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Sunday, 21 January 2018

A Hunk Born to Suffer? - 2

When Brock meets up with Abel Archer again in the Bound Gods dungeon
he's soon in familiar territory, licking his boots to assure him of his respect.

It's not enough to save him from a protracted flogging for which he has to wear a jockstrap
made of a curious yellow, see-through rubber which isn't very flattering
It's vaguely reminiscent of medical appliances and baby wear.
As you can see, though, Brock's hard work in the gym still shines through.

Strapped down on the bench,  Brock's unable to resist Abel's baser demands,
but there's prominent evidence to suggest he's not finding it too awful!
Abel's not short of distinctive assets of his own 
but his waders are most thigh-enhancing in these images.

The normal 'coup de grace' follows
after Brock's had more tit treatment, electro shocks and an enema courtesy of a hosepipe
(for which surprisingly he doesn't have to wear that awful jock) .
Phew! That's over he must be thinking, except there's a nasty little twist in the tale.

Abel takes up a throttling position behind long-suffering Brock.
(A man multi-tasking, note!)
At this point I'm starting to wonder if it's envy of Brock's luscious physique 
prompting all this diabolical cruelty.

When Brock moves on to Bound Jocks, 
he can't be surprised to find himself hogtied in a clinical, bare white room.
He's got youthful Lucas Knight with him for company, but for my money  
Brock's physique puts the lad in the shade, look at those thighs!

The two boys endeavour to free themselves.
It's all very 'boys own' adventure, uplifting in it's own way.
Is Brock about to enjoy a positive outcome to a performance for once?

Lucas gets free first, largely thanks to Brock's selfless teeth work,
and repays him by refusing to set him free - unless he provides some oral first.
Poor Brock, is everyone out to get him? 

Brock alone in his ropes (in a sequel) 

He must be finding the acting out of despair becoming easier and easier!
This is a classic image for photo manipulators to adapt.

We'll try and put Brock out of his misery next time
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