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Saturday, 3 December 2022

Tied and Groped

 An extract from the latest chapter of Mitchell's 'Flat Cap Gang' at mitchmen Google Group

Mitchell - Pawed and Groped

Detective Constable Ferret (right) has been abducted by the Flat Cap Gang and trained to fight and provide other services for the amusement of punters in the 'Butt Bar'. Facing a grudge fight against the Chief Guard, he is tethered to a display post by his collar which incorporates electronic punishment routines to keep the captives under control. He is unexpectedly joined at the post by the notorious 'Black Trainer' (so called because he usually dresses in black). He has been condemned to a punishment fight by his superior in the gang because of his ill-treatment of the prisoners. He has never had to wear a control collar before.


"In the Butt Bar, Ferret was eyeing the Black Trainer, wondering how his old foe had fallen from grace and ended up tethered to the same post as him. He was tempted to gloat, but to his surprise the Black Trainer turned to him and cool as a cucumber, said in the chummy East End fashion, “Alright mate?” as though there were nothing odd about the situation and had never been any animosity or friction between them. Despite this facade however he could see The Black Trainer was unhappy. He kept twisting his neck trying to make the collar more comfortable, but it wasn't designed to be comfortable. Finally in frustration he shook his head vigorously, Ferret tried to warn him, but the collar controller reacted quicker. It automatically administered a brief shock to both of them and rapidly wound in their leads. They were drawn up together on tip toes, their bare bodies touching. The Black Trainer grunted angrily but Ferret could feel him trembling. A group of customers who had seen what had happened gathered round them, pawing them and groping them with clumsy, clammy hands."


The Flat Cap Gang continues in weekly instalments at the mitchmen Google Group.


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