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Sunday 29 May 2011

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Letter 'O'

The letter 'O' gives us a small but select band of fetish artists to make up for the break since 'N' including Okawa, Osamu and Osze. I will launch the new letter with a picture by Owsley a study of two sailors kissing which isn't really fetishistic at all (unless you count naval uniforms!) but is a really attractive and erotic image. I believe the title is 'The Lottery'.

It is ostensibly a straight-forward romantic picture that could easily be created in photographic format*, but if you study the detailing, it lifts it into a different realm and is a great example of the special capabilities of hand drawn art. 

(*since writing this I have found that it is from a photograph! I will update this article in due course)

Dennis Owsley - The Lottery
The picture has two focal points, the kissing heads and the hand grasping the bulge, cleverly making it romantic and erotic at the same time. These areas are portrayed in ways to match these moods. Thus the sailor's eyelashes are almost feminine, the neck and jaw lines of his friend are simple sensuous sweeps crossed by the dotted curves of his dog-tag chains (which by themselves succeed in giving 3D shape and depth). The groping hand, in contrast, is uncompromisingly detailed, chunky and masculine with fingers spread wide suggesting improbable, but very sexy bulk between his buddy's legs. The outlines of the buttocks and detailing of the buttoned flap contribute greatly to the sexiness of this area suggesting other destinations for the hand to explore.
There is more technical interest in the soft, pointillist detailing of the torso (causing it to recede) compared with the sharp almost plastic flicks of the creases radiating from the knees in the foreground. I find the open trouser leg with a hint of hemlines and glimpse of sock disappearing into the darkness completely fascinating.
I'm afraid I don't have a link for Owsley, but as usual I'd welcome contributions from those who do.
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Monday 16 May 2011


Chase Hostler tied up in swimming trunks - 1 (angry)

I am a bit of a fan of Chase Hostler, he is lucky enough to have a face that looks both cute and masculine and also posseses a chunky body that has developed, with training, into sensuous plumped up (dare I say voluptuous?) curves without looking musclebound. He obviously works hard at it, but others less gifted by nature might labour endlessly at the gym and never achieve this look. 
Chase Hostler tied up in swimming trunks - 2 (thinking about it)
 Chase's self confessed narcism (see his blog) is rather less appealing (if true), so I like these swim bondage images by Aaron Corbett, which appear to be putting the young man firmly in his place (as per the mitchmen motto!). The jazzy swimming trunks and sun visor certainly suggest a flashy, style-conscious persona in need of a dose of reining in and realism! 
Chase Hostler tied up in swimming trunks - 3 (acceptance)
Swimming trunks and bondage always go well together anyway (click the speedo bondage lable at the foot of this post for more examples). For me there's a sense of vulnerability and reality that isn't there with underwear bondage. 
Chase Hostler tied up in swimming trunks - 4 (seductive)
The rope used on Chase is thick and strong-looking and applying it to his upper body nicely highlights it's bulk and curvature. This halter style rope harness is body enhancing but can also be used to anchor the hands higher up behind the the back, making it harder for the captive to wriggle them free. The lower body arrangement is more decorative! Chase presents it provocatively, challenging his captor.
Chase Hostler tied up in swimming trunks - 5 (rewarded)

If you like this model visit Chase Hostlers Twitter Page which has lots of nice pictures of him maturing nicely and gives you some insight into his personality and life. 
He's also on Instagram

Saturday 7 May 2011

Squaddie Steve

Squaddie Steve by Mitchell

Squaddie Steve is the hero of my latest story at the mitchmen yahoo! group. He is a soldier stripper who runs into unexpected problems on a hen night gig.

The original picture that inspired this story goes a long way back but I became so taken with Steve and his adventures that I have produced a number of new pictures for the story, including the one above. This one threatens to run and run!

You can see more of Steve at the Yahoo! group
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