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Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Hunk Born to Suffer?

Every so often Bound Gods comes up with a stunningly memorable image*
 and for me this is one of them.
Brock Avery and Trenton Ducati
Brock Avery (right), who we saw being seduced by Rocco Steele in my last post, actually has a stunning, pneumatically-muscular physique, just look at those arms! It's beautifully showcased by the shibari roping here, but it has rendered him completely defenceless. Even his cock is restrained which is a nice psychological assertion of control by his captor. These encasing ropes wouldn't stop Brock escaping, it's the presence of his angry captor which does that and he is attacking him with the most elementary of weapons, his fists. The scene has a raw, one-on-one, combat earthiness made nightmarish for Brock by his defenceless state. The gag and the windowless privacy of the shower, complete with spooky, running water, makes it unlikely that anyone will hear what's going on and intervene to save him.
One of the Bound Gods 'Creepy Handymen' series

Photo by Falcon Studios

Intrigued by this scene, I instigated a 'mini-hunk hunt' and dug out this picture which shows Brock's physique in a more elegant, less bulky form. I have a fondness for softly curving muscualrity like this. A torso which is not too lean, not too sharply 'cut'. Also for bodies featuring hair grow-back!
However, further investigations revealed Brock, for all his masculinity, to be a serial sufferer.

In 30 minutes of Torment he is confronted by the man himself, Van Darkholme, who clearly finds Brock's luscious pecs as irresistable as I do. Brock's display of anguish is most endearing.
But his pec punishment does not end here.


Those dangling balls look like innocuous decoration - until they are set in motion
when they create a continuous sensation of tweaking for the unfortunate wearer.
Strange, how muscularity attracts direct punishment like this.
But muscles alone do not make you strong if your hands are tied.

Van Darkholme does not neglect other targets either but my attention soon drifts back to Brock's splendidly curvacious contours, made all the more luscious by the gleaming, sweaty highlights.

Of course, if you work on a Kink movie you've got to expect a bit of stick,
but teamed up with Damien Moreau (left), Brock endures the mother of beatings
from his old 'creepy' enemy, Trenton Ducati.
This image showcases Brock's lower body and if you follow the link to the trailer
you'll see it dancing under the lash.

In passing, note the fiendish cruelty of this restraint frame, which only requires it's victims to be restrained by overhead wrist ropes. The tilt of the frame tips the victim into the net, which sags just enough under his weight, to leave his body in an uncomfortable, backward-curved position. That impells him to try and make himself upright, but against the wrist restaints and the tilted foot rest, he cannot achieve balance. It's a punishment in itself, wearing-down the victim over time, 
both physically and psychologically.

Inevitably those nips have more punishment to come. These mechanical pullers look scary enough even before the screw is tightened, but the design is less physical than it appears, more suck than bite. It seems that due to austerity cut-backs Brock and Damien have to share a pair between them.
Is it my imagination or is Brock looking enviously at Damien's half, wishing it were on him?
Slaves eh? What do you do with them?

Brock gets another opportunity to show off his superior aptitude for enslavement. He's up against Seth Santoro this time and they are seen here being assessed by Christain Wilde. Brock's chunkier-looking muscularity is reduced to a grovelling, boot lickin' subservience. You can see his stature is rather more diminutive than Seth which may account for his propensity to be bullied - even out of ropes.

 Here you see the proof. Seth Santoro's screen persona is not renowned for domination traits (despite his improbable wrestling nick name of 'The Tsuanami'). However in face to face combat, even he gets to rub Brock's nose in it. Here he invites, his former fellow slave to sample his reproductive wares, up close. Brock puts on a suitable display of disgust at the prospect which I imagine required some self discpline - unless the irony is just too humiliating for him!. To be fair this video fight is not all one-sided but I'm enjoying Brock's tribulations too much to present a balanced view!

Freed from ropes (but still on them) Brock's six-pack muscle is showcased here. You'll see shots like this in all his wrestling outings but sadly it's not exactly a triumphant moment. His open legs look awkward, somewhat undignified and are leaving a dangerously open goal for Seth to exploit.
Brock's thigh's, stunningly chunky, lure on-lookers too towards this area of vulnerabiltity.
Seth v Brock at Naked Kombat

His match with Alexander Gustavo produces more humiliating moments.
This rather laddish-looking opponent even finds space to spank Brock on the bare backside. 


Poor Brock doesn't fare an awful lot better vs Mitch Vaughn. In fact the humiliations seem to be escalating as his mouth becomes the latest target. He's already had a taste of boot-lickin' but this is one step up (so to speak) and that foot ain't gonna be very clean unless Kink Studio have cleaning ladies with the most superior talents! Nevertheless, foot-fetishists (amongst whom I consider myself an curious lurker) get a nice portrait of Mitch's left foot.

Here Abel Archer takes his turn, offering Brock a chance of intimate aquaintance with his sweat glands. It's actually an apt reflection of the way he seems to smother all Brock's combat moves in the video. I'm not clear whether smelling or licking is the order of the day here, but if Abel neglected to shower thoroughly this morning things could get sticky!

As it turns out, Kink and Abel have more plans for the long-suffering Brock,
which I will proceed to in my next post

* I explore some other Bound Gods classics in my my Tribute to Bound Gods series

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