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Sunday 27 March 2011

Warriors in Bondage 3

Warriors in Bondage
Roger and Harry are taken into captivity.
My fantasy adaptation progresses with this simple combination of art and photography.
I hope Simon will forgive my liberties with his images from Hotsnapz

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Warriors in Bondage 2

Continuing with the theme of fantasy warriors in bondage,
I found these men at Simon Barnes' photography site Hopsnapz

Roger Snipes by Simon Barnes
Roger Snipes' appearance has many qualities appropriate to a fantasy warrior including a muscular body and stern facial expression. This pose also suggests nobility and humility.

Thankfully, (from my point of view) there are no long flowing tresses of hair and Simon has not given him furry underwear (I'll overlook the leggings!) I must say, if the weather is good enough to run around half naked (and bare foot!) on the battlefield I can't see why a warrior would need to wear fluffy animal skins evolved for colder climates!

Harry by Simon Barnes
'Harry' somehow cuts a more modern look thanks mainly to his tidy short hair. This style is quite popular in Hollywood films for well connected Romans and their Generals. Did barbarians have hair cuts too? Probably, but perhaps not as precisely coiffeured as this!
For authenticity I'll settle for the muscles, sweat and blood.

Harry's a bit young for the warrior role depicted in my previous post but I can imagine him following Roger into battle to meet their fates.

You can see more of Harry and Roger at Hotsnapz
Simon's photography is worth looking at, it has a bit of unexpected edge sometimes.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Warrior in Bondage

This picture turned up in my posts recently and is one of my current favourites.
I love the concept of the warrior tamed. The bizarre, forked restraining device has an erotic impact which I can't explain. (or is it an exotic sword turned against it's owner?)

This looks like an image from fantasy fiction which isn't my normal fare but I like this.

The humiliation factor in this image is nicely judged, not over the top but very real. The nudity is understated but still obvious. The hands crossed in front rather than behind suggest forced submission as opposed to the need for restraint of the angry captive. They also give a sense of embarassed modesty. The mature, muscular body (although it's somewhat at variance with the glimpse of youthful jaw) suggests to us that he is a captive of some substance, an experienced, dangerous warrior bought to heel. A worthy conquest.

Sorry I've no information on the artist.

Monday 7 March 2011

Vest Buddies

I've been doing some 'vest' items on my main blog to keep things going along while home commitments continue to monopolise my attention. I stumbled across this one while doing a picture tidying exercise. I do find tight vests on a well muscled chest powerfully erotic and the combination here with jeans and large belt buckles here only serves to add to the sexy mix!
I don't find either of these men particularly attractive but as a pair they project a powerful sense of shared male-ness.