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Thursday 30 May 2019

Get Carter!

Regular readers will know I have a thing about men in shorts and this weakness led me to this image of model Frank Carter wearing deliciously skimpy cut-offs. It helps if you have thighs that fill them of course. The car wash scenario is always good for mitchmen manipulations, usually men only do it under duress - or for money. All that soapy water sloshing around makes for good erotic moments.

Discovering Frank Carter sparked one of my periodic 'hunk hunts' and further exploration led me to this image. I'm not sure what the official name of this garment is, but it's very sexy and showcases Franks curvaceous torso beautifully. It's somewhere between underwear and sleepwear and the unusual design gives that little jolt of daring that a sight of ordinary underwear used to provoke before such images became commonplace. Frank's casually seductive pose helps of course,
he seems to be saying to us "Well, are you coming or not?"

Even in an age of overexposure, some underwear can't help but make you look twice.
The bold, gold scrolling frames Frank's bulge in a typically unsubtle, Versace-esque way.
The design also gives a weird sense of it spilling out upwards from between Frank's legs 
and engulfing his nether regions, tentacle fashion. 

Frank's upper body musculature is also worth a closer look in this picture. 
The lighting has drawn out the nakedness of his shaved torso in a very striking way
It looks like a hint of puppy fat, suggesting both inexperience and exposure.
Frank himself looks down, doubtful about it all.

This picture strikes a more conventional note showing off Frank's masculine assets
in a more natural way with the glimpse of pubes and hint of 'growback'.
The aqua colour co-ordination sets off his tan very nicely, it's a hint of sophistication in this deserted urban backwater, but the lowered (at the back) swimming trunks and untied, 'spurting' drawstrings coupled with suggestive frontal shadowing send an earthier message.

James Franklin 'Boystown Series'

It's no surprise that jockstraps love this model's body.
Although the colours here are high fashion, there's a sense of energetic work going on here,
accentuated by the bare walls and model's tousled hair. 
The surprised pose suggests discovery, intrusion and threat. Nice.

They used to say 'Think Bike' but I'm not sure they meant this.
Imaginative minds can toy with the sensuality of flesh on leather
 and just-visible erotic details like the jock-bulge and buttock cleavage,
but the overwhelming impression is of a brooding, hairy giant.

Frank Carter has a giant-like look in this picture too, thanks to his elevated position and great boots.
Near-naked hikers standing on a rock top are always going to seem intimidating in desolate, remote locations. More endearing is the impression of poor eyesight and timid underwear flashing. 

 Outstretched arms against a black wall hint at darker, crucifixion imagery, which the casual placing of the right foot flat to the wall does not quite dispel. The model's lean, detailed torso and skimpy trunks also seem eerily appropriate. But it's also a confident pose exuding strength and self-assurance.
This picture of Frank Carter by Jorge Friere.

The up stretched arms in this picture also call bondage scenarios to my mind.
They also highlight the minimal covering provided by the skimpy  underwear
whose buttock shaping capabilities are admirable,
not that this model needs much help in that department.

I like the story this picture tells. 
The model opens a very conventional white shirt to reveal a hairless torso underneath 
and some very unconventional white briefs with see-through panels in strategic places.

Imagine a group of tipsy office workers in a bar, a dare, a bet and suddenly Frank finds himself having to reveal a weakness for kinky underwear. His facial expression shows he's not quite sure what reception this will get from his fellow workers.
Photo by Paul Jamnicky

 This picture by Joee Vee reinvents Frank as a sexy, 'nice guy'
(although you know what they say about men who don't wear underpants).
The reversed cap and trimmed beard narrows his face to a more youthful shape
and there's also a delightful naivety in the wall-leaning pose and open top button of his jeans.
The open denim jacket makes your hands itch to get inside and hold that lean torso.

This is a naked as Frank gets but it does not disappoint.
This pose of nude man on spacious white bed is a speciality of Joee Vee
It's surprisingly erotic, recreating the classic 'baby's first picture' scenario 
with the adult baby here looking slightly embarrassed about it all.
See more of Frank Carter on Instagram

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Monday 27 May 2019

Sunday 26 May 2019

Saturday 25 May 2019

Bareass Blogs No 31

Bareass Blind Cleaner
(posed by the lovely Heath Jordan)

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Wednesday 22 May 2019

The Art of Ephorox

Ephorox - Mr Gentleman (Slutty)
Ephorox's art is all about heroes, supremely muscular and astonishingly endowed (to the point where 'well-' no longer seems like an appropriate prefix). This character is dubbed 'Mr Gentleman' and Ephorox explores his persona in a series of images. His super-hero mask of anonymity is about as effective at hiding his identity as the matching one-piece outfit is at containing his equipment. Hence the 'slutty' tag, I suppose.

'Sticky-out ears' are a weakness of mine (sticky-out veins not so) but Ephorox has also given this character a handsome face to admire. There's a certain boyish coyness about the thoughtful pose that suggests a interesting personality rather less assertive than the muscularity and gloves might lead you to expect. 

Ephorox - Monkey Emperor and Tyon
 The 'Monkey Emperor' is another Ephorox character notable for his ears. Animal hybrids are not my thing but ME, as he is known, is human enough and cute enough to pass muster. That goes for Tyon here too, his massive bulk alone is sufficient to inject a sense of 'The Beast' into this sex play, qualities which ME seems to struggling to handle. This is supposedly his present to Tyon and the artist has used a more fuzzy, 'painterly' style for the image, a sort of soft focus which gives it a romantic overlay. 

Ephorox - Sailors
Romance is explicitly signposted in this stylish image which seems to owe something to the Gilbert and George and Jean Paul Gaultier schools of Naval iconography. It's a nicely balanced, visually pleasing composition which catches a sense of masculine grappling, somewhat like rutting stags.

The organs here have less challenging proportions but there's still a suggestion that the recipient has room for more and is even yearning for it. Perhaps that's an invitation to the Peeping Tom in the background. His presence all set to record the passionate scene on video gives the picture a bit of an edge, hinting at anti-gay military regulations, blackmail and exposure.
Or is it simply the classic, closeted voyeur wishing it was he?

I previously featured a similar robust sexual encounter from this artist
in my prison series You're Going Down!

Ephorox - Jed, You Are Trapped With Me
There's an edge of a different sort here with the big guy on the defensive having innocently exposed his wares and attracted an unwelcome interest. We all know the situation but can still relish the attractive, young hunk being put on the spot instead of being a honey pot for males. I presume the fluttering paper represents ticker-tape, suggesting a New Year's celebration or something similar, which would account for his indiscretion and the embarrassing behaviour of his admirer.

Ephorox - Military Man
You may find your reaction to this picture is different to the preceding one, but it actually depicts a similar sort of sexual aggression. The Military Man's Uniform seems to be related to the that of the Civil Guard in Spain and similar forces whose overt sexuality sometimes seems to be part of their uniform. Hoever, but his face suggests a softer temperament than those real Policemen usually project. There's a Military Man sequel which shows his (somewhat predictable) reaction to this breach of his protective shell by an audacious admirer.

(The 'open shirt reveal' as an erotic device goes all the way back to Errol Flynn of course).

Ephorox - Hypnotizing
 There's a more sexual intimidation of men in this image featuring that indispensable character, 
the hapless burglar, where would we be without them? Two for the price of one in this scenario as befits a superhero (whose status I deduce from his characteristic boots, suggesting that he must wear them in bed). The placing of the figures and the dialogue spell out how intimidating and confident this muscular man is and how much in awe of him the criminals are. He actually wields his gay sexuality as a weapon against straight rogues, it is remarkably affirming. In this and other pictures Ephorox has a talent for making clear an idea that others only hint at.

There's also a version of this picture which has been finished in full colour by Louderland  to underline how spectacular the hidden appendage is, but I prefer this sketch which focuses on the burglar's embarrassment and sexual dilemma. See his version Hypnotizing in colour

Ephorox - Time For Work
The wit, warmth and domesticity of this sketch sets it apart from the fanciful, heroic fantasies and seems to give us a glimpse of the real Ephorox. This man's body development is still exaggerated but softer (in every department!) and less therefore intimidating. His words convey an equally mild and appealing personality. His skewed necktie is downright sexy. Nice.

Noxypia - Warrior of the Mountains
You may be familiar with this image published by Ephorox under the name Noxypia. You can see his hand in the jutting jawline of the Warrior but the snowy landscape and more subtle treatment of the muscular torso reveals greater depths to his technical talent. This is classic fantasy art which in it's modern incarnation tends to bring exotic locations and mysterious forces to the fore, rather than the dragons of Boris Vallejo.

Ephorox - Tentacle Jaws
 If 'Warrior of the Mountains' reveals unsuspected representational skills, this astonishing picture puts Ephorox up amongst the best of cartoon dramatists. The depiction of this threatened superhero from the waist up would grace any comic, invoking his muscular struggle and fear most convincingly. The dramatic, angled viewpoint creates a genuine sense of him being drawn, cock first, into the gaping maw with it's ring of vicious teeth. If you think about the physics of real life here you can see that Ephorox has pulled off some clever visual trickery in making it look so convincing.

In a way this image gives a context to the whole of Ephorox's art, with it's colourful assertion of (gay) masculinity on the one hand and the complementary fear of being emasculated (repressed) on the other.

Ephorox - Gentleman's Message
 To neutral eyes, the wildly exaggerated organs of this artist seem too outrageous to be considered as serious porn, but if you read comments by Ephorox on his sites (see list below) you will see he has encountered censorship issues on some platforms. This image documents his personal struggle to come to terms with that backlash. Mr Gentleman voices defiant, affirming sentiments, but ironically his cock is tucked  away, out of sight inside his one-piece. Emasculation indeed. Personally I find that bulge more erotic than wild nudity, but the picture is a reminder that our self expression is always liable to be threatened by the forces of conservatism.
Remember 'Charlie Hebdo'!

The creeping censorship of the web makes explicit artists harder and harder to track down, 
but you can presently see some of Ephorox's work at the following sites:

Ephorox Blogspot (not updated since 2013)
Ephorox at Deviant Art

Noxypia Gallery at Deviant Art

Ephorox collection at Daddy's here

Sunday 19 May 2019

The Look of Dread

The Look that says
"I think this bloke might have the wrong idea about me
....and it's scary!"

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Thursday 16 May 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for May - Tough Rugby Coach

Mitchell - Tough Aussie Coach for the Poms
We always hope England are going to win but it seems to elude them at present.
Our Aussie Coach (the shame of it!) no doubt has his own methods.
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Monday 13 May 2019

First Catch Your Rogue 15 - The Gambling Hood

When Gary raided the electrical warehouse, he wore a balaclava to foil the CCTV inside.
Unfortunately a camera caught him putting it on just outside the gate where he parked his bike.
The Security Guard spotted him right away, followed him and caught him in the act.

The Guard wanted to do a cavity search, believing Gary had loot hidden on him.
Gary wasn't having that, he knew his rights and refused permission.
But the Guard was a big man and showed him he didn't have a leg to stand on.

Then the Guard went off to do his rounds, leaving Gary all alone
 in the empty room in a deserted building. It was spooky

While they waited for the Police to come the Guard played poker with him.
He said he was sick of Solitaire and it was nice to have a man to play with.
Of course Gary couldn't handle the cards or deal, so the Guard did it for him.

Gary wasn't very good at poker, and the Police were a long time coming,
When he ran out of money, they switched to clothes, soon they were all gone too.
Cut to pieces. Gary suspected the Guard was cheating.

The Guard went off to make a round again and he was gone for ages.
It was frightening for Gary now, being naked and alone in the echoing warehouse.
When the Guard returned, he offered Gary one last double-or-quits hand.

The deal was Gary would get his freedom if he won, pay a forfeit if he lost.
Gary was a gambler so he took the deal - and lost of course.
It turned out the forfeit was to be pube-shaved, with a cut-throat razor.
Gary had two reasons to tremble now, his weary leg and the razor flashing at his groin
 The shaving took for ever, scything pubes where Gary didn't know he had them
How would he explain it to his mates at the Football Club, in the communal showers?

When he'd done, the Guard applied an oily, after-shave balm to Gary's every crevice.
Gary worried about it ruining his clothes, except he didn't have any, not any more.
Riding home on his bike was clearly going to be a tricky, slippery task.

The Guard said he had one final round to make before his shift ended in 45 minutes.
Since the Police hadn't come yet, he'd have to pass Gary on to the next shift.
Or if Gary preferred, he'd deal with him himself and then let him go.

Gary thought about it while the Guard was away....
(see illustration at the top)
If he took the Guard's offer he'd be free in half an hour, max.
He could get his weight off the one leg, which was killing him now.
He'd avoid being ridiculed by more Security Men,
He'd avoid being arrested and charged by the Police.
He'd already been detained for several hours and terrorised

What more could this man possibly do to him in 30 minutes?
It would probably only cost him a telling off. 

It was a no-brainer really, a bit like Gary himself.
Worth taking the chance.

The Guard returned with a holdall, as though ready to go home,
so Gary agreed to the deal without asking any more about it.
and was surprised when the Guard produced from his bag - a cane.
A Disciplinary Cane

Gary's insides turned to jelly, his bowels churned and his standing leg shuddered
as the Guard smiled and moved behind him, flexing and swishing the cane like a pro.
Suddenly Gary's naked, shaved posterior seemed terribly vulnerable and exposed.

and 30 minutes seemed a long, long time.

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Friday 10 May 2019

Milking Factories No 5 - The Development Lab

Catrache- Milking Lab

This picture doesn't really qualify for my Milking Factory series as it's clearly not a mass production set-up, but it's a worthy companion piece so I'm designating it as the 'Factory Research Lab'.

It's an exciting, dramatic image but for some reason it's the lab assistant diligently carrying out his duties in the background that really sticks in my mind from this picture, not the muscular studs he's milking. His appearance and his role in the picture seems ultra-professional and neutral, but his task of fitting (or removing) the close-fitting milking sleeves is supremely erotic.

His prominence is also promoted by the blindfolds and nudity of the captives, which drain their identities away. The Technician's seeming indifference to the two men struggling to produce their milk conveys a sense of routineness and organisational control more effectively than the slightly over-engineered restraint arrangements. (One of Franco's milking images 'Milking the Bull' used similar restraint arrangements to this -see my A-Z of Artists - Franco article)

You can also view this scene as a traditional 'Buddies in Trouble' scenario.
The back to back restraint arrangement allows them to commiserate with each other and plan their escape. I wonder what adventure could have landed them in this predicament?

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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Wrestling hunk Chace brought down to size

This amazing, hairy torso belongs to erotic wrestler, 'Chace LaChance' and this picture knocked my socks off when I stumbled across it at Wrestler4 Hire. Chace has been around in the erotic wrestling circuit for some years and I've always liked his boyishly handsome face and nice physique. 
But this is something else - and I like it!

 The pictures come from an combat encounter with Jessie Lee, 
seen here climbing gingerly into the ring as Chace shows his body off to the audience. 
Jessie is muscular, but he's not a big man. 
Is he about to be made into mincemeat? 

These fights don't really need a believable plot line,
but Chace's showing off gives Jessie a chance to jump him.
He gets a neck hold and hangs on tight!

Interestingly, Chace's muscular body looks bulkier and better when he's not posing!  

Jessie has to fight Chace unaided by minions,
but still benefitting from the element of surprise,
he manages to drag his prey backwards into the corner
It's a little bit posed, but I love a good 'overpowering' image,
showing off the victim's arching, unprotected torso.

Jessie climbs onto the top of the ropes and still drags Chace with him.
Sensing the danger, Chace reaches out with flailing arm to an invisible helper.

(Nice crotch shot, btw, looks like the blood is pumping at this point!)

Another wow! moment as Jessie consolidates his grip on Chace into a proper neck hold 

Chace's body looks magnificent here with fabulous 'grow back' tracing the contours of his muscles
and the curving lines of his trunks showing off imperial-size thighs. There's just enough glimpse of buttock and bulge to sustain our erotic interest. Even the tattoo does it's bit, making his arms look amazing. I normally dislike tattoo's when they obscure body detail, but they certainly work here, I think the faded colouring helps.

Braced by the ropes and with his arm muscles straining, 
Jessie is able to tighten his grip on Chace's neck.  
The so-called 'Sleeper Hold' is supposed to render the victim unconscious.
Whatever the reason, Chace begins to sag and his slightly twisted body, 
suggesting a despairing attempt to wriggle free, makes another great domination picture.

 Jessie forces the big man down onto the floor in a submissive kneeling pose.
Now it's even harder for Chace to use his body strength to resist him.
With his feet planted firmly astride his victim, forcing him ever downwards.
Jessie senses victory is at hand.

Chace is becoming like the proverbial rag doll now, 
his resistance is slipping away and he descends closer and closer to the floor 
Jessi follows him down, never relaxing that killer grip
Even on his knees he can still control the fallen hero.

This despairing roll by Chace's is his last throw of the dice.
It doesn't faze gloating Jessie, but gives us a welcome show of buttock, thanks to skimpy trunks.

Jessie verifies Chace's descent into unconsciousness with the traditional 'floppy arm' test.
Seen in profile you can see that Chace's boyish features have not entirely disappeared,
but have been embellished by the textures of maturity to give him a nice, pugnacious look.

Even in humiliating defeat, Chace's still body looks a treat.
Masculinity totally undiminished.

A groggy, unresisting man.
It looks like Jessie's dragging him off to the recovery room
and who could blame him if he were?

Great men, great pictures.

My narrative here is imaginary, derived from the original fight but not the same
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You may have to take out the free membership option to view but it's worth it.

Saturday 4 May 2019

mitchmen's war No 12 - Not Going Commando

These two pictures from a 'Commando' Comic caught my eye because of their striking imagery. 
However, on closer inspection though I discovered an amazing, hidden erotic message.
(N.B. I have removed inappropriate and racist language from the text)

Were it not for negative character traits shown in the thoughts of the man above you might find him quite attractive in a boyish way. The artist who drew him was a frequent contributor to 'Commando' in the 1980's. He has a bold style that sometimes veers into outright caricature, but he has a knack of capturing 'something about a man' which I rather like. He depicts more heroic types in just the same way as the example above, showing them not as stereotypical, square-jawed, hunks (not that I've got anything against square-jawed hunks!) but as ordinary, slightly immature men, which is what most WW2 soldiers were of course (at least, when they joined up).


This picture of the same character is infused with the same gangling, not-quite-mature characteristics.
The open legged pose is mildly erotic with cute turned-in feet, but scrupulously 'proper' in accord with the norms of the genre. At this point in the story, 18 pages later, his desertion has evolved into outright collaboration with the other side. I'll fill in the story line at the end of the article.

My main interest is in some surprising homo-erotic details in the pictures,
which are revealed if you look more closely......
If you look at the backside of the running man in the first picture (1),
you'll see some thin lines cutting across his thigh,
but they don't look quite like crease lines should look.

They hint at an alternative version of the picture, which I have developed below (3).

I visualised the original artist doodling these extra lines and wondered idly what this man would look like if he was dressed in shorts. My colouring brings this vision out. Not just any old shorts, but shorts which have been rolled up at the leg and look very short indeed and rather sexy! The baggy, lower leg details don't fit in with this alternative vision, but notice how the shadow on the far leg takes on a shorts shape too. There's even a discontinuity in the top of this thigh suggesting a matching turn-up. The curve of these imaginary shorts makes the man's stance look open-legged, more static and rather more sexy than simply running.

I started wondering if these odd 'thigh lines' appeared in any other pictures in the story and a search turned up the second picture (2, above). Similar lines also appear here with even less obvious purpose than the first example, but also suggesting leg-hugging shorts. However, I then noticed another detail in this picture which put shorts right out of my mind, illustrated in the revised version below.


 In case you are wondering, I haven't added anything but colour to this picture and if you refer to the original (2 above) there is an unmistakable line of circles around the Cooper's upper thigh which look just like the hem of frilly knickers. I can't think of any other thing this pattern might be intended to represent.

It may be that the artist is playing on the cowardly character of his subject (using clumsy female/gay associations which we would reject today). If that was his intent I'm happy to own it and interpret it as a subversive, hidden, erotic message. Maybe he's secretly confessing to an interest of his own!

 Whatever the intentions or leanings of the artist might be, there is no suggestion in any of the story that Cooper is gay. There's actually no sexual dimension or depth to any of his relationships with the other men.
I outline the plot of Cooper's story and his fate below.

The pictures featured here come from
Commando Comic No 1432, 'Trapped!'

 At the outset of the story Cooper, who we met above, is depicted running from the battlefield.
Unluckily for him, he runs straight into his own Sergeant, 'Frank'.
(Sergeant Frank is tagged with his first name because he is a 'goodie'!).
Both of them have been cut off behind the opposition forces front lines, hence Trapped!

The Sergeant vows to take Cooper back to face disciplinary action.
 You can see here how the 'hero' Sergeant is shown as a callow youth rather than the traditional hunk. I think the depiction of a sullen Cooper, hands in pockets (left), is marvellous, much more interesting!

The voices they hear (right, above) turn out to be two US soldiers who are also cut-off behind the lines. They join forces and then run into a pilot who has just crashed in the same area (!).

It's inappropriate to label this scene as homo-erotic,
but I would observe that the artist did not need to depict it quite like this!

The group agree to rescue the senior Officer who was a passenger in the plane.
The opposition forces, however, are also hunting for him themselves,
hoping to extract vital intelligence from him.
Their pursuit gives Frank's group a torrid time and Cooper deserts them (below).

 Cooper's flight leads him straight into an opposition patrol.
  Their Commander obtains Cooper's collaboration by threatening to execute him.

Under threat of death, Cooper betrays his colleagues twice, once by revealing their whereabouts and when that capture attempt fails, he rejoins the group and signals when they are vulnerable to attack.
However, Sergeant Frank catches him doing so, foils that attack too and knocks Cooper out.

Cooper's demise, two thirds of the way through the story, avoids an awkward, messy ending.
It's a rather sad tale really. A not-very-subtle lesson in morality, bravery and loyalty for young readers.

I confess I'm drawn to Cooper's rebellious, outsider character
 imagining there must be a redeeming feature we haven't been told about.

The more interesting moral for me is that there may be more 'hidden eroticism' in this artist's output!
Watch this space!

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