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Thursday, 25 November 2021

Art by XenoForge - Venom

XenoForge - Venom

 This is the first Art I've seen by XenoForge and it's truly worthy of the term. 

 It depicts the strange love story between Venom and Eddie Brock, the human who is, for a time, the host of the strange alien 'symbiote' (essentially a parasite that merges with it's host being). It's a tastefully erotic image but does not evade the physical intimacy of their love. The tentacle-like embrace expresses Eddie's capture by overwhelming feelings, but the more subtle, more deliberate sensuality of their touching palms seems to reflect a cautious bridging of the vast biological difference between them. 

The drawing of Eddie is amazingly economical, but it's a compelling and convincing depiction of an ordinary but attractive man. The blotchy background, reminiscent of Hasegawa, invokes a strange, unfamiliar, floaty medium vaguely suggestive of bubbles in water and stars in the firmament, but it's the colour of passion, pounding blood and there's just a hint of danger. 


XenoForge has a twitter account @XenoForge 

The main focus of his work seems to be the 'fur affinity' genre which is not part of the mitchmen remit so I have not explored it in any depth.

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