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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 2 Cody Allen at Bound Gods

If I recall correctly, the picture by Bishop in my last post is not the only 'wedge' torture image in existence but I've not been able to track down any others, I will remedy this when I find them!


Luckily our old friends at Bound Gods have produced a particularly good session featuring 'The Wedge' being ridden by Cody Allen, at the instigation of Brad Kalvo. 
The crotch dividing qualities of the beast are best seen from the rear. 

Cody's hands are tied above his head and his feet dangle uselessly, 
so he can't do anything to relieve the pressure on his groin. 
I love the twiddling toes in this picture.


No monks, sadly, in this dungeoun but Brad makes a very presentable leatherman. 
He obligingly provides a distraction for Cody......

......with impressive results 
but Cody seems to have something else on his mind.

Brad lingers over his cabinet of delights, while Cody patiently awaits his return.

Now the fireworks start!
Cody's excitement rapidly deflates.

The reference number for the Bound Gods production is 21957 
and it's entitled 'Please tase my ass' (!)


frglee said...

Boundgods has some hot guys,for sure. Myself I'd like more of an accent on gear but some are more interested in muscles and sweaty bodies I guess. Chacun a son gout I guess....Bit am I the only one who feels the Boundgod intro before and the review after these scenes something of a let down? It kind of destroys the magic for me. I'd guess the reason they have to do this is so as not to fall foul of censorship law by demonstrating play and consensual sex.

Mitchell said...

I think you are right but it's like the old Royale days, you look for what you want to see. It's silly really, like Quentin Tarantino adding a post script to show the actors didn't really get killed in the shootout. Everyone knows it's a depiction of non-consensual fantasies but everyone also knows it's not real (just listen to the dialogue!). Unfortunately appending sex to the content immediately makes it 'dangerous' so I don't blame Bound Gods for being cautious.