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Friday, 10 May 2019

Milking Factories No 5 - The Development Lab

Catrache- Milking Lab

This picture doesn't really qualify for my Milking Factory series as it's clearly not a mass production set-up, but it's a worthy companion piece so I'm designating it as the 'Factory Research Lab'.

It's an exciting, dramatic image but for some reason it's the lab assistant diligently carrying out his duties in the background that really sticks in my mind from this picture, not the muscular studs he's milking. His appearance and his role in the picture seems ultra-professional and neutral, but his task of fitting (or removing) the close-fitting milking sleeves is supremely erotic.

His prominence is also promoted by the blindfolds and nudity of the captives, which drain their identities away. The Technician's seeming indifference to the two men struggling to produce their milk conveys a sense of routineness and organisational control more effectively than the slightly over-engineered restraint arrangements. (One of Franco's milking images 'Milking the Bull' used similar restraint arrangements to this -see my A-Z of Artists - Franco article)

You can also view this scene as a traditional 'Buddies in Trouble' scenario.
The back to back restraint arrangement allows them to commiserate with each other and plan their escape. I wonder what adventure could have landed them in this predicament?

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