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Thursday 28 February 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 2

Some time later the recipient of the Captor's call entered Leo's cell
He was just as excited by Leo, as The Captor had predicted.
A real cop, totally helpless, what an opportunity!

 Leo had expected these men would take advantage of his immobilisation to hurt him.
Strangely, though, this one was content to watch him struggle, enjoying his predicament

Although he did tweak the tethering rope occasionally
just to make Leo jump and dance - like a puppet on a string.

He was very aroused by Leo's police uniform and when he left he took it with him.
 having negotiated a suitable fee with Leo's captor,
who refused to allow any discount for the still-wet soiling.

At first Leo was furious over losing his uniform,
but he knew the other cops would be scouring the streets trying to find him,
and if they found his stolen uniform, it just might lead them to him.

The Captor returned and adjusted Leo's underwear to it's normal position

It restored some modesty for him, but offered scant warmth in the chilly cell.

He was made to sit astride a gym bench
and told that his rather utilitarian style of underwear,
though obviously chosen for comfort rather than style,
would probably be a big hit with his next visitor.
The Captor then tied Leo to the bench, face down on the smelly seat.
He left him waiting in the cold - embarrassed, uncomfortable and apprehensive.

When the next man entered the cell he laughed at Leo's underpants and vest
He scolded him for wearing schoolboy underpants, making Leo blush,
and then administered a short but stinging spanking on his rounded buns,
leaving those fuller cheeks equally flushed.

Leo tearfully memorised his face, vowing revenge when he got free. 

But as if the spanking were not humiliation enough,
this man started taking photographs of Leo
 from a variety of frankly, embarrassing angles,
promising they would soon find their way onto the Internet.

Tears and naff underwear,
that wouldn't be too good for Leo's street cred
 - or his career, he reflected.

Where were the cops when he needed them?

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These pictures of Leo courtesy of Bound Guys
There are lots more sexy pictures there.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Adventures of Leo, The Captured Cop

When he came to, the last thing Leo could remember
was being called to a bar to sort out a brawl.
It should have been just a routine, night patrol incident
But when he got there, it was like they were waiting for him. 
There was a scuffle but he couldn't remember what happened after that.

A man entered the cell and began to taunt him.
 "Wakey, wakey Leo, this is the start of your new life!"

He grabbed at Leo's uniform, saying
"First, let's see what you've really got!"

Shirt buttons and fly zip are opened to reveal Leo's white singlet and underpants.
 "That's interesting underwear you're wearing, Leo" opines his Captor,
"It tells me you're clean living, modest and not very adventurous, I reckon.
Unfortunately, we don't get much call for that these days,
 so that may have to change. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Let's see some more.........."

And a  few seconds later......
"Love those thighs Leo! That uniform definitely doesn't do you justice.
You ought to be in a job where you can use that hunky body."

"Now Leo, what else is there to see?"

"Well now, shaved pubes eh? Maybe I was wrong about your adventurousness after all.
I can definitely see potential, in fact I know someone who'd love to look you over.
I'll go and call him now....Oh, I nearly forgot....."

" .....Just so you don't get any ideas of escaping.
Mmmmm Leo, Leo! 
I think you were just made to be cock-tethered!"

"I won't be long Leo. don't go away!"
The Captor departed leaving Leo alone in the chilly cell,
contemplating his fate.

Go to Part 2
Pictures of Leo courtesy of Bound Guys


Sunday 24 February 2013

First catch your rogue - 1 Testoterone Issue


"That was a text on your phone Darren, from someone called Jody.
It says 'where RU?' with lots of exclamation marks.
Looks like Jody's not happy with you!"

"ffrrrkoff! "

"Nice phone by the way, I might hang on to that,
but I expect you stole it anyway."

"ffrrroff !!! faaastudd"

Now, listen Darren, I know you're probably not the sharpest blade in the box.
That's not your fault, but really, you should have worked it out.
 If you keep breaking into people's houses, wrecking them and stealing stuff,
 then, sooner or later, in all probability,
 you'll run into someone bigger, stronger and nastier than you are......
 ...and in this case much, much nastier, Darren, I'm afraid.
"ffrrrkoff! ffrrrkoff! "

"Yes, you're quite right. (sigh). 
Now, don't go away Darren, I'm just popping into the kitchen, 
I've got something just the job for you.....

"ffrrrkoff! "
"You're a good looking brute, Darren, I like your body shaved like that,
but you've got too much aggression, way too much testosterone."

(sounds of drawers opening and rattling)

"Now where did I put it?... (rattle, rattle) 

......I think we need something special for this occasion......(rattle, rattle) 

 .......Ah, Here it is!"

"Look, Darren, it's a bit Freddie Kruger I'm afraid, 

But it's big, bright and shiny - and freshly sharpened.
What do you think?"

"nnnuuurrghh!!!!" (chair scraping noises) "nnnuuurrghh!!!!"


Saturday 23 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 4

A final set of more or less painful straddling images, involving blunter instruments than the true wedge, but each with it's own test for the stoic model to endure.

Unashamedly erotic, but a statue of a lion in ancient, Middle Eastern style lends a touch of arty class to this image. Still, the grainy, gritty texture of that stone must be murder on our elegant model's naked bottom and you can be sure that the photographer will demand numerous adjustments to his position to get a decent selection of poses. I know I would! 

The model's expression suggests he's already had a couple of abrasive moments.

A steel girder in an industrial setting would normally present quite a cold challenge to this boy's exposed rear, but by the look of things it's quite hot and steamy in here. The lower flange of the girder is only wide enough to support a couple of toes and he looks suitably unhappy, poised gingerly there with a forlorn expression on his face.

 Apollo Phoenix (can that be his real name?) spreads his legs happily to accommodate this plastic wrap-around seat. It's just high enough and wide enough to prevent him placing his feet comfortably on the ground. Quite the opposite of a sharp wedge, but who knows what lies hidden behind the upturned edge? It's in the lap of the gods you might say.

Of course, plastic + sweaty = adhesion and it looks like Apollo's just realised. 
An unpleasant un-peeling looms.

Riding astride a horse is the archetypal wedgie experience, no wonder cowboys were so happy round the camp fire. This handsome trophy animal may be dead, but those wicked horns, curling in towards the model's nude torso are enough to suggest a wilder, more challenging alternative to the horse ride. 

If he didn't feel foolish enough balanced like this - and he does look cross - the model has become a trophy himself. I'd find room on my walls somewhere for such a beast.

If you're wondering about the physics and engineering of producing this picture, I think that's the floor behind him.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 3

Sorry for the gap in posts on this topic, computer on the blink!

To complete this thread, more images to get you thinking
about wedges between thighs.

Trying the wedge out?
The padded leather motorcycle trousers (chaps?) and sleeveless top suggest virility, manhood and a touch of wildness but the model's face looks far too youthful and cleancut. It's an incongruous combination, like a youth trying to be a man, too early. The expression on his face suggests he might be out of his depth already!

A beautiful model contemplating the possibilities of the wedge.
The stepladder is a useful proxy, arrow-shaped and lifting the model off the ground
Sadly my decorator was never this adventurous.
I love those lanky legs.

Ouch! Too sharp lad?
Get back on!
(This image by Dylan Rosser)

Saturday 16 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 2 Cody Allen at Bound Gods

If I recall correctly, the picture by Bishop in my last post is not the only 'wedge' torture image in existence but I've not been able to track down any others, I will remedy this when I find them!


Luckily our old friends at Bound Gods have produced a particularly good session featuring 'The Wedge' being ridden by Cody Allen, at the instigation of Brad Kalvo. 
The crotch dividing qualities of the beast are best seen from the rear. 

Cody's hands are tied above his head and his feet dangle uselessly, 
so he can't do anything to relieve the pressure on his groin. 
I love the twiddling toes in this picture.


No monks, sadly, in this dungeoun but Brad makes a very presentable leatherman. 
He obligingly provides a distraction for Cody......

......with impressive results 
but Cody seems to have something else on his mind.

Brad lingers over his cabinet of delights, while Cody patiently awaits his return.

Now the fireworks start!
Cody's excitement rapidly deflates.

The reference number for the Bound Gods production is 21957 
and it's entitled 'Please tase my ass' (!)

Friday 15 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 1

 In my previous posts about Royale Studio series 'The PT Class', the Vaulting Horse straddling exploits of Timor Urgay above, prompted a diversion about sitting astride crotch-filling devices and a mention of 'The Wedge', a fetish torture tool.
This, more modern version of the idea depicts solid, phallic bulk between the straddling legs and a man struggling to cope, it seems. The castaway marooned on a rock, exposed to the pouring rain is a very Japanese way of putting a man in his place. 

 Note the olive underwear, yummy! I missed this in my recent survey
(search on 'olive' to find it)
 I don't know who the creator of this image is although I feel I should.
A touch of Twilight howling?
This picture eloquently demonstrates the sensuality of crotch rubbing,  using less of a blunt instrument, although the choice of a window frame, half in half out, is a bit strange. Is he a burglar? Coming or going?
I love the bubble butt + underwear combo here and  the upraised stubbly chin,
he's a pretty boy
Bishop - The Blade
This classic image by Bishop demonstrates the fetish potential of the wedge device. The victim sits astride it, weighted down to increase the pressure.
Bishop actually calls it 'The Blade' implying a sharp top edge, but I'm glad he doesn't follow that idea through to a messy conclusion, this victim is still being lowered into position. Slanting shafts of light conjure up a forbidding basement location and the cowled monks intensify the sinister atmosphere - but their involvement raises the chilling suspicion, that this victim's offence might be rather inconsequential to you or I.
You're never quite sure in Bishop's work whether you're looking at a man or a woman - or an amalgam of the two, the cock here looks a bit of an afterthought and not exactly a labour of love, I'm not sure if it shows excitement or fear.

Footnote:- I have now added another example of 'Wedge Art' by the artist Fellows here (March 2013)

continued in next post

Thursday 14 February 2013

Royale Studio 19 - The PT Class - 3

 The boys prepare to scale the wall bars, producing another row of cute bottoms in very, tight shorts and some fairly impressive upper body shapes as well. You can just see some horizontal, stretch creases in the tight singlets through the 'white out'. The instructor cuts a pretty heroic figure here, his authority over the students is unmistakeable. This sense is subtly reinforced by the boy's poses, facing the wall (like naughty boys) with their hands-up (associated with notions of surrender and deference to deity). There's a gradual transition in enthusiasm from the left-hand student, stiffly at attention through to the almost slouching model on the right who seems to have lost interest in the proceedings.


 I can't say I exactly recognise this upside-down exercise, but I have seen something similar in the rigging climbing display by the Royal Navy, I think Royale Studio's Basil Clavering had a Navy connection.

More shapely bodies here, enhanced by the twisting pose, and splendid shorts - oh for a better copy!

Erotically speaking, the prime point of interest is the right-hand student, apparently slacking in the previous picture and now receiving special 'hands on' attention from the instructor. Note bottom and face in close proximity. Coincidence?


'These are my boys' the instructor seems to be saying, in fact it's almost as though he's hanging them up like a fisherman showing off a particularly fine catch - which they clearly are! It's a really nice image, aesthetically balanced (the off-centre effect is exaggerated by the curve of the magazine source towards its centre crease). The instructor oozes power and confidence while the boys display their complete obedience to him, even to the extent of performing together in this girly, 'artistic' display.
Truly a mitchmen putting of men in their place.

Interestingly, there's also a reverse way of looking at this group. The boys show off their fine figures and abilities, they tower above the instructor making him seem diminutive and relatively unfit. He is reduced to propping them up as the stars of the show. I guess it's a matter of personality which way you choose to see this image. An interesting contradiction. A timeless truth about the nature of power.

Meanwhile, the third student dangles from the wall-bars, forgotten at the back. He was presumably intended to provide the apex of a triangular composition, but headless and not quite central enough it just fails to work. Possibly it has been cropped to give more prominence to the foreground group. He has the consolation of the instructor's head nestling in his crotch. Coincidence? I don't think so.

The belts worn all by the participants (see picture below) are a standard, inexpensive 50's design made with elasticated fabric and featuring a simple clasp design, a distinctive 'S' shaped buckle, formed to look like a snake, which hooked into an eyelet on the other end of the belt. It was very suitable for rugged use and is absolutely authentic here.

The team line up for your approval, but sadly the bleaching effects of scanning from a cheap, small size magazine and natural ageing mask the most interesting detail. It comes as something of a surprise to see that the instructor is almost dwarfed by his husky charges, it makes their obedience to his erotically motivated exercises rather satisfying. Well, he's smirking about it at any rate. The boys don't seem quite so happy.

It's surprisingly difficult to distinguish faces in these faded images but the student on the far right looks like Fred Collins who we met previously in the Soldier-Sailor set, I think the young man standing next him is Brian Lamprill and next to the instructor (and straddling the horse in picture 2) is (I think) Tibor Urgay, another Royale/Hussar Studio favourite who I haven't featured before. I'm still working on the instructor.

A footnote on clothing: - I think I have mentioned before that Royale provided specially tailored clothing for their models, to accentuate interesting regions of the body. The unsymmetrical positions of the belt loops on the instructor's trousers suggest they've been 'taken in' to display his backside better. But in this set it's the crotch and crack hugging shorts that stand out and you can see that all three students are sporting frontal 'cleavage' as well as rear. There are no revealing belt loops at the front, but in picture 8 above the centre model has an 'offset' rear loop as though it's been altered too. Fred's thigh hemlines, 11 above on the far right, look great but the two centre models' garments look quite odd. It could be that they are just tucked in to show more thigh, but in picture 8 you can see that they are very tight and so short at the back, that the lower buttock cheek is on display. I'm wondering if the baggy frontal effect is partly a result of imperfect 'down-sizing'.

There's probably another factor in play here too. Royale had a trademark technique of wetting clothing to make it cling. It's not so obvious in this set as some but have a look at the shorts creasing in picture 9. Check out also the singlets in picture 11 above. The seams are much whiter than the body of the vest and you can just see a nipple showing on the middleman, both of which could be a result of wetting which would also explain the saggy shorts look - and possibly the glum demeanour of the boys too!

These images are extracted from a 60's magazine spread and I suspect there are others in the set but have yet to find them. I can visualise a follow-up session in which the slacker (Fred Collins) gets punished. Please get in touch if you know more.

If you are interested in the discussion of 'hidden eroticism' in these vintage images, you can see more articles on the theme by clicking the 'hidden eroticism' label at the foot of this post.  If you want to see more Royale sets, click on the 'GIU/Royale' label.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Royale Studio 19 - The PT Class - 2

 The next three images do form something of a sequence. The 'hidden eroticism' requires little in the way of explanation from me.


'Touching your toes' was (is?) the most basic of gym exercises, a measure of flexibility and lean-ness. In the 50's it was also, for fairly obvious reasons, a standard way for racier comedians to mock homosexual practices. Here, Royale/Hussar Studio reclaims the innuendo for gays to enjoy. The overly intimate angle would be distasteful to straight audiences but the humourous heads looking back through the legs probably made it acceptable.  

It's worth remembering that the originals of these pictures would have been a top quality photographs and this group gives a glimpse of just how wonderful they must have seemed to their lucky recipients in a world where any sort of explicit imagery (straight included) was ruthlessly suppressed.


 This excellent 'through the legs' shot is a classic Royale Studio pose (so good they used it twice in the Soldier-Sailor series!) It shows off the curves of the foreground legs especially well. Getting the model to stand on his toes is a stroke of genius, it flexes his calves a little bit more, but also creates a marvellous sense of youthfulness and suppressed energy as he prepares to rush forward. 

The vaulting horse reprises it's role of leg spreader seen previously in picture 2, it conveniently raises the waiting student onto his toes as well, producing an pose of extreme passivity. I need hardly point out what the focal point of this composition is, if in any doubt check out the eye-lines! 

The details of these ageing pictures tease us, for example the shadowing between the buttocks of the bent over model is oddly suggestive of what lies inside his shorts. Is this an accident or a deliberate 'enhancement'? By the studio or someone else?  There's a similar intriguing effect in picture 5 and a strangely effective highlight between the thighs. I've noted this in previous articles too. 
 Then again, it might just be my fertile imagination.


Here we have 'The Jump', another nice little erotic joke. It's a terrific image for bottom lovers. The positioning of the lower model, on his toes with shoulders braced and showing long, long legs would make an excellent  image in it's own right, with nuances of CP.

I'm not au fait with the capabilities of cameras in the 60's, but this looks as if it was shot as a balanced, static pose. I'm going by the lack of blurring, the positioning of the hands and the close proximity of the wall in front! It must have been tricky to get right in the time available before muscles gave out, so we can forgive the untidy disembodied hand (left) and the cropped top edge (shaking hands?). The result is still tremendously dynamic and exciting with an exaggerated erotic suggestiveness that's highly entertaining.

These tight, little, white shorts were less startling at that time than you might imagine, they were fashionable beach wear and often found in female glamour shots. With men, it's the frontal view of course which causes most of the problems, not the rear.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Royale Studio 19 - The PT Class

 Today's post continues the mitchmen series on 'Royale Studio'
(for earlier posts in the series click on the GIU/Royale label at the foot of this article).

This group of photos was actually published by 'Hussar Studio' which was part of the 'Royale Studio' group. It is entitled 'The PT Class', words that were probably dreaded by many a schoolboy in the 50/60's. The PT or Physical Training class in the Gym was a standard element of the timetable, not just in schools, but also in Military establishments, young offenders institutions and the like. 


This series is just a collection of images supposedly showing off the skills of the class in various poses with no particular sequence. This opening shot is a classic demonstration of balance and strength, such as you might see in a public exhibition of the time (such as the Royal Tournament). The instructor watches closely for any wobbles.

There's a pleasing symmetry about the balancing pair, you'll notice how the upper model's shapely thighs and the lower model's curvaceous calves are nicely showcased. The more perverted among you will spot the beautiful curve of the shorts round the lower student's bottom as well - and the mound between his legs. But this is Royale Studio (wake up at the back!), so we should look for the more hidden eroticism and the kneeling student's eyes show us where to look.......

This exercise normally would involve the balancing student alternately straightening and flexing his arms, raising and lowering himself, showing off his balancing skills. In that process his face would be going up and down, directly above the lower student's 'mound', thereby simulating fellatio. In fact there's a cheat here, he's actually being supported by the lower student's arms, but in a way that serves to pull him in, cementing the erotic link between the pair.

The instructor seems unaware of all this, but you can't help noticing that his thrust-forward groin is suggestive of his own erotic thoughts. Suddenly that abstracted, kneeling student doesn't seem quite so surplus to requirements!


Hussar's PT class is blessed with a very attractive teacher/instructor who has stripped off, down to the waist as he puts his lads through their paces. I recall the PT Classes at my own school were conducted by an equally handsome, young teacher (reputedly an ex-professional footballer) with a stunning, sharply cut, muscular physique - which he was not averse to revealing to us from time to time.

 This particular exercise, is a new one on me. At first sight it's just a spread-jump but then you notice the stony faced young pupil is actually sitting astride a vaulting horse. Just a way of holding the pose? Perhaps, but  the horse pressing up between the legs is also subtly erotic. You may have seen images of the fetish variant where the tied-up victim is balanced astride a more pointed wedge (whose top edge may be blunt or sharp according to taste). It's all code for groping and penetration of course.

The tight shorts of the model (and those of his class-mate in the background) are doing sterling work here showing off chunky, muscular thighs and low hanging fruit in-between (still visible despite the age of the pictures). His open, unprotected, 'come and get me' pose seems to be drawing the instructor in, in fact he's almost astride that outstretched leg, within rubbing distance and seemingly hardly able to contain himself. That left hand looks as though it might be about to make a grab once he's wiped the sweat off his palms! I suspect the front of his trousers may have been sanitised here or maybe it's just natural bleaching out during reproduction, but is it just my imagination or does that shadowing around his groin suggest dangling tackle?


The instructor demonstrates the next exercise. The lads gather round to watch attentively, their curves and tight shorts brought out by some clever lighting. The eyes of the foreground pair are focused on the instructor's head and their bodies bow forward suggestively (longingly?) in that direction too. In contrast the third, closest model seems to be shying away, he's probably just helped the instructor to raise his legs. It's a more believable, natural pose that highlights the expectant tension in his companions.

I can remember being introduced to this as a 'hanging' exercise and thinking it rather pointless, but it's actually quite a demanding test of strength and flexibility. It commences and ends with the feet lowered onto the ground, producing a helpless bent-over pose that the studio declined to illustrate (as far as I know!) but the boys in the picture and the audience of course know exactly what's coming!

That is the power of Royale Studio pictures.


This image brings out nicely a theme that underpins the whole series, the authority of the instructor over the lads in his class. His power to make them perform, to carry out demanding, quite painful exercises - and in unison, temporarily suppressing their individuality.

The combination of healthy exercise and training discipline was believed (probably correctly) to be beneficial to young men's minds, but participation in a class full of scantily-clad, testosterone laden, young lads provided much fuel for non-improving thoughts as well. As I recall, the other boys in my class were not blessed with bottoms and thighs as well-developed as this peachy row, these young men are older and much more interesting.

 The instructor averts his eyes from the bum show, more interested in the bobbing heads. Oh dear! That odd 'hands behind back', pelvic thrusting pose is beginning to make more sense, but as for his trousers, it's a case of 10 miles to London and still no sign of Dick!

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Robbie's Spanking

I am happy to see that the Jockspank blog is back on the air again
(see my previous post)
This group of pictures comes from their recent postings.

The images come from British Boys Fetish Club and what a very British name that is, for an erotic photo studio! It's reminiscent of the good old undercover days of the 50's.

 Robby's late for work again!

 Pants down time is pretty humiliating for a grown lad.
 This time the boss means business

The sight of Robbie's rosied-up cheeks could become addictive
 to a conscientious boss.

Lesson learned Robbie?
Or do you want some more?

British Boys Fetish Club has been around for a while but this is the best work I can recall seeing from them. The photography is good quality and the actors look good too. Robbie's cheeky face and shapely buns speak for themselves but I also like the slightly seedy, older man - he looks a tough old bird! The hand restraint tells you just how determined he is, it also credits the Robbie character with a bit of fight.

Monday 4 February 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 10 (Last one)

When Parker first notices Roy touching his behind, he takes it in his stride.
He's enjoying himself so much with Seagars that it just feels like he's getting encouragement in his first male 'conquest'. An extra 'push' as it were.
He ratchets up the pace of his thrusting, gleefully ignoring Seagars' protest.

However, this child-like enthusiasm soon passes, 
Parker resumes a more leisurely pace as sensual enjoyment takes hold. 
Now he feels Roy's experienced fingers again,
delicately exploring the tender regions in between his legs.

It's a revelation for Parker.

He suddenly realises that the familiar, sexual electricity dancing in his dick,
somehow extends backwards too, communing with a source deeper within him.
A source that Roy's gentle fondling is awakening.

Instinctively, Parker wants more, 

he pushes backwards.......

Suddenly, Parker feels Roy slide full inside him, 
gradually pushing in deeper and deeper.
He gasps in surprise at how big it feels and nearly falls forward onto Seagars' chest.

Seagars sees Parker's shocked expression and laughs in his face.
“Your turn, bitch boy!” he mocks.

Roy begins sliding in and out, gradually accelerating.
Parker winces, it feels strange, but he also feels his own excitement growing.

Somehow, now, Seagars is gripping his cock, tightly, while Roy's firm thrusting from behind is over-riding his own stroking movements. 
In a bewildering reversal of fortunes, he's trapped fast between the two cops 
and completely under their in control.

Locked together they ride in rhythmic union,
cajoling Parker helplessly through an unfamiliar terrain of sweaty, all-male lust.....

Dawn finds Parker tired, drained and alone in his cell.

Before he left, Officer Roy found time to remind Parker that he still had to make amends for his original misdemeanour, if he wanted to avoid a court appearance. Seagars was still angrily threatening retribution for his humiliation.

Parker peers out of the window where freedom lies
and the ordinary life he led, before the cops seized him - and changed him.

He wonders anxiously what the 'appropriate punishment' will be,
for urinating in a public place.

The End

This is the final episode of 'Piss Patrol”. 
To read them in sequence, go to the first episode here 
and click on 'continued' links or 'newer post' after you have read it. 
They run in sequence with no interruptions.


My thanks to Falcon Studios for these classic images taken from
It is still available from them and not expensive (no I'm not on a cut!)
but be aware that my storyline is not the same as the video.

My characterisation of the actors is entirely fictional.
No offence or infringement intended.

If you enjoyed this 'mitchmen' photo tale, you can click on the 'stories' label below to see others. You can also join my free yahoo group for illustrated, raunchy stories of men being put in their place using my own drawings.