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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Men Sharing Clothes 1 - Shiny Silver Tee and Shorts

"How's this Mr de Mille?"
One of the kicks I get out of drawing pictures is being able to dress my characters in garments of my choice. Like the skinhead in my last posting. There is something quite kinky about stripping a man and assigning a new, sexy image to him (especially if he is unenthusiastic about it or embarrassed). One of stranger experiences of my life was being 'dressed up' by a guy who was into lingerie. Female clothing isn't one of my fetishes but I did 'get' the dressing up/control bit! 
"You're looking really great, Dirk"
Photographers of the male body are lucky enough to be able to do this to real men - although you get the distinct impression that some of them photograph models in the clothes they turn up in - baggy trunks and all! In other cases you get the reverse, clothing which is obviously fresh out of the packet and a pile of clothing (or a hanging rail even) in the background.
"I'm ready for my shoot, Mr de Mille, what do you want me in?"
When I'm surfing a new site and I see the same clothes turn up on different models it gets me imagining - were they aware another guy had worn them before? Were they swopping clothes, still warm, in front of the photographer?
"It's not fair! I thought you said I could keep these"
The pictures here (from MuscleHunks) feature two models in very distinctive clothing, apparently in the same apartment - say no more. Naive hunky models are another fantasy of mine!
(Thinks) "These shorts feel warm, almost as though....."
T-shirts on muscular men and dinky shorts (on any man!) are favourites of mine anyway and although I normally prefer simple cotton the showy effect of this silver material works well in my imaginary context. The photography is quite good too, nice sensual skin tones.
"You're looking really great Ivan!"

"Gee, thanks Mr de Mille"

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