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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Oztangles Retrospective 3

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Oztangles - Discipline 1

Oztangles most notable fetish imagery in 2012 was the 'Room 3' series in which an initiate is subjected to a ritualistic series of  punishments. The top is unconventionally dressed in a brown, distressed-leather outfit . It's almost as if he's about to go out for a night on the town, but certainly adds to the character's interest. Oztangles interest in men's clothing also surfaced in other pictures in this mitchmen selection of his work. 

This is not his most fluid art but the flying X-spread is rather good. The suspended captive is visibly suffering a beating on his back, but his decidedly cute bubble butt, which would also tempt most of us, seems to have escaped attention so far. The unusual tattoo just above his buttocks highlights them rather nicely and gives his character a element of boldness and edge. He's quite hairy too but despite these erotic triggers the top's cock seems  reticent to engage. This seems to match I might add, his somewhat cautious approach with the flail.

Oztangles - Discipline 2

In the reversed position the captive is revealed to have an unexpectedly nerdy, studious appearance and  a lot more body hair. The top has a more mature face which is characterful and attractive. His sexual interest in the proceedings seems to be growing and he moves in to casually tease his frightened captive with an electro wand. The weighted nipple clips, which are a familiar sight in this artist's fetish work, provide a nagging undercurrent to the sharp stabbing of the wand. 

The mirror reflections in these pictures are interesting and almost give us two pictures in one.

Oztangles - You'll Keep

The top's detachment is even more apparent in this image as he leaves his acolyte draped over an A-frame on the business end of a butt machine to attend to some other business or perhaps grab a coffee. While he's gone the captive must endure a continuous, mechanised ass-pumping. His gag has been removed inviting him to make as much noise as he wants, because no one will hear. The chilling sentiment expressed in the title leaves no doubt that there's much more torment in store for the him when the top returns. 

There's intriguing pump-like device in the right foreground here, 
it also appears in the previous picture but I've no idea what it does.

Oztangles - The Torment Continues

When the top does rejoin his captive, he's discarded his expensive clothes in favour of a leather harness, no doubt anticipating a more messy procedure. Oz has fitted his kit to his body rather snugly, which creates flattering curves. He's managed to avoid the 'painted-on' look, showing advancing technical skill. The mirror shows tantalising scantiness. 

The top has seated himself for this procedure (and he does seem to be approaching it like a surgeon). I can't decide if this is more evidence of his detachment from the process or simply a practical preparation for a lengthy 'edging' torment. 

The long-suffering captive gazes up to the ceiling stoically. He has two gadgets attached to his nipples that are supported on balanced, levers. It isn't obvious what they are, they look a bit like toothbrushes but they could equally be electro prods or simply hi-tech nipple weights. His hairy body has acquired an attractive chunkiness in this picture.


Oztangles - Nightmare

This is a curious image. It has the key ingredients of a nightmare - the approach of something indefinably terrible and the inability to escape from it. The dreamer seems to be stranded in an empty house and sitting in an old-fashioned wheelchair, as though this is the curse of a previous, infirm occupant, now long dead. The wheelchair might symbolise his inability to use his legs to escape.

The captive is crudely secured at wrist and ankle by wooden restraints like the pillory and stocks of medieval times but his seated position is somewhat at odds with the suggested nature of the beast's threat - a gigantic dong. The same incongruity can be seen in the conceptually similar Nightmare 4 (2011) which appeared in the previous post in this series at mitchmen.

Oztangles - Blue 2

To round off my 2012 selection I have chosen this, more arty exploration of the power of rendering. I like the Man in the Moon idea and have explored it myself in the past. The tip of the crescent rising between his legs is quite sexy.


Oztangles - In The Mountains 2

This is my favourite image from 2013 which doesn't seem to have been a prolific year for this artist. It features the character with a beany hat who crops up from time to time in his work. I like the wild location which is nicely blended in with a pleasing colour palette. There's also a good sense of animation in the coupling.

Oztangles - The Fun Begins

The artist added to his 'Room 3' series in this year. A Japanese character who joins the party here dressed in a fundoshi with Japanese characters on it. He also appears in some of the 2012 pictures which I haven't included here but can be found at Oz's website. I'm not sure what his presence signifies in the narrative, perhaps adding expertise in the ancient art of torture. The vibrator he's holding seems a relatively mild contribution in that respect - or perhaps it's a microphone and this man's ordeal is about to reach the outside world.


Oztangles - Detention 1

We've seen before that Oz is not averse to reworking a good idea and he reuses the setting from the Room 3 series for this image. This top looks more overtly villainous in his hood and overalls, flourishing a sci-fi gun of some sort, but like many of his peers in this artist's work, he's content to distance himself and observe the proceedings. That may be because the captive is bathed in a strange red light. It's not clear what it is but it's obviously causing him discomfort and making him sweat. 

This restraint stand has a more hi-tech look than it's predecessor. It has a cunning, upright pillar which leans back, keeping the captive permanently off-balance. It's similar to that deployed in the restraint of Dean Spencer in Fetish Sex Fights 3 (reviewed at mitchmen in Vintage Bondage - Dean Spencer).

Oztangles - The Sex Slaves' Dorm

With this image Oz overtly visualises a fantasy world of sexual slavery for the first time, I think, although his captivity scenarios also skirt round the idea. The top in charge of the slaves here has a touch of the pirate about him, suggesting that this is a space ship and that these men have been abducted from passing vessels to serve the all-male crew pending sale perhaps in a world that practices slavery. 

In this place it appears that free men wear scanty loin-cloths, I guess they are the warrior class. Slaves on the other hand are condemned to wear chastity cages and sleep in tiny, hi-tech pods which I must say look a lot more comfortable than old-fashioned cages. In gay fantasy, dorms are normally places of communal sex but in the wider world they are also the domain of bullying overseer's and I suspect that is what is happening here. The pirate's size and physique dwarfs his charges who stand before him warily trying to look respectful and not frightened while awaiting his pronouncement.

Oztangles - Fucking A Time Lord (Time Lords 3)

In the Time Lords series, the artist cleverly uses the clock in the background to sequence the images. 
Otherwise there's little obvious connection with the time travelling TV Series other than the suggestion in the title that the Doctor has materialised in a place that poses out of the ordinary challenges that can't be broadcast.

I like the chunky top with his gold accessories, also the steam-punk setting. 

Oztangles - Your Turn Tonight

Oz revisits the harem scenario here with a racial role-reversal that would probably considered a tad inappropriate these days. The submissive, caged slave on the right is a nice, fetish feature. Oz's passion for imaginative clothing surfaces again in the simple but striking silver cape. It would not be out of place in the strange world of the fashion catwalk although I fear it might provoke disrespectful comments about turkeys or hyperthermia. Nevertheless it's an interesting composition that draws the eye and stimulates the imagination.

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