the milk producing stock being liquid-fed through mouth-tubes - some nourishing concoction, no doubt, like chicken soup. They are all fitted with helmets that totally enclose their heads and anchor them to the roof of the milking station. Their bodies are totally naked below the neck apart from jock straps and this reveals a preponderance of chunky, fleshy physiques, a breed selected perhaps to ensure a more creamy product. Their fleshy bodies are enmeshed in tight restraints and harnesses that completely immobilise them and allow them to be suspended in their stalls, with feet folded back behind them.

Their productive organs have been temporarily removed from their jockstraps for milking and are kept steady and erect by multi-ring cages with electrical connections for added stimulation. The resulting emissions being siphoned off through simple tube inserts into jars, where unwanted fluids are separated out and run to waste.  

One of their number (at the near end of the line) seems to be on 'standby', suspended in the same way but not hooked up to the feed and extraction arrangements. He's also clad in a latex body suit which has a separate sleeve for his cock and balls allowing the technicians to inspect their state of readiness and prime them. Other off-line milkers are resting in cages against the far wall. 

A new addition to the herd, lies hogtied at the feet of the supervisors, awaiting formal admission to the facility. Behind his blindfold he no doubt is wondering what all the strange sounds he can hear - whirring pumps, clanking chains, grunts, groans and sighs - can possibly mean.

This Milking Factory by Shenguanlin has an orderly style of production line similar to that seen above. Thus the milkers stand in a row on a dais, but instead of cumbersome restraint arrangements which have to be taken off and re-installed each time the men change shifts, rigid body suits that totally enclose them are employed. The two halves simply need to be strapped together with the men inside. 

To further simplify changeover, the men are prewrapped like mummies. That doesn't totally prevent body wriggling resistance, however, so the attendants can enjoy cajoling reluctant, new beasts into taking their place inside their suit, ensuring of course that their milk spouts are projecting out through the opening at crotch level. This is necessary for milking to take place but also, together with the suit's nipple openings, it prevents the men from overheating. 

They are fitted with mouth adaptors which allow their feed tubes simply click into place and also serve as a gag during the installation procedure, as noisy resistance tends to cause anxiety amongst the reserve milkers resting in their cages at the back - and frustration as they strain and struggle in vain against their own bindings.

This production line is almost complete and once the milking suction sleeves are popped on the men their milking shift can commence in earnest. Some members of the line are already dripping with excitement, you see, there is no cruelty involved!


 Thanks to 'apple pie' for suggesting this artist

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Saturday 24 June 2023

Beautifully Bound - Keenan

Looks like Christmas came early this year.
and Santa's left a present on the hearth rug.

This delicious, naked physique is entangled in an intriguing multi-point restraint
which doesn't quite immobilise his arms, but makes a great visual anchor for a tight hog tie.
The sheen on the captive's body evidences a prolonged, fruitless struggle to escape

This image has an air of expectation about it.
Not so much delivered, but waiting to be collected.


This image originates from Keenan @Roped Studs.

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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Art by Aizy

Aizy - Eddie Brock and Venom

The Venom phenomenon (2018)  seemed to inspire a lot of very interesting homoerotic art trying to explore the effect of an alien 'symbiote' living within a man and merging identities with him. This is a rather good example dramatically illustrating the thrall that Venom exerts over his host when he chooses to emerge and also the profoundly sexual intimacy that exists between their bonded beings as the one is absorbed/transformed into the other. 

Artists usually select the character of Eddie Brock to base their depictions on. He's not the only man who hosted Venom but his villainous leanings make him a lot more interesting than the goody-goody Spiderman and that's reflected here in his sexy, slightly dishevelled appearance. 

Visually there's a relationship of sorts with the tentacle genre in the envelopment of Eddie's body which is rather cleverly shown here but the erotic undercurrent is probably closer to the effect of Christuffer's man-absorbing plants.

 Aizy also goes under the tag @Laizy Hoyd. 
You can find odd postings via search engines but I haven't found a home site for this artist 
or anything to match this.

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Sunday 18 June 2023

101 Uses For A Belt - No 17 Sheer Intimidation

Users of this locker room had better watch out,
in case this aggressive specimen decides to take it out on some poor guy's backside!
I love his oily body and rolled-down briefs but I'll keep that interest to myself I think.

Thanks to Otherguise for suggesting this image for the belts series

Thursday 15 June 2023

Art by Tonkatsu Sando & Florid+Blade

Florid+Blade - Bondage Play 3

This artist's work is a visual treat that treads a fairly narrow track revelling in the joy and sensuality of two gay lovers.  Their loving cavorting includes bondage fetish play and this is a nice example.

Florid+Blade - K and Florid Bondage Session 03

Here the top slows the pace, idly fondling his tied-up partner's arousal
 and studying his reactions in an admiring, loving way.
The roping of his partner's muscular body and his taped nipples are very erotic.

This artist's remarkable imagery explores all manner of intimacy between the men, but in a way which is so obviously heart-felt and tender that it somehow evades the label of being 'just porn'. 

Florid+Blade - K and Florid Bondage Session 09

The art is not wanting in passion either, but it comes across as a deeply shared emotion.
Their closeness here as the peak of excitement nears is amazingly intimate.

I have something of a love-hate relationship with 'serial images' computer art where a single picture is progressively enlarged into a story of sorts through small, increasingly erotic alterations. However I'm much more at ease with the equivalent of that technique in rendering, whereby a single 3D image is examined from a series of different viewpoints. It often throws up remarkably original pictures. Florid+Blade produces some truly amazing shots of intimate acts in this way, most are too hot to reproduce here, but they would be the envy of any porn director.

Florid+Blade - K and Florid Bondage Session 34

The muscularity of this embrace whilst their bodies are intimately coupled in sexual union,
expresses genuine love as well as domination and forcefulness.

Florid+Blade - Training Night 05

The idea of a regular 'Training Night' as part of the boys' domestic routine is delicious.
"Sorry love, you can't go out tonight, put your harness on, I'm training you".
It's like a formal renewal of their vows of service and devotion to one another. 

Florid+Blade - Rope and Trainers

This might be another Training Night where roles are reversed
allowing the sub to express his private kinks at his boyfriend's expense.
Interestingly he substitutes a private, sensory overload
 in place of overwhelming direct contact.

I love the torso bondage and torn T-shirt.

Tonkatsu Sando - Milking Time

This scene also has an air of fetishistic control, in fact there's almost a medieval, feudalistic feel in the oak furniture and roaring fire as if the Lord is extracting a tithe from one of his serfs. It's all good-natured though and there are companion images called 'Milk Your Bull' with similar arms-length, near-clinical relief being depicted. Even in the most loving and equal relationships, there have to be moments of submission on both sides and incorporating that into sex-play makes it a natural, easy thing to do.

Tonkatsu Sando - Devour me

When these lovers leave fetish interests aside, their lovemaking is deeply sensual 
driven by a mutual desire that has yet to find any limits .
I love the oily sheen on the blond's body here, it makes it seem to glow 
His dangling balls dragging on the stone floor are very sensual.

Tonkatsu Sando - Edging Closer

That oily sensuality is even more powerful here 
It seems to turn his shaved abdomen into an extension of his cock 
suggesting the deep roots inside that his incipient orgasm springs from.
Those sexy nipples almost in tonguing distance look delicious!

Tonkatsu Sando - Love in Paradise 2

The oily coating is put to good use here as a mutual lubricant at the point of convergence of the two men's torsos which is a nice feature of this composition. The pose suggests there has just been penetration and the top has withdrawn so that they can finish together. It's another expression of their desire to be close to each other and to share their moment of orgasm. The ability of two male lovers to spontaneously emulate their partner's ejaculations during love making is one of the profound 'mysteries' of sex.

Luckily these men seem to have this 'paradise' all to themselves! 

Tonkatsu Sando - Evening

This seems rather like a domestic scene, the lovers tenderly coming together at the end of a long day. Gently easing away the stresses of work and the accumulated anticipation of sex during their separation.
The darkening evening light here brings in a romantic touch, 
expelling the outside world as they come together again in affectionate play.

Tonkatsu Sando - Never Let Me Go

The profoundness of these men's attraction to each other is spelt out in the title here and the picture does what it says on the tin. One is devouring the other and he in turn seems to be trying to physically merge into his lover. The dark lighting emphasises the intensity that their lovemaking takes on in private. No one else exists for them at this moment and even we are expelled to a decent distance. 

The matching appeal of the 'sitters' pecs and his buns is a nice detail.  

Tonkatsu Sando - Subterranean Pool

This romantic pool and waterfall location has a very private and mysterious feel thanks to the dark, underwater, colour palate. Cool rays of light bathe their bodies almost giving the impression of cascading water and creating a fantastical, magical atmosphere.

The active partner is perched on the edge of the pool in a manly-looking, casual pose, with his feet dangling in the water. His partner sits across his lap and has opened up his body totally to him, trustingly accommodating his impalement and relaxing into his kisses. They are both semi-suspended as they drift away into their shared, private world of sexual excitement. 

A great picture.


This artist is on Twitter as TonkatsuSandoDark @TonkatsuDark
similar images are posted by an artist calling himself 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐝†𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 @Blade_Florid
I've included both here together as though they are one artist.

Monday 12 June 2023

Some Like Them Hot

 If you wanted to make big money in the Slavery game you needed to get hold of hot men.
Unfortunately Government auctions of condemned men were  mostly made up of 
minor criminals, debtors, drunks and the work-shy - they rarely featured handsome hunks.
When they did the competition to buy them was fierce, private buyers drove the prices sky-high.

It was cheaper and easier to trade in volunteer slaves. 
Men who'd had enough of normal life, needed quick cash or just wanted to disappear.
They could be bought privately or persuaded to sign fixed-term contracts. 
But it was still pot-luck what sort of material you got.

Some traders only wanted the cream of the crop, so they went out looking for them. 
When they found them, they did their research and learned how to reel them in.
Gyms were always good sources, but fit, healthy men with steady jobs and wives
were not easily tempted. You just had to take them. However you could.

When the scout spotted David and Clyde lifting weights together at a city gym, 
he knew immediately they were the ones for him.
Since training was their obsession he left a glossy leaflet lying around,
 It offered the chance to boot-camp with a well-known fitness star.
He knew their type, it was an irresistible lure

Their booking made, a discreet, covert, early morning pick-up was arranged.
He was pleased to see they had followed his instructions to the letter.
They'd even picked identical underpants to travel in, that was so cute!
No-one would know where they'd gone, not even themselves.

Despite Clyde's doubts, the 'private training camp' had everything they could have wanted.
They didn't need clothes, they just spent their days pumping their muscles, 
enjoying the food and lounging in the sauna and swimming pool together.
And yes, their fitness hero did turn up, he gave them training tips (and more).
A photographer came and took pictures of them together,
An exciting future beckoned, promising fame. Of sorts.

But all the time, while the boys were enjoying themselves and improving their physiques,
a hundred plus buyers were on line, watching them and calculating what they could afford.
The trader had provided a comprehensive dossier on them, with tantalising details,
but you never really knew what you'd actually get at the auction. Not usually.
But the prospective buyers were virtually living with these guys, seeing everything.
They even saw them getting fucked together. That was so cute.
The excited buzz in the chat room sent pre-sale estimates soaring.

On their last night, the two boys slept contentedly, after a mildly sedated supper.
Meanwhile, on-line, a hotly contested auction of them was taking place.
They awoke to find themselves shackled and chained, with guards in attendance.
They were allowed a last, (spoon-fed), luxury breakfast - because a long journey lay ahead.
Outside a limo with darkened windows waited to take them to a quiet, private airstrip. 

As they waited to board the aircraft, their prized, matching underpants were taken from them. 
Such was the boys' popularity on-line, their underpants had been sold as a separate lot. 
The grateful trader had generously allowed them to keep them on until the last minute.
That gesture, or maybe it was their sudden nudity, made the boys quite tearful. 
They were so cute.

The, exclusive, private flight provided them with a last few hours of luxury, 
spoilt only by their naked bottoms sweating and sticking to the leather seats.
Their anxiety about what lay ahead didn't help of course.
In a faraway country, their new owner, eagerly awaited them. 

At least they hadn't been parted from each other, buddies to the end.
So cute.


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Friday 9 June 2023

Art by Evinist - 2

Evinist - Venom

Evinist's take on Venom captures the confusion of Eddie Brock as he tries to comprehend the presence within him. The physical entanglement is presented more as bondage than irresistible organic intimacy with Venom cast as an unlikely seducer rather than a dominating monster. Nice colour palette.

Evinist - Batman and Wayne

This is one of the sexiest portrayals of Batman which I have seen for a while with buttocks and pecs that easily overcome my dislike of masks. The coy dialogue and smiling faces are a witty take on the suave, but brusque and sexless Bat personality that Adam West portrayed in the 1960's TV series. 

A homo-erotic relationship between Batman and his public identity Bruce Wayne isn't logically possible since they are exactly the same person in the original comics. Batman does seem to acquire a mysterious something extra when he dons his black kit he's not supposed to have super powers that would make him into a completely different entity. Still, it's an interesting fantasy and I suppose you could see it as a psychological equivalent of the Venom 'twinning' which does have physical basis. 

A superhero succumbing to seduction seems extra sexy because they personify strength and are normally supposed to be focussed on heroics and doing good. However Batman's sexuality has always been far from cut and dried with a lack of women in his life and a friendship of an unknown nature with a Boy Wonder. We can't tell if he's embarrassed by Wayne's advance or simply playing hard to get. 

Is this self-love personified or self realisation? 

Evinist - Batman and Superman

Batman tries his own luck with Superman in this picture, perhaps having come to terms with his own sexuality in the picture above. There's even a slight feminine cast to his face which is unfortunate methinks. Superman looks entirely embarrassed but suspiciously compliant. He's got a better claim to dual identity with a closet changing habit to boot. However he was always resolutely heterosexual in his everyday life with all-American looks and a pretty girlfriend whom he occasionally romanced when wearing his skin-tight Super suit - lucky Lois! That only serves to make the idea of him being susceptible to men all the more appealing.

Evinist - Batman and Robin

This image shows Batman as he is 'supposed to be', strong, mysterious and very upright with a figure, I might add, that is well constructed but entirely unappealing. It's hard to imagine this Batman ever being seduced - or leaving his over-pants at home as he has in the preceding pictures. 

The situation presented here represents an interesting double reversal of Robin's character, rescuing him from the childlike obedience and absurd mediaeval dress of the original concept and converting him into a rebellious, sulky teenager who dresses like a modern day 'agent' and yet is more under the Bat-thumb than 'red and green' Robin ever was. I suppose Robin was born to be hung out to dry, but you imagine this converting quite easily into a warmly parental hug.

Evinist - Nice Trick

In those days, superheroes used to go in for humane humiliation of villains (I assume this is a villain from his eye patch but I don't recognise him, it could be a pranked hero who's trespassed into Gotham territory). Whatever the case, this is a well-worked, homo-erotic elaboration of the concept. Obviously mature and muscled, he's not only immobilised, but forced to crouch in a humiliating (and ultimately painful) fashion with a rope round his neck like a dog's collar and lead. 'Boy Wonder' Robin is not usually credited with this amount of power over other men, his victim's bulging muscles underline the extent of his achievement. Perhaps the bulging crotch lent him extra motivation!

EVINST - Lantern Bondage 5

Black superheroes are only now starting to become part of that lexicon but they are equally rare in homoerotic art so this contribution is welcome although it's really a black version of a white character (both artistically and storywise). This superhero in bondage is one of a group and I included another in the first post about this artist. As a composition, it's similar to the picture just above, I admire the clarity of the complex bondage and the colour palette, drawn from the Green Lantern theme of course. 

Unfortunately the erotic impact is weakened by the huddled, protective stance of the figure and his bulge bondage, which doesn't express 3 dimensions, the far side of the loop should disappear behind it (as it does briefly in the picture above). To be fair, this artist doesn't usually go in for exaggerated frontal assets. Perhaps it's a deliberate emasculation, a reversal of stereotypes, so the eye avoidance in the captive's facial expression is not just about the embarrassment of capture and of being subjected to such elaborate, showy bondage. However, whilst none of us wants to be defined by stereotyping, I'm not sure that necessarily means we want it all completely taken away!

Evinist - Bruce Wayne Crop Whipped

Bruce Wayne turns up unexpectedly in this situation too which takes place in the head Office of his own successful business enterprise, judging by the logo on the draw handle to which he his strapped. The tenor of the other images above and the bulging, strapped groin suggest this is his secret, sexual peccadillo rather than a plot-related comeuppance, say at the hands of a business rival or resentful employee. Perhaps this is the way to get promotion at Wayne Enterprises! 

Evinist - Body Harness Restraint

This artist often depicts clothed bondage which can't usually be as erotic as the unclothed variety but this suited captive makes a pretty good fist of it with a startlingly sexy backside. It's accentuated by a low, waist-encircling strap and a tight, groin divider. The thigh strapping also contributes to the bubble-butt effect. The arm restraint is a very simple concept, not based on tightness but positioning and you can just tell that it's extremely effective. There is also a foot spacer, it completes the detail satisfactorily but visually is not quite as effective. Foot spacers tend to be like that. 

The harness straps are quite wide and relatively rigid looking and that adds to the sense of substantial restraint. Their brown colour distances the scene from biker style, leather fetish and probably helps the clarity of the harness arrangement. 

The underlying scenario here is something of a mystery to me. It looks like a classic villain and businessman but the agenda for their meeting is not obvious. Why would you dress a man in a total body harness and yet leave him fully clothed apart from a jacket? Why put him kneeling on top of a (comfortable!) stool? I imagine these are characters are taken from a game or comic source but I haven't identified them.
Evinist - Bed Butt
 Men displaying attractive butts is a favourite theme by this artist and this is a nice example with nice brief shaping and subtle alluring highlights atop each buttock suggestive of wet swimming trunks or shiny fabric. Stout thighs and a slender waist helpfully frame the area of interest.
This man, mature and stubbled, looks a tough cookie but you sense he knows what he's doing here!
Evinist - Ginger Hair and Bubble Butt

 There's no such ambiguity in this variation on the theme, the eyes and blushed cheeks say it all. At one time such a bulky man with a full crop of hair and generous beard would have seen as a man's man when that expression meant not just the opposite of gay, but not given to 'soft' emotions. Certainly not the sort to give coy come-and-get-me signals or flaunt his bare backside while nestling in the sheets! This image would have been very subversive then, but in a modern context it's totally unshocking but delightfully playful and his ginger colouring a rare find.

Evinist - Fantasy Pop Star

This image is at the other end of the scale with a futuristic performer showing a similar rear view to an adoring audience. In reality, this approach to Pop marketing is almost entirely the preserve of female performers with male singers rarely expressing their individuality through daring exposure or even clothing anything more fanciful than T-shirt logos or Dame Edna style glasses. Even the fanciful headgear here seems inspired by Showgirl imagery. The bangle-like, hovering belt is more masculine however and curiously alluring.
The bare butt here has similar qualities to the kneeling executive seen earlier but the bubble of the butt is emhasised differently by jock style framing rather than mid-buttock cross-strap. Ther's still separate groin divider strapping but whether it actually goes under his crotch or somewhere else is open to interpretation. The dangling key suggests a more calculating approach to seduction than the shy ginger man above. 

Evinist - Solace

This picture is not overtly erotic but there's always sexiness in expressions of gentleness between men and in men responding to it. There's a hint of inter-generational love here that gives an extra frisson to the exchange (without any hint of inappropriateness). The seated man seems to be nuzzling against that tight, muscle enhancing top (who wouldn't?).  His appearance (be he superhero or simply a fit individualist) contrasts with the casual sexiness of the other's open shirt and hairy chest, creating the impression of a sexual time-bomb ticking away.

Evinist - Aquaman and Friend

 This image of a homo-erotic relationship between a more than usually youthful Aquaman and another man of the sea (whom I haven't identified) is a nice, youthful expression of male bonding that is more representative of gay relationships than all the sex scenes put together. As ever the artist makes light of sexual matters but highlights the handholding of the characters, symbolising friendship, affection and trust. If there is not an inter-generational situatiion here, there is clearly an element of leader and follower which is organic in nature and not expected of ordinary men (contrary to everyday experience) and certainly not between superheros, who don't hold hands either, thank you very much!. This delicate issue is usually sidestepped in the heterosexual media and films by inventing military structures (The Justice League) and appointing a Commander who even the strongest hero must defer to. Yes domination is quite OK.
 This 2015 image finds an unexpected echo in D.C.s 2023 Lazarus Planet image


Tuesday 6 June 2023

Castaway Targeted

 15 minutes of fame is all you get.
Plus a lifetime of regrets for making yourself visible.

photo by CMNM

Monday 5 June 2023

Saint Sebastian at the Royale Gallery


This image of Royale model, Ron Wiltshire, tied to a column as Saint Sebastian
 is amongst a number of recent posts at the Royale Archive.

This picture wasn't actually taken by Royale, but probably by Domenique.
He had a reputation in his day for coming on to his models,
Maybe this is how he did it!

For those into the background of Royale's operation, a catalogue sheet from the Hussar period which I recently discovered has filled in information about this later period, notably the 'Sailors in the Rigging' sets which have been very elusive up until now. 

Friday 2 June 2023

Art by Drtkk - Part 3 (aka MilkCow)

MilkCow - White Rats 1

I discussed the features of this man-storage facility here at mitchmen in Milking Factories No 13, but MilkCow originally designed them to preserve captured POW's until they can be sold off . The title of the picture suggests that it's not expected that they will become cosseted House Boys or field workers.

This highly refined form of bondage is an ideal way of keeping them alive, under control and protected from damage in a controlled environment, whilst still being available for interested parties to view in person (although it's become more common to buy them over the internet since Covid). The captives love the safe feeling the warm liquid gives them and require minimum physical restraint in their capsules. They listen to music via implants and enjoy the gentle stimulation of nipple suckers and 'active' codpieces that comfort them and attend to their 'detoxification' needs. The cost of such a system is justified by the prices these men fetch, as shown on this man's container label.

MilkCow has drawn a handsome character demonstrating this ingenious design, he seems alluringly available and desirable as he dozes contentedly. All these captives have been shaved and show grow-back. The artist's bold, muscle delineation is less prominent in this close up view. The random arrangement of the capsules behind creates an impression of large numbers of other men being processed and on offer. One would be spoilt for choice, but few of us could afford this boy's price tag.

MilkCow - White Rats 2 - The Check

This scene shows the captive being 'checked' after being purchased by a laboratory for study. He's been delivered frozen in a cryogenic container which looks disturbingly like a coffin. MilkCow wisely skirts round the defrosting process. I suppose it might have been carried out by the container itself. Anyhow, it's barely warm when the delivery is lifted onto a table and strapped to it. 

Even before his shorts have been cut off his body, the scientists have already piled in and attached a device to his nipple and his other pectoral is being prepared for something similar. With all this haste the poor man must be struggling to understand what's happening to him. Maybe it's better that way. 

It's easy to understand the technicians enthusiasm once they saw what the new lab rat looked like. They all look very young and student-y which doesn't bode too well for procedure adherence as the check progresses (you'll remember what happened to the clipboard in the Chair of Toughness (MilkCow 2). The lab equipment at this point seems relatively unthreatening, but the universal use of eye protectors is a bit worrying. It's probably just as well one of them has a stethoscope for emergencies.

The artist has cropped the detail of what's happening on the right and re-directs our focus to two other technicians walking by and chatting as if all this uproar is nothing out of the ordinary. The nearly naked man on the table may grab our attention, but he is just another, experimental subject in Lab 169.

MilkCow - The Windmill Game

At first sight, it seems reasonably clear what's going on in this picture. The subject is lifting heavy buckets of water in a punishing position that does not allow bending of the arm. It would be well-nigh impossible for most people, so credit to him for achieving this much, but what is inducing him  to do it? 

The side frames limit his arms to moving up and down and it looks as if his wrist restraints are connected to the vertical arms with rings that can slide up and down. Since the frames also seem to be electrified it looks like this is a variation of that game of sliding a ring along an electrified, twisty wire without touching it and making the bell ring. I might be wrong but my guess is that it's his bell-end that's going to register any 'fails' since that organ is impaled by an electrified sound that is very firmly attached. His whole scrotum is trapped in the Y-fork of this assembly. 

So where do windmills come in? I think this must refer to the 4-pointed stars that are in contact with his nipples. But is he supposed to make them turn or are they spun by the technician standing behind him with a controller? This Heath Robinson complexity is puzzling but it's erotic fun analysing it.

Milk Cow - Nice Meats 1, Room 13 - Inspection

This final group of images is notable in that it features two captives undergoing the same trials and punishments alongside each other, illustrated rather nicely here by the mirror image composition.. Since they are both wearing dog tags it seems reasonable to assume that they are buddies from the same military unit. The title of the group, 'Nice Meats' suggests a fairly arbitrary, homoerotic sadism is motivating their treatment but it's supervised throughout by a uniformed figure and above them fascist style banners hang from the wall, suggestive of a more serious story line, perhaps a POW or partisan interrogation where anything goes, God help them. 

The Room Number motif references the non-specific oppression of 1984 and this carries on through the series although the banners do not. Each of the scenes takes place in a numbered room suggesting it's a carefully planned and lengthy programme but the captives do not visit the rooms in numerical order. 

In Room 13, the clip board indicates that it's a inspection but it's not obvious that any results are actually being recorded. Two keys lie on top of it, presumably for the chastity devices in which both men's manhood is locked, perhaps what passes for a uniform in this place. They are spread-eagled on crosses with an array of  electrical cables attached to their bodies, some with clinical sticker pads, some with heavyweight, industrial clips. Neither they, nor we, know if these are simply sensors or live electrical wires, but something is making them howl and the fingers of the man on the right are curled tight in tension (or agony). 

The positioning of their arms replicates a standard bodybuilder pose and this suggests that their strength is being targeted with the possibility that all these wires are manipulating their muscles to tense on demand so their physiques can be judged as bodybuilders are judged in competition. 

The Officer in the foreground looks as if he's just stepped off a Yellow Submarine or the Polar Express but he holds a wireless remote control that enables him to switch either man on or off and vary the intensity of their treatment. That seems very much like an interrogation technique. Meanwhile a steam-punk technician beavers away at his console, overseeing even more on-off switches using a curious visual feed from the pack on his back whose purpose is a complete mystery. It adds up to 'sinister'

Milk Cow - Nice Meats 2, Room 09 Whipping Makes Perfect

 This whipping scene takes place in Room 09. It's not clear whether the flippant subtitle indicates an underlying, corrective purpose behind their treatment or simply the personal opinions of their tormentors. The same could be said of the emphatic, metallic chastity devices they are still locked in, denying them their masculinity.

The two captives are depicted throughout this set as being significantly bigger than their captors. There's a similar contrast between their god-like muscularity and masculinity and their tormentors who are portrayed as either very ordinary or decidedly odd-ball. The density of weal marks and beads of perspiration covering their magnificent bodies suggest that their punishments are correspondingly intense and deliberately so. The torture technician's terrifying weapon and face mask seems to recognise danger lurking within these men. 

Milk Cow - Nice Meats 3, Room 10 - Sand Bags

In room 10 the assault intensifies and takes on an additional psychological dimension putting the men in fear of their lives as they are hoisted in nooses. It doesn't look as if they have been lifted completely off the ground at this point but the title suggests that might be part of the plan. At this point they are both being simultaneously beaten with the edges of  paddles by smartly dressed, uniformed officers. 

The supervisor watches them, enjoying a hot drink. It's a demonstration, not so much of sadism, but of indifference (or professional neutrality if we're being generous). The men have been freed from their chastity devices for this procedure but remain in cock rings. One is taking advantage of that freedom (and presumably responding to the beating). Part of the test perhaps? Is that a pass or fail?

MilkCow - Nice Meats 4 - Double Bed

Room 00 is placed at the end and it seems rather different to the others. The two boys bear the trellis marks of prolonged torture and their bodies are still covered in sweat but there are no electrical attachments here, no beating, only the more subtle pressure of the rack. Still freed from chastity they are greased up and encouraged (quite sensitively) by the attendants to produce samples which are being collected in glass jars. It's a relatively pleasant task (in moderation). 

We can't tell whether the rack is simply being used to coerce them, to encourage masochistic arousal, to wring out their last dregs or to verify a wacky theory about inducing variations in their ejaculates. What we can say is that it hurts them and the artist has used (rare) shadowing below the rib cage to emphasise their stress. 

Above them sitting on a beam are two, beautifully drawn rats, lab rats of a different hue, who if I remember correctly normally work in Room 101. This visual 'aside' neatly pairs with the facist motif in the first picture. As we know, despotic regimes are always keenly interested on what makes their opponents tick and often have pseudo-scientific beliefs that people who are different to them must be physiologically flawed and they are desperate to prove it. Of course, MilkCow himself, marks these muscular giants out as being different to ordinary folk.

Don't have nightmares chaps!

In this second batch of images MilkCow's images have not changed an awful lot in subject matter but have become more refined and more stylish. You can see the thought that has gone into his images like Nice Meats 4 but he also seems to have progressed from generic, captivity S&M to something that hits the mark more accurately. Room 13 in particular strikes me this way and White Rats 1, they make me think, yes, that's it, he's got it exactly. Veryerotic 
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