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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Tarzan Captured by Mystery Artist


The Tarzan genre isn't the usual fare at mitchmen, I find the high waist and 'modesty panel' on his classic loin cloths take away the appeal of his physique after a short while. However this set of drawings features a decidedly scanty and lumpy loincloth and the dynamic depiction of the jungle hero being taken down and tied up. That sold it to me. The skull masks worn by these attackers bode ill for him.


It's nice to see that the energetic business of securing the captive also allows space for some casual groping. In fact the clutch of the lower assailant here on Tarzan's bare bottom and the positioning of his face mask is close to being truly intimate.

Also I agree that if you are going to gag someone this way, make it tight!

Men of small stature do not seem out of place in a traditional Tarzan scenario but it's a tricky area these days. These miniature assailants however are heavily stylised and seem to have more in common with the gremlin-like characters in children's cartoons than real humans, so hopefully there's no offence caused.


Tarzan fights back, but it looks as if it's already too late. 
His effort, however, does produce a nice open-legged buttock display. 
Is that why he's winking? (With his eye, that is).

This winking action commonly occurs in Japanese artworks,
 but I have never understood what it means.


Tarzan's fightback and flight is ended in spectacularly sexy fashion.
The rugby style tackle is rarely delivered on the field as decisively as this. 
The lump in his briefs seems to testify to a secret passion for danger
- or for subjugation, perhaps.


The linking of limb restraints into the classic hog-tie signals the end.
And it looks like that fact is finally dawning on jungle boy here.

One assailant plants a foot on his buttock as he pulls the chest roping tighter.
The other attacker puts his foot on the back of Tarzan's other thigh
and his leg seems to take on the shape of a more than worrying threat.
If it's size is anything to go by. 


The tightening bindings are more and more painful for jungle boy
But his pec muscles swell in vain - and so it seems does his cock.
His loincloth seems to be slipping down his thighs here.
Great image!


Finally the famous hero lies subjugated in the grass.
The victors pose over him like big game hunters with their prize.
They poke him to see how angry it makes him
and to demonstrate how helpless he is.

Warily he awaits his fate at their hands. 
Notice that his bindings suddenly now include a neck ligature,
 which reiterates the threat in the skull masks worn by his captors.


I collected these images about a year ago from the now-defunct user, JungleCaptor @Deviant Art. None of them are signed. Browsing through them again now, I was suddenly struck by the resemblance of the subject matter to the art of Black Prof which also sometimes features miniature, abduction assailants. I have noticed too that he rarely seems to sign his pictures - and then only the 'female' ones. See BlackProf's Deviant Art Gallery.

The similarities between image 7 above and the one below by Black Prof are telling.
The striking colouring of eyes, the furrowed brow, the stand-out neck ligaments, the feet shaping, the fly-away gag end and most significant of all to me is the characteristic way of styling the ear recess with arches and a darker colour interior, which is surely a detail no other artist would match by accident.

BlackProf - A Nice Little Package

There are many other points of stylistic similarity, the overall economy of style to start with.
Compare also the impact effects in picture 3 with My Abduction from my BlackProf post.
The screwed up eyes in picture 6 also match My Abduction by Dwarves-4

BlackProf  doesn't usually employ photograph-like backdrops like those in the Tarzan images, 
but then again see the example below .

BlackProf - Evil Huntresses

 This comic image by BlackProf features women rather than diminutive, imaginary attackers, 
but it makes a nice companion piece for this mitchmen post.

A decidedly chunky jogger(?) in a wood finds himself targeted by dominatrix huntresses.
He's aggressively stripped and tied up, but I doubt that they intend to put him in a zoo.

That backside stripping frame is great for fans of the fuller figure.

More by this artist at BlackProf's Deviant Art Gallery.
Also Black Prof article at mitchmen blog.

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