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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Royale Studio 11 - Gym punishments

In the 'Guys in Uniform' review we started with some outstanding gym punishment scenes and it's interesting to compare the Royale equivalents.

Royale Plimsoll Spanking
These pictures appear to be from the same set judging by the socks and seating arrangements although each face is visible in one picture are obscured in the other! I only have these two pictures from this set and have deduced the sequence from Royale's normal modus operandii, but would be delighted to hear from anyone who has more pictures or more information about them. In the first, the spanker rides on his victim like we saw in the last post. He appears to have some authority over the other two men since they offer no resistance. The bystander has been overtaken by dread or remorse - or perhaps he has already had his plimsoll spanking.

Royale - Spanking Tables Turned

In the other picture the tables are turned, this is one of my favourite Royale images and is very well known. I just love the spanker's laddish, determined face - quite a change from his agonising in the first picture (just check the socks to identify each man) . His colleague applying the barely noticeable arm lock on the victim contributes some sexy thighs to the erotica. This picture has a more natural quality and energy than many of Royale's images. The hand spanking is unusual for them but naturally integrates the participants into a neat, coherent image. The shorts and socks are sexy and look right while the antique football boots are an interesting period detail.

I'd love to find further pictures from that set, please get in touch if you want to swap via

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