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Friday, 1 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 3

When the second visitor finally left, he took Leo's underwear with him.

"You're doing better than even I expected", reported his Captor
 as he took Leo for a well-earned shower,
"they have to pay extra for your clothes and spanking, you know.
It just shows how much they like you."
It hadn't occurred to Leo that these men were actually paying to use him.
He'd thought he was being held for ransom or prisoner exchange
 and that these guys were just gangsters venting their hatred of cops.
Being 'liked' in this way was not appealing at all.
He had plenty of time to think about this development
while he waited in fresh clean underwear for his next 'appointment'.
He wondered apprehensively what other 'extras' might be on offer,

Groping and spanking was obviously part of the basic package,
 but it wasn't hard to imagine more unpleasant, frightening possibilities.

As it turned out, customer number 3 mainly wanted to practise his 'shibari' skills
but he did also torment Leo with tickling and painful tweaking.
By the time the sweaty session ended, Leo had been comprehensively molested and drained.
The stranger departed, breathing heavily and clutching Leo's replacement underwear.
He had a long wait in the cold before the Captor came for him.
He carried him to his sleep cell having decided to put Leo to bed that night as he was,
very tightly bound.

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