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Monday 30 November 2009

Mitchell's - A-Z of Fetish Artists - Klaus von Brandenburg

Klaus von Brandenburg specialises in pictures of square jawed, heroically muscular men who are tied down and being tortured. They are endowed with enormous, overflowing organs which would shame Tom of Finland and seem irresistible to the tormentors who reach out to grasp the column.

Klaus von Brandenburg - Tarzan on his way to his new home

The tortures are carried out in Police Dungeons or fictional or historical settings and he sometimes draws on stock comic book heroes for inspiration - Tarzan, Conan, Superman etc. The protagonists are sometimes surrounded by onlookers enjoying the prisoners agony or perhaps simply amused by the ingenuity of the torturers who employ a vast repertoire of devices on different parts of the body - often simultaneously.

Klaus von Brandenburg - Dungeon 6

Since the victim is naked and frequently secured in an immovable position, there is often more interest in the torture implements which are depicted in great detail and in the bystanders who are clothed and tend to have more characterful faces. Likewise the settings are carefully detailed. It's as though Klaus is more interested in the prisoner's predicament than his person.

Klaus von Brandenburg - Let us begin

The technique is unsophisticated but enthusiastic, the pictures are coloured with pencils or crayons which create a distinctive fuzzy texture and a child-like appearance quite at variance with the subject matter. The depiction of facial outlines and anatomy is cartoon-ish at times but features and musculature are shaded with great care and the artist can deal with perspective when he wants to as in Dungeon 6. The high level of detailing adds a great deal of interest to the drawings and though there is inevitably some repetition in the subject matter Klaus is always sexy and creates some memorable compositions.

See also KvB's 'Cowboy Antics' at mitchmen blog

Klaus posts regularly to GMBA (there's a link at the foot of the sidebar) 
He's also been in touch to say there is a blog with his name on but it does not belong to him.

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!

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Saturday 28 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kirwan

Kirwan - Something Different
I confess that when I started this section of my review, I didn't expect to be including Kirwan as a fetish artist since his efforts in this area are usually presented in a whimsical manner which doesn't exactly galvanise my eroto-meter.
Kirwan - Stable Boy
However, on reviewing my collection, I have noticed that he seems to have covered every fetish imaginable at one time or another; from ladies underwear to long johns, from spanking to golden showers, from cops to priests. So much so, that it seems perverse to overlook him.
Kirwan's strength lies in humour and caricature. I admire his ability to capture real personalities in his subjects but a lot of them seem singularly unattractive - in body and face!
Kirwan - Slow Dance
Then again some of his subjects are extremely attractive and romantic. The brightly coloured cartoon imagery belies a versatile technique that encompasses serious and sensitive subject matter. Slow Dance above is a triumph.
Kirwan - Thrashing
By contrast, the thrashing picture is exceptionally graphic and full of action and drama. His command of lighting for dramatic effect in night scenes and dimly lit places is bold and impressive and when he chooses to employ perspective effects the sense of depth is very convincing.

Michael has a website at
Mike Kirwan Arts, he also posts regularly at Yahoo Groups like Gaytoons and Homoart

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Thursday 26 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Kenya Shimizu

Kenya Shimizu is a serious artist who works in pen and ink and water colour
producing pictures which are often sexually explicit and feature fetish themes.

Kenya Shimizu - Eye of the Samurai

Like Hasegawa, he references Japanese culture and settings - for example, Samurai warriors and weapons, theatrical masks, tattoos - and of course, bondage.

Kenya Shimizu - Drops of Love

Drops of Love is one of his most memorable images, the treatment is distinctly romantic. 
Compared with Hasegawa, however, the body shown seems to be a vehicle for the art 
rather than an object of desire in it's own right.

Kenya Shimizu - Kiss of Death

The pen and ink works have more edge about them. They are authentically Japanese and highly stylised - sometimes with bold perspectives and slanted sight lines. The crowded, patterned backgrounds are interesting artistically, but compete for attention with the subject matter.

I like Shimizu's work and would happily hang some of the water colours on my wall, but find it hard to get excited about it from a fetish or erotic standpoint. It somehow lacks the darkness and challenge one normally expects from Japanese art.

There's a good selection of his work at Adonis Art of London - Kenya at Adonis Art

Note: I have listed this artist under 'K' simply because that is the first letter of his artistic name (as shown on the paintings). I use this arbitrary method to get round unravelling 'composite' names like MCarcel (Mike Carcel) and initials like 'JAD'. I confess I don't know enough about names in Japan (and Southern Hemisphere cultures generally) to identify forenames and family names either!
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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kevin

Kevin is a little known artist who has produced some nice pictures featuring bondage and spanking.
.Kevin - Bound Prisoners

They are precisely drawn with body outlines firmly delineated, but but there is also nice subtlety in, for example the glass window behind the 'stud man' below.

Kevin - Stud Man

The formal poses suggest photographic sources and look a bit 'posed' but the compositions are interesting enough to repay a little study even if they don't quite match the vitality of Kent and Kalabro.
Sorry no link info but a search of the GMBA archives (link in sidebar) will probably turn up more examples.
I'd welcome link information from readers

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!
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Sunday 22 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Nigel Kent

Nigel Kent represents fetish with a capital 'F'. He is not a story-teller, his pictures are focussed firmly on bondage and leather presented in a very intense form.
Kent - Tattoos and thongs
The image is usually a close up view - often exquisitely detailed and the participants are smothered in ropes or thongs and the whole range of leather fetish wear, accessories and attachments. He delights in the effect of body parts bulging under the constraint of bondage ropes and strapping.
Kent - Master A
The observer is not conscious of the bodies themselves - are they muscular? hairy? - you don't really notice. Likewise the faces are usually obscured by masks or cropped by the edge of the picture so their personalities don't intrude either - it's all about the fetish and the sex. Master A shown above illustrates this in a way, but actually shows far more personality than most of Kent's subjects, both in the face and clothing.
Kent - Bodybag
Kent's technique is highly accomplished, a sort of blurry pointillism which creates marvellous texturing effects in denim and cotton garments. It contributes to the stunningly crisp detail in Master A's belt. When used for leather and skin tones the effect is less effective in representational terms but instead, imparts a slightly unreal, unfocussed appearance to the image as a whole which is quite atmospheric.
There's a bio of the artist, a short article about his technique and a selection of pictures at Nigel Kent at TOF Foundation. The Leather Archives blog also has a Nigel Kent bio. A search of the GMBA archives (link in sidebar) or other art groups will probably turn up more examples.
I welcome link information from readers
Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!
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Saturday 21 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Kalabro

Kalabro is a most interesting artist. In the past he has labelled his pencil drawings using many names - D-extreme, Morpheus, Kal and simply 'K'. He also has collaborators who produce coloured versions of his work with their own names appended - but Kalabro's own style is unmistakeable.

Kalabro - Punish a Pledge
The characters in the pictures are marked out by hard muscles. Their thighs and calves are disproportionately large but grafted onto long slender legs. In action poses these bodies are quite stylish in appearance.

Kalabro - Forced March
He typically depicts cute and muscular young men in peril but the dangers they face are far more explicit and extreme than your average comic hero has to face! They may face assaults on their manhood (of course!), brutal punching, throttling, even drowning at the hands of massive opponents. These are subjects which are unusual in fetish art. Conveying the action of a fist fight or showing underwater scenes is difficult in drawings and I admire Kalabro's ambition tremendously - it lifts his work into a different league.

Kalabro - Tarzan Beaten
There is a fantastical element to all these situations and Kalabro sometimes employs stock literary characters like Tarzan, Mummies and Beast-men to add colour and embellish the drama with our shared knowledge of these beings. The Tarzan example shown here is one of his more recent works and the technique is impressive. I like these sketches which have a freshness about them which can disappear in the hard edges of neat final versions. On his blog he regularly shows the development of a picture from sketch to finished article and you can judge for yourself.

Kalabro - Ben in Peril
Although he clearly draws inspiration from Comic Book imagery, there is a great deal of originality and inventiveness in Kalabro's reworking of these themes into adult entertainment. 'Ben in Peril' is a good example, I have never seen this idea before. The beautiful Ben is menaced not only by the whirling propeller sucking him in but also by the possible loss of his mouthpiece and the inevitable exhaustion of the oxygen cylinders. You can conjecture for yourself how he got into this pickle and what is going on above him on the boat. If you search for Kalabro's pictures you will find his heroes in plenty of even more challenging situations!

Interestingly many of Kalabro's pictures do not depict explicit sex. The erotic intention is always apparent but it's main thrust lies in the brutal subjugation and destruction of beautiful young manhood. Not everyone's cup of tea I suppose, but in a way that's the hook, Kalabro dangles beauty in front of us and then destroys it. Or at least he pushes it to the very edge of destruction and leaves the rest to you. It's all (relatively) bloodless, certainly no worse than the average Hollywood film.

Kalabro has a good blog at The Erotic Art of Kalabro where he shares and talks about his recent work.
It's not been updated for a while and he seems to have moved to Patreon.
UPDATE, Feb 2022 - I have added an extension to this article with lots more pictures and an update on where you can find his art in Best of Kalabro

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Friday 20 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kai

Makoto Kai is an accomplished draughtsman with a dark mind. This iconic rubber mask picture doesn't simply show a fetish, it explores the psychology as well without detracting from the eroticism of the picture.

Kai - Gas Masks

The hose connecting the two captives is not a new idea but the simple representation here expresses a clear relationship between them which is quite thought provoking. The technology attached to the squatting man at both ends is equally interesting, the use of the hose as a frame for the picture is intellectually pleasing - and the radioactivity warning sign shows a nice sense of humour (or if you prefer a very dark mind indeed!). Even if you are uninterested in all this stuff, the picture is sexy and memorable.

Kai - Acupunked

Kai's simple and elegant technique is a delight and in other pictures he draws more directly on the traditions of Japanese calligraphy to represent bodily fluids as curling waves, the example here gives an idea of this. And yet alongside all the refined artistry is a very intense and explicit S&M message which would please the most ardent enthusiast! It seems very Japanese.

Kai also has produced coloured pictures which are more representational but my final sample of his work remains in the graphic mode and nicely complements my own fascination with rugby players with a twist of humour.

Sorry no link info but a search of the GMBA archives (link in sidebar) will probably turn up more examples. I'd welcome link information from readers

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!

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Thursday 19 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kaarlo

I don't know a lot about Kaarlo (I believe the name is Finnish) but the style of his pictures suggests the 1970/80's. Those I have in my collection are mostly dungeon scenes in which 'leather men' appear to be subjecting innocent-looking acolytes to demanding initiations. The pictures are carefully detailed with authentic-looking backgrounds and the leather men dressed in full regalia.
There is a sense of real action conveyed by writhing bodies and facial expressions. 

The flowing hairstyles and willowy, totally naked bodies of the initiates unmistakeably mark them as outsiders or novices when contrasted with the leather garb of their mentors. The Afro hairstyle and exotic moustache worn by this one (not to mention his jolly smile!) doesn't exactly suggest a dominant personality to modern eyes. It's a fashion born of the flower power era, but a contemporary viewer would (for example) reference the TV character of Jason King (ca 1970) played by Peter Wyngarde. His spy had a similar flamboyant appearance but also a disturbing combination of sickly charm with a penchant for ruthless violence.

This depiction of a wild S&M scene stars another Afro character who actually appears to black, unlike the leather man in the previous example. He's wearing a skimpy thong and corset-like belt that have a hint of femininity about them, but there's no doubting his masculinity in Kaarlo's depiction, even if you disregard his aggressive enactment of the ritual. It's quite a remarkable and attractive cameo.

The blindfolding leather hood in Kaarlo's work is a striking and slightly sinister symbol of domination but the prisoner restraint here, though spectacular is relatively modest. 
Fashions aside this scene is really quite timeless.

 More suspension and hooding in this picture but I've included it not so much for it's merits as a fetish picture, as for the 'flying' top ingredient. That's an image that is also featured in other well-known pictures: 'Time Out' by Ulf and 'Athlete' by Zamok. This manifestation suggests that the source inspiration is considerably older than I for one had ever imagined. 

The butcher's block and meat suspension rails are somewhat unsettling elements in this picture but the leather 'Master' looks like a regular guy-next-door. He probably won't have much energy left for nastiness after 15 minutes raising and lowering the lucky devil who's getting his oats here.

I'm surprised that this W-shaped restraint platform hasn't been adopted by the S&M community, combining as it does the arm spreading capability of a cross with an unusual ass-revealing, leg separating, ankle fixing and all in a compact design that can easily be stored between visitors. 

Visually, the tapering shape and sub's arm spread create a cup/bowl-like receptor into which the dom lowers himself for cleansing. It's quite a powerful composition. The irons heating up in the brazier behind them cast a darker shadow over these simple pleasures. For me this picture captures the essential connection with danger and dark sex which makes leather so alluring.

Kaarlo - Robinson Crusoe 1 (Shipwrecked)
 I can't leave Kaarlo without a mention of his 'Robinson Crusoe' series of 12 pictures 
charting the famous traveller's (trouserless!) ship-wreck. 

In his explorations of the island , he stumbles on a couple of locals who are intent on humiliating a fellow villager. Crusoe too is captured by them and both undergo suspension and whipping
(not dissimilar to the imagery above!).

Crusoe eventually escapes with his new friend, only to discover that the ship that has appeared in the bay is stuffed with young pirates who are very excited by the new arrivals.

Kaarlo's images aren't great art but they have a vitality and inventiveness that amply makes up for the technical weaknesses.

Sorry no link info but a search of the GMBA archives (link in sidebar) will probably turn up more examples

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!
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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Kamion

I don't cover render artists in this survey, it is hard to compare CG techniques with hand produced art. This omission leaves me lots of material for a follow-up series! However, I will mention in passing Kamion whose dangerous subjects would normally qualify with ease.

Kamion - Barbarian Market

This picture suggests something more serious than mere market trading - or perhaps it's me.

Readers are welcome to contribute their own comments - even if they differ from mine!
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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - K

There are a number of distinguished artists under the letter 'K' but not all qualify for this review. 
Kimura - Rugby Shorts
Much as I enjoy Kimura's boy candy (particularly his depictions of shorts) 
it hasn't got an ounce of danger or smut in it. 
Kent - Cotton Candy
Kent's craggy men are more sexual beings and a terrific advert for underwear sometimes. But although they sometimes accessorise with rope or 'cuffs, that's about as far as it goes.

It's a shame as both artists have stunning techniques - in totally different ways - Kimura soft and romantic, Kent crisp and metallic. I would love to drool over their work at greater length

These exclusions still leave us with a delicious selection of artists, old and new, including Kalabro, Nigel Kent and Kok (aka Dorus)

For earlier examples in this series click on the A-Z label below

Sunday 15 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 6 - Black Shorts and Hooped Socks

For the last in this series (at least for now) I revisit 'Bound Guys' one of my current favourite sites. In previous examples there is a bit of a cloning effect on different guys. These pictures show that the same clothes (shorts and socks) can look remarkably different on different men.
Simon of Bound Guys

On Simon (picture 1) the hoops on the socks show off the shape of his legs nicely. The combination of the unusual black and yellow pattern with the knitted hat and hairy chin and legs creates a casual, youthful, almost hippie-like appearance which is very sexy. In contrast, the shorts seem to contribute little but the square-cut legs subtly highlight a thick muscular thigh.
Marco in the same gear

On Marco (picture 2) the same garments produce a very 'buttoned up' clean and neat effect. The shorts come into their own here showcasing thighs and suggesting a nice shaped bottom. The crease-free socks add bulk to the lower leg and draw attention to the absence of footwear....and of ankle bindings which would extend the pattern of hoops further down the legs. If this is a deliberate design by the photographer it's genius!
Link:- Bound Guys

Saturday 14 November 2009

Men sharing clothes 5 - White G-strings

Dean Lahr in G-string

I think the G-string/posing pouch is a much neglected item of apparel. I know many hate them and it's not real clothing of course but I find them sexy provided that they look 'right', i.e. clean and crisp and showing off the lumpy shape inside. The diminutive dimensions may frustrate size enthusiasts anxious to see the model's true potential, but they suggest constraint to me and a hint of humiliation (as in “You don't expect me to get into that do you?”).

Billy Joe Carr in the same

As far as the 'sharing clothes' theme goes you could hardly conceive a more intimate garment. The men in these pictures from WPG studio (Link:Western Photography Guild) ) sure know how to wear them!

Friday 13 November 2009

Men sharing clothes 4 - Tight, White Shorts

Wally Grimme

Two more vintage snaps, this time from Scott Studio. Tight white shorts were his trademark and every model had to get into them. It must have been quite a sight. The unambiguous bulges in them remain erotic and it is puzzling in retrospect how these pictures escaped the censor.

Rick Wayne
If you like AMG and vintage stuff there's a good blog at Vintage Male Photos

Thursday 12 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 3 - Striped G-Strings

My frivolous series takes it's inspiration from AMG today. These distinctive horizontal striped G-strings (or posing pouches as AMG labelled them) crop up in lots of their pictures so you have to wonder how big a supply they had - or did the boys have to share?

Jim Paris in the stripes

The stripes may look a bit naff but they are very successful at highlighting Jim Paris's packet in this shot. But it's so discreet! Without the benefit of 'zoom' in those days, our predecessors must have strained their eyes trying to see more.
Tony Gallo looking perky
Wrestling will have been the first glimpse of straining manflesh for many of us. There must have been plenty of sweating under the lights here. It's hard to make it look real but Jim Mizer knew what he wanted to show! The stripes here draw the eye like a lighthouse on a stormy night. Monte Hansen has to make do with a regulation, plain pouch. Tony Gallo looks the other way to avoid a sweaty faceful.
Dennis Lavia's sweaty muscle
Dennis Lavia laid out in picture 3 isn't the prettiest model but he shows a very nice body capturing a balance of muscularity and lean-ness. The rather cuter David Mineric is forcing Dennis's arm up behind his back which shows off his upper body curves and makes sure he can't escape from the pouch if he's having second thoughts.

If you like AMG and vintage stuff visit AMG studios there's a blog at Vintage Male Photos

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Tuesday 10 November 2009

A footnote on Art by Justin (see A-Z)

When I wrote my piece about Justin for the A-Z of fetish art I wasn't able to give a link to his work for those wanting to see more. One of our readers has kindly written in to let me know about Justin's blog. Big thanks to that man.

Justin - Marine Boys
The blog is organised along similar lines to my own - a mixture of photographs, artwork by Justin and other artists. It's well worth a look.

Monday 9 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 2 - Wrestling Leotard

Here's another example of clothes sharing, from Bound Guys this time. Leotards are sexy garments both to wear and to view, I will devote a separate series to them one day.

1. Holden warming up the leotard

Holden's ginger hair and the fair skin that goes with it is a look that not all men appreciate and the Green leotard does nothing to disguise it, but he looks quite sweetly cowed and appealing in picture one. The all in one construction of the leotard creates an effect one step removed from nudity and there's an intimacy between wearer and garment which the cords curving round his body emphasise. The thought of it's transfer to someone else is quite erotic.

2. Gurth sizzling in it!

Put the same clothes on Gurth in picture 2 and you get something else again. He's a good looking man anyway and his cropped hair is very youthful and sexy but don't his thighs look great in the square cut of the leotard? This is a great example of bondage photography too, the single strand of cord diving between the buttocks is inspired, highlighting the curves and crevices in that area. The angle of the shot exaggerates their size too. Tying the Gurth's arms at his sides (rather than together behind his back) leaves his muscular shoulders visible, the cutaway neck line and arm holes show off this area too. Fabulous picture.

Link to Bound Guys

Sunday 8 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 1 - Shiny Silver Tee and Shorts

"How's this Mr de Mille?"
One of the kicks I get out of drawing pictures is being able to dress my characters in garments of my choice. Like the skinhead in my last posting. There is something quite kinky about stripping a man and assigning a new, sexy image to him (especially if he is unenthusiastic about it or embarrassed). One of stranger experiences of my life was being 'dressed up' by a guy who was into lingerie. Female clothing isn't one of my fetishes but I did 'get' the dressing up/control bit! 
"You're looking really great, Dirk"
Photographers of the male body are lucky enough to be able to do this to real men - although you get the distinct impression that some of them photograph models in the clothes they turn up in - baggy trunks and all! In other cases you get the reverse, clothing which is obviously fresh out of the packet and a pile of clothing (or a hanging rail even) in the background.
"I'm ready for my shoot, Mr de Mille, what do you want me in?"
When I'm surfing a new site and I see the same clothes turn up on different models it gets me imagining - were they aware another guy had worn them before? Were they swopping clothes, still warm, in front of the photographer?
"It's not fair! I thought you said I could keep these"
The pictures here (from MuscleHunks) feature two models in very distinctive clothing, apparently in the same apartment - say no more. Naive hunky models are another fantasy of mine!
(Thinks) "These shorts feel warm, almost as though....."
T-shirts on muscular men and dinky shorts (on any man!) are favourites of mine anyway and although I normally prefer simple cotton the showy effect of this silver material works well in my imaginary context. The photography is quite good too, nice sensual skin tones.
"You're looking really great Ivan!"

"Gee, thanks Mr de Mille"