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Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 2

Some time later the recipient of the Captor's call entered Leo's cell
He was just as excited by Leo, as The Captor had predicted.
A real cop, totally helpless, what an opportunity!

 Leo had expected these men would take advantage of his immobilisation to hurt him.
Strangely, though, this one was content to watch him struggle, enjoying his predicament

Although he did tweak the tethering rope occasionally
just to make Leo jump and dance - like a puppet on a string.

He was very aroused by Leo's police uniform and when he left he took it with him.
 having negotiated a suitable fee with Leo's captor,
who refused to allow any discount for the still-wet soiling.

At first Leo was furious over losing his uniform,
but he knew the other cops would be scouring the streets trying to find him,
and if they found his stolen uniform, it just might lead them to him.

The Captor returned and adjusted Leo's underwear to it's normal position

It restored some modesty for him, but offered scant warmth in the chilly cell.

He was made to sit astride a gym bench
and told that his rather utilitarian style of underwear,
though obviously chosen for comfort rather than style,
would probably be a big hit with his next visitor.
The Captor then tied Leo to the bench, face down on the smelly seat.
He left him waiting in the cold - embarrassed, uncomfortable and apprehensive.

When the next man entered the cell he laughed at Leo's underpants and vest
He scolded him for wearing schoolboy underpants, making Leo blush,
and then administered a short but stinging spanking on his rounded buns,
leaving those fuller cheeks equally flushed.

Leo tearfully memorised his face, vowing revenge when he got free. 

But as if the spanking were not humiliation enough,
this man started taking photographs of Leo
 from a variety of frankly, embarrassing angles,
promising they would soon find their way onto the Internet.

Tears and naff underwear,
that wouldn't be too good for Leo's street cred
 - or his career, he reflected.

Where were the cops when he needed them?

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