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Thursday, 1 December 2022

101 Uses For A Belt - No 11 Crotch Enhancer

 belt buckle construction worker

A workman typically can divert unwanted comments about his man bag by hanging it from a second belt slung across the hips where it serves to accentuate the bulge of his personal toolbox and tease his workmates. Those with a liking for men and restraint situations might find this doubly alluring. Particularly when it complements such an alluring torso with well-managed chest hair.

Perhaps a colleague has just pointed out to him how sexy he looks but in a lustful rather than an admiring way and that's why he's sweating. Of course, that response only intensifies his erotic attraction.  

On the other hand, this might easily be a picture of another builder learning that he's going to have to strip down to his man bag and work naked up on the roof (see previous post). It's that and not the heat that's brought him out in a sweat


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