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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Royale Studio 14 - Men in shorts

In this post some Royale images which I haven't associated with themed sets although they may well be part of them. Today's group features men restrained or readied for punishment.

Royale - Man tied to a door frame
This man is tied to the frame of a door which is not a standard Royale situation, but his shorts and socks could easily be the same as those featured in the last few postings of football mayhem. I haven't succeeded in identifying this individual in those sets though! I commented before how these bouffant hair styles make the head look bigger and the body smaller, creating a boyish effect which may appeal to some, but I prefer manly qualities which are most evident in this figure from the waist down. If you cover up his head you will see that this is actually quite a chunky man! The cut of the shorts is very brief allowing a sexy glimpse of the lower part of his buttock, Royale tailored items to create these effects, see part 12 for another wearer. I also like the way that the waistband is rolled down suggesting the revelation of more flesh than is proper!
Royale - Suspended in Shorts
The second figure is being subjected to the more usual wrist suspension technique used by Royale and which featured in a couple of the sets reviewed earlier in this series. The submissively bowed head creates tension for what is to come. Some thought has gone into lighting this picture which nicely shows off the musculature of his arms, the sweep of his neck and texture of his hair, the buttocks appear pert rather than bulky but I can't help noticing how the pleats of the shorts pointing downwards suggest a considerable downward pressure on the waistband! Overall there's a strong vertical line in this image which is very striking.
Royale - Man bent over a horse
The final picture shows a man draped over a gym horse, though for some reason it's in a curiously lopsided way which looks very artificial. The model sports a splendid pair of thighs but for me the coiffured hair, neatly turned down socks and freshly ironed shorts don't quite capture the rough masculinity I look for in these pictures.

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