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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Ministry of Silly Hats - 11 Pirate Scarf

The headscarf has a noble tradition as improvised headwear.
It's frequently associated in popular culture with pirates and brigands so you'd think it would impart something of that renegade panache to any wearer, not least Cody Cummings.

 Apparently not. 
At least not when it's worn with a less-than-fierce coy 'come-on' look.
I can't help adding that headscarves are also associated with washer women
 but perhaps that's being too unfair

I am happy to admit that Cody model achieves considerably better results
 with his underwear which greatly rewards close inspection.

I've always put this model in the 'God's Gift Brigade' on account of the fact that he spends more time looking at the camera than the men he's posing with, even when he's being intimately serviced by them. So it's not entirely unexpected to find him partnering a mirror and making a bit of a fool of himself with his headgear.

(I usually blame the photographer for these faux pas but as a 'Star' model, I imagine this chap's not obliged to follow all those dictates, so he is probably equally culpable here!).

I also mentioned the headscarf as a silly hat in a previous dispatch when it is shown being worn by a wedge victim. Conflating that image with the ones above creates a rather satisfying fantasy.
One that's probably not worthy of me, but never mind.

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Saturday 27 January 2018

Tentacles in Action - A Revelation

In the past, I have occasionally been quite disparaging about tentacle art in this blog  
However I was astounded when I saw this GIF showing a man struggling with a tentacled being. 
It convincingly shows the strength and restraining capability of the creature's 'arms'
and the viewer feels very aware of the skin-to-skin contact and cross-species intimacy
in a way static art rarely seems to achieve.
Or perhaps I've been missing something in those other images!

This picture from the same series is less educational but worth including for completeness.
Actually, from this view the captive could be...erm...not a man.
That would be a shame but doesn't really detract from the power of the piece.

I would love to be able to credit the artist, can anyone ID him/her?

Wednesday 24 January 2018

A Hunk Born to Suffer? - 3

Brock leaves the dungeons behind for a new life as a construction worker
but his chauvinist attempts to go straight irk his more enlightened work colleaugues.
It looks like just the excuse to put Brock's gleaming torso on display. Enjoy.
Hard hats teeter on the brink of 'Silly' at times but Brock gets away with it here.

 Too late Brock discovers it's his old friend from Kink, Sebastian Keys,who naturally makes straight for Brock's alluring nipples (with suction caps he always carries about his person). 
I'm sure it's those inflated pecs that they can't resist.

Cock slapping? Punishment or not?

Brock tries getting into uniform as a cop, but his dominant side is no match for Jordan A, 
a parolee he supervises, who reacts badly to the threat of being returned to jail for smoking weed.
He forces Brock to eat his words (or something) in the time honoured way 

Looks like Brock might find it pays to keep Jordan in circulation a while longer!

In desperation Brock tries the less stressful occupation of Woodland Security Guard, 
But wouldn't you know it? Trouble follows him here too.
He discovers and rescues a kidnap victim (Brock is such a good guy really!)
 only to be siezed himself by the gang of rednecks responsible. 

They drag him off to their Woodland lair and mercilessly torment him with dicks and whips
- oh and a zapper borrowed from Bound Gods.
Brock still manages to look good in this rather testing folded-legs position.

After all these exertions a relaxing massage ought to be just the job,
but Rob Yaeger has other ideas, manpulating Brock into turning over
Not again! Brock must be thinking.

It's almost as if he's haunted by some sort of strange deity
who dances for joy whenever he sucumbs to another man.

(We've got a wallpaper-pasting table just like that, 
but I don't think it would support two men going at it like this!)

Even when he's out for a walk with his hunky boyfriend (Jason Maddox in 'Spark-Plugged' ), 
Brock ends up finding himself the object of comparison with Gustavo Brock (top right)
 for who is best performer in a synchronised, bottoming competition.

 Little wonder, then, that when Brock runs into Rocco Steele and sees his equipment,
he feels a little anxiety about what's about to happen.
Is this love at last or just another way of suffering?


My fantasies about Brock Avery, as recounted in these articles, are not in any meant to reflect his presonality or anything else about him in any way. It's all fiction apart from the imagery.

Nor is this little potted history of some of Brock Avery's work meant to be comprehensive or balanced and it's not presented in chronological sequence either. It's intended to be a genuine but highly selective letter of appreciation for a man who suffers for our pleasure gallantly and sexily and who works hard at looking great! More power to him.


Just as I was putting this article to bed I stumbled across more, very interesting stuff starring Brock
from independent producer 'Pervout' which has hit on the idea of promoting their films with extended GIF's including the splendid encounters reproduced below. I think it's a format which works really well, succinctly encapsulating the action but leaving you wanting to see more
(which 2 minute video trailers sometimes fail to do).

Brock (as Officer Avery) goes back to his suffering ways in this encounter with Jessie Colter in which he is also forced to don a 'Piggy' head. Jessie's hat lends a military, authoritarian air which works rather well. The way he almost embraces Brock, even while he is tormenting him is spookily erotic.

This scene with Pito Savage seems to sums up my fictional 'Suffering Brock'. It shows him undergoing a protracted 'wedging', a humiliation whose effectiveness stems not so much from the physical pain inflicted but from the absurdity of being punished by your own pants in undignified positions and the inability of the wearer to prevent it happening. That's graphically illustrated here with Pito's hulking muscle convincingly trumping Brock's gym-honed strength.

Lance Hart (seen here in cerise trunks) is another serial sufferer and his proclivities in this direction provide a rare opportunity for Brock to be the top for a change, an opportunity he seizes with relish as you can see. The slightly bizarre clothing works quite well for me. Brock's black tights and peaked cap make a half-decent master's outfit (lacking only a belt perhaps). It's erotic, tasteful and not excessively complicated which makes it highly practical for physical exertion. Lance's day-glo trunks seem to suggest a man with a confident personality, maybe a model, an aspiring super-hero perhaps, but whatever the case he's been painfully brought to heel by Brock. Nice

These four actors combine together for this scene which is crowded with visual S&M ingredients.
Some clever editing has injected a frenzied pace, which makes it look an incredibly exciting film. 
A classic case of 'Less is More'. Would that all gay porn producers heeded this message!

Brock has his own website Brock's Palace
where you will find all manner of surprises like this.

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Sunday 21 January 2018

A Hunk Born to Suffer? - 2

When Brock meets up with Abel Archer again in the Bound Gods dungeon
he's soon in familiar territory, licking his boots to assure him of his respect.

It's not enough to save him from a protracted flogging for which he has to wear a jockstrap
made of a curious yellow, see-through rubber which isn't very flattering
It's vaguely reminiscent of medical appliances and baby wear.
As you can see, though, Brock's hard work in the gym still shines through.

Strapped down on the bench,  Brock's unable to resist Abel's baser demands,
but there's prominent evidence to suggest he's not finding it too awful!
Abel's not short of distinctive assets of his own 
but his waders are most thigh-enhancing in these images.

The normal 'coup de grace' follows
after Brock's had more tit treatment, electro shocks and an enema courtesy of a hosepipe
(for which surprisingly he doesn't have to wear that awful jock) .
Phew! That's over he must be thinking, except there's a nasty little twist in the tale.

Abel takes up a throttling position behind long-suffering Brock.
(A man multi-tasking, note!)
At this point I'm starting to wonder if it's envy of Brock's luscious physique 
prompting all this diabolical cruelty.

When Brock moves on to Bound Jocks, 
he can't be surprised to find himself hogtied in a clinical, bare white room.
He's got youthful Lucas Knight with him for company, but for my money  
Brock's physique puts the lad in the shade, look at those thighs!

The two boys endeavour to free themselves.
It's all very 'boys own' adventure, uplifting in it's own way.
Is Brock about to enjoy a positive outcome to a performance for once?

Lucas gets free first, largely thanks to Brock's selfless teeth work,
and repays him by refusing to set him free - unless he provides some oral first.
Poor Brock, is everyone out to get him? 

Brock alone in his ropes (in a sequel) 

He must be finding the acting out of despair becoming easier and easier!
This is a classic image for photo manipulators to adapt.

We'll try and put Brock out of his misery next time
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Thursday 18 January 2018

A Hunk Born to Suffer?

Every so often Bound Gods comes up with a stunningly memorable image*
 and for me this is one of them.
Brock Avery and Trenton Ducati
Brock Avery (right), who we saw being seduced by Rocco Steele in my last post, actually has a stunning, pneumatically-muscular physique, just look at those arms! It's beautifully showcased by the shibari roping here, but it has rendered him completely defenceless. Even his cock is restrained which is a nice psychological assertion of control by his captor. These encasing ropes wouldn't stop Brock escaping, it's the presence of his angry captor which does that and he is attacking him with the most elementary of weapons, his fists. The scene has a raw, one-on-one, combat earthiness made nightmarish for Brock by his defenceless state. The gag and the windowless privacy of the shower, complete with spooky, running water, makes it unlikely that anyone will hear what's going on and intervene to save him.
One of the Bound Gods 'Creepy Handymen' series

Photo by Falcon Studios

Intrigued by this scene, I instigated a 'mini-hunk hunt' and dug out this picture which shows Brock's physique in a more elegant, less bulky form. I have a fondness for softly curving muscualrity like this. A torso which is not too lean, not too sharply 'cut'. Also for bodies featuring hair grow-back!
However, further investigations revealed Brock, for all his masculinity, to be a serial sufferer.

In 30 minutes of Torment he is confronted by the man himself, Van Darkholme, who clearly finds Brock's luscious pecs as irresistable as I do. Brock's display of anguish is most endearing.
But his pec punishment does not end here.


Those dangling balls look like innocuous decoration - until they are set in motion
when they create a continuous sensation of tweaking for the unfortunate wearer.
Strange, how muscularity attracts direct punishment like this.
But muscles alone do not make you strong if your hands are tied.

Van Darkholme does not neglect other targets either but my attention soon drifts back to Brock's splendidly curvacious contours, made all the more luscious by the gleaming, sweaty highlights.

Of course, if you work on a Kink movie you've got to expect a bit of stick,
but teamed up with Damien Moreau (left), Brock endures the mother of beatings
from his old 'creepy' enemy, Trenton Ducati.
This image showcases Brock's lower body and if you follow the link to the trailer
you'll see it dancing under the lash.

In passing, note the fiendish cruelty of this restraint frame, which only requires it's victims to be restrained by overhead wrist ropes. The tilt of the frame tips the victim into the net, which sags just enough under his weight, to leave his body in an uncomfortable, backward-curved position. That impells him to try and make himself upright, but against the wrist restaints and the tilted foot rest, he cannot achieve balance. It's a punishment in itself, wearing-down the victim over time, 
both physically and psychologically.

Inevitably those nips have more punishment to come. These mechanical pullers look scary enough even before the screw is tightened, but the design is less physical than it appears, more suck than bite. It seems that due to austerity cut-backs Brock and Damien have to share a pair between them.
Is it my imagination or is Brock looking enviously at Damien's half, wishing it were on him?
Slaves eh? What do you do with them?

Brock gets another opportunity to show off his superior aptitude for enslavement. He's up against Seth Santoro this time and they are seen here being assessed by Christain Wilde. Brock's chunkier-looking muscularity is reduced to a grovelling, boot lickin' subservience. You can see his stature is rather more diminutive than Seth which may account for his propensity to be bullied - even out of ropes.

 Here you see the proof. Seth Santoro's screen persona is not renowned for domination traits (despite his improbable wrestling nick name of 'The Tsuanami'). However in face to face combat, even he gets to rub Brock's nose in it. Here he invites, his former fellow slave to sample his reproductive wares, up close. Brock puts on a suitable display of disgust at the prospect which I imagine required some self discpline - unless the irony is just too humiliating for him!. To be fair this video fight is not all one-sided but I'm enjoying Brock's tribulations too much to present a balanced view!

Freed from ropes (but still on them) Brock's six-pack muscle is showcased here. You'll see shots like this in all his wrestling outings but sadly it's not exactly a triumphant moment. His open legs look awkward, somewhat undignified and are leaving a dangerously open goal for Seth to exploit.
Brock's thigh's, stunningly chunky, lure on-lookers too towards this area of vulnerabiltity.
Seth v Brock at Naked Kombat

His match with Alexander Gustavo produces more humiliating moments.
This rather laddish-looking opponent even finds space to spank Brock on the bare backside. 


Poor Brock doesn't fare an awful lot better vs Mitch Vaughn. In fact the humiliations seem to be escalating as his mouth becomes the latest target. He's already had a taste of boot-lickin' but this is one step up (so to speak) and that foot ain't gonna be very clean unless Kink Studio have cleaning ladies with the most superior talents! Nevertheless, foot-fetishists (amongst whom I consider myself an curious lurker) get a nice portrait of Mitch's left foot.

Here Abel Archer takes his turn, offering Brock a chance of intimate aquaintance with his sweat glands. It's actually an apt reflection of the way he seems to smother all Brock's combat moves in the video. I'm not clear whether smelling or licking is the order of the day here, but if Abel neglected to shower thoroughly this morning things could get sticky!

As it turns out, Kink and Abel have more plans for the long-suffering Brock,
which I will proceed to in my next post

* I explore some other Bound Gods classics in my my Tribute to Bound Gods series

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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Beautifully Bound - Brock Avery

Brock Avery by Bound Gods

Brock's a real muscle hunk and it oozes out of this shibari job.

I normally limit these pictures to solo poses but the intimate threat of Trenton Ducati is part of what makes this elaborate bondage so meaningful.

Monday 15 January 2018

The Look of Uncertainty

The look that says, "Ooohh! I may just have made a mistake here".
"You will be careful with me, won't you?"
An over-enthusiastic pick-up realises this Daddy may be more of a challenge than he appeared
(see link below if you require more clarification!).

(Actually Brock Avery makes awkward situations something of a speciality,
it's an admirable quality which I will discuss in my next post.)

This is 'Look' No 9, for others click on the label below

Photo: Brock Avery and Rocco Steele @ My 10 Inches

Friday 12 January 2018

The Bondage Leanings of Michael Stokes

Michael Stokes is perhaps best known for his calendar style images of uniformed men
 and in particular (for me) some great shots of the luscious Colin Wayne
(who sadly has yet to offer up his body to a rope-master!)

Fireman Colin Wayne

However, sprinkled amongst this photographer's work are some evocative bondage references

This rather genteel restraint of Attila Toth harks back to the coded messages of 50's/60's vintage beefcake put out by AMG and WPG. This model wears more clothing than they did then, but that does not detract from the image and has the effect of placing his imagined captivity more in the present day, 'real world'. The model's lean, clean cut, boyish look is somewhat reminiscent of Tin-Tin style adventures. His light build and youthfulness is contrasted with a heavyweight rope that would secure an ocean liner, thereby implying an predicament of some severity, which is nicely reflected in his slightly mystified expression.

 This example is a dramatic contrast in technique, with the model clad in a seriously sexy grubby jockstrap (and dare I say moist? - click to expand!). He's blindfolded and secured with rope that's more believable than Atilla's, even if the knots aren't!. His bindings are configured asymmetrically for artistic effect but it opens up his torso to the looming electrical monstrosity towering over him, which seems to represent an undefined but rather unpleasant threat, and judging by the way he's reeling away, it already has him in it's thrall. It's like a 1950's B-movie with invisible beams but the modernistic villainy is set alongside an elaborately carved chair. It's worthy of The Inquisition, but with an upholstered seat, probably unsuitable for serious torture exercises. 
I haven't identified the model yet (do any of you know?)
Answer in comments below

 Rodney Santiago seems to have wound up in the same dangerous place, three years later according to the dates on the photos. However, there's a distinct sense that the danger has gone, the model seems quite relaxed in restraints that seem tokenistic and almost girly. 
The imagination has to work hard on this one but we can feast on Rodney's buns.

 In these two images Stokes conjures up a whole world of captivity with Kyle Clark as the hapless victim. His slightly gaunt-looking face (no doubt a by-product of engineering that amazingly cut torso) gives him a mature and slightly 'hard' appearance which is the direct opposite of Attila's boyish appeal above. To me this suggests a worthy captive, a more equal contest between man and chains, 'the Beast being tamed' if you like. The second picture, where a mask is added, amplifies that idea and if you switch between the two pictures you'll see Kyle seems to relax/droop into his restraints in a submissive way that is surprisingly erotic.

These two pictures play with captivity in general.
In both cases the element of nudity introduces a distinctly erotic flavour but not the same one. 

Bryant Wood's chain gang convict on the left would barely register on the sexual senses were it not for the spectacular, gleaming torso artfully revealed. Convicts are not meant to look like this! One can only conjecture the effect on the other prisoners but it's as if Bryant is sadly contemplating how all the effort put into that physique has only made it into fodder for hard labour. 

The right hand image is quite different. With total nudity implied, this is a caged victim of a very different hue, alert and anxiously awaiting the attentions of his captor, which are not expected to be benign. I've commented before on the difficulty of making cages and prison bars look erotic, but the photographer has made a decent job of it here, with the help of a striking model and a tantalising glimpse of his pubes.

Lest you doubt the erotic intent of Michael Stokes' experiments with bondage!
This image will probably still be posted on the internet when all of us have gone.
It's Pure Lust Dust.

I think the model is JR Bronson but will accept corrections! 
If I'm right Michael Stokes has certainly brought out the best in him

This image is simply magnificent on all sorts of levels. It isn't really depicting bondage but flirts with spread-eagle restraint and crucifixion alike - or even descent of an angel. The loin cloth contributes mischievously to those associations, but it is in any case a garment that I find erotically interesting with all sorts of historical and cultural connections that fire the imagination.

It took two brave men to make this picture, the photographer and the model. 
It doesn't have the same intrinsic beauty as the preceding picture and fetishists will look upon the result with different eyes to the rest of the world, but no-one could deny the powerful impact of the clever, pseudo-medical imagery. It graphically spells out the pain of an invisible sort of restraining bondage, one which most of us will never have to experience. Great stuff. Good job.

We finish with this cover of one of Michael Stoke's publications 
which returns to a more classical theme of Herculean pulling.
The straining makes all the difference!

also Stokes Photo on Twitter and other social media,