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Wednesday 27 February 2019

Bareass Blogs No 30

Bareass Buddhist Ball Brushing

(You should try it! Most relaxing. Best effect with shag pile) 


Tuesday 26 February 2019

Bareass Blogs No 29

Backrow De-Briefing means it's a Bareass Briefing

Monday 25 February 2019

Friday 22 February 2019

Modern Gay Art - Studies in masculinity

Male Art by Joe Hendry
This image by Joe Hendry would go straight into my 'bareass blogs' if it were a photo.
The cheeky exposure below everyday clothing is exactly what I wanted to showcase in that series.
As an artwork it's not exactly living room wall material, given the hint of rude functions in progress.
Actually it's more than a hint if you consider the shadow shapes and choice of colours.
Having said that, it is an appealing palette and the composition is both striking and nicely balanced.

Deyneka - soldiers showering
 This image by Deyneka is equally daring but in a different way.
The nude study in the foreground is quite academic, but more sensual than most of that ilk.
It's what the dreamer is looking at, that gives it edge - a row of young, army conscripts showering.

So what? you might say, but this artist is from Russia.
With this picture he is proclaiming an unwelcome message to that country's rulers,
 that gay attaction exists and that gay men are manly.

At the same time he tellingly portrays the sense of exclusion and isolation.
You sense he has been been brooding head down until the laughing boys caught his attention.
It's something we all experience to some extent, but less than those under oppressive regimes.

Another Russian Artist is featured in The Art of Ivan Bubentkov 
Support them by viewing their work, see what they have to say. 

 Joseph Radoccia - Nude
We don't know this man's sexual orientation but we can see he's full of attitude and a maybe little unsure of himself. I think anyone asked to pose naked with a bowl of fruit is entitled to feel a bit nervous, but the colours the artist has surrounded him by make him look terrific. Although this is an explicit nude it's pretty inoffensive, that aspect of the picture is overwhelmed by the sheer character of the burly sitter which booms out of the picture and I have no doubt will win many fans amongst my audience.
Julie Bell - Serpent
The sense of manly power is strongest of all in this image and the chains and entwined serpent add a powerful fetish flavour. It's surprising to see a woman artist subscribing to the heavy muscle school of masculinity so enthusiastically, even if she is a fantasy specialist. The glimpse of face is a more feminine perception but it sits uneasily atop that maxed-up body.
 The colours and photo-realism are equally exaggerated. 

I like the look of big men but this the least appealing image of this group for me

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 10) - Useful Weapons

Adapted by Mitchell from War Picture Library No 667 - 'The Price Of Victory'
This image plays on the special relationship between a soldier and his Sergeant 
(something was there in the gunner's wicked eyes before I captioned it!)

It seems tank turrets are a veritably cauldron for homoerotic feelings!

Images courtesy of Fleetway Library

or click on the 'War Comics' label below

Saturday 16 February 2019

The Humiliation of Ray

In 'Men sharing Speedos' we saw work-shy Ray being ordered by the Job Centre
 to attend a job interview or else loose his benefits (which they think he's fiddling).

This expands on his story with a great undressing sequence
(why don't regular porn videos do undressing?)

These pictures from CFNM have women in them but I think it's worth it.
I've edited them out as much as possible but they are quite important towards the end!

Ray's Humiliating Job Interview

Ray is a sportsman, but he hates work so much
 that even a simple modelling job dismays him

Unfortunately the Benefits Office has got him under the cosh 
so, reluctantly, he has to make an effort

  He has to change in the Office in full view of the staff

Despite his protests,
Ray unwittingly shows the staff just how well qualified he is
for a job that involves taking off all his clothes - great picture!

 Ray's modesty threshold is less than ideal for a model
and the mockery of the staff watching him doesn't help.
He finds it very hard to challenge them. Ray is easily bossed around.

and the Job Centre threat weighs heavily on his mind.

So he does as he is told

But it isn't easy with everyone watching him.

Hastily he puts the trunks on.

But the embarrassment doesn't end there.
The photographer virtually accuses him of soiling the Speedo's 
claiming they were brand new, although they didn't look it to Ray.

He's so intimidated by them that he even lets them put handcuffs on him.
They hoist his arms above his head so he can't play with himself.
The skimpy trunks look great on him, but he feels almost naked.

That feeling becomes a reality as the Speedo's are removed for closer inspection.

Ray is hot with humiliation and terrified of what else may happen to him.

When the photographer accidentally bumps into him things get even worse.

The results are disastrous.

The Office girls all see it happen, they crowd round, amused but shocked.
Ray's apologies are humble but don't seem to be enough.
A photograph of his indiscretion puts him totally at their mercy.

They are able to take it in turns to spank and paddle him.

The photographs went up on the internet
but Ray didn't get the modelling job. Much to his relief.
However, after he left they decided to offer him the job of Office Boy.
The offer letter is in the post to the Job Centre.
When Ray next goes there and finds out, it's going to be very difficult for him to turn it down.
He might even have to go out and get himself a proper job!

In the full video Ray is comprehensively groped, forced to crawl on all fours and to lick ladies shoes.
I though I'd spare you the rest of that, but a web search on 'CFNM Ray' will reveal all if you are interested.

There's a longer version with captions in French at PornHugo

also at CFNM

Thursday 14 February 2019

The Humiliation of Roger

Last time in Men Sharing Speedos I recounted how reluctant models, Roger and Ray,
 were put into Speedo's which had clearly been used by another man before them
(in more than one sense!)

They were given them and put them on to pose in, not realising what state they were in. 

This post tells the rest of Roger's story.
 (Ray's story continues in the next post) 

These pictures from CFNM have women in them but I think it's worth it
I've edited them out as much as possible!

To recap........

 Roger, being a policeman, would be a natural for exploitation
and revenge, even if he wasn't a nasty womaniser.

His natural arrogance soon surfaces as he responds to the flattery of being asked to pose.

A policeman shedding his uniform and undressing is inviting attention.
He doesn't know he's being spied on.

Let's watch..........
. an Officer of the Law sheds his dignity in pursuit of adulation and money

He assumes a new persona with infamously soiled Speedo's

A man who keeps his socks on when naked is so un-sexy that it is actually very sexy

The awkwardness of this shimmying moment is delicious  
Roger has a rugby-style, chunkiness of build that is worth lingering over

You won't get them any higher Roger! 
The shock of donning a very low waisted garment for the first time is disturbing.
With an audience watching it must be positively frightening!

Happily it turns out to be worth the effort 
Roger looks great, but his troubles are only just beginning.

The shoot has hardly begun when he is told to put on swimming goggles 
Roger is dismayed. He understands the logic but realises
 this won't do much for the sex appeal he imagined his pictures would have.

 In fact it's worse than that, for once they are on he can't even see anything.
They're pre-production, dummy, models purely for marketing purposes.
Roger the dummy is told he has to keep them on.

In this state he's easy meat for a pair of handcuffs, they are his own in fact.
Roger's shocked when they click onto his wrists, then he gets the joke and laughs.

But then his hands are hoisted aloft, rending him quite helpless
He's bemused now, unable to work out how this relates to posing in Speedo's

The question is soon answered (or made irrelevant) as the swimming trunks  are jerked down
and Roger's prized possession tumbles out.

Now he finds out what it's like to be gratuitously poked and groped in intimate places.

.....and what it's like to have his body fondled by a complete stranger,
while being simultaneously told off like a naughty schoolboy.
It is very humiliating.

 Then the paddling starts. 
His unprotected ass is firmly swatted.

Blind as a bat, Roger yowls as his bottom is beaten remorselessly.
His anxieties about those soiled Speedo's are soon forgotten.
It will be a while before he can comfortably wear anything down there.


 Roger's torment continues beyond the spanking. 
With his captors having photos of him naked and spanked, he cannot refuse

He is put into a red collar which actually makes him look very good.
Then he is groped, forced to crawl on all fours and to lick ladies shoes.
I though I'd spare you the rest of that, but a web search will reveal all.

also at CFNM

Ray's story continues in the next post