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The Caps and Collars/ Flat Cap Gang story at Google Groups has been on a break since January, I am working on it and hope to resume shortly. (see Group News for link)

Message updated 14th July 2024

Mitchell's Gallery Hub

Mitchell - Cry Baby Plays for the Whites

mitchmen at 'Adonis Male'

This is now the principal mitchmen Gallery and Archive.
It has all my major stories/series and the pictures belonging to them
I plan to show all of my images there eventually.

You have to join Adonis Male first (it's free).
Ignore the tag that says mitchmen club is 'closed', that just means 'restricted'.

Sign up for the mitchmen club
and get unlimited downloads for personal use.

Feb 2024: The 'mitchmen club' is back on the air following the disruption caused by a disasterous hardware failure in January. I am now approving new memberships. If you joined the club in the second half of 2023 and can no longer get in, it means that your membership record was lost in the restore and I'm afraid you will have to rejoin. There may be issues with thumbnails over the next few weeks while the system is gradually restoring them. The 'Cowboy Folio' which I started last year was also lost in the disaster but I have now restored it. 

The mitchmen Google Group

This is the nearest I have to a mailing list. Presently used to publish stories and new artwork
Subscribe to receive new pictures and stories as they are published.
'mitchmen' at Google Groups  Apply here

Like all groups you have to join to participate but it's free.
 The only requirements are a working g-mail address and you have to give your age.

There is no longer a mitchmen Yahoo! Group

The mitchmen blog

That's this site!  It's not dedicated to my work but I post my pictures here regularly and it's currently the largest official collection of my work outside of Adonis Male - around 150 images. 

To access them all directly, click on the 'mitchpix' label , 
either in the side bar, 'label gadget' or at the foot of this sample page

To see a collection of images created by other artists but modified or captioned by me, 
visit this post and click on the 'mitchmods' label at the foot of it.

The mitchmen blog gallery

a selection of my favourites in a gallery attached to this blog
infrequently updated, See  sidebar or click here

mitchmen at 'X'

As of Jul 2024, I have started to post selected images at 'X'
with the intention of creating an uncensored gateway to this site, click here

The mitchmen gateway gallery

a small group of vanilla (but sexy!) images attached to my 'gateway' 

My gateway site has monthly posts of vanilla masculine images (art and photo)

DeviantArt gallery

I have a small presence at DeviantArt mostly featuring coloured images
  which I am gradually adding to. click here 

N.B. If any of my sites disappear :

Look for me at,
It should always survive to signpost where to find me
 and if it doesn't I will resurrect it at another host so keep looking!

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