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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Arrest No 2 - The Dirty Underwear Gang

My last post of the old C-IN2 underwear images showing two men being forcefully arrested and handcuffed were not just a re-run of some old classics but a lead-in to the same company's more recent campaign which revisits the same idea, this time in the capable hands of photographer Rick Day. The results are more atmospheric than the originals, less sensual perhaps but arguably more raunchy. I've collected these images from the campaign and assembled a storyline loosely based on the campaign video. My story, is entirely fictional and the characters are not intended to bear any resemblance to the models who play them

Meet our 3 bad boys, left to right it's Michael, Gordon and Luis. They all belong to the Dirty Underwear Gang and this is their dress code. Gordon is the leader, the brains of the gang, Michael is the cocky show-off, he's into bling, Luis is the eternal worrier. Between them represent a range of attractive male stereotypes and the local cops find them pretty interesting. Particularly when they catch them in their dirty gang-underwear.

The boys are all on parole and it's a condition that they all live together in a caravan. Gordon insists that they always wear their dirty underwear together inside the caravan to show their brotherhood. Michael and Luis are not so sure it's such a good idea. Being separated from their wives and girlfriends and with all that grungy maleness in close proximity.
It gets quite hot in the caravan sometimes.

Luis spends a lot of time working under the bonnet of his car.
Gordon makes him change into more suitable clothes for this dirty work.
He doesn't want unexpected visitors to catch them in their gang-underwear.

Luis is reluctant to show anyone what's he's up to under the bonnet,
he's actually quite shy under all those tattoos .

Michael and Gordon step in if anyone gets too interested.
(Not wearing their gang-underwear of course)
They don't like strangers around.

When they're not working on the car, 
the boys like to relax in the caravan watching a horny film.
...but one day...

"Damn it!. Why does the phone always ring just when I'm getting there?"
says Gordon. "You get it Michael, will you?"

"I bet it's your flippin' sister again Gordon, I'll get rid of her. 
Then we can get back to the video"

"Sorry guys, I'm already leaking..." whines Luis,
"that last scene was so hot.....oh...oh .... I can't stop!"

"Oh, Luis, you're hopeless!"


Michael discovers it isn't Gordon's sister ringing.....
"What? Are you sure? The Cops? A raid?"

"Oh oh, Michael, I think they may be here already" interrupts Luis,
who has been cleaning himself up by the window.

"Christ, I'd better switch this porn off then, oh fuck, where's the remote gone?" 


 "Luis you are a silly boy, it's just the man delivering gas cylinders"

"Oh yeah, so it is! Sorry 'bout that, Michael"
"I'm gonna have to change these pants now, Michael, they're all wet.
Is there some more dirty underwear in the drawer?"

"I don't know Luis, go and look. I got problems of my own. God it's hot in here!"

"and I'm so horny!"

"Michael? The gas man says we gotta pay $100 off the bill, or he's gonna stop delivering,
but I'm skint after laying out on all them new C-IN2 undies for us,
I've given him a suck of my cock, but he says it's gotta be yours too. Sorry, Michael"
"That's OK Gordon, actually it's quite convenient right now......."


"Bloody hell, Luis, I think Michael must be paying off the whole arrears for us!"

"Yeah, I love Michael, he's so adorable"

Michael returns 20 minutes later and explains.

" when he told me he was a big fan of cowboy films
I knew exactly how to make him happy, look Gordon I'll show you.... "

"Yeah, whatever Michael. Well done anyway, we owe you one (yawn),
but right now I'm going to have a kip."

But scarcely has he closed his eyes when Luis calls out.

"Michael! come  to the window!
 Look! I'm sure it really is the police this time".

"Luis is right this time, Gordon, I can see a flashing light coming."

Luis is in a sweat, "What we gonna do, Gordon, I'm scared!"

Gordon gets a grip on the situation. 
"Look, there's no need to panic boys. Here's the plan.
First get those dirty pants off............"

"Sounds Cool!" says Luis.

"You sure we've got time for that?" says Michael.

When the cops finally arrive.......

....the boys are well ready for them,
they're pottering on the car, dressed in their Sunday best undies.

  Michael goes to talk to the cops,
he has put his bling jewellery away to avoid  awkward questions about it.

"We're all clean officer" he claims cockily.

"I can see that" says the cop admiring his protruding ensemble, "Too clean if anything".
"In fact, your underwear exactly matches the description of some stolen goods we're looking for."

 "Yeah, maroon seams with a budgie pouch in the middle.
Of course we'll need to take a closer look to be absolutely sure...."

", I'm taking you in for detailed examination.
You're under arrest" .

Michael kicks off. "You accusing me of nicking stuff?"

"You can resist all you like, I don't mind" says the cop.
"You cops are all the same, bastards!" spits Michael.

"Quiet boy! You're only making it worse for yourself!"

"Sorry ma'am. I didn't mean to swear in front of a woman.
Can't you let me off this time?"

"Control to base, we're picking up the boys now.
Yeah, the idiots were actually wearing the stolen gear.
Get that special underwear interrogation cell ready for them."

"Gulp, please not that! Not the special underwear interrogation cell!"

"Click.....Click" go the cuffs.

The cops move on to Gordon.

"I see you've changed your pants from the ones you were wearing under the car" he laughs.
"Nice try but you're coming in too, to keep your buddy company."

"Please sir, I haven't done anything!" 

"Click.....Click" go the cuffs.

Meanwhile, Luis has been hiding in the caravan, stressed out.
He lies down dreaming about what to have done for his next tattoo.

Of course, the cops search the caravan and find him.
They take one look at his underwear and immediately decide he's got to be taken in too.
Even if he's not a receiver, he'll make an excellent exhibit.
Luis senses their interest.
"They're just hand-me-downs!" he protests.

"We can do any necessary hands down there back at the station, buddy" replies the officer sternly. 

"Click.......Click"go the cuffs

~The End~

With apologies to C-IN2 and the models who play my fictional characters so beautifully.

Michael - Anthony Gallo, 
Gordon - Chris Whelan,
Luis - Diogo Castro Gomes.

You can see the official video at Parole by C-IN2

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Anonymous said...

This is really excellent. I love the use you've made of the original images to build the story. Those boys are so hot but somehow vulernable in their briefs.