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Monday, 5 December 2022

Captives, Pets and Partners by Planet Gay

Naked Captive suspended in a spider's web
Planet Gay - Vampire 1

These first two images by Planet Gay are an unusual take on the Vampire theme seeming to imply that the blood-sucking predator might have an alternative existence as a spider rather than the traditional bat. Trapped in his web the victim awaits his fate. The gleaming highlights on his (rather enticing) body suggest that it's either an unusually hot dungeon, perhaps thanks to all the candles (see below) or that he's overwhelmed with fearful thoughts. 

Notice the cat-like beings in the background.

This image draws on two common themes from bondage photo art - suspension and spider's webs. The combination of the two in this case creates a compelling impression of captivity. The chain webs seen in bondage photos have the same potential but often seem to end up as simple spreader frames for a captive standing on the ground. With notable exceptions of course.

Planet Gay - Vampire 2

The victim, as you might expect from this artist, is a strikingly handsome young man. He courageously matches the Vampire's gaze (a dangerous thing to do if my memory serves me right). No doubt he's wondering whether his captor intends to torment him from the floor - perhaps using the candelabra - or whether he is going to morph into his spidery self to scale the web and one shudders to think what might happen after that. Spiders, you probably recall, liquefy their prey rather than sucking its blood.

This guy's entrapment is more in the nature of conventional bondage than the mysterious stickiness of the spider's web. However, there are echoes of spidery behaviour in the wrapping of his nether regions by the criss-crossing ropes, to create a sort of packed lunch. I suspect the protection and modesty they seem to provide may prove illusory, not least because the ropes bulge outwards at the point of convergence in a manner that suggests a considerable and enticing presence lurks behind them. 

Notice that there are bats in this image instead of cats. This must be where the vamp keeps his pets.

Naked men on display swimming underwater in a giant fish bowl
Planet Gay - Art Exhibit

This imagery of two naked men on public display, swimming underwater in a giant fishbowl is equally expressive of pets and captivity although the artist here portrays it as an Art installation. They look like a pair but it's possible these men are complete strangers. Allowing them to have a companion to share this predicament mirrors what we do with goldfish. It's a somewhat perverse kindness. The viewers must be hoping it will evolve into physical intimacy if they hang around watching for long enough.  

Presumably, these men did not volunteer for a lifetime in a goldfish bowl. On the face of it, the exhibits have the option of climbing out of it and jumping down, but it would not be a trivial undertaking getting up onto the rim and the drop is about 20 feet by my reckoning. I imagine the gentlemen enjoying their display might be inclined to grab them if they managed it.

This seems to be a museum-like place and as we know, museums are loath to surrender their treasures no matter how dubiously they have been obtained. So, I imagine there are warders around who might smell a rat if two dripping wet, naked men went padding by. Equally this exhibition might be commercial, a temporary event with the exhibits up for sale. These two can take heart from the fact that it would take a very, rich man to accommodate their particular piece of art so they might end up being returned to the river of life, unsold.

Man shot in backside by archer's arrow, piercing buttock, ripped shorts
Planet Gay - Cupid's Arrow

There are many ways of acquiring a man as a pet and this would be a highly convenient one if it existed outside of myth, not least because it comes with a guarantee of loyalty without any need for time-wasting, emotional input. I assume that 'cupid' here is shooting the target for himself but strictly speaking he is supposed to operate as an independent hitman selecting people at random who already know each other but are not smitten. 

Cupid here is portrayed as a fully grown man rather than the usual baby-like cherub, which is just as well in this day and age. I'm not a fan of fancy dress in general but find his mini kilt rather fetching. It seems to have an enticingly loose fit around the waist. Mind you, this is a man who would look sexy dressed in a bin bag. I find the target's exploding shorts rather interesting too. His rather severe hairstyle suggests a catch with spirit.

Planet Gay Intoxications

This situation depicts one way of taming a spirited buck, 
but it's led to the potential 'pet' being rendered incapable.

If this mentor is a romantic type, he'll still have a decent enough snuggle partner for the night
Maybe he'll get lucky tomorrow with a convergence of morning woods.

I've tried to come up with a simple, grammatical version of Planet Gay's strangled English but it's surprisingly difficult at this time in the morning!

Planet Gay - Bromance

The conventional way of acquiring a man makes a nice romantic picture here.
Ostensibly it's two military types relaxing by their camp fire at sunset.
One appears to be reflecting on the long, hard day just passed.
The other, I fancy, has a long hard night in mind.
Military men are good material for pets, they like being ordered around.

Planet Gay - Knight and Squire

It's hard enough to win devotion of a conventional nature in real life.
Rarer still to find a man willing to be kept on a chain, even in the first flush of infatuation.
I'd say this dreamy young man has become a pet here really, not a slave.
His master gets the pleasure of owning a handsome and affectionate man 
But with that come considerable responsibilities to look after him.

There's a nice intergenerational flavour to this picture which just about keeps clear of legal pitfalls. It's something that can't be said for all of this artist's work, I've excluded some nice bondage images from his 'Party' series (below) because the captives look too young for comfort.

Planet Gay - Party 09

This image is beautifully romantic and would be more so if it were not set in the context of a military orgy whose state of chaos and drunkenness can be deduced from the figure standing on the piano in the background. The trumpeter's leather pants introduce a scent of S&M and highlights the mild sense of submission in the grape-eater's kneeling pose and the contrast between his total nudity and the feeder's relatively dressed state. The grapes are a classic symbol of drinking and drunkenness and in erotic art can be equally representative of sexual organs and lust. 
This pet's eager look is beautiful artistry.

Planet Gay - Steam Punk Sauna

Another example of pet-like devotion.

The first flush of romance is a joyous, obsessive time when every minute must be shared. The chains of attachment forged by new love are stronger than anything you will find in a fetish and leather shop. The trouble is, this excitement doesn't last for ever, the intensity settles down and for some strange reason partners who demonstrate devotion and affection like this in public become inexplicably attractive to onlookers. Pets have minds of their own and may exhibit an independent streak, so a master cannot be complacent.

There are other categories of men, forbidden but irresistible for gays of a predatory nature - e.g. straight men, best friends, best friends of partners and bar men in gay venues. There's probably a biological explanation. Gene selection gone awry perhaps, although some will credit baser motives derived from envy and frustration.

Planet Gay - Party 06

When infatuation burns itself out and familiarity becomes a bit boring it's tempting to try out shared experiences. Usually there will be no shortage of volunteers in the gay community to help out, but it might be necessary to look a bit harder if you want to find an S&M master to dominate you both. 

Here that innocuous pet lead improvised from a chain becomes an even stronger symbol of ownership and submissiveness. Immersed in this sensory experience jaded partners may find that their limits extended into realms they never dreamed of. Submissive pets may like it more than their masters who find themselves into wading into murky waters where they don't have the same level of aptitude and interest.

Planet Gay - Party 11

Sharing your pet with another dominator might seem an easier option. The proud owner and the pampered pet may both find this situation exciting at first, but a shared pet is likely to become confused about his loyalties. It may turn out he's been unwittingly gifted to a rival. 

This image illustrates in a slightly comic fashion, which may be unintentional, how a 'guest master' may have very different ideas to the loving couple about what constitutes 'having fun'.

This scene pairs with the previous picture (Party 6) where it can be seen going on in the background.


These are great images by Planet Gay. Although I realise his art is computer assisted, I am in awe of his ability to populate his images with such gorgeous-looking men and love the light touch he brings to fetish flavoured imagery, producing sweet, well-crafted images of homoerotic intimacy.

This is the third post on Planet Gay at mitchmenblog. 

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Another fantastic artist I've never hard of before! Many Thanks, Mitchell!