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Friday, 15 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 1

 In my previous posts about Royale Studio series 'The PT Class', the Vaulting Horse straddling exploits of Timor Urgay above, prompted a diversion about sitting astride crotch-filling devices and a mention of 'The Wedge', a fetish torture tool.
This, more modern version of the idea depicts solid, phallic bulk between the straddling legs and a man struggling to cope, it seems. The castaway marooned on a rock, exposed to the pouring rain is a very Japanese way of putting a man in his place. 

 Note the olive underwear, yummy! I missed this in my recent survey
(search on 'olive' to find it)
 I don't know who the creator of this image is although I feel I should.
A touch of Twilight howling?
This picture eloquently demonstrates the sensuality of crotch rubbing,  using less of a blunt instrument, although the choice of a window frame, half in half out, is a bit strange. Is he a burglar? Coming or going?
I love the bubble butt + underwear combo here and  the upraised stubbly chin,
he's a pretty boy
Bishop - The Blade
This classic image by Bishop demonstrates the fetish potential of the wedge device. The victim sits astride it, weighted down to increase the pressure.
Bishop actually calls it 'The Blade' implying a sharp top edge, but I'm glad he doesn't follow that idea through to a messy conclusion, this victim is still being lowered into position. Slanting shafts of light conjure up a forbidding basement location and the cowled monks intensify the sinister atmosphere - but their involvement raises the chilling suspicion, that this victim's offence might be rather inconsequential to you or I.
You're never quite sure in Bishop's work whether you're looking at a man or a woman - or an amalgam of the two, the cock here looks a bit of an afterthought and not exactly a labour of love, I'm not sure if it shows excitement or fear.

Footnote:- I have now added another example of 'Wedge Art' by the artist Fellows here (March 2013)

continued in next post

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