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Sunday 29 March 2015

First Catch Your Rogue - 5 Hood Humiliated

Many of our local villains have tied try to rob me,
having heard I keep money in the house.
Most of them are the weedy, needy, sneaky sort - not very attractive.
So when I catch them I usually just give em a good dressing down
and send 'em packing.

Eddie was different, more rich boy layabout than villain..
His parents only gave him a small allowance, to encourage him to get a job
He spent it going to the gym, he was there every day, 
I admit he looks good, but he's not very tough, or very bright
So when he came by it was easy to catch him, just by locking the door

He wore a silly mask. I let him keep it on, but I knew it was Eddie 
He was terrified that I would tell his parents or the police
 So I was able to extract a bit of community service on the spot.
I gave him the chance to strip and show off his body to me
I even gave him a bottle of baby oil to use, I knew he'd like that.
He put on a very nice show for me

He'd been rummaging in my drawers before I caught him.
He'd found an old dildo and was going to steal it for his girlfriend.
 I hadn't seen it for years, so I didn't really mind.
I told him he ought try it out first, to see if it still worked. 
Like I told you he's not very bright.
I had to explain how to do it and he agreed eventually
- after I threatened to remove the mask.

Even with the baby oil it was a struggle for him, a total ass virgin. 
Fortunately I had some old amyl nitrate poppers too.
They'd gone off a bit but Eddie couldn't tell.
They made him droop of course, so then I dug out some Viagra
Together they did the trick.
After that there was no holding him back,
I shot my load and went to bed. Left him still at it.
Locked in of course

I just looked in on him this morning, he's still going strong,
Up all night probably. It's good stuff that Viagra.
I expect he'll still be up for it if I pop in after I've had breakfast.
I'll probably give him his clothes back when he goes down.
Maybe I'll let him keep the dildo too.

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Thursday 26 March 2015

Home Alone (The Look of Nervous Anticipation)

The look that says:-
"What are those rough burglars going to do if they don't find what they want?"

That's if the duvet doesn't get him first!
Another furnishing faux pas for the archive.

Photo by BDManBrazil

Tuesday 24 March 2015

More Wedge Art

A further selection of wedges and kindred devices from a variety of different artists.


Assphixiate's take on the wedge depicts good cheek penetration despite the blunt apex.
The intriguing neck restraint forcing the arching of the body is a very erotic embellishment.
The resultant trembling torso equally so.

 A lot of this imagery involves female doms and I've edited one out here to avoid causing offence to sensitive readers. I can't do the same for the antiquated chair I'm afraid. That aside there's a nice sense of helplessness about the victims pose. Artist not known to me.

 I don't know the artist behind this photo manip either. It's a little crude (the picture that is!) and the restraint overly complex, but the forcibly splayed legs make clear the purpose of the device, and suggest a downward pulling to augment the victim's own weight. 
The  tights (with an improbable frontal bulge) are a nice erotic touch

Not really a wedge at all. Blondbear's horse is conceived in the same spirit and exploits similar erotic triggers but without any of the danger or pain. 

Iskan's device appears to be a scrotum tickler rather than a true wedge,
but would doubtless be effective should the victim's restraints ever allow him to sit on it. 

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Saturday 21 March 2015

A Walk In The Black Forest (The Look of Wary Alertness)

 The Look - Wary

At first light Ranger Jim came across evidence of another Boy Scout camp.
They'd clearly lit a campfire here recently.

He looked around nervously.

He'd just endured three days of rope knotting practice and invasive nature projects
 before finally managing to grab his clothes and make a run for it.

He didn't want to be recaptured now and taken back for their last night barbecue.

Unfortunately it was at least 3 days walk to the nearest  Ranger Station,
He just had to hope none of them had got a badge for tracking.

(photo: Paul Freeman)

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Swimmer in Bondage (Art)

I like this idea (despite the youth of the celebrant). 
The arms channelled between the buttocks is an interesting touch if not quite in accord with the laws of physics. Light has some odd properties in this universe too, but the light and shade effects add greatly to the interest of the scene. 

The artist is Stevie but his shiny swimming trunks and tight bondage remind me of Boundex's art too.

I don't think Stevie has his own site but there is a selection of his work at xtcgm's Deviant Art gallery and you may be able to find more through links and associations there
 It looks like some bright spark has removed the artist's ID, why do people do that? Is it some sort of cultural communism where art belongs to everyone and no-one gets credit for what they produce? Or is it a pre-emptive plea of ignorance for breaching copyright? 

Friday 13 March 2015

Ordeal in an empty house (The Look of Fear)

The look that says :- he's coming back!

(Photo: Ryan Rockford at Bound Guys)

Very best wishes to Caitiff of Bound Guys
 for a speedy recovery after a nasty accident

Friday 6 March 2015

Crucifixion of a Surfer

Sporting Losers - No 4 The Surfer

Mitchell SK05 - No Surfing Today

"The lifeguard down at Crucifix Beach is strange cove.
He takes a dim view of what he calls 'inappropriate beach attire', preferring his boys to wear baggy shorts. He especially hates skimpy briefs, describing them, somewhat enigmatically, as 'loin cloths' but I won't repeat what he calls the guys who wear them. 
He's a real disciplinarian too, he won't take any back-chat from the surfers and when the red flag is up he expects them to get out of the water and stay out. 
He has a vast repertoire of biblical guidance and warnings for young men who transgress. Even so none of the regulars were quite ready for what befell Sexy Simon the day he broke all the rules - with his usual panache."


This picture and story was originally posted in my 'Sporting Losers Series' 
which is now available in full at my Story Archive. View Mitchell's Sporting Losers.

The image owes something to Player's memorable surfer crucifixion but I have just realised that there's an even greater resemblance to a crucifixion drawing by Okawa although I didn't intentionally copy it, as far as I recall.

The significant ingredient mine and Okawa's have in common is the 'mini-wedge' between the legs, the looser restraint arrangement in my picture gives this unpleasant device fuller rein to torment the uncomfortable captive as his legs tire of lifting himself clear. I've added these two images to my collection on this subject 
(click on the 'riding the wedge' label at the foot of this post for more).


The Madahv picture of a man on the cross in my last post was the first time I have featured that artist here, but it's not the first time I have looked at crucifixion. By coincidence I have just revised a post for the letter 'C' in my A-Z of Fetish Artists featuring (among others) the artist Cyrano who specialises in this subject. Looking back I was surprised to find about a dozen other posts featuring imagery of the ordeal including my own collaboration with Hardman 'After The Storm'.
I have now introduced a 'crucified' label to make it easier to find them all (see foot of post).

Monday 2 March 2015

GMBA - another resurrection

Madahv - Study for Boy on Cross

 During all the drama, while blogger was vacilating about nudity and sex, and almost unoticed, the longstanding male bondage art group, GMBA, was zapped for the umpteenth time. However, GMBA has begat more descendants than the most virlile of biblical heros and I have updated the link in the sidebar (right at the bottom!) to direct you to the latest incarnation.
 Klaus Von Brandenburg - Prisoner No2

Unfortunately every time this happens the archives are lost (and recommendations in my articles for reference material there become useless) but group members are already piling in with fresh stuff and I present a selection of the opening goodies here including Madahv's crucifixon study (top) and a splendid set by Klaus Von Brandenburg (above) whose technique seems to be advancing rapidly. 

GMBA - Essential reading for any art enthusiast
(latest link in sidebar)