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Friday, 9 March 2018

A Fantasy World of Bodybuilder Morphs at IFNB

If you like my recent BuiltByTallSteve muscle morph post you might enjoy looking at IFNB blogspot where the author has produced a large quantity of morph photo manipulations to conjure up a fantasy world of naked bodybuilding where cock size and performance form part of the judging criteria with cum shoots a mandatory element in their presentation routines. The entire infb blog is dedicated to developing and exploring this fantasy in all it's aspects.

In his fantasy world, exercising this additional 'muscle group' becomes part of the body builders' training routines and gym assistants are employed specifically to 'spot' them in this crucial part of the workout. Getting 'spotted' themselves is an occupational hazard for these men due to the enhanced libidos of the contestants who develop a constantly 'ready' state brought about by increased exercising of the muscle group in question. (somewhat contratry to most men's experience, sadly, and also to conventional scientific opinion on the effect of muscle development substances on the male libido).

The answer to this unexpected phenomenon seems to lie in the introduction of studcum into the bodybuilder's diets. Top alpha studs are imported by the contest resorts to serve fresh milk to those competitors who can afford to pay for it.

Such is the power of the enhanced sex drives of these men
 that the flexing of their muscles can be enough to induce ejaculation.
It's a valuable capability for the stage presentation.

Flying spray is not the only hazard for other gym users. Top ranking contestants develop an overwhelming arrogance and swagger and will pick other men out at random to help them finish off their 'cock bulking' routines. Typically, his body builder claims that the other guys know that someone is gonna get used and it's up to them to keep out of his way if they don't like it.

Because of perpetually enhanced erotic state, lesser competitors at pre-contest formalities run the risk of being humiliatingly covered in deliberate emissions from the top rankers they encounter. They can take comfort from the fact that if they wipe it off and eat it their own regimes will benefit and it will cost them nothing but their pride.

Contestants are required to give up a sample before going on stage to pose and the ability to splatter yourself is seen as a sign of quality and is no disadvantage in the judging. In any case these bodybuilders all have their adoring fans who eagerly help out with spills to demonstrate their love. Perhaps also hoping that some of their hero's magnificence will rub off on them (as it were)

When organisers introduced all-nude dormitories for contestants it was almost inevitable that fans would break in and seek out their favourites to see if they could wangle an autograph, picture or sperm sample out of them. The more obliging bodybuilders would happily flex their muscles for them which would sometimes also cause a simultaneous auto-ejaculation to the delight of all.

Competitors can augment their income and finance their training by giving demonstrations and workshops for their followers, this one is on 'cum skills'. One lucky fan gets a great demonstration of the star lecturer's cum shooting skills. (You may recognise some familiar faces in this deceptively simple photo manip which cleverly turns an ordinary J/O scene into something much more interesting.)

When the competitors go on stage, they all hope to be winners and show off their best qualities.
The massed display of prime beef manhood can be very alluring for those watching from the sidelines who must try and practice self-control lest they prejudice their own performance when their turn comes. It doesn't get any easier in the climactic scenes.....

Collegiate level amateurs spray cumloads, excited by having to flex naked in front of judges and fans. Their off-stage arrogance is tempered with anxiety as they become the ones to be judged, knowing most of them will troop off as losers. But there can be worse outcomes........

  "Middleweight IFNB pro Craig Frewer (left) has a slight cock failure during an abs pose.  Frewer's extreme cock prepincluded controversial (and completely unpredictable) pre-contest SPH treatments (sperm-production hyperdrive),which caused Frewer some of the most memorable cock posing failures – yet also caused him to setan IFNB record for cum shots in a single round for Middleweight professional naked bodybuilders". (IFNB quote).
(IFNB quote)

The anonymous author of the blog writes lengthy commentaries against each picture like the one just above. He uses the same deadpan style as straight body builder magazines and lays out the erotic practicalities of the sport, back stories for the imaginary competitors and details of the numerous organisations who participate in it.

These morphs are based on real competition bodybuilders so there's a lot of heavily cut, tanned and veiny muscle which isn't normally my cup of tea and this blog author hasn't changed my mind about that. However there are 'softer' muscle images too and I do enjoy very much his accounts of the top contestants practice of squirting over fellow contestants, trainers, officials and fans alike and sexually abusing them whenever they feel like it as a crude dispay of male dominance. The quality of the morphing varies but there's plenty of good examples posted, as I hope I have demonstrated with my selection here.

There's a mass of material and you can't help but be drawn into the world he creates in a satisfyingly comprehensive way. Even if bodybuilding's not your thing you can enjoy the fictional manipulations and ribbing of those who take it more seriously.

Lot's more at IFNB blogspot
(International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding)


Anonymous said...

I think you're confused sir. The IFNB is very real. Nothing fantasy about it. 100% real men doing real many things.

JustaL said...

How can i find them?

Mitchell said...

To find them just click on the link at the foot of the post!

Anonymous said...

Love the bodies, hate the fake cocks! Keep it real!

Mitchell said...

There's no answer to that!

tricky ricky said...

Opposed to reality, most of these paragons of muscle having nothing manly in their posers to be proud off -- all smoke and mirrors surface-wise. But those obscenities you call cocks in contest, surely are not in it for the physiques, but for their overly wished-for assets, to go with the muscle. Otherwise, steroid shrunken and lacking... almost a parody of manhood.