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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

More Wedge Art

A further selection of wedges and kindred devices from a variety of different artists.


Assphixiate's take on the wedge depicts good cheek penetration despite the blunt apex.
The intriguing neck restraint forcing the arching of the body is a very erotic embellishment.
The resultant trembling torso equally so.

 A lot of this imagery involves female doms and I've edited one out here to avoid causing offence to sensitive readers. I can't do the same for the antiquated chair I'm afraid. That aside there's a nice sense of helplessness about the victims pose. Artist not known to me.

 I don't know the artist behind this photo manip either. It's a little crude (the picture that is!) and the restraint overly complex, but the forcibly splayed legs make clear the purpose of the device, and suggest a downward pulling to augment the victim's own weight. 
The  tights (with an improbable frontal bulge) are a nice erotic touch

Not really a wedge at all. Blondbear's horse is conceived in the same spirit and exploits similar erotic triggers but without any of the danger or pain. 

Iskan's device appears to be a scrotum tickler rather than a true wedge,
but would doubtless be effective should the victim's restraints ever allow him to sit on it. 

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