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Monday, 23 August 2010

Royale Studio 13 - Footballers Caned by Sir

Royale - Caned on the Hand
Another caning story with the same football gear but featuring a different group of men. This time there's a classroom setting and an 'instructor' dressed in military style uniform wielding the cane. The subject of the class, according to the blackboard, is maths, differential equations so it's hard to fathom why they are all wearing football outfits. It's quite hard to sequence these pictures into a plot but I have assumed they all start off fully clothed and progressively undress.
In the first picture a student is caned on the hand by the instructor who is dressed in flamboyant military riding gear. Curiously, another student helps to restrain the victim, using an embrace that is rather intimate considering their skimpy clothing.
Royale - Rescued from the Cane
The punishment of the offender progresses to bare ass caning and another student comes to his assistance in a rare acting moment. The collaborator from picture 1 has by now been labelled a dunce (i.e. stupid). Even in Royale's time, the school dunce's cap was history, the stuff of children's comics and pre-war schoolboy tales. It's use as a humiliation motif tells you more about the creator's background than anything else, it's certainly not sexy!
You may recall that it was also used by GIU, some years after this set was made, in another group caning scene which I described back at the start of this survey. If you go back and check you will find that set has exactly the same plot elements as this story, but substitutes athletic vests and shoes for football shirts/boots and the instructor wears a different uniform too.
The dunce's shorts are actually more interesting than his headgear. Apparently the Royale models' clothes were dampened to show more of what was underneath and this is a rather successful example. This practice must have been quite uncomfortable for the model and may explain some of their more stilted posing!
Royale - Student's Revenge
The students take their revenge and one of them gives us a fine bottom and thigh display while there's also a mild treat for boot lovers. The dunce has ditched his cap on the floor.The overthrow of the authority figure, subjecting him to an caning of his own in a most undignified position would have had more shock value in Royale's time than it has today, even these rear views would have raised eyebrows.
Royale - Bent Over A Stool
In this picture the rescuer has shed his shirt, so it seems that we have moved on and the original order is restored. Punishment of the first victim resumes and his friends watch with arms crossed as though in agreement with their instructor. The sense of collaboration is quite erie and intriguing, not knowing the real story. The damp shorts show their mettle again!
Royale - Bared For Retribution
I placed this one at the end as it fits the traditional Royale finale. Hands hoisted overhead, the rescuer is readied for his own punishment by his submissive classmates. The manipulative power of the instructor comes across but the victim's rather full head of hair seems to diminish his body size so the nudity doesn't have the impact it should. The posing is pretty stiff too but the student with flashy boots shows up well.

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