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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Nath66

I'm not sure how Nath66 creates his art but there is certainly an element of computer assistance in assembling and shading the image. I don't cover computer renders in this series but do include computer assisted work. However it is produced, the result is a rather clean looking image with simple, fine outlines enhanced by a limited use of shading to suggest bulk. Anatomically his men have youthful chiselled faces and highly developed pecs with a tendency to over-size buttocks and thighs.

Nath66 - Tangled
In 'Tangled' he has utilised a dramatic, Chinese-looking, forest backdrop which is rather beautiful. The fetish interest here is the predatory flora, an interesting S&M manifestation of Sci Fi, linking of course to the eroticism of tentacles. The other notable exponent of man-devouring plant life is Christuffer who I should have mentioned under 'C', an omission I must rectify! Nath's plant is not particularly convincing as an organic entity, but the result is an attractive and entertaining image.

Nath66 - Lactating
'Lactating' is a much better picture although I have my doubts as to whether this is entirely the work of one artist. It shows (I think!) a captive being implanted with alien embryos - or possibly suckling them. The insertion technique is probably not scientifically sound but highly erotic! The helplessness and fear of the host male is beautifully captured. The set of the arms, the clenched fist and the turned head make the restraint convincing whilst the the claw like curling of the fingers and toes conveys something of the strange discomfort caused inside by his parasitic companions. The lab equipment is highly detailed and the technicians in the background nicely done. To me, the glow of the hidden computer screen and the reflection in the glass suggests a more accomplished hand than the simpler treatment of 'Tangled'.
Nath66 - Sperm Lab
In 'Sperm lab' the human host 'lays' his eggs from a slightly puzzling standing position. They disgorge from his sperm-lubricated urethra - possibly with some electrical assistance. The tube enclosing him echoes the birthing scenario in a rather satisfying way, as well as reminding us of the isolation and exposed helplessness flowing from his guinea pig status. Again the lab surroundings are highly detailed, the technicians are captured in striking, realistic poses. The lab coat detail shows the power of simple line and shading.

This is powerful imagery that attempts to invoke a sensuality you can't see and which none of us have experienced. I'm not sure how much it succeeds, I suspect it helps if your adolescence is a recent event. But it's still sexy and imaginative.

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Olaf Eulers said...

Nath´s Galery on Y1 Gallery:
but you need to have an account to view his artwork, otherwise the link doesn´t work!
cheers, Olaf

Mitchell said...

Thanks Olaf