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Monday, 16 August 2010

Royale Studio 10 - Army Discipline

Royale - Army Riding Lesson

I've included these pictures because they are further examples of soldiers in identifiable regimental uniforms such as led in the Royale scandal. 'Guys in Uniform' learned from this mistake but suffered the same fate eventually. It's interesting to speculate on how such a studio would fare in today's slightly easier environment. These pictures are from two different sets with the usual spanking scenario. The first example is faded but shows a nice humiliation twist inspired by the spanker's riding clothes complete with spurs. There's also a fine pair of shorts on show.
Royale - Horseman Beating
In the other picture the victim appears to be having to endure a fierce arm lock as well as the assault on his backside.That formidable pair of thighs would tempt any spanker! Modern day soldiers are allowed to wear their berets in rather more stylish ways than this and there are a couple of examples at

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