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Saturday 26 February 2022

Marc DeBauch updated


Marc DeBauch - Sonoran Sunset

I have now revised and extended my mitchmen A-Z post about the art of Marc DeBauch with many more pictures. The sample image above is an exceptional example of his skill in bringing erotica into the realm of conventional art. The hairy highlights on the cowboys torso and legs are rendered with great artistic skill revealing that body hair has a texture but it also provides a sweet erotic kick. 

The attractive sunset colouring is almost chocolate box romanticism were it not for the explicit, simmering nudity and the thicket of highly suggestive cactus shapes around him. He's actually surrounded by spiky threats - from these plants and from the barbed wire fence, which he's (sensibly) not quite leaning against. If this is a cowboy cruising area, it will be filled with painful snags for the unwary as daylight fades!

Read the mitchmen updated Art of Marc DeBauch

Visit his website gallery (more gallery links in the main article)

Wednesday 23 February 2022

The Look Of Obsessive Lust

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  Moral No 1 - Don't get too carried away with success


 Moral No 2 - Don't assume people are what they say they are

(Oh, and look up what 'literally' actually means)


This No 27 in 'The Look' series at mitchmen blog,
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Sunday 20 February 2022

The Art of Noxsatvrn

Noxsatvrn - Alpha & Omega (my title)

 This picture by the Indonesian artist Noxsatvrn superimposes a very detailed bondage image on a background of complex, mystical patterns with a distinctly asian style, dominated by what appears to be an all-seeing eye, a mysterious 'presence' embedded in wings, writhing snakes and bones. It's reminiscent in some ways of the work of Hasegawa which was also decorated with cultural symbols, but not as densely or mystical as this. He too sometimes hinted at ritual violence but not quite as explicitly as can be seen here. 


Noxsatvrn - In the caress of dawn and drowsy stars

This splendid image of an unclothed, chubby man is a world apart, also infused with symbols, but ones that have a modern, western ring. The bulls that surround him may be an allusion to Taurus, the western zodiac sign, which seems to suit this man's appearance. Their angry red eyes could be an indicator of temperament, but give the picture a slightly demonic air. 

More symbolism attaches to the man's nakedness and linen wrap, it's coupled with the bed of bull-rushes which lead us in the direction of birth in the Christian tradition and of course Taurus is a birth sign. Another visual pun on bulls and 'bull'-rushes suggests that the aim of the piece is not so much enlightenment as entertainment. Even the title, provided by the artist, is more romantic and wistful than the picture seems to warrant. It all seems to add up to an eclectic interest in all things spiritual.

*The prominent, arrow-shaped leaves may also have a symbolic meaning but it escapes me.



Noxsatvrn - The Goat? (my title)

 This could be another zodiac sign featuring Aries the ram, although his feet look more like those of the goat which has devilish connections with the wizardry of flying on a broomstick so we are now in the area of the occult. The goat is also closely associated with lust and you sense this man (another chunky beast) might have an earthy sexual nature to match the suggestively shaped tip of his broomstick.


I wouldn't normally post an extreme image like this at mitchmen but the clever artistry persuaded me.

In this image the earth seems to be giving up a victim of ritual violence who is being borne aloft to some higher domain by wings which may belong to birds, angels or simply representatives of the forces of spiritual elevation. However, the thorny branches wrapped round the victim's neck seem to be restraining him, taking possession of him and this appears to connect with the quite different, pagan tradition, The Green Man, representing death and rebirth with men reproducing and returning to nature.

The blood-stained white roses which feature so prominently here have literary connections to beauty, love and selfless devotion in the myth of Aphrodite but there's another obvious sexual connection between blood and the loss of virginity and purity, which is often represented by whiteness. 

Noxsatvrn - What's Happening?
There's a similar naturalistic theme here, with tree-like creepers encircling a naked man's wrists and neck as if to restrain and strangle him and he cries out as if in fear and pain. This time the star-like blooms we can see are passion flowers. Their strange, complex structure is often associated with the passion of Christ (and much more besides) but there's a more obvious, simpler connection to the passion of sex and that might equally describe what this man is experiencing, particularly as the plant's tendrils are encircling his nipple and brushing his cheek in a far from threatening way. The red lumps on the plant's stems may suggest blood but are typical of the buds of new growth (you've probably seen them on roses) rather than anything sinister.

Noxsatvrn - Male Diptych (2019)

This artist's interest in plants is equally evident in this image which shows bulbs sprouting between the legs of two men, who eye each other across the boundary created by their separate, decorated frames which contain references to their different cultural backgrounds. The plant on the right is a crocus (a spring flower, note, and source of saffron, the flavoursome spice). Unfortunately I can't identify the other flower. 
The poses of the two men are modesty itself and both seem to have saintly halos, but the sexual significance of the bulbs at their feet and the growths encircling their bodies seems obvious. Desire knows no boundaries and that's reflected equally in the appearance of the two men, not conventional beefcake but mature and slightly chubby, one of them ginger. 
Noxsatvrn - Woof, woof

This contrasting image defiantly celebrates love between chubby men who love the way they are. They are both handsome, sexually desirable and utterly cuddly and the treats that help make them what they are, are not guilty pleasures but innocent joys that connect them with a depth of emotion touchingly represented by bejewelled hearts which are entwined and knotted together as one. 

The artist has adapted his abundant symbolism here for a purpose that is lighter in tone but in a way is equally spiritual. It's seems the reverse of the strangling vine and the disabling bondage of sexual desire - but is it? Or just a different flavour of the same human condition?

Noxsatvrn - Winter's Lullaby

Another light-hearted but poignant celebration of chubbydom. A mature Pan-like creature happily drowses, still holding the pipes that typically celebrate the summer of human desire and bearing the fruits of autumn on his head (no doubt having consumed the wine they yield). 

The wintery surroundings and setting sun show the turning of seasons and the end of the day. He's flanked by owls (creatures of the night and symbols of transition) also squirrels collecting food to see them through winter which show that this is not the end, the regeneration of spring lies ahead.


Noxsatvrn - Kawataro

The artist focusses on his Japanese interests for this image showing a tightly bound, tattooed man with traditional knotted hair and fundoshi loin cloth, standing in an ocean of raging waves in which are floating water lilies and strange, slightly frog-like, beaked creatures.

These last are the legendary Kawataro or Kappa and we met them in a previous mitchmen article about Hasegawa. They are credited with the ability (and inclination) to drown people and water lillies have similar associations. All this symbolism is dominated by the stylised, setting sun of Japan. I can't read the script but assume it spells the title of the picture.

It's clear this man is threatened with imminent death but, being blindfold, cannot see the portents all around him. However, the bright, gaudy colours of the setting sun suggest something more triumphant, more significant, lies beyond the horizon.

Once again this beautiful image shows great technical skill, recreating the traditional style of Japanese painting - although the sun imagery for me is a bit garish.


Noxsatvrn - Ritual (my title)

 This final image is the most Asian of this group and the most overtly erotic, with muscular, animalistic deities drooling over a suspended, captive man against the background of an intricate arched frame.
Below them are a ram's head, smoking joss-sticks and a magically gleaming knife mysteriously balanced on it's tip. It hints at the erotic, the ritualistic and the macabre. 
You sense this is judgement day - and it's not going very well.


Visit Instagram for more of Noxsatvrn's imaginative, complex art

Saturday 19 February 2022

Royale Studio 01e - Another Topless Sailor in the rigging

 This image appeared on the cover of Man Alive No 22 in 1963. It's credited to Hussar Studio on the inside cover, they were an associate of Royale Studio who seemed to do less contoversial imagery. This is pure beefcake with just a hint of Royale bulge. I haven't identified the model yet, he isn't named in the magazine as far as I can see.

See also 'Fighting in the Rigging' for date info.

I've added this to the Royale 'Sailors In The Rigging' set at the mitchmen Royale Studio Open Archive.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Art by ED Draws

ED Draws - Cobweb Crawler

A sequel to my last post featuring a different predatory creature after his dinner. It's a spider and he's already got his victim sewn up in the tightest bondage you will ever see outside of a pyramid. The eroticism of this predicament is very much in the mind and doesn't really rely on fear of spiders.

Another web victim (aren't we all?) is depicted by the great Hasegawa in another mitchmen. He gives the situation more overtly erotic twist by having the victim naked and binding him in threads that look translucent and silky. His spiders however don't look as nasty as this one. In Malex's take on the subject, the spider passes his captive on to a carnivorous plant, like a religious offering (in Malex in Space also at mitchmen)

Click on the 'encounters-with-creatures' label at the foot of this post to explore other mitchmen posts related to this subject.


ED Draws - Satanic Cornfield

The artist invokes a selection of horror movie themes here to create a deadly threat of a different kind. The blindfolded victim is stark naked and showing a delicious glimpse of root to tease us. It suggests that this Satanic rite is driven by sexual desire as much as declaring allegiance to the Devil. The victim has a touch of the comic about him in both senses of the word, seeming surprisingly unconcerned considering he's just had his chest carved up. It's almost as if he's looking forward to meeting the demonic guest of honour at this party. His torso is seductively portrayed with clever shadowing and highlights and no doubt the Devil will enjoy him.

The Guard cum Priest is attired in a strange cross between religious robe, star trek uniform and bondage suit, but it gives him an intimidating, faceless presence. The evidence of extensive sewing repairs suggests the garment has great age, in keeping with the ancient rite but might also indicate that proceedings such as these tend to get quite boisterous later on. On the other hand it might simply be a rebellious punk statement. Compare the design with 'The Captor of The Young Knight' in the recent mitchmen update on Brosfate's Art

The Priest's knife, with it's unpleasant serrated edge, is the stuff of classic horror, as is the full moon and Cornfield setting although the latter seems a surprising venue for a supposedly secret rite. The undulating corn leaves behind them resemble flickering flames and also give an impression of a haunted wood or a petrified forest. 

 Jotto invokes the more traditional role of The Cornfield in the mitchmen post 'The Red Barn'.

ED Draws - Satanic Ritual

The Devil himself appears in puff of writhing smoke in this ritual, looking rather neat and stylish. It's not the same ceremony as the preceding image and this celebrant is clearly not being forced to take part. There's a sense that he might be sleepwalking or 'under the influence' but he's awake enough to be pretty excited about it and to have taken the precaution of bringing a crucifix with him. That might make any intended intimacy a bit difficult, if legends are to be believed. The sideways look that the devil is giving us suggests he's thinking the same thing. 

I'm no expert on demonic matters but I believe the circle around the pentagram is also a boundary which creatures of the other world can't cross, not even with their tongues I presume, so this man is less exposed than it appears, but nevertheless he's looking quite wary and taking no chances. Presumably he's just getting off on the weirdness and pondering the possibility that the legends got it all wrong. 

Contrast this with the imminent horror of LeoArt's recent image at mitchmen - Devil's Toy.

See also Platter's demons which are not to be trifled with lightly either.

ED Draws - St Patrick's Bondage

 There's a touch of the sinister too about this image, but of a more down to earth variety. A comprehensively tied up and rather attractive red-head is being milked by a leather man who has a slightly disturbing look in his eye. The red-head seems to have picked that up as well and looks as if he might be regretting his impulsive decision to submit to bondage with a man he's never met before.

I like the shiny nipples here in the style of Tom of Finland, but I haven't a clue why the St Partick theme is given such prominence, maybe there's an autobiographical element to this scene, a reminiscence of a memorable pick-up, but which one is Ed?

ED Draws - Pet Dog

Full-on doggy-fication involving the use of masks is a notable feature of this artist's work and he does it rather well. I prefer to see men's faces, but I do like the dildo/tail device simply as a symbol of domination and humiliation and it seems particularly effective here, exploiting the gap at the back of a jockstrap (which I imagine to belong to a sportsman). The bondage and submissive pose in this image make it's inclusion a must anyway.


ED Draws - Cyclops and Wolverine

 The male domination theme is even more explicit in this image but more simply expressed and more powerful on that account. Bringing such a strikingly masculine man to heel with a simple collar and lead is humiliation enough for him without any need to resort to more showy dog accessories. His kneeling position is not totally submissive, an attempt to preserve a modicum of male dignity. The top's grip on his hair, forcing him to receive his ejaculation is an acknowledgement his reluctance to do so. It underlines his power but gives respect to his captive's manliness even as he submits.  

The superhero connections of this pair add another layer of humiliation for those steeped in the genre, converting the customary playful rivalry of these men into something more intense.


ED Draws - Fiery Hero

This looks as if this might be another superhero like 'The Human Torch' but I've not seen him depicted with a beard before. There is an element of fetish interest in the proximity of fire to naked male bodies (see label at the foot of this post for other examples) but a more earthy attraction here lies in the ripped pants/trousers which suggest a particularly lustful opponent has just been encountered. The flames might therefore be construed as the aftermath of subsiding passion. 

Notice that the attribution on the picture is Edward, I presume it's an earlier identity. The style is slightly less refined but nevertheless the hairy abdomen descending beneath the hero's waistband is highly erotic. 


ED Draws - Superhero Feat

I have a similar ID problem with this picture, it came with a 'Super' title which is not particulalry helpful but what's going on here is heroic by anybody's standards. This simple beefcake image is utterly transformed by the presence of a raging fire into something that is visually and dramatically exciting. There's something about the neatly trimmed beard here which accentuates the hero's nudity and the sense of danger creates an erotic tang. With an uncut cock looming in our faces, the urge to offer help is almost irresistible! It's just a great picture.


ED Draws uses a nice clean modern style and depicts highly masculine men. Examples of his pictures are quite easy to find with search engines, he seems to have several sites (e.g. ED Draws on Only Fans), but I haven't found a 'flagship' location with significant numbers of posts.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Tentacles with a difference


Ernest Guillen aka Anubis 1000 - 'Creature'

I often complain about tentacle artists producing cliched images with disembodied arms manipulating passive, open-legged men but this is a quite different, highly original take on the subject. It has the added bonus of not relying on a fantasy creature, instead employing essentially an octopus, albeit one with phallic shaped tips to it's tentacles. It seems to be this last feature that has attracted the attention of the diver because he is climbing out of his swimming trunks, already sporting an erection, as though about to join an orgy. Indeed, the octopus seems to beckoning to him seductively. 

The attractions of a multi-limbed embrace seem to have blinded the diver to the Octopus' beak which we can clearly see, half open, at the centre of the curling arms. It may be that the diver is acquainted with the image known as 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (below).


In that picture, the beak of the Octopus brings sexual pleasure to the woman. Is this to be a similar encounter, or will nature take it's normal course? That course being dinner for the Octopus, of course. A glum-looking fish swimming by at a safe distance seems to indicate that the pleasure in this encounter will be one-sided.

I haven't seen much work by this artist but I like the subtle message in this picture, the semi-cartoon like depiction and classy colouring. He has a gallery at Deviant Art with a wide ranging selection of images


For other encounters with strange creatures, click on the label below

Specific Octopussy examples can be found within mitchmen articles about Ajay, Luxuris, Naomichi, Logan, Mister X, Priapus of Milet, With No Title and Yael

Thursday 10 February 2022

Best of Kalabro

 Kalabro is an artist I keep coming back to at this blog but the original mitchmen blog A-Z appreciation of this artist is over 10 years old now and didn't contain many examples of his work. Although I've added several more references since then (see foot of this post), I thought it a good time to do another, more comprehensive retrospective of his terrific work

Kalabro - Anak Slammed

This image from 'Anak and the Giant' reflects the essence of much of Kalabro's art, a muscular man captured and subject to extreme violence by a more powerful creature. The drama here is not dissimilar to what happens in professional wrestling rings, but in this less artificial setting it's clearly not just rough sport. Kalabro adds an erotic dimension which is not apparent at first sight, not just by making Anak totally naked, but by showing the Giant grasping his cock to execute the throw. You might say Anak's response is not entirely negative. Some boys really enjoy rough games.


Kalabro - Anak and the Statues of Doom (detail)

 Kalabro also draws on wrestling imagery for this picture showing Anak again being tormented by statue that has come to life. You may have watched real life wrestlers being subjected to back-breakers over the knee like this and enjoyed the tempting eroticism of their upward arching, unprotected groins. The top man usually has both hands occupied with holding his man down, but an iron-grip (literally) on Anak's throat and a steadying hand on his cock suffices for the statue to keep him under control and deliver another sexual humiliation. This is a detail of a larger image which shows the statue has two more upper limbs wrought into serious weaponry, which Anak also tastes in due course.


Kalabro - Adrift

The lengths to which some villains are prepared to go to, in order to rid themselves of nuisances never cease to amaze me! I don't know the identity of this victim, it might be Anak again or Conan or Tarzan, take your pick. The raging lightning storm seems to suggest that higher forces have an interest in his fate. Unfortunately it looks like he might be on the brink of going over a waterfall.  
Kalabro's adaptations of wrestling combat in the preceding pictures owe a lot to superhero comic imagery but this dramatic scene draws more obviously on the fantasy worlds of the excessively heterosexual Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo, a genre where near-naked heroes rescue and protect voluptuous, scantily clad maidens amongst the weird scenery of alien lands. This fully drawn, imaginative predicament isn't like the normal run of Kalabro's art, it is very much in the idiom of modern graphic comics, but his trademark, hourglass-shaped legs leave no doubt about it's authenticity*.
*see the original mitchmen A-Z article on Kalabro for comments about his artistic style.

Kalabro - Jake in Trouble (Strange)

Although Kalabro's heroes often meet up with fantastic creatures, he rarely shows much of the landscape of those worlds. This tree-like growth may well be a swamp creature in it's own right, it's clearly sentient enough to have entrapped poor Jake (round the neck again) and is now threatening to drag him down into the bubbling quagmire below. 
Jake is an attractive hero, with a smattering of chest hair proclaiming his virility but I haven't spotted him in any other images by Kalabro. He's been caught wearing swimming trunks but is spared from intimate interference at this point. He's not alone in Kalabro's genre in ending up suspended by his neck.

Kalabro - Apeman In The Well

Apeman is, I suppose, a relative of Tarzan (literature-wise). Although he has a rope around his neck, it's obviously been rigged so as not to strangle him and instead is being used to dip him in 'The Well', whose unpleasant waters are populated by leech-like, invasive eels with a very discerning taste for a particular type of man-flesh. Kalabro makes good use of scanty loin cloths to add erotic interest. The thick rope used to bind Apeman's hands acknowledges his strength.
Kalabro - Korak In The Lava Pit
Apeman is probably better off than Korak here who is suspended by his nether regions. This is another of Kalabro's signature torments and he adapts it freely for use on other captured heroes. Korak's attachment is probably more painful than Apeman's frightening noose and he is threatened with real mortal danger rather than nuisance parasites, since he's dangling above a bubbling lava pit, near enough to feel the intense heat of molten rock, as if he hadn't got enough to worry about! We don't know if this punishment has a purpose or is simply for the amusement of a sadistic captor but however extreme the threat, Kalabro's men seem to always survive to suffer again another day. 

I have taken the liberty of toning down Kalabro's original colouring here which is intensely red. Compare the original here

Kalabro - Milking A Bodybuilder

One of the most popular posts at mitchmen blog is based on a group of Kalabro's memorable Milking Factory drawings. The picture above seems to stem from the same inspiration with a similarly engineered, produce collection system in evidence. Although the bodybuilder is milking himself, he's chained to the bench, suggesting he's doing it under coercion. Thus the stress shown in the big man's face may not simply reflect the joyful agony of ejaculation, but the frustration and pain of being forced to do it over and over again.

Kalabro - Kraig Helpless

Pictures showing modern, technical torments form a distinct thread in Kalabro's work rather like Franco's famous machines - for example, see the Kalabro electro torment in the post-script of the mitchmen A-Z letter K. However in the image above the restraint of the 'patient' is decidedly non-technological, the technician has simply tied him to a chair. Tying his ankles to the back legs, so his feet are lifted off the ground and of no use to aid escape is a detail which makes this a great bondage image for me on it's own. 

It looks as if the medical technician has already been thoroughly coating the outside of Kraig's dick with a creamy lubricant, which he was probably enjoying until he discovered that he was merely being prepared for a sounding using 'Icy Hot' (which UK readers will know as 'Deep Heat' or 'Fiery Jack').   Kraig understandably breaks out in a cold sweat at the threat of mere thought of it. His 'regular guy' square-jawed look and panic-stricken pleas makes the improbability of this scenario all the more delicious. There's a probing sequel at Kalabro's blog.

Kalabro - Karson prepped for surgery

Karson is a welcome black participant in these celebrations and here is seen strapped down on a narrow bench at his neck and feet, while his arms are tied together underneath. His balls have been captured in a fiendish, pneumatic stretching device which alone is worth the admission fee.  As the surgeon gloves up in the background (unprofessionally flaunting his muscular torso), multiple robotic arms converge on Karson equipped with gripping claws, needles, probes and cutters - mainly targeting the nether regions. Karson's response is already apparent but it's only just begun!

Kalabro's coloured pictures are probably more popular than his sketches, but for me sketches like this often have an attractive softness and subtlety that is lost in the hard-edged final versions. The picture just below is a case in point, although it's one I like a lot.
Kalabro - Breaking Nick's Jaw
To round off this post I'm returning to the biff-bash imagery that is most associated with Kalabro. Nick here is surely his most handsome subject, an element that makes gives his rough treatment extra pathos. This 'just been slugged' image appears more than once in Kalabro's output, there's another example in the original mitchmen A-Z article. I can't say I blame him for reworking it! The subtle colour scheme he uses for this picture is particularly effective. I also like the glimpse of white underwear we are given, there's more in the sequel below. Can't say I like the blood though, spittle is enough emphasis for me.
Kalabro - Nick Gut-Punched

Not only is Nick being punched in the gut by a bigger 'man' here, his arms are being held back behind him by a confederate, so that he's unable to even defend himself. Kalabro is skilled in capturing the crumpling of the body which registers a major hit. Nick's skimpy white underwear barely covers his modesty from this direction but serves to point out his nudity and vulnerability to faceless beings who apparently don't need clothes but seem to have something of a protective shell or shield of invincibility.

Kalabro - Leyva and The Engineer 2
Finally, Leyva and the Engineer (In the Hands of Aliens) concerns a gymnast abducted by aliens who just beat him up for some reason.  He's been given a more youthful persona by the artist which makes him seem more vulnerable than craggy Nick above. The gymnast's lean muscularity looks authentic but inadequate against the Behemoth who confronts him. He is lifted by just one hand grasping his neck, a humiliation for him and stunning illustration of their mismatch. In my head the jockstrap primarily belongs on big men who can stretch it and this picture seems to justify that thought. But it enables Leyva to draw on additional sympathy.

Kalabro - Leyva and The Engineer 5
This image more than does justice to a gymnast's body and this picture is my current favourite by Kalabro. Nick above is more handsome but the shading of Leyva's slender torso here is so sensuous, creating an attractive sheen, that I can't resist it. Notice that it uses the same colour template. The jockstrap comes good here, a great feature enhancing his nudity while the diving line of the narrow waistband helps to accentuate the backwards arch of his body as he recoils from the alien's strike. Great art!

See this series of 5 images at Kalabro's blog (Leyva)
Kalabro hasn't updated his blog for two years now. 
His Twitter and Patreon accounts show activity but do not feature any drawings. 
The picture in my previous post is dated 2020 but I've no idea where it was posted.

Other articles featuring Kalabro at mitchmen:



Monday 7 February 2022

Kalabro Slave Gang

Kalabro - Slave Gang

 Dirk still could not quite believe what was happening to him and his team mates. Yesterday they had been celebrating winning the Football Championship in front of their adoring fans. He could remember how their excitement had continued in the dressing room afterwards, as they stripped for the showers. Unusually, the steam had filled the whole room and then Joel, the striker, had suddenly collapsed. As they went to help him someone shouted that the door had been locked. He remembered feeling drowsy himself and that was it.

When he awoke he found the entire team was locked in a dungeon-like cell with bare stone walls. They were all stark naked (even those who had fallen wearing their jockstraps and kit). They had been deposited here and a thin layer of scratchy straw was all that separated their bodies from the cold, hard floor. They soon realised that while they had been unconscious, they had all been fitted with tight metal rings around their cocks and all the rings were linked together by a heavy chain. As they all gradually cleared their heads there was plenty of discussion, speculation and confused anger but no-one could remember much of what had happened, let alone knowing why. Time passed and in the humid confines of the cell, the millionaire superstars were soon reduced to the sweaty men they really were.

Eventually someone came for them. They were led out, walking sullenly in file, one behind the other with the chains that joined them looping between their legs. They were taken down a long tunnel, led by their captain who had been assigned the first ring. The chains swung from side to side as they walked, brushing their muscular thighs as they negotiated corners and tightening up between their ass cheeks as they negotiated steps or when the man behind failed to keep up. 

When they emerged from the tunnel, they somehow hoped it would be into the stadium they were so familar with, but it was a vast arena, as bare as their cells, surrounded not by raked stands full of cheering fans, but a tall wall, and beyond that, bleak, snow-capped mountains. It was not cold, there was a watery sun, but many of them shivered, realising that there was no-one here to help them and escape would be a formidable challenge. There they were arranged in a line in military fashion and waited, gleaming with perspiration and watched from a respectful distance by the guards.

It was Jimmy who saw him coming for them. A big man, bare chested, hairy and muscular - and he was flourishing a whip. Jimmy felt fear spreading through his loins. One of the guards noticed. "Don't worry" he called out, "his whip is worse than his bark, but he'll soon lick you cover boys into shape".

story text by Mitchell for mitchmen


mitchmen has always been a great fan of Kalabro's work but it's usually the drama of struggle and mortal danger that provides the kick in his images. This is very different, a study of bewilderment and impending menace. These men are better groomed than his usual heroes, hence my comparison with modern soccer studs, but the bleak, alien landscape they are stranded in, conjured up with a wash of red, is a typical setting, normally home to primitive muscle men contending with giant predators who can't decide whether to eat them or dangle them by the balls.

This image seems to have its origins in the work below. I can't identify it but it seems to originate from the same render kit used by Homoeros. (Update: thanks to a reader has supplied the correct attribution in the comment below, Achillias) There's no shame in adapting another artist's work and Kalbro's cock chain is an inspired embellishment. In fact, simply by reworking the scene in pencil he transforms it and gives the men character and emotions.

Read the mitchmen review of Kalabro's Art from the A-Z of Fetish Artists 

I have added an extension to this article with lots more pictures 
plus an update on where you can find his art in Best of Kalabro

Friday 4 February 2022

Ehrlik - The Blacksmith Of Zambe

Much of Ehrlik's work concerns the enslavement and manipulation of beautiful, blond men by those from other tribes* (erotically speaking). In this primitive world, clothing is sparse and brute strength and ruthlessness prevail over everything else. Thus this blacksmith is able to make a living out of forging the irons for an endless stream of young men chosen for eternal slavery. 

 My last Ehrlik post (Booty of the Ivory Isles) seemed to show another such man (or maybe it was this same one) en route to his appointment with the blacksmith, having fallen into the clutches of  hunter (or opportunist) out in the bush.
*As the caption indicates, women feature in much of this artist's work, 
and even this dominant male has a slightly androgenous look. 

Ehrlik - Slave Herd

This imaginative image illustrates the scale of this trade and the proliferation of muscular blonds available for trapping in this region. This might almost be a herd of human ponies running wild and ripe for the round-up, but they already bear the bonds of captivity and if you look closely you can just glimpse the drivers behind them wearing scary, tribal masks and urging them on. With their hands tied behind their backs, negotiating this rocky passage is an ordeal in itself, let alone what awaits them at their destination which I suspect is more likely to be a grimy, slave auction than a pleasant pasture. Even so it's in their own interests to arrive in prime condition and attract the richest buyer.

Ehrlik - Affixing The Collar

This laid back, arching pose is much favoured by Ehrlik - see the Lab-Rat and Test Subject posts. It's easy to see why, it puts a good selection of manly attributes on display and fetish fans can also appreciate the underlying stress of this position which will become more and more uncomfortable if prolonged and eventually pure torture, inescapable if imposed by restraints. 

Arranging the captive's head so it rests on the anvil for the procedure is a devilish, black twist on the part of the smith. If this is necessary for the collar to be affixed then it obviously won't be easily removed. The terrified captive can only pray that the smith has the skill to land his hammer on the metal round his neck, (he must do - mustn't he?) When he was free to roam he will have heard the stories of ritual sacrifice practised by these people (see A Hero Dragged to his Fate). He has no way of knowing if this is how it will end for him.


Ehrlik - The Caress of the Blacksmith

In this position, the openness of the captive's body invites inspection, which is not likely to be resisted. Ehrlik seems to capture our thoughts, allowing the blacksmith to lay down his hammer, pause and enjoy the succulent contours of this man's flesh.  Perhaps he's calming him, gently dousing his last, futile pleas for freedom now that the collar has irrevocably sealed his fate.

 The blacksmith may simply abusing his position of power here, deliberately forcing the captive into a provocative and vulnerable position for his own sexual gratification. But it's probably more complex than that. He can feel the tremours in his subject's body and savour them, able to distinguish whether this man is simply relieved that the worst is over or one who feels a perverse excitement at the reality of captivity and the caress of his tormentor. More commonly, he will be able to detect the distress signals of failing muscles and the manifestation of a deep, dark fear for the future.

Ehrlik - Branding The Slave
Any fear would be well-founded for it's not over yet. The blacksmith spreads the naked man on the bare soil and pauses to view him, spread at his feet, as he prepares finally to apply the white-hot brand that will forever condemn him to the status of a slave. He's thoughtfully provided the wretch with a gag that will avert self harm in the agonising wake of this sizzling coup-de-grace (and also minimise the disturbance for sensitive, nearby residents). The gag is the ultimate silencing of the captive's protests. The gaping, serpent-like head that houses the blazing, hot coals seems to crow in triumph and adds a sinister, paganistic presence to the cruel ritual. 

Perhaps having touched and enjoyed this young man's flesh, the blacksmith is reluctant to sully and scar it, but the position and angling the brand as he stands between his open legs suggest baser thoughts may be tempting him. However, the slenderness of the stem he holds seems to equally symbolise impotence, perhaps because it is forbidden by his own masters, rather than any physical limitation. 

I finally tracked down a site for Ehrlik - Blades of Zambe on Deviant Art,
 it's the same artist but using a different name.

Tuesday 1 February 2022

News of new pictures by Brick

Brick - Back To School

 After a long absence from homoerotic art, Brick has returned with two great new pictures at Metalbond. It's not the one above, I won't steal his thunder, the link below will take you there. There are now two posts with 5 pictures and others in the pipeline.

Brick - Slave Academy 2022

Metalbond is a great source of fetish inspiration and entertainment (with a dash of education). You can use his labels to find other Brick imagery there, but if you are looking, don't miss the Brick collection at mitchmen (link at bottom of post).


In the older image by Brick shown above, the writing on the door seems to mean 'milking cubicle for men' but I had difficulty translating 'satna' it so I guess it's rude or colloquial, probably both! The picture is a good example of Brick's light touch and economical way of invoking darkly erotic themes. 

The transportation of captives on bare metal trolleys has a clinical and controlling air and the hunky looking man lying on it is greeted by a great atmosphere of threat and menace as he is wheeled in. The tight, rubber garments which the captives have to wear as their uniforms cover nothing, but compress and restrict their limbs, simultaneously exposing and emphasising the erotic zones of their bodies. These particular garments have obvious feminine connections for this very purpose, which may seed additional confusion in the minds of the wearers, who are both unmistakeably masculine. 

By contrast their tormentors are clothed in anonymous military gear but with bare torsos and terrorist masks which confirm that any resemblance to a place of healing is entirely misleading. The blindfold, upside-down suspension arrangement and dangling chains make that clearer still.

If you like Brick's style be sure to read the mitchmen review of Brick's art