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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Royale Studio 14 - Men in shorts

In this post some Royale images which I haven't associated with themed sets although they may well be part of them. Today's group features men restrained or readied for punishment.

Royale - Man tied to a door frame
This man is tied to the frame of a door which is not a standard Royale situation, but his shorts and socks could easily be the same as those featured in the last few postings of football mayhem. I haven't succeeded in identifying this individual in those sets though! I commented before how these bouffant hair styles make the head look bigger and the body smaller, creating a boyish effect which may appeal to some, but I prefer manly qualities which are most evident in this figure from the waist down. If you cover up his head you will see that this is actually quite a chunky man! The cut of the shorts is very brief allowing a sexy glimpse of the lower part of his buttock, Royale tailored items to create these effects, see part 12 for another wearer. I also like the way that the waistband is rolled down suggesting the revelation of more flesh than is proper!
Royale - Suspended in Shorts
The second figure is being subjected to the more usual wrist suspension technique used by Royale and which featured in a couple of the sets reviewed earlier in this series. The submissively bowed head creates tension for what is to come. Some thought has gone into lighting this picture which nicely shows off the musculature of his arms, the sweep of his neck and texture of his hair, the buttocks appear pert rather than bulky but I can't help noticing how the pleats of the shorts pointing downwards suggest a considerable downward pressure on the waistband! Overall there's a strong vertical line in this image which is very striking.
Royale - Man bent over a horse
The final picture shows a man draped over a gym horse, though for some reason it's in a curiously lopsided way which looks very artificial. The model sports a splendid pair of thighs but for me the coiffured hair, neatly turned down socks and freshly ironed shorts don't quite capture the rough masculinity I look for in these pictures.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Royale Studio 13 - Footballers Caned by Sir

Royale - Caned on the Hand
Another caning story with the same football gear but featuring a different group of men. This time there's a classroom setting and an 'instructor' dressed in military style uniform wielding the cane. The subject of the class, according to the blackboard, is maths, differential equations so it's hard to fathom why they are all wearing football outfits. It's quite hard to sequence these pictures into a plot but I have assumed they all start off fully clothed and progressively undress.
In the first picture a student is caned on the hand by the instructor who is dressed in flamboyant military riding gear. Curiously, another student helps to restrain the victim, using an embrace that is rather intimate considering their skimpy clothing.
Royale - Rescued from the Cane
The punishment of the offender progresses to bare ass caning and another student comes to his assistance in a rare acting moment. The collaborator from picture 1 has by now been labelled a dunce (i.e. stupid). Even in Royale's time, the school dunce's cap was history, the stuff of children's comics and pre-war schoolboy tales. It's use as a humiliation motif tells you more about the creator's background than anything else, it's certainly not sexy!
You may recall that it was also used by GIU, some years after this set was made, in another group caning scene which I described back at the start of this survey. If you go back and check you will find that set has exactly the same plot elements as this story, but substitutes athletic vests and shoes for football shirts/boots and the instructor wears a different uniform too.
The dunce's shorts are actually more interesting than his headgear. Apparently the Royale models' clothes were dampened to show more of what was underneath and this is a rather successful example. This practice must have been quite uncomfortable for the model and may explain some of their more stilted posing!
Royale - Student's Revenge
The students take their revenge and one of them gives us a fine bottom and thigh display while there's also a mild treat for boot lovers. The dunce has ditched his cap on the floor.The overthrow of the authority figure, subjecting him to an caning of his own in a most undignified position would have had more shock value in Royale's time than it has today, even these rear views would have raised eyebrows.
Royale - Bent Over A Stool
In this picture the rescuer has shed his shirt, so it seems that we have moved on and the original order is restored. Punishment of the first victim resumes and his friends watch with arms crossed as though in agreement with their instructor. The sense of collaboration is quite erie and intriguing, not knowing the real story. The damp shorts show their mettle again!
Royale - Bared For Retribution
I placed this one at the end as it fits the traditional Royale finale. Hands hoisted overhead, the rescuer is readied for his own punishment by his submissive classmates. The manipulative power of the instructor comes across but the victim's rather full head of hair seems to diminish his body size so the nudity doesn't have the impact it should. The posing is pretty stiff too but the student with flashy boots shows up well.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Royale Studio 12 - Football Ballet (FOBA)

Article awaiting review and enlargement

Royale - Football Team Gather Round

This set continues the football theme, but it's essentially a group of men wearing nothing but tight white shorts - and socks of various patterns which I find are invaluable in tracking the different characters through the 'action'. As far as I can see it's a different group to the last set although they are obviously sharing socks (and possibly shorts too, a nice thought!).

In the first picture the team are watching the referee holding up a pair of ripped shorts which they have just torn off him. This chap's shirt is a real period piece but it's the tight shorts everyone is wearing that are most eye catching. 

The referee is Ian Oliver. On the far right is Fred Collins and standing next to him is John Skilling, they also appeared together in Soldier-Sailor. The model on the far left is Tom Manlick, infamous for his appearance wearing a chain pouch in the Horse Guard's series. Next to him is a less well documented model, Alan Hythe

Erotically speaking this is an unremarkable picture but what is striking is the number of actors/models in it - 5. When did you last see 5 men in a modern erotic photo? The only examples I can call to mind are from Bound Gods, maybe a few other major film studios and fashion shoots like underwear range launches.

This is a straightforward cheesecake shot 50's style but with my interest in shorts and men's bottoms it's irresistible. In Royale's pictures the themes of discipline and submission are never far away so that even a simple line-up like this has darker possibilities. These men have well shaped bodies and natural muscle definition, but Tom Manlick (far left) and John Skilling (far right stand out). With a haircut and new footwear they would grace any modern photographers output.

Royale - Double Caning for The Football Team

The series continues with a series of shots in which the models take turns in caning each other (for their misdeeds. This picture sums it up pretty well. There's quite a contrast between these wooden, static pictures and the energy and atmosphere of the last set suggesting they are earlier, or perhaps the models were less experienced. 

(L to R: Hythe, Manlick, Skilling, Collins)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Royale Studio 11 - Gym punishments

In the 'Guys in Uniform' review we started with some outstanding gym punishment scenes and it's interesting to compare the Royale equivalents.

Royale Plimsoll Spanking
These pictures appear to be from the same set judging by the socks and seating arrangements although each face is visible in one picture are obscured in the other! I only have these two pictures from this set and have deduced the sequence from Royale's normal modus operandii, but would be delighted to hear from anyone who has more pictures or more information about them. In the first, the spanker rides on his victim like we saw in the last post. He appears to have some authority over the other two men since they offer no resistance. The bystander has been overtaken by dread or remorse - or perhaps he has already had his plimsoll spanking.

Royale - Spanking Tables Turned

In the other picture the tables are turned, this is one of my favourite Royale images and is very well known. I just love the spanker's laddish, determined face - quite a change from his agonising in the first picture (just check the socks to identify each man) . His colleague applying the barely noticeable arm lock on the victim contributes some sexy thighs to the erotica. This picture has a more natural quality and energy than many of Royale's images. The hand spanking is unusual for them but naturally integrates the participants into a neat, coherent image. The shorts and socks are sexy and look right while the antique football boots are an interesting period detail.

I'd love to find further pictures from that set, please get in touch if you want to swap via

Monday, 16 August 2010

Royale Studio 10 - Army Discipline

Royale - Army Riding Lesson

I've included these pictures because they are further examples of soldiers in identifiable regimental uniforms such as led in the Royale scandal. 'Guys in Uniform' learned from this mistake but suffered the same fate eventually. It's interesting to speculate on how such a studio would fare in today's slightly easier environment. These pictures are from two different sets with the usual spanking scenario. The first example is faded but shows a nice humiliation twist inspired by the spanker's riding clothes complete with spurs. There's also a fine pair of shorts on show.
Royale - Horseman Beating
In the other picture the victim appears to be having to endure a fierce arm lock as well as the assault on his backside.That formidable pair of thighs would tempt any spanker! Modern day soldiers are allowed to wear their berets in rather more stylish ways than this and there are a couple of examples at

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sailors in Uniform blog

US Sailor - Arms akimbo

By way of an interlude in the Royale review, but in the same vein, a couple of pictures from a new blog dedicated to the delights of Sailors in Uniform and called appropriately enough sailoruniform
It promises to be quite a treat for Naval enthusiasts, if these pictures are anything to go by.
I think there may be more interesting stuff in the pipeline.

US Sailor pertly posing

Friday, 13 August 2010

Royale Studio 9 - "Escape" (formerly labelled as "Captivity")

Todays example is a curious variation on Royale's usual themes but it has many of the hallmarks - tight trousers, curious shorts and boots, men forced to work under duress, then rebelling and overpowering their guards only to suffer even worse punishment. The two workers also look like known Royale models. What makes it unusual, however, is the absence of identifiable military uniforms. Instead we are treated to some excellent shots of tight jeans in their 1950's designs (and shorts of course).

Looking at this rogue's gallery (click to enlarge) I have speculated that Peter might have connections with Hungarian refugees who came to the UK in the 1950's and his PUN ID relates to a Hungarian name. 

Royale Extreme Gardening

The gardening chore seems an unlikely scenario. The young gardener stripped to the waist is a classic heterosexual woman's fantasy but is pretty rare in gay porn, presumably because it is so linked to the home and bored housewife situation. Royale employ it as labour for inmates of this dubious institution and the guards make sure they put their backs into it - literally.

The studio put some effort into making the prisoners misery look authentic with lash marks (right) and a fairly realistic attack on the left. Sadly the outdoor setting compomises the lighting depriving us of the subtleties of the models' bodies but the patch pockets on the jeans of the collapsing model - the long suffering Peter George - look pretty good.

Royale Rebels

The rebellion pictures are in close-up and slightly better quality. Royale used wrestling sequences in a number of sets, like their contemporary AMG, but I haven't come across many decent surviving examples. Wrestling was out of vogue by the 'Guys In Uniforms' era. In this picture I like the way the leg seam of the jeans (right) traces the curve of the model's thigh. This effect is also created (even with modestly proportioned thighs) when a wearer is sitting down and I have always found it sexy but it's a rare sight these days, jean seams are less prominent now and the detailing and waists have travelled downwards so the garment no longer complements the erotic zones of the male body as it once did.

Royale - Guys on Top

This is one of those images that has been composed with some care to provide erotic detail which might escape the casual observer - there's an illusion that the far model is kneeling with his crotch just above the guard's averted face, look at where his fist is placed, the line of the hoe shaft he is holding. Look at where the nearest model's hands are placed, (it's a shame those shorts are over exposed!). 

There's also some nice muscular detail to look at in his arm. In those days, they had to exist on meagre fare by today's standards, but it's still erotic if you take the trouble to look and fantasise.
You can see other examples of 'hidden eroticism' by clicking on the label below.

Royale Tied and Punished

My final picture echoes the closing scene of 'Unapproved' with the offender's hands tied overhead and his feet tied together too, offering his backside for punishment which is being vigourously applied. It's an inelegant pose, the scrunching of the jeans where the ropes are tied irritates me, but you get a sense of his subjugation. I don't have good copies of this sequence even though it's in a studio, there's a tantalising faded glimpse of interesting shorts worn by the bystander.

The Cosmoleather labelling on the pictures has Dutch connections but I haven't been able to track it down properly yet. I'd be glad of information from readers.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Royale Studio 8 - "The Unapproved"

Today's post showcases a major Royale series called 'The Unapproved'. It comprises of at least 40 pictures, some of which are quite well known. The Unapproved tag is a play on the name of UK institutions for young offenders known as 'Approved Schools'. They were purely civilian in nature but operated in a  military manner and have long since been closed down.

In this series a naval rating and soldier experience severe discipline in the military equivalent and eventually escape over the wall only to be recaptured and suffer even worse treatment. 
(I am indebted to Sailor Al's site for the background information on this series).

In this series the disciplinarians are dressed in impressive military uniforms with peaked caps and horse riding apparel (Horse Guards?). These were the sort of authentic uniforms which horrified the Army establishment and got Royale into trouble. The two inmates are dressed in the studio's regulation tight fit shorts and the muscular sailor shows up particularly well in his tropical uniform.

I've seen it said that spanking at this time was not as taboo as other fetishes because it was common practice in UK schools and homes. I'm not so sure about that hypothesis, any sexual connotations were unacceptable and most spanking pictures from this era are deliberately playful (think of AMG) . Royale's images are obviously erotic and their CP punishments were presented as mercilessly real. The element of coercion, which is undisguised in this picture only makes it worse. The absence of nudity was just a sop to public standards, these images were dynamite.

Many of the pictures in this series are shot outside in the open air and this 'escape' sequence benefits from the naturalistic treatment, it looks real but the erotic elements are not lost and the physical exertion allows the model's muscularity to show through. The sense of urgency in this image makes clear the inmates fear of the guards. Making these models perform in an ordinary, outdoor setting, while dressed in these sexy clothes serves to enhance the eroticism of it all.

Unfortunately outside lighting can't be relied upon to give the same results as the studio and this recapture picture has a artificial, 'pose for the camera' quality. But despite these shortcomings the heroic pose of the recaptured sailor and the despair of his soldier buddy are memorable.
Notice the sailor appears to be fiddling with his fly ....a bribe?

Finally, in an underground, vaulted room the offenders face the ultimate punishment away from prying eyes. The soldier comes into his own in these pictures, with arms tied above his head his leaner build looks very vulnerable and those thighs are magnificent!

It's quite a crowded scene and the cartwheel seems a bit incongruous. You can imagine how appealing it must have seemed in concept, tying the sailor across it, but in reality it isn't big enough to produce the degree of stretching which would make it really erotic.

This is still a powerful image however.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Royale Studio 7 - Leather Man Punished

Royale - Leather Boy Suspended

Just to show Royale did know how to handle jeans, we'll continue our excursion into 'civvy street' with a leather 'boy' suspended and his denim clad mate. The jeans are tight and either of these backsides would have looked good draped over the sailor's knee in the last post. The upward looking viewpoint not only gives us a nice view but enhances the sense of height and suspension. I like 'preparation' scenes like this, not simply because they excite for what is to come, but also because they show the cold, workman-like process of securing the captive for his fate. There is strange helpless, intimacy with his captor while this is happening. The two men here brush thighs in a very sexy way.

Royal - Leather Boy WhippedThe second picture is quite different and although it shows a genuine whipping in progress and a prominent bulge in the victim's jeans, it's somehow less satisfying. The square-on viewpoint is partly responsible, setting the two figures apart into a disconnected composition. But also, for me, the suspended figure doesn't quite work, tension seems to be missing despite the 'up on toes' position. I can't work out if its the excess of clothing (an exposed tummy would look great here), the unconvincing feet apart stance (which gives less height than feet together if you are being forced to stand on your toes) or the flimsy looking suspension arrangements that are the problem.

The fashions shown here come and go over the years, the tailored mini-turnups on the denim man's jeans were quite sophisticated at the time having evolved from the trademark 'manual' turnups which were necessary because jeans did not come in a range of leg lengths. I haven't yet come across a Guys in Uniform picture showing this sort of gear. Their leather pictures tend to be more specialised and intense but the bondage pose is a variation of the 'the rigging position' used by both studios.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Royale Studio 6 - Sailor and Teddy Boy

The Gym style punishment in the last post also featured in my review of Guys in Uniform material and it's quite an interesting erotic power scenario. For the ordinary serviceman, the stiff formality of the uniform has a protective character and hides his individuality. When he is made to change into flimsy, briefer gym kit his body is more exposed but he also loses that shield of anonymity and membership of the 'pack'. The dispenser of punishment remains in his own uniform which reinforces his authority and the subservience of the victim.

Today's post continues the caning theme but features a rather different 'uniform' situation as a sailor disciplines a Teddy boy. At this time shortly after the Second World War, most British men were conscripted at 18 into 'National Service', a 3 year spell in one of the armed forces. Uniforms were thus a common sight on the streets and still commanded respect. Teddy boys (named after their supposedly Edwardian dress) represented youthful rebellion against all this authority and conformity with their flamboyant clothing and hair styles (think Elvis). Alcohol fueled rivalry between the two groups sometimes erupted into fighting.

Sailor with cane
This series features a particularly good image of the muscular sailor in his bell bottoms, looming thoughtfully over the prostrate Teddy boy who sports an authentic 'quiff' and sideburns. I'm not sure jeans were part of the 'uniform', I think they belong to a different 'tribe' but I might be wrong about that.

Military Discipline (Navy Style) for the Rebel

In the second picture the rebel gets his come-uppance. Although it's an unreal spanking pose these uncluttered studio shots are visually attractive and show the models off, inviting closer inspection. This one actually shows the cane in blurred motion which is quite a rarity, even these days when no holds are barred. It tells the viewer that although these may be models posing formally, there was real pain going on at one point. Perhaps to the total surprise of the recipient, a delicious conjecture!

I'm not absolutely certain this is a Royale picture although the sailor model is from the right era and the stylistic details of his clothing look right. Assuming it is, however, it surprises me a little that the Teddy boy's jeans don't have the same tightness and flimsiness we expect in these pictures. Instead they look disappointingly tough and protective. The sailor outfits were especially made of thin fabric so as to be revealing, jeans have more complex detail and would be more of a challenge to reproduce this way, perhaps this excursion into 'civvies' was strictly a one-off and not worth the trouble.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Royale Studio 3 - "The Itch" (ARTICLE SUPERCEDED)

This article has now been superceded by separate, greatly enlarged and revised ones for
'Navy Romeo' and 'Navy Gash'
Some Royale Sailor subjects come under the heading of 'larking about' but even these had an edge in their day which might not be fully apparent to the modern reader.

'Oblivious Hunk' from 'The Itch'
'The Itch' shows a couple of sailors behind a screen, secretly watching a colleague dressing in his tight (of course!) navy whites, starting with underpants at half mast revealing his buttocks. The observers seem to get more and more excited as the dressing proceeds and even swop a kiss at one stage. The object of their attention seemingly proves his straightness by blowing a kiss at a photo of a film starlet. There are bottoms galore in this set and some nice pictures of (mostly unmodified) naval uniform worn by hunky men but it all seems a little tame on the surface.
In it's day, however, this set of pictures was charged with daring messages - openly gay servicemen, naked bottoms, clothed bottoms in suggestive positions - it was dangerous stuff. Plus of course the whole sequence could be viewed in reverse as an undressing scene, a most distasteful idea to Mr Average at that time. 
In my sample picture, the positioning of the figures is quite satisfying although it looks totally artificial and comical. The arrangement of the mirror reflection is a nice touch but it's intended audience would not miss the glimpse of the pubic area. Fetch the smelling salts!
'Navy Gash' is less artful with a lazy sailor dragged from where he is dozing, drenched, scrubbed and finally stripped and labelled as gash (surplus, rubbish, not worth anything). It might pass as genuine representation of bullying/rough justice were it not for revealing trousers, the water poured down inside the front of the victims trousers and his exposed butt crack as his body is forcibly scrubbed with a brush. There is some excellent male and sailor imagery in this set but the picture quality suffers from an abundance of background detail which includes a motley collection of uniforms, some male pin-up pictures and an distinctly un-nautical bath!
You will see the reference to Sailor Al's collection on these pictures and you will find most of the rest of these series there although his site appears to be abandoned and most of the retrievable pictures suffer from ageing which has faded out subtle details like crotch creases in trousers which should be a major part of the pleasure for us.


Footnote: In Sailor Al's sequence for 'The Itch', which is not numbered on the actual images, the underpants disappear when the sailor begins to don his trousers which suggests that the first 3 underwear pictures should appear in reverse sequence, showing him removing them before re-dressing and 'going commando'.

Al says the sailors have laced his pants with itching powder forcing him to abandon them for his date, hence the celebrations.