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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Home Alone

Andrew awakens from a strange dream and realises he is not alone.

It's a complete stranger

Andrew feels a scary excitement

It's like a wierd fantasy coming true, 
he appeases the intruder, playing for time.

But the intruder works fast, where will it end?

Just then the door opens, it's his flatmate
"Happy Birthday Andrew! How do you like your present?!"

Zane Anders tied up by Jae Amen at Bromo (more..)


Sunday 26 November 2017

The Ministry of Silly Hats - 9 Cowboy

Of course it's not the hat itself that's silly, the cowboy hat is a revered icon of the gay identity.

(Unfortunately this particular one bears a remarkable resemblance 
to the business end of a certain part of a man's anatomy).

Nor would anyone cast aspersions at the model, Adam Ayash,
a stalwart of underwear filling exercises,
who presents his best front for us (and UnderGear!)
in spite of the photographer's efforts to make him look silly. 

A simple tilt of the hat would suffice to redeem the situation,
I'm sure the photographer knew that.

There's a nicer shot of Adam straddling a bicycle at my gateway blog

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Friday 24 November 2017

Liam Harkmoore Rides The Wedge

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Tuesday 21 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 6

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Bareass Boot Boy on a Bender

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Monday 20 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 5

Bareass Bravery in a Blizzard


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Saturday 18 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 4

BareAss Bedroom Ballplayer

Nice thighs, but don't stand on the bed dear,
Mother wouldn't like it!

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Thursday 16 November 2017


Milk Cow - Get Shocked (Click to enlarge)

I  stumbled across this artist quite recently and was immediately struck by the drama and story-telling in his pictures. This complex example is an early work and explores a theme which I suspect is a common fantasy of many of our early years: 'buddy punishment' based around an espionage scenario with ruthless bad guys (a la James Bond). 

MilkCow removed the dialogue from his 'clean' version of this picture, but I have taken the liberty of restoring it (with minor changes to make the English more natural) because it adds meaning to the scene and gives insight into the mind of it's creator.

MilkCow - Whip Him (Slave Training)
This picture shows the flair for dramatic line that is apparent in some of his pictures. It's made all the more striking by the simplicity of the composition which allows it's inherent sensuality to surface, unhindered by any particular storyline or background details.

MilkCow - Big Chest Torment

You might discern in this example (and others here) a stylistic kinship with the drawings of Cavelo. For example in the dark skin colouration and highly detailed musculature which has an almost plastic texture. This dense area is contrasted with simple outlines for other elements of the picture. These are a feature of both artists work, and inspired, I believe by the world of bodybuilding with it's fake tans and oily skin preparation. I'm glad these artists spare us the prominent veins! 

MilkCow's approach to his subject matter however is quite different. Cavelo's images sometimes have unusual, dramatic perspectives but always exist within the boundaries of his frame rather than reaching out to us like this, let alone casting us as participants! This is an ambitious concept and a little unobtrusive bending of perspective allows the insertion of some erotic, close-up detail. The crystal clear detailing of the tit clamps further back is pretty astonishing, making good use of the two contrasting techniques.

The spooky goggles I don't understand,
 but I think they are a clue to the artist's cultural background.

MilkCow - The Opening

In this picture you can see straight away that this artist comes from the Far East. The facial detailing, hairstyle and strap-on vibrator give it away. There's more than a hint of Tagame in this image, but interestingly the artist hails not from Japan but from Hong Kong. The cross-influences are not surprising.

It's the powerful, curving composition that is most impressive thing about this picture and it's clearly reflecting an erotic reading of the figure, not just a pretty muscle shot. The preceding image actually contains a similar ingredient, compare them and see how the position of the head changes the effect it conveys. Both these pictures are infused with high emotion

MilkCow - Captive Camp

You can't help noticing that MilkCow's captives generally have deeply contorted faces that are not particularly attractive in that state. There's no doubt that the artist is seeking to convey deep distress and misery, even tears in this case. Contrast with the second image where the captive's beauty and erotic appeal takes precedence, unspoiled by his expression of anxiety.

The block and outline technique here produces a tremendous sense of substance in the central figure and some interesting contrasting detailing. The metal collar though almost seems to have visually decapitated the captive. It's a matter of taste whether you regard this as a miscalculation or a daring artistic effect.

I find the blue-collar apparel of the workers here interesting, it seems to suggest that all this is legitimate, unremarkable business as usual.

MilkCow - Lazy Athletes
A Coach who has unconventional ideas for punishing his gymnastics team makes for a nice picture that triggers run-on fantasies. The artist's preoccupation with extreme musculature poses challenges for some bondage positions but I guess the main point of interest is the half-mast shorts which create the sense of impromptu punishment, although the complex circuitry with a dedicated station for both (and all the other?) team members suggests a considerable degree of premeditation and repetition.

The relatively primitive threat of the ruler seems odd, but chimes with my own memories of school. The foreground figure is another imaginative composition technique and crops up again in a later picture in this article.

The date shown on the wall poster suggests this image might have been inspired by seeing gymnasts at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but sadly for me, the tight vest (no leotard?!) is discarded on the floor.  

MilkCow - Orgy, Orgy, Orgy

Ripped clothes are usually more interesting to me than ripped bodies but this image has some other interesting stylistic features as well. Once again the composition is spilling out of the frame and you get a distinct sense that those fingers manipulating the captive's assets (bottom left) belong to the artist himself. The distorted perspective here isn't really convincing but somehow it seems to work. The technique seems related to the way advertising graphics are put together to emphasise (neccessarily) the message. It results in a strong sense of design being evident which is quite original in this genre. Although the characters are very stylised and somewhat stiff (!), he nevertheless succeeds in capturing the intimacy and immediacy of the struggle.

There's another interesting mix of shaded photo-realism and comic-style line drawing here which helps create the sense of the hands at the bottom being external agents. However, it reverses the normal protocol which usually employs line drawing for the (comic) characters imprisoned within the page and realism for the intruding artist or his pencil/brush.

Finally, note the two half hidden characters at the back, they are similar to Tom of Finland in style, but a closer look suggests more affinity with the hand of the great Sadao Hasegawa. If you are familiar with that artist's more culturally influenced pictures you may see his ideas/motifs reflected in the central character too.

MilkCow - Bath Boy Service

This picture depicting the fate of a 'freed' slave is a good example of the 'Cavelo look' where the supporting cast of tormentors and cavorters are represented by outlines which are highly detailed but are unshaded. They therefore lack bodily substance, visually retreating into the background, even those who are actually in the foreground, standing between us and the central character.

Unlike Cavelo however, Milkcow's pictures have a hard-edged simplicity and he creates a highly distinctive and individualistic style. His site charts the evolution of his work from relatively naive, youthful beginnings to these startlingly confident later works. The explanation of his storylines in speech bubbles and captions are equally interesting and encompass classic, fetish-revealing emotions which many of my readers will recognise

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facebook page Drtkk

Sunday 12 November 2017

First Catch Your Rogue - 9 Pokeman (The Look of Disbelief)

In this picture, I can't decide whether Rafael Alencar has a look of total disbelief 
that makes you wonder what actually has been said
Or if we are in the realms of "take that, you cad".

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Thursday 9 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 3

Bareass Bath Cleaner

Get that plughole sparkling for me, boy!
(nice feet pic for those who enjoy them)

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Wednesday 8 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 2

Bareass Bosun

You can pipe me aboard!

Wikipaedia: The boatswain is well versed in the care and handling of lines, and has knowledge of knots, hitches, bends, whipping, and splices as needed to perform tasks such as mooring a vessel.
(or a man!) 

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Tuesday 7 November 2017

BareAss Blogs 1

Bareass Balcony Boy

One of the perks of social housing!
This is the bareass block.

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Saturday 4 November 2017

Hunk Hunt - Inside Adam Bryant's Underwear

 I've been on a mini hunk-hunt this week.
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It was triggered by stumbling across Adam Bryant receiving an erotic haircut 
from Johnny V in the Hothouse film 'Rough Trade 2' (from the Skuff series)

Click to enlarge (so to speak)

I was captivated at first by Adam's terrific, chunky build, but as I meandered through other images from his films I was struck by his remarkable ability to infuse underwear with great sexiness. 
You might differ from me on this first image - I don't normally get excited by baggy underpants either - but it looks here as though Adam's ample endowment is roughly elbowing it's way through all that drapery, eager to get to work on Scotty Zee, who is sat next to him.

Scotty himself, having sighted this phenomenon, looks as though he's wondering if the fee he's getting is going to be worth the wear and tear in prospect for his rear. However like a true trouper (or naive youth) he's clearly excited by the challenge. Slam Dunk indeed.

This unveiling of underwear for Luke Adams benefit in Freaky Friday (above) shows a much tighter rig which is certainly my preference. Moments of undressing like this are a rarity in porn films whose makers seem to have forgotten the arousing power of stripping. 15 seconds of this would surely be a more-than-fair trade for a bit less sucking. 

In 'Top to Bottom' with Diego Sans, we even get a delicious rear view of the same pants and you can perhaps see what I mean here about Adam seeming to add a certain, sensual 'je ne sais quoi' to what is admittedly a very, nicely-cut brief. Perhaps they're beginning to wear in.
click to enlarge

 You will observe that there's a certain bagginess around the crotch area here again, but for me it creates the impression of a well-worn, favourite garment, stretched by regular (demanding) use. Adam's assets may be getting some unofficial assistance here, but the bulbous result makes your palms itch with a desire to enwrap it. The cut of these trunks, emphasising those impressive thighs is a special delight to me, rekindling fond memories of Scott's legendary, tight white shorts from the early 1960's.

Tight is the name of the game here as well and those of you who appreciate the allure of stretched nylon will doubtless enjoy Adam's bottom showing through it in this picture. Others may savour the unusual inside-out look. Potential purchasers of the garment on the other hand may have mixed feelings about the threadbare look. Are those ladders?

For my money, these look simply stunning, although Adam himself looks less than sure. The tiny glimpse of builder's cleavage above the waistband is delicious. Pale blue always has been a marvellous colour for men, showing character without seeming unduly showy. It might be just a photographic effect, but the colouring of these briefs - looking faded and slightly greyed as though put in the 'darks' by mistake, combined with that slight evidence of looseness again (despite an amazingly tight butt fit) seems to suggest these pants might be totally infused with essence of Adam from repeated wear and positively reek with sexiness.

I've avoided a number of frontal poses because the styling of these garments often produces a pointed effect which isn't my cup of tea. In Adams hands here the contrasting centre seam assumes a more satisfying curvy shape. Just as well as the black, main colour is no help at all to needy voyeurs.

Which is the reason why I've had to fiddle with the contrast here, to bring out the outherwise invisible frontal bulge in these more conventional trunks. Once again the square cut leg flatters the model's chunky thighs. Adam's smile here might be called 'insoucient'. I call it sweet.

White pants can be a problem too, producing glare instead of clarity, but it's saved here by the texturing of the aeration holes. This 'pure' colour suits the model's confident heroic pose and the photographer's done a good job with the lighting, managing to bring out the muscular detail on a torso that's not overly 'cut' (thank goodness). The bulging underpants seem curiously detached here in a funny sort of way but that seems to add to their prominence.

I would be failing to deliver on the promise of my post title if I did not give some account of the items within and I'll start with the end, my favourite.

Little wonder that Adam looks so good in tight underwear with a bubbly bottom like this... and talking of bottoms, little wonder that the porn creators have been itching to bring it to the fore by inverting his role, which started off strictly topping. Admittedly his slightly diminutive stature is not ideal for this unfortunately, although it does spice any encounter with impressively big men such as Johnny V (below).

So far Adam has bottomed for the formidable tools of Diego Sans and Topher DiMaggio 
which may account for the slightly pained expression!
 (To be truthful, the still above comes from his session with Mike DeMarko)

 This is the image that triggered this hunk hunt off. It should amply satisfy those who do not share my rear end preference. Adam actually wears leather briefs for this scene with open back and detachable front piece. The sequence that follows shows Johnny down on his knees servicing this monster and there are some stunning upward views of Adam's undulating torso - and superior demeanour.

 Can I help you?
Answers on a postcard please

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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Another New Life in prospect

click to enlarge

An underwear shoot in a remote, beautiful wilderness area goes wrong.
The Crew unwittingly stumble into the domain of a strange recluse,
who hasn't encountered another man for many, many years.

The ad campaigns for Modus Vivendi over the years have been sprinkled with some striking - and evocative - images. This one shows their 2017 'Desert Line'. Sadly, the others in this series don't elaborate on this enticing idea.