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Wednesday 31 August 2022

Tarzan Captured by Mystery Artist


The Tarzan genre isn't the usual fare at mitchmen, I find the high waist and 'modesty panel' on his classic loin cloths take away the appeal of his physique after a short while. However this set of drawings features a decidedly scanty and lumpy loincloth and the dynamic depiction of the jungle hero being taken down and tied up. That sold it to me. The skull masks worn by these attackers bode ill for him.


It's nice to see that the energetic business of securing the captive also allows space for some casual groping. In fact the clutch of the lower assailant here on Tarzan's bare bottom and the positioning of his face mask is close to being truly intimate.

Also I agree that if you are going to gag someone this way, make it tight!

Men of small stature do not seem out of place in a traditional Tarzan scenario but it's a tricky area these days. These miniature assailants however are heavily stylised and seem to have more in common with the gremlin-like characters in children's cartoons than real humans, so hopefully there's no offence caused.


Tarzan fights back, but it looks as if it's already too late. 
His effort, however, does produce a nice open-legged buttock display. 
Is that why he's winking? (With his eye, that is).

This winking action commonly occurs in Japanese artworks,
 but I have never understood what it means.


Tarzan's fightback and flight is ended in spectacularly sexy fashion.
The rugby style tackle is rarely delivered on the field as decisively as this. 
The lump in his briefs seems to testify to a secret passion for danger
- or for subjugation, perhaps.


The linking of limb restraints into the classic hog-tie signals the end.
And it looks like that fact is finally dawning on jungle boy here.

One assailant plants a foot on his buttock as he pulls the chest roping tighter.
The other attacker puts his foot on the back of Tarzan's other thigh
and his leg seems to take on the shape of a more than worrying threat.
If it's size is anything to go by. 


The tightening bindings are more and more painful for jungle boy
But his pec muscles swell in vain - and so it seems does his cock.
His loincloth seems to be slipping down his thighs here.
Great image!


Finally the famous hero lies subjugated in the grass.
The victors pose over him like big game hunters with their prize.
They poke him to see how angry it makes him
and to demonstrate how helpless he is.

Warily he awaits his fate at their hands. 
Notice that his bindings suddenly now include a neck ligature,
 which reiterates the threat in the skull masks worn by his captors.


I collected these images about a year ago from the now-defunct user, JungleCaptor @Deviant Art. None of them are signed. Browsing through them again now, I was suddenly struck by the resemblance of the subject matter to the art of Black Prof which also sometimes features miniature, abduction assailants. I have noticed too that he rarely seems to sign his pictures - and then only the 'female' ones. See BlackProf's Deviant Art Gallery.

The similarities between image 7 above and the one below by Black Prof are telling.
The striking colouring of eyes, the furrowed brow, the stand-out neck ligaments, the feet shaping, the fly-away gag end and most significant of all to me is the characteristic way of styling the ear recess with arches and a darker colour interior, which is surely a detail no other artist would match by accident.

BlackProf - A Nice Little Package

There are many other points of stylistic similarity, the overall economy of style to start with.
Compare also the impact effects in picture 3 with My Abduction from my BlackProf post.
The screwed up eyes in picture 6 also match My Abduction by Dwarves-4

BlackProf  doesn't usually employ photograph-like backdrops like those in the Tarzan images, 
but then again see the example below .

BlackProf - Evil Huntresses

 This comic image by BlackProf features women rather than diminutive, imaginary attackers, 
but it makes a nice companion piece for this mitchmen post.

A decidedly chunky jogger(?) in a wood finds himself targeted by dominatrix huntresses.
He's aggressively stripped and tied up, but I doubt that they intend to put him in a zoo.

That backside stripping frame is great for fans of the fuller figure.

More by this artist at BlackProf's Deviant Art Gallery.
Also Black Prof article at mitchmen blog.

Sunday 28 August 2022

The Look of Disappointment


Well you never know what it's going to taste like until you try!

This is a sort of sequel to Look No 31 at mitchmen 

It's a good lesson for the inexperienced,
finding out that you can't always believe what strange men say.

He'll soon learn that the taste is not the point.
Follow the yellow dick road.


photo credit: Sami Damo & Conner Habib in Backroom Exclusives 22 @HotHouse
caption by mitchmen blog.


This is No 32 in 'The Look' series at mitchmen blog,
click on the label at the foot of this post to view the others
or use the mitchmen search function (top right in sidebar) 

Thursday 25 August 2022

Art by St Jinx

St Jinx - The Bound Lord

At first sight this looks like a crucifixion image but the handsome captive is actually spread-eagled between two pillars. The proliferation of arcane symbols tell you that this is an artist who majors in mystical fantasy. 

He is a highly accomplished draughtsman with a keen eye for the homoerotic. 
Nearly all of his subjects are scantily clad men representing the characters of the fantasy universe,
this is a rare one who looks relatively normal (if you don't count the wings).

St Jinx - The Warden

This character is one of 'The Fae' 

His butch face with a shock of blond hair, chin stubble and general hairiness are most un-fairy-like but appropriate enough for his role as a 'defender', although the artist hastens to assure us that he prefers ploughshares and ecology to swords.

Despite his butch face he has something intriguingly feminine about him.
Not least those flimsy, sagging briefs and pouty lips.

St Jinx - The Summoner

This seems like a nice boy, but his horns and black wings
reflect darker tendencies, a desire to control in fact.
Here he's seen summoning something in The Shadowlands
that might have better been left unsummoned.

I like the mesh-like loincloth he's wearing,
a bit risky though in this situation.

St Jinx's output also includes a version of the Tarot pack and his own Arcana too
I've never understood 'Wands' but I rather like the juxtaposition here 
 of plump buttocks and sharp, pointy objects.

This picture has a touch of Jotto in it's style


St Jinx main site seems to be St but it's hard work to navigate through the images there.
The St Jinx at Instagram site is more accessible and has some interesting, wider-ranging stuff.
There's a selection of older work by St Jinx @Deviant Art

Search engines bring up plenty of results too thanks to the artist's distinctive name which they can't translate into an unsought shopping opportunity.

Monday 22 August 2022

True Love

For other Chastity Cage images at mitchmen, 
click on the label at the foot of this post

Friday 19 August 2022

The Art of Gilgamesh - 2

You can start reading from Part 1 of this mitchmen series

Gilgamesh - Broken on the Wheel

In some of Gilgamesh's early work he shows horned devils administering torture to their unfortunate captives. This one employs the classic back-breaking torture wheel, a spectacular device with a medieval ancestry, although it's method of use remains somewhat obscure and in some accounts is almost incidental to the punishment. Here Gilgamesh seems to see it as a type of rack for stretching victims.  

It's noticeable how he shows the two protagonists looking towards each other. The prisoner is not simply enduring his torment stoically, as is often the case in pictures like this, but showing emotion at his predicament. He might be pleading for mercy, expressing defiance or simply watching with dread for the next turn of the wheel but his feelings are part a significant element of the image. 

The Devil seems unmoved and determined to continue. Erotic undertones are supplied by the relatively inconspicuous cock binding and we might imagine the Devil is just returning to the lever having cruelly induced his prisoner's arousal, exposing his perverse pleasure in the agony.

Gilgamesh - Torture Frame

The interaction between the Devil and his captive approaches intimacy in this image. An ingenious frame with an adjustable back bar forces the prisoner into an arching position, similar to that on the wheel above. This allows his Devil to sexually tease and intimidate him at close quarters, his cock straining to escape from a holster-like G-string. The Devil is wearing an executioners mask here but it's not clear if his horns are real or merely a scary decoration incorporated into the mask. 

The background is dominated by an incongruous electronic device reminiscent of 1950's Sci Fi fantasies and Frankenstein laboratories. It stands against the wall glowing ominously. In the dim shadows we can see a more traditional dungeon accessory - an antique iron cage. A more mundane device sits on the table, a cut throat razor, possibly used to shave the prisoner of his manhood-defining body hair but it's super sharp blade always poses a threat.

The Devil's torment is even more complex here with the prisoner forced to squat on two posts and impale himself on a (hidden) dildo stake while the Devil plays with his manhood. His position is perilously steadied by a collar and chain which will suspend him by the neck if he falls. In fact in this series the Devil ultimately uses it to lower him onto the dildo stake, an example of darker thoughts that occasionally surface in this artist's work (see Part 3).

This is a complex torment worthy of of the Devil's reputation in the Christian religion and given the artist's Latin American background, it's tempting to make that a connection with these pictures. The Christian cross is actually shown on the wall in one of his  ''Heroes in Peril' images, as though referencing the tortures of The Inquisition. However that is an isolated example as far as I know and it's not obvious that these religious references have any deep meaning for the artist or are anything other than cultural. 

Gilgamesh - Demon Hunter Training

In his more recent work Gilgamesh substitutes other, unearthly beings for the Devil and draws on more 'modern' fantasy and game play scenarios. Thus this picture is based on the concept of a 'demon hunter', one who is better at finding them than eliminating them apparently. Gilgamesh describes him (the captive!) as a stud and he's certainly impressive with a particularly well-moulded, smooth body which contrasts dramatically with the wizened and wrinkled face of his captor. 

I suppose demon physiology is not necessarily the same as human's but this wrinkled face does not conjure up old age so much as a very long experience of  debauchery. So it's not surprising that having taken possession (as it were) of this interesting human foe the Demon is anxious to show him what he's been missing. 

Once again here we can see the captive's reaction. It looks like he's gritting his teeth as he deals with the initial restraint and pain, perhaps less conscious as yet of his sexually teasing display. I imagine there's going to be a lot worse to come.

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure p0

Other beings appear in Sergei's Desert Adventure ( a rather light-hearted term for what is about to befall him). Initially we see an extremely mature man, grizzled and exceptionally hairy, trekking across the desert. We know only that he is exploring, in search of adventure presumably, perhaps loot. He looks like a powerful, capable man, but details like the heat haze and his sweaty brow indicate that this trek is taking it's toll.

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure p13

Eventually he finds an Oasis, a surprisingly luxuriant one.
He drinks some water, enjoys a refreshing swim and then falls asleep.

Gilgamesh invokes the power of rendering to create an idyllic scene,
notice the realistic reflections in the water

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure p19

But Sergei is not alone.
Gilgamesh describes this horned creature as an 'imposing imp'. 
It appears that this oasis is one of his haunts, which may account for it's incongruous fertility.
He finds Sergei asleep, naked and defenceless, and likes what he sees.

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure p37

Arabia is not particularly well known for it's imps, but it is the land of enchantment.
Sergei awakes to find himself trapped in a magical web.
He tries to fight back but is eventually overwhelmed by the imp's spells.

In this sequence Gilgamesh uses imaginative imagery to convey a sense of glittering, magical manifestations gradually enveloping and overpowering Sergei.

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure p52

The imp is not only able to entrap Sergei with his magic,
he is able to materialise metal fetters and chains to permanently secure him.
He leads his captive out into the desert.

Using Magic to capture men, like drugging them, seems a bit of a cheat, but the end result seen here is a splendid image - a powerful man suddenly enslaved and dragged off like a chattel - for no apparent reason. He joins other forlorn captives at mitchmen blog, forced to cross the desert to an unpleasant fate in images by Chirenon, Bowen, Modus Vivendi, Amalaric and an unknown photo-shopper

Gilgamesh - Sergei's Desert Adventure 2 - p39

I won't reveal the entire storyline of Sergei's little epic (which appears unfinished at the time of writing but already runs to 143 panels) but I will mention a particularly nice moment in Part 2 which sees Sergei taken into an underground lair. His arrival causes enough of a disturbance to distract a second imp who has been amusing himself with another 'Adventurer'. 

His captive is an impressive man at first sight, younger and more clean-cut than Sergei, but despite his many attractions he's still less desirable than the older man, apparently. In this intriguing insight into the artist's thoughts, instead of welcoming the unexpected relief from impish torments, he almost seems to resent his sudden abandonment.

Gilgamesh has come a long way from that hunky young bodybuilder we saw in Part 1.


Other supernatural beings entrap a would-be plunderer in 'Igor's Adventure'

Igor's Adventure - Part 1 p5

Igor's is another extended story (currently 94 frames at the time of writing) and it reads like a classic labyrinth game. He is seen running through a maze of vaulted, stone corridors. There he encounters a strange creature (Gil describes it as goblin-like). It is clad in fetching leather (rubber?) briefs and kneels respectfully before him. Igor advances intending to kill it (just to be on the safe side presumably, in true gaming style). However the wily creature shoots drugged darts at him and brings him down. 

Igor's Adventure - Part 2 p4

While Igor is unconscious, the creature decides to make him his slave. 
He strips him of his weapons and all his clothes and starts to restrain him in 'enchanted' shackles.

Placing a captive in a seated position to tie him up is not an easy strategy but it makes a more interesting picture than the more conventional approach of tying up the man where he has fallen.

Igor's Adventure - Part 2 p13

Igor regains consciousness just as the creature is strapping a hard, metal ball-gag in his mouth. Realising what is happening, he leaps to his feet. He towers above his malevolent captor in this splendid image, but with his wrists and ankles clamped in iron fetters while he was unconscious, he discovers there isn't a lot he can do to him. The creature grins back at him.

This is a rather splendid imagining of the paradox of the giant rendered helpless by a smaller foe.
The giant, metal collar seems to embody the enormity of his humiliation.

Igor's Adventure - Part 2 p20

Igor panics and does succeed in kneeing the creature out of the way so he can make a run for it. 
Restricted by heavy shackles it's an act of pure desperation and a measure of his fear. 
The creature easily catches up with him and leaps onto his back.

Igor's Adventure - Part 3 p5

With the creature sitting on his shoulders, Igor finds he forced to obey it's commands. 
It directs him to descend into the dungeons.

This imagery seems to draw on very ancient roots and symbolism. It visualises the idea of 'the devil on my shoulder' but for the life of me I can't think of a literary example though it feels like there ought to be one in the Arabian Nights, Lord of the rings (Gollum?) or John Bunyan even. I'm sure it's popped up before in this blog but can't find it.

Igor's Adventure - Part 4 p41

At the foot of the stairs a dungeon awaits (you guessed!). 
A second creature helps to release Igor's fetters and chain him to the wall. 
Igor's balls are chained to a lug set into the floor of the cell.
His captor stays to play with him, drains him and then leaves.

The skull on the floor suggests that if his captors have anything to do with it, Igor's adventure will end here. That sense of isolation and abandonment haunts much of Gilgamesh's work. But Igor will have more duties to perform first, for as the creature leaves, he is already planning to return and 'adorn' Igor some more. 


More Gilgamesh in Part 3 (link pending)
Links are given in Part 1 of this mitchmen series

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Classic Homoerotic Images 4 - Levi Laundromat

This TV advert for Levi jeans starring Nick Kamen caused a sensation when it was first aired in 1985. Nick's public disrobing was not exactly shocking back then but it wasn't the sort of thing shown on TV and ads in the UK were still being policed by regulators. Somehow it escaped censure though.

For gay men, though, the homoerotic impact of a man stripping off on prime-time TV in an everyday scene was even greater. It must have been an unforgettable milestone for many teenagers in their journey to self-awareness. 

Naturally, the ad itself was couched in heterosexual terms with females and an old man watching the strip performance. It was easy to miss suggestively gay references in the opening seconds, a soldier loitering outside misses seeing Nick's ass arrive and a kid reading a comic suddenly looks up and finds Nick's jeans close up very interesting. 

The theme was borrowed by hunky rugby player Thom Evans for a health campaign in 2015

 Levi laundromat video borrowed from U-Tube


For other homoerotic classics in this mitchmen series click on the label below.

See also My Beautiful Launderette

Saturday 13 August 2022

Domination Art by Planet Gay

Planet Gay - Submission

 Super Top is Planet Gay's S&M fantasy hero. 
He dominates the cute young men who inhabit his idyllic world
 - and they love it!

This ruined chapel is a picturesque and romantic place to stumble across man.
He seems a likely catch, obligingly dressed only in underwear and boots.
Super Top takes him down and strikes a dominant pose.
But the bramble tattooed on his leg suggests he might scratch back!

Planet Gay - Captured

Super Top takes no chances.
He chains the captive's wrists together and leads him away.
Towards the setting sun - an ominous sign? or happy ending?

Super Top's outfit is quite unlike the skin-tight suits favoured by conventional superheroes,
it's more athletic and loose fitting - and shows more flesh!
Wearing his underpants as outer gear, however, is entirely authentic.
His haircut (or is it head tattoos?) create a dangerous, edgy impression 

Planet Gay - Chained

He chains his captive up to a pillar and leaves him to ponder.
What torments does he have in store for him?

The brightly coloured flowers don't suggest anything sinister is going on,
 although like much else here the plant does have a slightly spiky appearance
and it seems to be rambling towards the helpless captive.

Planet Gay - Super Top

When Super Top returns he's carrying another scantily-clad young man,
holding him aloft in the style of a wrestling victor.
Already the chains are in his hand read to make him a captive too.
Number 1 looks on helplessly at this latest display of power.

Planet Gay - I Like To Get To Know You

Super Top chains up his captives in intimate proximity to each other.
It seems he's turned into a super match-maker at this point.
Or is he simply preparing them to serve him together?
Both to be slaves to his every desire.

mitchmen editing note: I have altered the text in the speech bubble to try and make the English more natural without, I hope, altering the meaning. The enigmatic original says "So now the both of you can get to know you well", which is similar but slightly different to the title.

Planet Gay - The Kiss of Fate

The captives adjust pragmatically to their shared predicament.
This sudden friendship a distraction from the threat of captivity.

I'm not sure why it is described rather portentously as 'The Kiss of Fate'
unless it means they were fated to fall in love.

Planet Gay - The Winner (Victor?)

Super Top shows them that his altruism doesn't run to treating slaves as equals.
They must kneel at his feet in appropriate subservience.
It seems the newer one has already learned how to please him.
Super Top's underpants swell in response to his touch.

The sun ray pattern on the victor's top is unusual and unexpectedly body flattering.
It may be inspired by the flag of Japan.

This dramatic image with it's vivid, lightening-split backdrop
seems to hark back to those gay liberation images of the seventies,
which in turn seemed to be inspired by the hero art of Boris Vallejo and his like.
Those images which celebrated freedom and heralded a new dawn for gay men
don't seem entirely irrelevant today.


Read Part 1 of this mitchmen series on Planet Gay
Visit Planet Gay at DeviantArt for more

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Love That Leotard 2

 Read Part 1 of this mitchmen article about the 
confrontation in leotards between JT Sloan and Will Clark in  Fetish Sex Fights 3 


In Part 1 we saw JT Sloan limbering up for this encounter in a sexy, white leotard.
Will Clark, his opponent does his warm up, dressed in a red leotard of slightly different design.


It has a similar 'thong' cut at the back revealing copious quantities of buttock.


But the front is more open and chest-revealing.
It ought to be more sexy but I think I prefer JT's sportier, tight fit.
I'm not sure Will's red colour works as well as JT's white either.

Notice the ring dangling on a chain in the background
of this picture, it plays an interesting role later on


Will does his best to look athletic in his routine.


But he doesn't seem to have the same conviction as JT did while doing his stretches.


At times, he's like the boy at the back of the class,
day dreaming while going through the motions.


Some of his poses are more Porn than PT.


But it has to be admitted that he certainly know what that business requires!


It makes you hunger for the contest to begin
so JT can get to grips with him!


Particularly as the boys have agreed that the loser has to pay a forfeit.

More leotard sexiness in Part 3

Sunday 7 August 2022

Oztangles Retrospective 3

 Read this mitchmen series from Part 1


Oztangles - Discipline 1

Oztangles most notable fetish imagery in 2012 was the 'Room 3' series in which an initiate is subjected to a ritualistic series of  punishments. The top is unconventionally dressed in a brown, distressed-leather outfit . It's almost as if he's about to go out for a night on the town, but certainly adds to the character's interest. Oztangles interest in men's clothing also surfaced in other pictures in this mitchmen selection of his work. 

This is not his most fluid art but the flying X-spread is rather good. The suspended captive is visibly suffering a beating on his back, but his decidedly cute bubble butt, which would also tempt most of us, seems to have escaped attention so far. The unusual tattoo just above his buttocks highlights them rather nicely and gives his character a element of boldness and edge. He's quite hairy too but despite these erotic triggers the top's cock seems  reticent to engage. This seems to match I might add, his somewhat cautious approach with the flail.

Oztangles - Discipline 2

In the reversed position the captive is revealed to have an unexpectedly nerdy, studious appearance and  a lot more body hair. The top has a more mature face which is characterful and attractive. His sexual interest in the proceedings seems to be growing and he moves in to casually tease his frightened captive with an electro wand. The weighted nipple clips, which are a familiar sight in this artist's fetish work, provide a nagging undercurrent to the sharp stabbing of the wand. 

The mirror reflections in these pictures are interesting and almost give us two pictures in one.

Oztangles - You'll Keep

The top's detachment is even more apparent in this image as he leaves his acolyte draped over an A-frame on the business end of a butt machine to attend to some other business or perhaps grab a coffee. While he's gone the captive must endure a continuous, mechanised ass-pumping. His gag has been removed inviting him to make as much noise as he wants, because no one will hear. The chilling sentiment expressed in the title leaves no doubt that there's much more torment in store for the him when the top returns. 

There's intriguing pump-like device in the right foreground here, 
it also appears in the previous picture but I've no idea what it does.

Oztangles - The Torment Continues

When the top does rejoin his captive, he's discarded his expensive clothes in favour of a leather harness, no doubt anticipating a more messy procedure. Oz has fitted his kit to his body rather snugly, which creates flattering curves. He's managed to avoid the 'painted-on' look, showing advancing technical skill. The mirror shows tantalising scantiness. 

The top has seated himself for this procedure (and he does seem to be approaching it like a surgeon). I can't decide if this is more evidence of his detachment from the process or simply a practical preparation for a lengthy 'edging' torment. 

The long-suffering captive gazes up to the ceiling stoically. He has two gadgets attached to his nipples that are supported on balanced, levers. It isn't obvious what they are, they look a bit like toothbrushes but they could equally be electro prods or simply hi-tech nipple weights. His hairy body has acquired an attractive chunkiness in this picture.


Oztangles - Nightmare

This is a curious image. It has the key ingredients of a nightmare - the approach of something indefinably terrible and the inability to escape from it. The dreamer seems to be stranded in an empty house and sitting in an old-fashioned wheelchair, as though this is the curse of a previous, infirm occupant, now long dead. The wheelchair might symbolise his inability to use his legs to escape.

The captive is crudely secured at wrist and ankle by wooden restraints like the pillory and stocks of medieval times but his seated position is somewhat at odds with the suggested nature of the beast's threat - a gigantic dong. The same incongruity can be seen in the conceptually similar Nightmare 4 (2011) which appeared in the previous post in this series at mitchmen.

Oztangles - Blue 2

To round off my 2012 selection I have chosen this, more arty exploration of the power of rendering. I like the Man in the Moon idea and have explored it myself in the past. The tip of the crescent rising between his legs is quite sexy.


Oztangles - In The Mountains 2

This is my favourite image from 2013 which doesn't seem to have been a prolific year for this artist. It features the character with a beany hat who crops up from time to time in his work. I like the wild location which is nicely blended in with a pleasing colour palette. There's also a good sense of animation in the coupling.

Oztangles - The Fun Begins

The artist added to his 'Room 3' series in this year. A Japanese character who joins the party here dressed in a fundoshi with Japanese characters on it. He also appears in some of the 2012 pictures which I haven't included here but can be found at Oz's website. I'm not sure what his presence signifies in the narrative, perhaps adding expertise in the ancient art of torture. The vibrator he's holding seems a relatively mild contribution in that respect - or perhaps it's a microphone and this man's ordeal is about to reach the outside world.


Oztangles - Detention 1

We've seen before that Oz is not averse to reworking a good idea and he reuses the setting from the Room 3 series for this image. This top looks more overtly villainous in his hood and overalls, flourishing a sci-fi gun of some sort, but like many of his peers in this artist's work, he's content to distance himself and observe the proceedings. That may be because the captive is bathed in a strange red light. It's not clear what it is but it's obviously causing him discomfort and making him sweat. 

This restraint stand has a more hi-tech look than it's predecessor. It has a cunning, upright pillar which leans back, keeping the captive permanently off-balance. It's similar to that deployed in the restraint of Dean Spencer in Fetish Sex Fights 3 (reviewed at mitchmen in Vintage Bondage - Dean Spencer).

Oztangles - The Sex Slaves' Dorm

With this image Oz overtly visualises a fantasy world of sexual slavery for the first time, I think, although his captivity scenarios also skirt round the idea. The top in charge of the slaves here has a touch of the pirate about him, suggesting that this is a space ship and that these men have been abducted from passing vessels to serve the all-male crew pending sale perhaps in a world that practices slavery. 

In this place it appears that free men wear scanty loin-cloths, I guess they are the warrior class. Slaves on the other hand are condemned to wear chastity cages and sleep in tiny, hi-tech pods which I must say look a lot more comfortable than old-fashioned cages. In gay fantasy, dorms are normally places of communal sex but in the wider world they are also the domain of bullying overseer's and I suspect that is what is happening here. The pirate's size and physique dwarfs his charges who stand before him warily trying to look respectful and not frightened while awaiting his pronouncement.

Oztangles - Fucking A Time Lord (Time Lords 3)

In the Time Lords series, the artist cleverly uses the clock in the background to sequence the images. 
Otherwise there's little obvious connection with the time travelling TV Series other than the suggestion in the title that the Doctor has materialised in a place that poses out of the ordinary challenges that can't be broadcast.

I like the chunky top with his gold accessories, also the steam-punk setting. 

Oztangles - Your Turn Tonight

Oz revisits the harem scenario here with a racial role-reversal that would probably considered a tad inappropriate these days. The submissive, caged slave on the right is a nice, fetish feature. Oz's passion for imaginative clothing surfaces again in the simple but striking silver cape. It would not be out of place in the strange world of the fashion catwalk although I fear it might provoke disrespectful comments about turkeys or hyperthermia. Nevertheless it's an interesting composition that draws the eye and stimulates the imagination.

This mitchmen review of Oztangles' art continues in Part 4
links will be provided at the end of the series