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Monday 9 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 2 - Wrestling Leotard

Here's another example of clothes sharing, from Bound Guys this time. Leotards are sexy garments both to wear and to view, I will devote a separate series to them one day.

1. Holden warming up the leotard

Holden's ginger hair and the fair skin that goes with it is a look that not all men appreciate and the Green leotard does nothing to disguise it, but he looks quite sweetly cowed and appealing in picture one. The all in one construction of the leotard creates an effect one step removed from nudity and there's an intimacy between wearer and garment which the cords curving round his body emphasise. The thought of it's transfer to someone else is quite erotic.

2. Gurth sizzling in it!

Put the same clothes on Gurth in picture 2 and you get something else again. He's a good looking man anyway and his cropped hair is very youthful and sexy but don't his thighs look great in the square cut of the leotard? This is a great example of bondage photography too, the single strand of cord diving between the buttocks is inspired, highlighting the curves and crevices in that area. The angle of the shot exaggerates their size too. Tying the Gurth's arms at his sides (rather than together behind his back) leaves his muscular shoulders visible, the cutaway neck line and arm holes show off this area too. Fabulous picture.

Link to Bound Guys

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