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Friday, 28 December 2012

Jockspank Blog removed then re-instated

Wot, No Spanking Today?

Update January 30th 
Jockspank blog has now been re-instated
(link in sidebar)
 but I leave the original blog entry below, most of it is still valid

I was disappointed to discover this morning that the Jockspank blog has been removed by Google - reasons not specified of course. Fortunately they have a back-up blog at  JockSpank2 which continues to publish sexy spanking pix, so I shall not have to find another place for my bottom spanking fix!

The Jockspank team seem to think it is just a glitch related to automated spam detectors (see article at link above), so I shall leave my original link in the sidebar in place for now, in the hope that the powers-that-be relent and restore them to life - as they did with mitchmen blog a couple of years ago. 

It's a good time to remind mitchmen blog readers that if this blog (or any of my sites) ever disappears you will be able to find me again most easily by visiting my 'portal' at or join my Yahoo! Group - which is the best way to see my pictures anyway.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Arrest No 6 - Etienne's Night Patrol

Etienne's 'Night Patrol' is possibly one of the best known 'Erotic Arrest' stories, a classic. Seeing the first picture in the series (below) was one of my earliest experiences of gay erotic art. The image of the handsome young man allowing two cops to undress him made a tremendous impact on me, helping to inspire my own art.


The Night Patrol catch an unfortunate youth with his pants down.
Etienne did other stories where the cops catch an amorous, heterosexual couple in a steamed-up car and, having scared off the girl, proceed to take advantage of the young man left behind. I believe this may be the storyline here too, although the pictures that follow suggest that the lad is sitting in the police car here, not his own vehicle. So it could equally a choir boy caught speeding to church practice and transferred to the cop's car to be booked.  Etienne captures the magic moment where the victim, faced with his exploits being made public (a considerable deterrent in the '60's) plus a fine he can't afford, surrenders to the cops' blackmail.
Already, they are unwrapping their Christmas gift!

This is the best drawing in the series, Etienne has lovingly crafted an irresistable object of desire in this pretty young man with a wealth of sexy detail, from his floppy hair down to his sports shoes. The cops look a little bit comical, leaning in through the windows, but they are clearly powerful and mean - and certainly not ugly! Their maturity and authority is an important ingredient in what follows.


 The cops waste no time in starting to exact their 'payment' from the bewildered young man, whose head is pulled out of the car to provide service. In this picture Etienne emulates Tom of Finland in disguising an impossible arrangement of objects, in this case the car door, which in the real world would completely block the space between the cop and the young man. In Etienne's universe it magically retracts into the background to allow the action to proceed. It's a quirk that doesn't really matter, the point of the picture is the nice sense of reluctance and revulsion on the part of the youth as he is forced to taste cop dick.

The picture sequence in this series is not obvious, there are numerous continuity issues but I'm putting this one as no 2 based on the cop on the left who seems to still be holding the shirt he has just taken off. However, I can't explain why they have switched to the other side of the car!


The reluctant young man's head is unceremoniously rammed into the police officer's crotch. The cops thigh's engulf the poor boy's face - this is real deep throat. You can almost hear his muffled squeal of protest! He's probably unaware that his legs are invitingly splayed open, a sign of things to come.

In pictures 4&5 both cops have climbed inside the car and continue to force-feed their young victim who is extremely aroused by this rough treatment. Note that he has mysteriously got both legs in his jeans now after starting out with only one. 

Pictures 2-4 are drawn in Etienne's, pen and ink, 'Stephen' style.
The detailing of the car interior here is suddenly very geometric and precise.


In this curious picture, it's hard to tell if the front seat cop is punching, fisting or perhaps just spanking his victim, who looks close to tears - or perhaps it's the sight of the second cop unzipping in the back seat that dismays him so! The young man's exposed buttocks look delicious and the cop pulls him in closer, creating a memorable pose that is both intimate and threatening.
For fellow geeks, note how the crossing legs create another 'impossible' conjunction of objects.


The young man is dragged from the car and made to service both cops together. His upper torso looks as tasty and inviting here as it did in the first picture. Golden showers might well be the order of the day here, but there is a good deal in this series which is left to the viewer's imagination. I find the youth's dick sprouting from a nest of pubes, but partly hidden, a very erotic device too, although the clumsy twist in the lower body has led some internet purists to crop it off entirely (along with the signature regrettably). 

This particular picture could appear almost anywhere in the closing sequence, the figures are shown a long way from the car (hence my water sports suggestion) but that doesn't really help to place the scene. From this point onwards, the second moustachio'd cop has removed his trousers (but see No 8 below)


 The second cop takes his turn at close quarters while his pal moisturises his tool and uses the toe of his boot to prepare the point of entry. The rigid arching of the boy's body suggests he's still struggling to escape. The sudden appearance of the moon is an atmospheric but incongruous detail in this entirely unromantic scenario. I guess it signals the passing of time, night marching on as the ordeal continues.

Close inspection of the victim's impressive 'flagpole' suggests this picture has been tampered with, there's an object like a penis-head between his balls and the belly area behind doesn't look right either. If any reader has a better version I'd be interested to hear from them. 


The young man is well and truly shafted over the bonnet of the police car and you can see that he's not exactly taking it in his stride. Not Etienne's best drawing, but you can see where he's going with the wide open legs which suggest a total subjugation of the long suffering receiver. The helpless, passive pose harks back to picture 3 in a satisfying symmetry (which was probably not intentional). It's a real shame though, that the lad's temporarily lost his youthful, innocent appearance for this important moment.

 I have placed this picture after no 7 where the cop appears to be 'lubing-up'. Rear penetration is usually the 'coup de grace' in a story such as this - but cop no 2 at the back looks fully dressed here so it's possible this image belongs earlier, say at no 6 where it would mark the point of breaking the victim, despoiling his manhood and leading into a concluding series of humiliating degradations.


 The ultimate indignity for a straight boy? Perhaps, but this young man clearly isn't totally turned off by it. In fact he's been aroused all the way through the action, which is necessary for the sake of propriety, to show that he's enjoying 'the game' really. Usually in fetish stories, once sex gets under way all sense of coercion evaporates - as in the Keith 'punk' story for example (see Arrest No 4). But, in this tale, the victim's facial expressions do not show any enjoyment and this is the only picture where he is not being physically forced to submit.

Even in this scene, the cop's knowing smile and backward thrust give a flavour of casual, malicious dominance. The young man's upward tilted head is surely the epitome of grovelling submission. 
He's certainly earned the cancellation of his ticket! 

Night Patrol is something of a flawed masterpiece, the quality of drawing fluctuates between extremes, even within the same picture but there are elements in most of the pictures which are pure, visual, erotic genius - even if they are imperfectly realised. There are continuity issues with clothing and positioning of the characters, but in a sense this is not a story, but a series of snapshots, impressions of events in a protracted process of torment, a wearing down of the unfortunate, undeserving victim. So picture sequence is perhaps not crucial to our enjoyment.

It pleases me that the characters remain partially clothed throughout, it helps to retain their identity and enhances their sexiness - just look at picture 9!. In addition Etienne's facial characterisations are impressive, there are 3 distinct looks here and while you can imagine meeting these cops in your local dungeon, doing similar, nasty things, you know the young man would never be seen there. He doesn't belong in such a place and he doesn't belong in this situation either which makes it all the more humiliating and unpleasant for him - but not for us!.

Astonishingly, handcuffs do not feature anywhere in this little epic, the victim is controlled entirely by the cop's authority and assertiveness. The unremitting sense of control and dominance throughout 'Night Patrol' makes it a uniquely daring take on the well used 'cop abuse' theme.

More by Etienne

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Arrest No 5 - Loitering with Intent, with Peter Lovett

 The notorious cop, Rio Majeska, got up horny this morning.
As he dresses for work, he wonders what excitement today will bring.
He's assigned to toilet patrol today.

Today's victim turns out to be the rather delicious Peter Lovett, who's just returning home from dropping off the kids at school.  He's unbuttoned his jeans in the car to have a little fondle while he drives along and cruises the guys on the sidewalk. When he spots Rio hanging out at the toilets by the park, he is intrigued by the Cop's unusual garb so he stops and strikes up a conversation.

 Close proximity to Rio's uniform is soon making Peter itch for a bit of action. 
He tries some subtle signals to see if the cop is up for it.


"Are you propositioning me, punk?!!!" snarls Rio. 
Peter realises he's made a mistake. 
 "No officer! You've got it wrong! Please don't arrest me!" he squeals, 
he is terrified of his secret life being exposed. 

  "Tell you what Officer, why don't we pop back to my place for a coffee
and sort this out in a civilised fashion?"

Back at Peter's house, the cop is still pretty uncompromising.

"You think you can change my mind with instant coffee and cheap excuses?
You'd better make that mouth useful, punk.
Show me how sorry you really are. Before I run you in!"

Peter panics,"I'll do anything!" he gushes.
He tentatively samples the proffered dripping tip
but it looks as if it might be more than he can handle.

Unfortunately, the Cop is not satisfied that easily.  
"Your sucking's as lousy as your coffee", he complains,
"All you've done is get me all worked up, you stinking punk!"
"You'd better turn around! Now!"

I think a piece of your ass might just the place to finish off".

Peter gulps and braces himself, 
"OK, but please don't hurt me, Officer" he grizzles

Afterwards the cop does lays back on the bed.
"You've got a hot ass, punk, that wasn't too bad" he says dreamily.

 Peter strokes and fondles him in the afterglow.
"You've given me a lesson I won't forget. It was so painful"
he grovels massaging his glowing ass-hole.

The cop just laughs at him.
"I guess I could overlook your behaviour - just this once", he concedes.

 "Gee, that's really good of you Officer. I'm so grateful."

The Cop gives him a hard look,
"Sure, you make sure you remember that."

"Phew! What a reaming that was! I'll have a tender ring all week.
But at least it got me off the indecency charge.

Trust a cop to bugger off as soon as he's had what he wanted,
..... leaving me to finish myself off alone......

 ...... mmgggh.....mmgggh.....mmggggh.......

..........Cripes, that's the wife, back already
and I haven't changed the bedsheets yet!"


The plots of these stories don't vary much. It's odd that the fantasy of 'sleeping with the enemy' has such erotic power. The reality of Police entrapment was much nastier.

Peter Lovett's homely masculinity makes this series a little bit special. 

Storyline by Mitchell for mitchmen.
Photos Courtesy of  Colt Studio Group

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Arrest No 4 - The Punk in Black and White

Keith produced his Punk Arrest series in watercolour or some similar medium and so my efforts at 'restoration' using pencils were always likely to be imperfect. The original colours have a comic-like brightness not completely ideal for raunchy subjects. It made me wonder what the images would look like in monotone so I produced some greyscale scans. The results (below) are not unpleasing.

I plan to republish the complete Punk Arrest series in greyscale like this at my mitchmen Yahoo! Group over the Christmas period (link in sidebar)