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Sunday 27 April 2014

Big, black and bursting out

 I've been perusing some good old fashioned muscle hunk pictures this week and this series starring Tim Liggens is one of my all time favourites

Well-fitting jeans always look sexy on a man but the earthy colour and coarse texture of Tim's pair here seems to boost those pheromones even more.

From behind the low-rise cut is plain to see, the centre seam is well tucked in, Tim couldn't possibly have squeezed any more of his bottom inside this garment. His buttocks peep above the waistband like melons in a sling.

In case you are in doubt, Tim proves these jeans do actually fit him when the waist is buttoned up. Judging by the turned down section someone could probably even get a finger or two in there.
If they wanted to that is.....

Just going out for the groceries. 
If you saw this on the street you'd surely have to follow for a block or two.

A fantasy....... Tim goes shopping

"Hmmm, glad I decided to put on a top, it's gone a bit misty all of a sudden."
(Me too!).

"When you can see the tops of the mountains,
they say it means visibility is going to improve."
(Fingers crossed chaps!)

"Hey! That looks like the sun coming out right now."
"Darn, I shouldn't have flexed my legs,
that fly button's popped out again!"

(speaking to himself)
 "Sometimes, Tim boy you forget how big you are. (sigh).
"Mmmm, I love my left arm."

 "Oh Hi!
I didn't see you standing there!"

"Who you callin' Prime Beef, man?
Whaddya mean by that?"

"So you're a photographer, eh? That's cool.
Just happens I do some modelling myself,
d'ya like my abs?, no, my abs, spelt with a 'b' "

"Muscle Bottoms dot com?
That sounds weird man!
I wouldn't pose for anything that was.......
well you know.....
Wait a minute! How much did you say you paid?"

"Follow me, this way".
Apologies to Tim and Muscle Gallery for liberties taken!
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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Men sharing clothes 18 - Supermarket Shirts

Regular readers will know that 'mitchmen' has a strange fascination with models who have to share the same clothes (knowingly or not), but this example has me stumped. 

Two stills from Big featuring one Izzy James and his mega dick. They also show two different guys and one shirt - of a decidedly non-erotic nature.

There's not much erotic milage in this particular act of sharing
(maybe underarm stuff? No, that idea stinks)

This is the sort of shirt you'd get from a cheapo supermarket, 
or which your mother might get for you, 
or which your uncle might buy hoping to look yoof-ful and trendy again.

So why would it feature in a porn shoot? 
Or, rather, two porn shoots!

 Izzy's videos usually feature naive men tricked into sampling his goods, well rather more than sampling actually. I suppose this shirt might suggest a certain innocent geekiness.
Both guys put their best foot forward (and up in the air) and despite their apparent lack of experience and a degree of anxiety and squealing, prove to be equal to the task of accomodating Izzy's organ, notably Ty Tucker below (click to enlage).

It just goes to prove that you can't judge a book by it's cover.
Or that in porn, you can't judge a man by his shirt.

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Sunday 20 April 2014

Tagame's Wedge

 I came across this example of 'riding the wedge' while researching an article on Tagame for my forthcoming A-Z series on the letter 'T'. It's a typically imaginative not to say baroque rendering by the master.
The use of a wobbly, spring support to destabilise the apparatus is highly original. I can remember an innocent playground ride from childhood constructed in similar fashion but the object then was to stay on despite the wobbling (a mild version of modern 'bucking bull' machines). 

The sadistic operatives on hand to shake things up will also stir playground memories for some. They seem to be trying to foil an attempt by the prisoner to lift himself clear of the apex by bracing his heels on the slope.

The detail is rather too explicit and gruesome for my taste, I'm glad it's not in colour.
Don't try this at home!

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Thursday 17 April 2014

Blues, Boots and Thighs - part 2

As a reader pointed out, I didn't include Cambridge, the Light Blues in my previous post on the boat race and I am happy to rectify that with the picture below, which may also help to explain the omission.

Normally light blue is very flattering to the male figure, especially below the waist.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who perks up when West Ham, Burnley or Aston Villa appear on ' Match of the Day'! However light blue Wellington Boots definitely do not cut the mustard for me.

2010 Cambridge win
This is the sexiest Cambridge 'boots' picture I could find, but while their rowing legs are the equal of their rivals, the colour scheme is nowhere near as good at showing them off - and they don't even feature any light blue below the waist.

The Weigh-In 2011

I am happy to concede the superiority of the Light Blue's outfits when other clothing is discarded. The lighter top and clever side darts here are very flattering to this chap's heavier build. This odd ceremony is not a slave auction (imagine!), but the weighing of each crewman alongside his opposite number in the other boat. The weight of the crew is one of those much discussed factors for betting men (yawn). Us fetishists can simply enjoy the gladiatorial pairing off of the crews - and their discomfort at being put on display in revealing outfits so that invidious comparisons can be made.

Those rowers waiting their turn to be processed in this horny circus are obliged to sit like schoolboys in front of a roomful of unsavoury, overweight, middle-aged hacks. They can shield their assets from unwanted scrutiny by tabloid reporters, but only until they take their place on the podium when physiques and vital statistics will be closely scrutinised and evaluated by all and sundry.

Preparation for the race involves lots of practice in the cold, early mornings of Spring, and Cambridge here sport some sexy leggings. Given the temperature it's probably just as well we can't see more of their fronts. The brave man at the far end deserves some attention - for chapped legs.

During the race we can enjoy the sight of eight hunky men showing off their shoulders and being shouted at by the weedy cox (or even a woman, eek!) It's enough to reduce a real man man to tears.

Even the losers get consolation afterwards in the ritual of dunking the cox, who loves it of course, manhandled by an eight man crew, mmm!

 It's not much fun losing, but there's something very satisfying about
a big man who's been put in his place.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Blues, Boots and Thighs

The University Boat Race last week produced it's usual cavalcade of hunky athletes.
The rower's were a feast for the eyes, never mind the race!

After winning the race, Oxford slip into their warm tops and wellies and the result is an unexpectedly sexy showcase for the boys' muscular legs.

 Behold the face of evil. We all knew one of these.
All part of the fun lads eh! Not humiliating at all!

Yeah, well, if you say so.
A glimpse of leotard proves more sexy than any stocking.

 The race produced some touching scenes of manly hugging 
(no frontal touching allowed of course)

Friends reunited, it brings back memories of the war years!
 Even the technical staff wear sexy kit (right, centre) 

Previous years were just as exciting. This is 2010.
Leotard or leggings, it's so hard to choose!

Also 2010, queuing for a hand shake, or something.

2011 was a very special vintage year for hunky thighs.

 2013. You can almost taste the rower's excitement.

2013 again. Everyone wants to hold it.

More Boat Race Rowing Ritual in my next post.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 6

When I started out compiling this little tribute to the lasting contribution of Bound and Gagged Magazine to fetish imagery, even I didn't expect to find quite so many classic shoots. Enthusiasts should have spotted many they know and if you didn't know about it I hope you have visited Bob Wingate's blog to sample the pictures, stories and reminiscences posted there. The first image is taken from a recent posting there.

Carlos Morales - Chairtied
Carlos featured in some striking sets for B&G, his smoothly muscled body responding beautifully to the squeeze of the rope. This 'boy next door' scenario with his jeans and T-shirt pulled aside just enough to expose areas of interest is a classic example of the feel that B&G had for conjuring up everyday fantasies but not over-cooking them.
Ripnstrip - Soldier chairtied
This image featuring a model named Ripnstrip(!) is a similar pose, in fact that looks like the same chair, but what a difference the military clothes make. The blindfold and ripped shirt convey an entirely different motivation for his captivity, brutal interrogation rather than yearning molestation. For some reason I find his shiny belt buckle mesmerising!
Trevor Young - naked, bound and gagged
If I often harp on about the value of clothing in erotic imagery, I wouldn't deny the appeal of the helpless nude. The barely-visible bondage here is the most elementary form, hands tied behind back and ankles together. That simplicity focusses our full attention on the Trevor's helpless, naked body. We can't see any intimate areas either but his chunky, flexed legs are sexy enough to more than compensate for that. The chunky, purpose-designed gag makes a stark contrast to his bare flesh, like a stamp of authority. 
This is purposeful bondage and the victim knows it.
Jamie Lawless hogtied in a jockstrap
I have featured Jamie before but this image is so sexy I had to include it. Hogtied models are so often shown lying on their stomach, which shows helplessness vividly (and sometimes plumped-up buns too), but this way round the hogtie becomes a servant of lust, inviting and exciting.
Bound to a ladder
I suppose I could have included this in my last post on 'furniture'. Ladders crop up quite often in B&G's output, I suppose it's the fantasy of the workman who comes to your house, but for me it's the model's bewildered expression that makes the image memorable. Worried he might well be, totally naked and perched on an improvised pedestal to which he is secured by only by his feet and which you will observe is not securely locked and potentially unstable. I haven't identified the model yet.
Drew Andrews, Peter Wilder and Rusty Scott struggling to escape hogties
This final image is perhaps not well known, it's taken from a genuine scene in a club where three models were tied up by three different tops to see who could get free first. It looks like only one is really trying here but he has made this into a superb image. Multiple (buddy) bondage is always exciting, but the contrast to his passive companions is quite suggestive, could the wedding ring have anything to do with it?  I've seen a lot of videos of men struggling with their bonds some energetically, some half-heartedly, but this still photo really captures the eroticism of that situation.
There are many more B&G images I would have liked to include in this series but I had to draw a line somewhere! I hope I have given some insight into the wealth of material that came from 'Bound and Gagged' and highlighted it's unique qualities.
You will find much more at Bob Wingate's blog.

Recently Bob has been looking into bringing back the concept as a website, but it doesn't look as though it's going to happen. Meanwhile he is selling off back issues and bondage gear from the magazine's heyday at cut prices. Whatever the future holds for 'Bound and Gagged' I think it's highly likely that these marvellous images will be around for a long time to come, a lasting legacy and a tribute to their quality and inventiveness. We owe our thanks to all those who were behind it.

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Friday 4 April 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 5

My previous posts have concentrated on straight-forward bondage imagery but Bound and Gagged also featured some memorable bondage 'furniture'. The spanking bench in post no 3 is a fairly commonplace example but there are notable others.

 'Tag' in a Spherical Cage
A marvellous image that has been posted all over. It's not just the unusual shape that makes it interesting but the suspension which makes suggestive connections with bird cages and diving bells dipped into the ocean. I once read a fantasy book where a malevolent dwarf was kept in a suspended cage, square and made of wooden slats. I always found the idea exciting (if not the dwarf!)

 Frank Guinness in a Cage

A more conventional cage. The compact size is highly practical, it's not only space saving, but also heightens the sense of confinement for the prisoner. Unlike the prison cell, it allows no refuge from those outside the bars. I enjoy cage scenes but keeping the captive in bondage while inside seems a bit unnecessary. An unfettered man struggling to escape the tiny, unyielding cage would be quite erotic for me!

 Dart in The Box
'The Box' was used to imprison many B&G models over the years. The squat design is more confining than the cage and the lid leaning against the side, threatening total enclosure is pretty intimidating. It looks like Dart is being 'mentored' by here by B&G regular, Lee.
Ryan Wagner in the Box
Ryan's projecting head is displayed humiliatingly as a coffee table ornament. It reminds me of those Westerns where the cowboy (notably Ty Hardin as Bronco!) was buried up to the neck by renegades. No ants here though. The Box offers limited erotic entertainment for on-lookers as we can't see inside, it worked better in the context of the magazine as a recurring punishment for different boys (Oh No! Not the Box!).

Tag Adams bound in the Box
In case you're wondering, Tag models the interior of the box. It's surprisingly spacious. Note the ventilation fan. These features allow for prolonged incarceration and heat games. It looks like Tag has just had a taste of such delights, you have to make 'em sweat!

Matt Grimes on the Compact Block
This restraining device is another neat, space saving design, forcing the cute model here into a suitably submissive position. The anchoring effect of the solid-looking black block needs no imagining, he ain't going anywhere.

Matt Grimes tied down
The addition of a collar tie makes no practical difference, but does make a very nice picture. If you want to see more visit Bob Wingate's blog article.

Man tied over a Keg
This is not a well-known image and something of a novelty, but I enjoy a backward-arched male body. The yoke-like arm restraint doesn't exactly co-ordinate with the keg (oil-drum?) but it all looks pretty uncomfortable. The men discussing what to do to him is characteristic of B&G's down-to-earth slant on bondage scenes and allows the viewer to feel more of a connection.


Most of these images form part of series at Bob Wingate's Blog and you can track them down using the model's name.

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