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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Tom's Bar Predators

For me, Tom of Finland's 'Bar Predators' set from 1965 is one of his classic works.
In five, highly erotic pictures he captures the ultimate male conquest fantasy.
It's quite different to my 'Flying Suit' bar fantasy in the last post.

The stances of the leather bikers hanging around outside the seedy bar are well observed, Tom has captured a bit of real life here. They are dressed like raunchy Hell's Angels with torn clothing and jackets decorated with chains and studs - but they are perhaps a little too clean-shaven to create the full 'wild gang' effect. The familiar 'Kake' face is recognisable but hasn't fully hardened yet and is still quite cute. The beauty of these early pictures is the intensity of the erotic detail - the shading and creasing of the white T-shirt, the hairy pec showing through, the rounded bottom of the seated biker. The rear zip (another unexpected link back to my flying suits) is not exactly Hell's Angels territory, but is an equally outrageous statement of rebellion. It would still cause a stir today.

I'm not sure what the collective term is for a group of sexy bubble butts (a froth?). The young stranger is framed by the marauding bikers in quite a sophisticated composition. He seems to be some sort of building worker, a lumberjack perhaps and is depicted as blond, wasp waisted and dressed in light coloured clothes, suggesting he's not part of the biker brigade. An innocent? Well, maybe, but the leather wristband, tight clothes and boots are not exactly the attire of a naïve young man. Looking at these two pictures, I get the impression that Tom is rather less interested in this character than his bikers. He has a beautifully shaped torso but his clothing and poses are relatively unconvincing. However, this indistinctness does help to create a sense of distance and depth. 
Tom did not complete the third picture in this series, but we have a good sketch. The bikers 'bookend' their target, causing him evident unease, although he's unaware of the 2nd biker eyeing up his backside (which is rather more voluptuous than in the preceding images).
We can only speculate about why Tom didn't finish this picture but he famously remarked that “if a picture doesn't make me hard when I'm drawing it, I know it's no good”. The angle of view here is quite different from the other four pictures which makes it a bit of an odd man out, style-wise. It's from further back too, which tends to diminish the dramatic impact and also makes sexy detailing less prominent. However, I've posted a cropped version below which shows there's still plenty of erotic punch. 
In this cut down version I've removed the bartender offering a light. For me its a bit of scene setting which diverts attention from the erotic drive of the bikers and their story. You start wondering if the bikers are regulars here and why the barman is wearing a bow-tie in a seedy joint like this. Instead I've focussed on the backsides of the 3 protagonists as providing all the erotic interest. You will see in the next image that Tom himself seems to have made a similar editing decision.

(Subsequently to this post, I created a finished version of this picture myself, 
using Tom's composition and shading style, you can see it posted in 'Bar Predators Revisited')
The bikers casually delve into their victim's pants. They're unzipped and down and the bikers even get fingers inside him without any reaction other than a shocked expression. 
Speed and surprise perhaps - or sheer intimidation - or perhaps he doesn't really mind! 

The biker in the foreground is an amazingly erotic figure. 
Compare the rigid cock straining at his jeans with the first picture. I've spoken before about Tom's ability to make impossible angles seem convincing and this biker reaching behind his back to finger the blond's ass is a good example - just try it! 
The various different faces in this picture are a treat, each with it's own distinct personality. Sadly in later pictures drawn from imagination Tom seemed to lose interest in this aspect of figure drawing. 

The disembodied hand squeezing the nearer biker's pec appears to be the bartender's but it's severely cropped and the result is quite confusing. It's a stylistic feature which is not unknown in Tom's other work but perhaps (as I suggested above) Tom changed his mind about the bartender's role and edited him out.

In the final picture, the victim's head is trapped between the second biker's legs while the first prepares to enter him. It's an embarrassing as well as a vulnerable position for the victim, but there still doesn't seem to be much resistance, he just braces himself. The biker's cock brushing the anal opening is very sexy but we don't get to see penetration. Tom wasn't usually coy about depicting this detail so it's a surprising omission. 

There are other clues in this picture that it may have been intended as a longer series. The other bar users are beginning to join in. The sailor in the background looks like he's going for that rear zip we saw earlier, while another helps out with the biker's jeans. This has all the makings of a typical Tom orgy - which would explain the earlier involvement of the bartender. Are there some lost drawings here? Is the incomplete drawing the point at which Tom stopped working on it? We'll probably never know what really happened, but I'm happy with the series as it is, orgies are not my style and this forceful seduction is highly erotic - even if there's no coup de grace. 

Update - January 2015

I recently discovered what seems to be a further picture from the series, shown below.

A cop breaks up the party, the only question is, who's he going to nail?

See the whole story of how I identified this sketch as part of this series here

Monday 26 March 2012

Flying Suit Predators

These pictures are presented in a fairly random way at the 'Mr S' site so I thought it might be fun to assemble them as a story.

Jim and Steve, the Flying Suit boys are enjoying a drink (and the feel of their new suits) in the local hard boys' bar. They spot a fresh-faced, young guy who looks as though he's strayed in by accident. His zip top and silky shorts are not the usual way to get attention in this bar, but the military haircut grabs their interest and they invite him over to join them.


He's already noticed that the bar clientèle is a little 'unusual' and decides the military-looking lads might be his best option for staying out of trouble. Before long they are up close and comparing notes on uniforms and physical fitness. The boys can hardly believe their luck as he edges in closer and closer between Jim's legs, even allowing them to feel his muscles. Sensing a chemistry, Steve impulsively tweaks his nipple, but there's an angry reaction.


To calm the situation down, Jim invites the soldier to get his revenge by doing some tweaking of his own. He shows him the natty zips on Steve's flying suit (which he's only just bought for him). Soldier boy soon gets the hang of it.


Busy tweaking, he doesn't notice a secret handshake pass between the Flying Suit boys, it's the signal to get out the handcuffs.


But Jim's not ready to strike yet, it's Steve whose hands are cuffed behind his back, much to his surprise. He can't defend himself from a double assault on his pecs. Both boys give him a hard time and soldier boy seems to be really enjoying the groans of pain he's managing to cause. At least, until he spots their dicks hanging out - and the cock strap. Shocked, he turns away to hide his embarrassment, muttering about buying a drink.


Jim uncuffs Steve who's pretty pissed off about his sore nipples. They watch their toy soldier as he leans over the bar to summon the bartender. The thin, silky boxing shorts drape enticingly over beautifully rounded buttocks inflaming their interest even more. Jim moves in for the kill, grabbing him round the neck.

The soldier's shorts are jerked down, exposing smooth, plump buttocks underneath. Truncheons are fetched out to quell resistance. When he's turned round, however, it's clear the soldier's totally turned on. But he's not going to submit and calling on his combat training he grabs the truncheon and tells them that, if they want a piece, they can start by buying the drinks.


Jim tells Steve to get them in. It's actually not his turn, but a thwack from the soldier persuades him. While Steve is standing sulking at the bar, the other two men can't help noticing how his tight little buttocks show through the flying suit. Soldier boy notices there's a rear zip too. Jim sees how excited he is and offers to show him how it works.


Steve is unceremoniously pushed face-down on the bar counter as the others unzip him and pull aside the curtains.


Steve's buns pop out (beautifully framed by the olive green flying suit) and soldier boy gets even harder as he spots a nice, hairy crevice. Jim invites him to take a closer look


Soldier boy doesn't take much persuading. He hesitates then strips off his T-shirt, drops to his knees and gets stuck in between the inviting cheeks. Steve's getting fed up with being taken for granted in this way but Jim silences his complaints in the time honoured way.


Thirty minutes later, the capacious pockets of the flying suits prove to be capable of holding an further assortment of useful bar accessories. Jim gives his new military friend an introduction to fetish practices. Steve knows he has been side-lined by the soldier, but cuffed and masked, all he can do is try to retain his dignity. He squirms and grunts as the pain mounts.

That bastard won't leave his nipples alone.

Thanks to Mr S for the pictures.

Friday 23 March 2012

Flying Suits and Bar Sex

Regular readers will know of my admiration for Tom of Finland's work which has long inspired me and plenty of others in the world of gay erotic art. When I saw this image from 'Mr S' promoting their new flying suit I was immediately reminded of Tom's mini-series of two bikers who spot an irresistible hunk at a bar and grope him (below).

The surprised look of the unsuspecting target in Tom's picture is priceless but the portrayal of the nearest biker, bursting out of his clothes (just like the men in yesterday's post) simply oozes sex.

The Mr S flying suit features zips in various interesting places and here provides an equally sexy rear view of their quarry, seeming to retell Tom's story in a way and filling in the thoughts of the two bikers pursuing their prey.

I can't resist pointing out that the flying suit featured here is olive green in colour. I didn't intentionally place this article so hot on the heels of my series of posts praising olive underwear but doesn't the colour frame that sexy ass well! Incidentally, if you follow the link above you will see that the search picks up another older article which I had overlooked showing Colton Steele being spanked in olive underwear at Bound Gods.

Tomorrow I will post more of the flying suit 'story'

Thanks to Mr S for the pictures.

Thursday 22 March 2012

Tied Jocks

Tied Jocks by ?
I don't normally get excited over this type of art, you can have too much of gritted teeth and raised eyebrows, but I do like this picture. The bulging white T-shirts and shorts are right up my alley and there could be a rugby theme going on here. The obvious joke doesn't seem to go anywhere but I love the idea of muscle jocks having to wear team kit which is nowhere near big enough for them. I do not know who the artist is, can any of my readers help out?

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Mitchell's Dishonest Gardener in Colour

Mitchell - My Dishonest Gardener
I occasionally experiment with colour in my pictures, this is a hand coloured version of my familiar 'masthead' picture of the dishonest gardener, secured in readiness for his disciplinary hearing. 
I took the opportunity to add an appropriate setting for him for this version of the picture.

The resulting picture has a completely different feel to the original 'gardener'
giving the felon a slightly more dismayed look.

If you want to see more of Mitchell's pictures you can view all of the ones posted at the mitchmen blog by clicking on the 'mitchpix' label below.

There's also a link to a small gallery of my personal favourites in the sidebar.

Another selection has been posted at my page
(again, click on the 'mitchpix' label there).

Finally, nearly all of my published pictures are displayed
at my mitchmen club at Adonis Male, details in Galleries tab at the top.

Monday 19 March 2012

Fetish Artist - Patrao

Patrao - Sketch of Writhing Man
I just discovered this artist whose blog contains some nice fetish imagery - but beware, it has also has females in some pictures. The writhing man, above, is my favourite, it has a tremendous sense of drama and real life masculinity.

Patrao - Punishment Sketch
This belting scene in the same agitated style is less dynamic but exudes a great sense of dominance and tearful submission. I think the sketching of the shirt is very clever.

Patrao - Prepared for Sale
Patrao exhibits a variety of styles and this is a more tidy, colourised picture with an interesting selection of men lined up for sale. I rather like the hairy hulk in the middle. If the composition looks lop-sided, you are right, it's part of a bigger scene with a woman in mediaeval dress inspecting the goods (fortunately cropped out by the artist). There's some good drawing of hands in this picture, Patrao it seems is no novice. The muscles are defined with tiny flicks of ink augmented by shadowing. The rib cage highlighting on the blond man is particularly nice.

Patrao - He looks so cute
Finally, another sketch on lined writing paper (a la Palanca!). It's quite hard to make a torso look muscular in this pose, in real life the rib cage tends to protrude, particularly on gym honed bodies with low levels of fat (see previous picture). It's erotic but in all of this work there is an over-riding sense that these are depictions of real men. Very nice.

There are more pictures on Patrao's blog bdsmMaleDrawings

Sunday 18 March 2012

The Power of Olive

If you're thinking of trying out the power of olive pants yourself beware! You may get more that you bargained for.

How else could a big butch man like this end up on his knees with his pants ripped open and looking so resentful. It's that Olive effect, mark my words!

There's no question that the curves of these pants enhance the shape of the man within. That middle seam straining upwards is great! A perfect subject for a newly acquired leather strap. But he seems to having doubts, as if he didn't plan for the evening to end this way.

These military recruits can't resist getting inside their comrade's olive shorts. This military spanking imagery has been around for a long time. Although the posing is rather stilted and the framing of the composition unsophisticated ,it remains amazingly potent. Some of this is down to the subject, the attractiveness of the participants and the quality of the photography, but for me those olive shorts matched with the model's skin colour add a layer of visual attractiveness that makes you remember the image and want to look at it again. I've yet to discover who made this series, it looks a bit like William Higgins' style.

A final word for Alex who launched us on this green sea of erotic desire by wearing a silly hat. 
Green loves him. Have a look at his portfolio at 8Alex8 at model mahem

Saturday 17 March 2012

Men Sharing Clothes 11 - Olive Underwear

My search for examples of sexy olive underwear turned up a previously unnoticed example for my 'men sharing...' series where hunks are asked to pose in underwear previously used by other models.
Roddy, who I featured in a previous post is joined here by Brodie and Darwin in identical underpants.
First up is Darwin who has the appearance of a chunky bruiser. 
This adds considerable spice to his submission to bondage.
This legs up 'settee pose' is much favoured at Captured Guys, but it's more exposing than restrictive. Those underpants are being given a really intimate work-out by Darwin's chunky physique. 
Note the colour-toned throw, ladies.

Next into action is Roddy who's looking very uncomfortable. 
Perhaps he's unhappy about sharing Darwin's underwear.
 Roddy in matching pose to Darwin's, flashing his feet and showing his bottom.
 His bedspread may be the dreaded beige but it provides the best backdrop out of these pictures. 
More of Roddy here but check him out at Captured Guys.

 Brodie is not only cute, he has the happy knack of looking as though he might burst into tears at any moment. The underpants here show definite signs of having been worn by someone else with a bigger backside. How do you persuade a model to do that?

Brodie is 'captured' here by BareFootBound in a veritable spiders web of cord which could get quite a lot more uncomfortable with time. As far as I know it is not the same studio as Captured Guys (the source of my other 'men sharing' in this post) but I believe there are connections, making the apparent sharing of underwear resources rather intriguing. More of Brodie here
Thanks to Captured Guys and BareFootBound for all the pix.
For other 'men sharing clothes' click on the 'sharing' label below

Friday 16 March 2012

Hunks in Olives

Hard Labour

The erotic symbolism is none too subtle in this picture, but this guy would look great (and equally unruffled) in a black plastic bag. The picture illustrates the point I made last time about colour balance and exposures. The detailing of the jacket folds is crystal clear and I don't imagine I need to point out that the transparent quality of his (olive) briefs is well captured as well. In comparison his hair is just a black blob with no detail visible while his lighter-coloured boots are slightly over-exposed, the white seams starting to glare. You've probably been frustrated by the same effect when white jocks are photographed on dark skinned men and all the ribbing and texture 'glares out'.

Bend Over!

Hunky Edu Boxer bends over for us looking very masculine and comfortable in the classic olive brief and leaving us wishing for a little more exposure (and less severe cropping).

Hands Up!

Rusty Joiner's 'hands up' pose would suggest a POW scenario to me were it not for the intensely modern tailoring of his underwear. I've never quite understood what estate agents mean when they describe a property as 'deceptively spacious' but it might well apply to this little number. At first sight the broad waistband and overall proportions suggest Rusty is wearing ordinary underwear but if you check out the amount of tasty abdomen visible above the waistband you can see they are very skimpy indeed. A tight fit as well, the sprayed on look certainly attracts the eyes and sticky fingers but there ain't much room in that pouch. The seaming, shaped like an upward pointing arrow-head, is actually squashing every thing firmly together inside and is symbolically chopped off at the pointed end by the waistband. Ouch! Poor Rusty is undergoing a bizarre chastity punishment here - which certainly explains the attractive pleading look on his face.

Worn Out

No such problem here as another imaginary POW ponders his plumped-up pants after a hard day's slaving for his sadistic captors. One might wish for a little less 'faithfully-captured ribbing' and a little more of the transparency from our first labourer here but there's still plenty to get your teeth into.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Billy being tied up in Baggies

Billy from BareFootBound gets himself tied up. It's a totally erotic procedure for me. 
His arms are bent upwards giving an unrestricted view of his bottom. 
This slightly unnatural position suggests a degree of pressure is already being applied. 

His olive trunks are not a tight fit but still show his buttocks to good effect. 
The dust/staining on them suggests they've had plenty of hard use as working clothes.
 It may be that he didn't come out in them this morning, expecting to end up posing in them!
or perhaps he doesn't wear undies and the photographer's dusting rag has been pressed into service. 

Billy tests his wrist ties which look pretty substantial. His captor has also gagged him with neat white tape just to show who's in charge. Billy's hair is the classic military cut and the colour of his underwear also has army associations suggesting he has a degree of hardness and experience. 
The 'cut' of the pants shows off his fine thighs in this picture and the loose fit of the lower hem around his buttock positively invites further inspection.

I love the frightened rabbit look! Perhaps the gag was an unexpected development and he's wondering what other surprises might be in store. Well it's too late now to change his mind!
 Although Billy has a boyish face one can also imagine him as the 'leader of the gang'. 
He acquires tattoos in later pictures, not to mention some seriously sculpted muscles
 but this smoother, unspoilt body will appeal to lovers of innocence and purity. 
The opening in his trunks gapes enticingly.

The bondage master further demonstrates his control by turning Billy over onto his face and lifting his feet. This isn't strictly necessary for the tying of his ankles but it removes the process from Billy's view and makes it harder for him to pull his legs away. By deliberately positioning him like this, it is made clear to him that he is no longer simply 'allowing' himself to be tied up.

In this shot, the underpants form a beautiful array of curves and shadowing, giving bulk and shape to the body. I have a bit of a thing about the colour olive, but one it's virtues is that creases and other detail show up clearly in photographs. The mid-tone balances the skin colour so it gets the right exposure to show all this detail. In comparison, white trunks tend to glare while darker ones become a featureless blob. 

Billy is repositioned on the bed, which speaks for itself in terms of who is in control. 
It creates a nice, symbolic, curving line through his body into the hands of his tormentor. 
The twist of his body exposes a selection of highly-touchable, undefended, body areas. Thanks to the colour balancing, we can see clearly the subtle shading defining the sides of his abs, the tuck of material between his legs, the hair on his thighs and calves and so on. You can see what look like bleached areas on the underpants, suggesting a great deal of washing or perhaps it's some other sort of dried fluid, in which case let's hope it was Billy's own and not some other user's.

 The pure white ropes wound round Billy's chest pin his arms tight and provide an anchorage for the hog-tie, making a beautiful finishing touch as his captor contemplates his next move.
Billy wonders.
The crisp detail of the briefs in this image underlines the point about colour balance.
You may not be excited by the jumble of loose fabric in Billy's crotch
 but you can see that something is trying to push out of the fly opening.
Left hand down a bit, I predict.
Pictures courtesy of BareFootBound

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Olive Patterns

Camouflage Underwear
I must say I do wonder about the logic of putting camouflage pattern on underpants. As you can see here, it renders the contents pretty much invisible - just as you would expect. Even the wearer seems perplexed about it - unless he's simply wondering where the rest of the uniform went. The intense colour emphasises the curves of the garment round his body. It also draws the eye in to the functional ribbing making him look inappropriately dressed - sexy! At the same time the earthy tone plays to his skin colour and body hair accentuating his masculinity.

Daisy Pattern Underwear
The second image is less overtly sexual in intent but it's arguably more effective. It shows a completely different type of man wearing a frivolous daisy pattern brief. It has no military overtones or butch associations. But the effect of the colour is the same, attracting the eye and flattering the model's bulk and curves. It seems to work particularly well on smooth fitting fabric like this, making you want to linger and touch him.

Cheeky Underwear
The final picture isn't a pattern (and not quite olive either) but I just wanted to post these fabulous cheeky curves! I know it's a fashion colour but the diabolical brown vest seems to demonstrate quite conclusively that earthy tones are not intrinsicaly sexy. However, I give the photographer 10 out of 10 for pairing the V-shape of the model's hairline with the hemline on his underpants. If he'd ditched the vest and used true olive briefs this picture would have been so sweet.