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Monday 19 March 2012

Fetish Artist - Patrao

Patrao - Sketch of Writhing Man
I just discovered this artist whose blog contains some nice fetish imagery - but beware, it has also has females in some pictures. The writhing man, above, is my favourite, it has a tremendous sense of drama and real life masculinity.

Patrao - Punishment Sketch
This belting scene in the same agitated style is less dynamic but exudes a great sense of dominance and tearful submission. I think the sketching of the shirt is very clever.

Patrao - Prepared for Sale
Patrao exhibits a variety of styles and this is a more tidy, colourised picture with an interesting selection of men lined up for sale. I rather like the hairy hulk in the middle. If the composition looks lop-sided, you are right, it's part of a bigger scene with a woman in mediaeval dress inspecting the goods (fortunately cropped out by the artist). There's some good drawing of hands in this picture, Patrao it seems is no novice. The muscles are defined with tiny flicks of ink augmented by shadowing. The rib cage highlighting on the blond man is particularly nice.

Patrao - He looks so cute
Finally, another sketch on lined writing paper (a la Palanca!). It's quite hard to make a torso look muscular in this pose, in real life the rib cage tends to protrude, particularly on gym honed bodies with low levels of fat (see previous picture). It's erotic but in all of this work there is an over-riding sense that these are depictions of real men. Very nice.

There are more pictures on Patrao's blog bdsmMaleDrawings


POTE said...

Thank you for your attention. I visit your blog often. I love their content and, as you see, we have much in common. I was very pleased with the page you have created about my work. I loved all your comments. It's great to have someone to talk about drawings and sexuality. Ppatrao

Mitchell said...

My pleasure, I look forward to seeing more of your work.