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Monday, 2 August 2010

Royale Studio 4 - A Classic Sailor Caning

Sailor Held Down For Caning
Today's sailor images from Royale rank amongst their most memorable and well known. They depict a sailor in white shorts being held down over a vaulting horse and caned. The victim has a manly physique including formidable thighs which amply fill his tight shorts.

Sailor Feels The Sting
He has regular guy sort of look (neither handsome or ugly) which makes him seem an unlikely recipient of punishment - making it all the more erotic of course. His quiffed hair places him in the Elvis era as does the military 'short back and sides' of the man holding him down.
One of the reasons why these images are so memorable is the clean crisp imagery and it manages to emphasise the sailors bottom without resort to close up. What is remarkable however is that the striker is not visible at all, just the tip of his cane, he is a hidden threat the image is about the forced submission. I imagine other pictures must exist that show him, however.
Sailor Afterburn
The uniforms are pretty authentic apart from being shortened and tightened up in appropriate places but the gaiters worn over socks are not. This device appeared several times in my GIU samples and give a further clue to their connections. The sailor's companion is wearing them correctly to secure his loose trouser bottoms but his outfit is less successful in the erotic stakes! 
Naval Punishment Detail
The first three pictures are usually all that ever gets posted of this set. I do have this another picture which shows the same man in vest and full length trousers but he is thrashing a different, cowering lad to encourage him in his cleaning duties. It's possibly related.
Sailor Over The Saddle
The final picture is one of a pair showing the backside of a sailor stretched over a saddle as though awaiting punishment. His clothing and build matches the first victim (and I fancy those two moles on the back of his thigh do too!). It also carries a similar circled number in the corner. I am wary about assigning too much significance to these numbers (for a start they seem to run here in reverse sequence) but it does seem to be part of the same set.
If any of my readers knows about these pictures or has any others in this series to share, I'd be very pleased to hear from you! (via comments or profile page contact)

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