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Wednesday 29 April 2020

I Remember Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield Swallowed
Although this image references one-time favourite biohazard Agent, Chris Redfield in the title and shows tantalisation by tentacles, it's the other features of the picture that caught my eye;-

  • The sinuous, S-shaped, body posture and stressed torso dripping with fluids of uncertain origin.
  • The chunky thighs being gradually engulfed by a fleshy orifice. 
  • The arms being drawn upwards into a similar chute, stretching out the captive.
  • Last, but not least, those tattered remnants of underpants which probably never provided adequate support for that prodigious appendage in the first place and now provide evidence of a furious, erotic struggle which poor Chris seems to have comprehensively lost.

I'm not familiar with the biology of these species but it looks as if Chris has been simultaneously attacked by two separate creatures, who are now contesting which of them shall take the prize. The tug-or war could produce some interesting wriggling if we could ever see it 'GIFed'. If you're gender-sensitive it's probably best not to study the shapes of those voluptuous orifices too closely.

The vaguely military colour of those shredded threads and the barely noticeable, communicator microphone are the only visible signs of the victim's former identity. Not quite conclusive as labeling but at least providing the 'partly-clothed' erotic trigger which I talked about in my last 'Julius' post.

My copy of this image is attributed to Mark Wulfing (aka BathHouseBoi) but a reader has informed me (see comments) that this is an altered version of an original by Tentakun.

Tentakun - Prey (click to enlarge)

I like the enhanced hip effect that the smaller head produces in the original and also the teasing treatment of the underwear, but wishing no disrespect to Tentakun, I prefer the substituted head.

It's possible Mark Wulfing is responsible for the alteration, other images I've found by him seem to have a more comic drawing style, for example:

Mark Wulfing - The Hermit
I wonder if this interesting image is autobiographical?

It's hard to track down other art by him.
Possibly he's another casualty of 'Born Again Tumblr'.
This is the only link I have found: Mark Wulfing Art
This site references a Patreon page but I couldn't find it.

My take on this encounter is below:

Chris Redfield Emergency

Monday 27 April 2020

A Day In The Water Tank

Mitchell-M721 The Water Tank (Day Break)


Life stirs in the tank as light begins to filter through the curtains

Mitchell-M721 The Water Tank (Morning Sun)

A  shaft of sunlight falls on the tank

Mitchell-M721 The Water Tank (Afternoon Shadow)

Clouds scud across the sun, obscuring it

Mitchell-M721 The Water Tank (Evening mood lighting)


Mood lighting built into the tank entertains our guests

Mitchell-M721 The Water Tank (Night-time)


The occupants of the tank settle down in the night-glow 

My first attempt at a gif is not very good but gives a better idea of what I visualised.
For more pictures by Mitchell, click on the label below or visit the Gallery Tab (top) for information about other sites including the permanent archive at Adonis Male.

Friday 24 April 2020

Vintage Bondage - Jack Wrangler

Jack Wrangler was one of the great stars of gay porn in the 1970/80's.
He was well-regarded for his openness about his homosexuality and his obvious contentment with it. 
This oily-jock pose is one of his best known images.

His confident attitude, straight-looking appearance and modestly muscled, lean body 
gave him a special 'regular-guy' appeal which is no less attractive 40 years on.

He appeared in films like 'Kansas City Trucking Company', 'Hot House','Gemini' and 'A Night At The Adonis'. His natural masculinity and 'seemingly straight' persona made his performances as a 'bottom' especially memorable. There's a similar effect in the photo sequence below which culminates in a bondage finale.

This series of images appeared in the first issue of 'Action Male' Magazine. The cover of 'Sex Machine' (above) is taken from the same shoot but it's not part of that video as far as I know.

Wrangler deploys his acting skills in this enigmatic opening shot .It's as if he's not quite sure what he has to do and is seeking guidance from the photographer.

His clothes are standard, classic menswear in muted colours which help to create that beguiling, ordinary guy effect. The macho belt buckle and neck pendant look camp and dated now, but were commonplace fashions in their day.

Strip sequences often involve light hearted fumbling and over-eagerness to disrobe. This shoot is quite unusual in that Wrangler portrays reluctance and then impatience, anger even. There's no sense of him wanting to flaunt his body for us, quite the reverse, but no embarrassment either. It makes for an interesting photograph.

Having removed his shirt the model pauses as if hoping that's all that is required of him. It would have been in any mainstream advertising shoot at that time. There's a sense of wariness and simmering rebellion and a nice, natural shot of his torso.

The model's reluctance is partly explained when it's revealed that he's been wearing  a pair of shiny, riding boots inside his jeans and a very different personality emerges.

Boots like this were regarded as symbols of a dominant male personality and subtly threatening, but Wrangler kneels and worships them himself, as though imagining they belong to a dominant partner. That 'butch' belt is now draped around his neck waiting for a master to come and collar him.

Having exposed his inner vulnerability, Wrangler attacks his jeans with energy as though this shoot is not about gradually revealing his body for the viewer's pleasure, but simply about getting naked, a process that needs to be got over as quickly as possible. It's a very mannish thought process (shared by most modern video producers).

The photographer has other ideas and manages to catch a nice flash of white underwear, (it's a shame we don't have access to the original photo quality). A different, intimate angle might have made this image even more erotic, but by capturing the growing pile of discarded clothes in the foreground
it tells the story of the model's accumulating compliance with the order to strip and the shedding of his outer, public 'skin'.

'Free at last!', he seems to be saying, here, neatly reflecting the sense of freedom all gay men were getting used to around this time, the freedom to express all aspects of their sexuality.

When silent movies gave way to the talkies, some prominent actors whose voices did not live up to their appearance were forced to retire. I imagine there must have been a similar effect in porn when nudity became more available and stars could not hide behind clothes any more.
As you can imagine, Wrangler's generous endowment did his reputation no harm at all.

This image is a variant of the 'Sex Machine' cover above.

You get a good sense of the charisma of this man in these images. He flaunts his physique, shrugging off the awkwardness of 'half mast' underwear but portraying perhaps a lingering reluctance to surrender to complete nudity. The bowed head and hands behind back pose (while facing the intimidating boot) seems to reiterate that desire to be dominated

Be careful what you wish for!

There's a nice element of surprise in this image as Wrangler 'finds himself' naked and bound. His performance for the camera is curtailed here by the simplest of restraints, reducing him to an ordinary man now under the control of another. His twist to examine the predicament produces a subtle arching and tension in his torso

The addition of elbow ties amplifies the effectiveness of the restraint and his submissive, kneeling pose adds pathos to the frustration of captivity. I've always been a fan of simplicity in bondage scenarios and this arrangement pairs well with Wrangler's under-stated physique. There's a sense of spontaneous capture rather than a contrived, muscle restraint 'scene'.

An moment of desperation. As the captive struggles against his bindings, he unwittingly shows his backside which he uncovered voluntarily but cannot now protect. This fleeting, blurred glimpse of explicit eroticism is unexpectedly compelling.

The 'coup-de grace' is the addition of knee-ties, which makes for a pleasing symmetry in the restraint arrangements and further limits movement. Wranglers examination of the situation shows the calm thoughtfulness needed to effect escape. This is much more interesting than endless, mindless struggle because it shows intelligence and an acknowledgement of his captivity. The anguish and frustration on his face suggests he might be obliged to surrender to this fate


In these early days of liberation, explicit nudity was still a novelty, but bondage themes had largely slipped into obscurity. Having subtly flourished in the 1950's scenarios which gave the excuse for protraying near-nudity, they were pushed aside by the rush to express straight-forward, gay sexuality in full for the first time legitimately on camera. There was probably an element of 'needing to be respectable' in that prioritising too, which we see revived today in the antics of Yahoo (which perhaps ought to be re-christened as Yahboo!) 

This series showing a mainstream, 'Star' porn model in an extended bondage sequence is therefore something of a rarity and one to cherish. Jack Wrangler's understated but essentially positive masculinity which helped make him so desirable and somehow attainable makes for a perfect bondage fantasy and the sheer lack of artifice in this sequence teases the lust-buds with it's believability. A classic portrayal of a very special man.

Other Vintage Bondage articles are listed in my article on Ryder Knight 

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Julius re-imagined - The Sheep Men

 I couldn't resist these pictures from Julius' story "Devil's Canyon".
Great men and incredibly sexy, only the words have been changed!
The Sheepmen 1
The Sheepmen 2

The Sheepmen 3

The Sheepmen 4

The Sheepmen 5

The Sheepmen 6
All these pictures come from the Devil's Canyon Story (Part 1) by Julius.
I've put them together as an invented tale, but only the last three are a sequence in the original.


These pictures are a perfect illustration of why I try to champion the art of Julius by separating it from his under-age and sometimes disturbing story lines. 'Julius man' is a pretty much unique creation, a classic, mature male stereotype that deserves to be enjoyed without guilt. In this particular group, the inappropriate element is confined to the square caption boxes that characterise his work. I didn't have to remove or modify any characters. The narrative inside those boxes actually bears hardly any relationship to the pictures themselves. Removing them leaves 5 terrific, raunchy, man-on-man images.

(I've described the other alterations I've made to these pictures near the foot of this post,
plus a little 'Spot the Difference' quiz if you're bored!)

My captions are partly there to fill the visual void and satisfy my own creative impulses but hopefully they add a less contentious context to his predominantly 'fixed pose' imagery which otherwise might reduce to simple, easily-overlooked beefcake. If anyone wants me to post the stripped-down, un-captioned versions, I will. Just post a comment below, but I won't post the unamended originals.

This group of pictures highlights another marvellous facet of his work, his ability to provide his men with marvellously evocative clothing, like the principal Cowboy of image #1 whose gun-belt artfully slung across his groin seems incredibly erotic to me. I can just imagine the leather creaking as he shifts position! The token clothing of Stetson and bandanna adorning an otherwise bare torso is a classic erotic device but  it only works if the accessories look right on the naked body. The kit he draws may not be authentic, but nevertheless it connects uncannily well with the idealised Cowboys in our imaginations, which I suppose are rooted in childhood. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose enjoys seeing those TV Western characters of yore filled out into mature, muscular heroes.

The other notable items of clothing in this set are of course the sheepskin chaps in the last 3 images. I wouldn't claim that Julius has drawn them particularly well but once you grasp what they are, they sustain a remarkably erotic presence in the frames that follow, too earthy for some possibly but undeniably powerful.

Bondage is not commonplace in Julius' work but Image #2 is one of his more committed excursions into the genre, although it's barely fetish in flavour. The tantalising peripheral reference in image #4 is more typical of his approach. In the original it that leads to an S&M conclusion that is sadly too brutal to include here (see alterations paragraph below for further explanation).

As a separate point of interest, the side-kicks in the background of these images, especially the cigar smoker in #5, bear a remarkable facial resemblance to some of Tagame's characters and that brings out a wider similarity. Both have an interest in hairy, muscular, mature men of course (and younger acolytes!) but there's also more general similarity in technical style and sheer attention to detail (in clothing at least) which I've never noticed before.


My alterations to the original images

I have removed all the original caption boxes from them to eliminate 'non-adult' references
and substituted my own speech-bubbles and narrative.
 Apart from this, Images 1,2,4,5 are just as Julius drew them.

In Image 6 I changed the original bare ass into a more succulent form and added rope to tie the legs. I also turned the Sheepman's 'stick' round so it looks more like it's being held by his fist. More importantly I removed the original references to branding, that's too strong a subject for this blog, but it's pretty obvious how I've edited it out.

See below for Image 3


Spot the Difference Quiz

The Sheepmen 2
The Sheepmen 3
Image 3 is obviously a stripped down version of Image 2, with two men removed and different speech bubbles, but there are 4 more distinct areas where I changed more subtle details,
see if you can 'spot the differences! Answers at foot of the post

This is the 6th 'Julius Re-imagined' post 
You can track down all the earlier ones by following chained back-links,
 starting with the Sheriff and his Deputy

You might also like to read my A-Z article on Julius

Spot the difference answers:-
1. Captive's eyes opened. 2. 'Quiver lines' and a cum-drip added to dick. 3. Left wrist and forearm narrowed to a more normal size and shape. 4 More stubble on his chin and upper lip.

Saturday 18 April 2020

Mitchell's Gay Art for April - The Apprentice Mechanic

The Number 1 Rule for a Mechanic is:
"Always Use The Right Tool For The Job"

The Old Hand liked his apprentices to be nice young men who were willing to learn.
But when he saw Martin he thought he was far too pretty to want to get his hands dirty.
Martin knew he was good-looking, but hated people who assumed that was all there was to him.
So when the wise-cracks got too much, he decided to drop the nice guy act
and corrected his mentor using the most appropriate tool for an over-active mouth.


Mechanics in their overalls have been something of an male icon for me.

It's a down to earth, bloke-ish trade requiring a degree of strength and willingness to get down and dirty
(as illustrated in my recent post on Jase Dean). If they fit well, the all-in-one overalls invite speculation about what is worn underneath (if anything) and they produce interesting rear views as the men bend to their tasks. The oily environment is interesting and some car parts have intriguing shapes from a fetish point of view. The job also shares some of the erotic associations of plumbing.

I have drawn a number of pictures featuring mechanics over the years but I think this is first one I have published, apart from the secret leather fetishist  in the 'Path of Pain' story (ref PP29, M331) whose collection of leather gear is found is found in his locker by his garage workmates.


This image is included in my 'Humour' collection,
which I have just reinstated in the new mitchmen club archive at Adonis Male
(you have to join purely as an age confirmation mechanism but it's free)
You can also view the 'Path of Pain' story and pictures there

For more 'mitchpix' here, click on the label below, or visit my Gallery Hub

Thursday 16 April 2020

First Catch Your Rogue - 22 The Lotus Eater

When you've caught him, detain him as best you can, he's likely to resist! 

While he's still struggling, check out any possibilities that present themselves.

When he's calmer, you can experiment with the restraint arrangements.

It could be quite entertaining if you're lucky

 Tell him about improving his life with yoga, zen and contemplation.
He'll probably react with apathy of course.

Don't worry, just tell him he must contemplate his misdeeds.
While viewing the problem from the best angles.

  Then when you're happy, tie him up tight.

Very tight.
(in the Lotus position, naturally)

After that you can probably do with a double G&T!
After all, you can always call the Police tomorrow.


Images of Oskar, courtesy of Bound Guys

Monday 13 April 2020

The Art of Stefan - 3

Stefan - Chrysler Mission
Stefan's experiments with morphing Muscle Men (see Part 1), and 'Joey' (see Part 2) don't really prepare you for this extraordinary art which explores the design and futuristic thinking of the 1930's. Not just in the obvious references to Art Deco styling but the cinematic art of the time like 'Metropolis' and 'Things To Come', which seem to espouse contradictory visions relating to science and technology but described intensely technological futures at a time when the power of electronics was unknown.

Stefan - Trooper Tom
 Into this he pitches nearly-naked soldiers (depicted à la Joey) who scale skyscrapers and iconic landmarks in defiance of the futuristic, buzzy, airship-like craft who threaten freedom. It's an elegant vehicle for drawing big, muscular men in intensely erotic poses. The dangerous missions they undertake reinforce their naked vulnerability and by implication their heroism.

Stefan - Vintage Monster
 In this case it's a Godzilla-like monster that threatens modernity,
 but as always a single Super-hero is all it takes to save the city,
with only the help of a puny mega-super-blaster.

Stefan - Bunker
Not entirely surprisingly the imagery also plunders the debris of 1930's totalitarianism as well,
with these grim, forbidding  monoliths and brutalist architecture
These allusions neatly epitomise the enemies of freedom and artistic beauty
that threaten this particular brave new world. 

The forward looking hopes and fears of the 30's later evolved into ideas of a future 'cleansed' of 'bad technology' like atomic bombs and gas warfare, based instead on relatively primitive technology.
It spawned numerous sci-fi novels which idealised low technology or saw it as an inevitable consequence of mankind's inability to channel science into purely beneficial channels.

The heroes nakedness in Stefan's images seems to chime with these ideas.

These ideas were the fore-runners of what we call Steam Punk nowadays and Stefan is still mining this seam at Deviant Art today (link below), but sadly he has given up lacing it with erotic heroes.

Stefan - Hall Of Fame
 Tom the Trooper above is obviously derived from Joey and from Stefan's interest in skimpily dressed body builders. He brings those threads together in this Art Deco influenced poster design that visualises Superheroes stripped to their satin G-strings and competing for audience approval like needy beefcake.

Stefan - High Voltage
Electro Nick has a prouder demeanour.
It isn't just the architecture and weaponry that's futuristic and given Stefan's sexy enhancements of body-builders posing gear it's not surprising that he visualises some pretty startling uniforms for his Superheroes. Like Nick's skin-tight crop-top (somewhat in the style of the 'Gladiators' TV show), plunging skimpy G-strings  in shiny sheer fabric (which sadly were not a feature of that program)
- plus Marigold gloves for when the going gets dirty.

Stefan - Skin-tight Squadron
Stefan visualises law enforcement Officers going similarly equipped and it's delicious to imagine our local Cops having to change into these uniforms down at the Police Station at the start of each shift. The prospect of being confronted by one doesn't bear thinking about, although these characters seem slightly less than heroically endowed. Which perhaps is only to be expected in clothes like that.
I can imagine some good-natured comparisons of 'fit' before setting out on patrol.

Stefan - Ticket
That encounter with a member of the public is imagined in futuristic terms here. The face of the offender tells us that the intimidating aura of the traffic cop is undiminished by his provocative kit. Arguably the reverse, this ones a pretty muscular specimen and is showing quite a lot down below.
The beckoning finger bodes ill.

Of course, we haven't seen what the driver/pilot's got yet!

I can't say if the 'speed' limit is a deliberate joke,
light years are a measure of distance of course, not speed.
There's similar confusion in the next image.
Stefan - Join The Navy
This picture also draws on Art Deco design and (I suspect) those photos of sweethearts reunited at the end of WW2 for it's inspiration. Flipping it into a gay context looks light-hearted, but given the military attitudes to gays at that time it's subversive too in an inoffensive way. 

The classic, striking imagery of the ship (which isn't military!) steals the show somewhat.
as it was originally designed to do of course!


To finish, a selection of Stefan's photo manips 
which don't really belong alongside his bodybuilder morphs.

Stefan - Dutch Treat
 As far as I can tell there's no 'message' in this picture, it's a collection of beautiful things,
not least the arched torso of a man removing his top, which is why I chose to use it.
There's a smidgeon of fetish in the beads that loop around his body,
a suggestion of the Harem perhaps and the servitude that implies.
Mainly it's just a nice picture, don't ask me what the Dutch is!

Stefan - Saint Sebastian
I have a feeling that Stefan has borrowed this Saint's figure from somewhere else 
but it's still a stunning physique, no wonder the archers missed their mark!
Notice that one arrow has pierced the pectoral muscle and re-emerged again,
it's as though it's been inserted by hand.

There's no doubting Stefan's own hand in the skimpy loin cloth 
which only just covers the male organ and appears to be draped over it at the top.

The background of (tidily) ruined city is a pleasant enough cliche,
the ethereal stub of arch just behind Sebastian might reference the celestial city.

Stefan - Baths
There's a much more 'down to earth' flavour in this attractive image as two muscular Gladiators watch another man bathe. Logically this would be another Gladiator rather than a slave or more senior member of the establishment, but it's a rather elaborate bath for that class. I don't think Stefan is a slave to such matters and you can make your own interpretation. The nudity of the watchers suggests a lascivious mood, so they won't have missed that the bather is sporting an erection. In fact their legs are entwined as though rubbing against each other. Methinks hi-jinks are afoot.

Stefan's multi-faceted work was pioneering in it's way. His images are mildly erotic by modern standards, but the muscle morphs falling out of their briefs (shown in Part 1) were outrageous in their day. His sense of style pictures makes his pictures attractive to view and there is usually an element in them that is thought- or fantasy-provoking. His occasional fetish by-ways are fun.

Stefan continues to work on design-rich, fantasy images,
but does not have any erotic content in his current work.
see Stefan at Deviant Art

Read Stefan's story from Part 1 (Muscle Art), Part 2 (Joey)